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The Manipulative Daughter Part 2

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After having had a great summer at home and returning to college for my senior year. I came home for the Christmas holidays. Mom was still working her 3pm to 11pm shift at the factory. I tried to revive my strange addiction to freaking out dad. He was resistant to my attempts. He said that it was not right. I never accepted no for an answer. I kept up the heat. I liked our sex. He is vasectomy safe and I knew he never screwed around. I loved bare backing! He was a perfect guy for me.

I was down in the den still coaxing dad when I heard someone enter the upstairs door. I went up to investigate. It was my brother, home for the holidays. My brother is two years older than me. He graduated college and stayed in the college town to pursue a career in banking. I always wondered about his sexuality. He seemed a little feminine. Metro sexual was the term thrown about when referring to him. I greeted him in the kitchen. Hi Bro! Following my brother Steve was a young professional looking gentleman. Steve introduced me to his co worker; Jeff. Steve asked if his old room was open. I said yes. I offered Jeff the spare room, but Steve interrupted. Jeff is staying in my room with me. I gave out an audible, oooh, ok. Steve and Jeff marched up the stairs and I contemplated the future when dad found out about these two. Steve reappeared in the kitchen, gave me a quick kiss, and asked, Where?s dad. I told him down in the den. Steve headed down and I heard him greet dad. He said he was tired from the long drive and needed to take a nap. He didn?t even mention Jeff! With that Steve ran up the stairs and closed the door to his old bedroom. Intrigued by what I had suspected for years, I went to my room and pressed my ear against the wall that Steve and I shared. I remembered that I had bored a hole in my closet wall when I was younger. I used to watch Steve masturbate while looking at men?s underwear in the catalog. I sneeked into my closet and slid my clothes to the side and sure enough, there was my peephole! I looked in to see that Steve and Jeff had removed their shirts and were embracing. They hugged and swayed side to side. They stripped off to their boxers and climbed into bed. I could see them kissing and moving about under the covers. I watched as Steve retreated under the covers and his head bobbed up and down in the area of Jeff?s crotch. I guess it got hot under the covers because Jeff threw them off giving me an explicit view of their lovemaking. I actually got hot and bothered by watching the sucking and eventually saw the ultimate in gay sex. My brother lay upon his back and put his legs across Jeff?s shoulders. Jeff pressed his large hard cock into my brother?s ass. I never thought about two men in the missionary position, but it was pretty hot to watch. I dropped my jeans and panties down to my thighs and began to finger myself. About that time, dad entered my room and discovered me masturbating in my closet. I gave him the shhhhh signal and he whispered what are you doing. I showed him my peephole and he looked in. He looked shocked for a second and then he turned to me and whispered I always suspected that. He watched a few minutes and I moved him out of my way so I could see. Dad stood behind me and I could feel his erection pressing my ass through his jeans. I turned and gave him a chance to peek again. I got behind him and unzipped his pants. I pulled his pants down around his ankles and positioned myself to suck his erect cock. I knelt on the floor sucking him as he looked through the hole. I stood up and took another peek through the hole. Steve and Jeff were in a full 69 position. Dad reached around and began to massage my breasts. Before long he had me topless and was playing with my nipples. We kept taking turns looking through the hole. It wasn?t long until we were both naked. I threw the stuffed animals off my bed and we climbed under the covers for some hot taboo lovemaking. It had been awhile, so it was hot again like the first time. My dad was eating me passionately and I was lost in his attention. I had this strange feeling wash over me and I opened my eyes to see my brother standing there beside us naked himself. We were caught and we knew it. Dad looked severely stressed until Steve crawled into bed with us. Steve spoke. I am in charge now. Dad, you will say nothing derogatory against my boyfriend or my lifestyle while I am home. I will keep your secrets to myself if you do this for me. My dad reluctantly shook his head yes. Steve continued. I want to join you two. Steve said remember I am in charge no is not an option. Dad and I shook our heads yes again. Steve instructed me to suck his cock. I asked did you clean it off since butt fucking Jeff? He said Oh, you saw us. We wear condoms every time, no exceptions. So I lowered my mouth over Steve?s cock and I sucked his hardening member. I guess dad thought what the hell and mounted me from behind. Steve announced your turn dad! My father looked mortified, but changed positions with me and started sucking Steve?s cock. I felt bad for dad, so I crawled up under him and sucked his cock. Steve loved his position of control and continued with his commands. I thought it was the last straw when Steve demanded to fuck dad in the ass, but dad let him. Steve showed no mercy and pumped dad?s ass hard. He was saying things like who is the sissy boy now dad? When Steve finally lost his load, he hopped out of bed and said your secret is safe with me. Steve went into his bedroom and closed the door. My dad and I held each other tight and fell asleep.

It was dark and late when dad and I woke up. I looked at the clock. Twelve AM, Oh shit dad wake up! Moms home! Moms home! We dressed and tiptoed downstairs. We heard noise downstairs in the den. We had passed Steve?s bedroom. It was dark but the door was open. As we eased down to the den floor, it became obvious from the sounds that something was up. Expecting my brother to betray us, we were both concerned. When we peeked into the den we were amazed. Jeff had mom naked on the couch. She was obviously under the influence of a large glass of tequila. He was fucking the hell out of her and she was jabbering about his pretty eyes. Looking closer, we could see that Steve was under mom. Damn! Mom was getting DP?d. Dad whispered I guess we are off the hook!

I was so relieved that I kissed dad passionately on the mouth. We peeled off our clothes. Dad said just us or join them? Might as well get it all out in the open. So dad and I entered the room and took position on the loveseat. I got on my knees and dad pushed his cock into my pussy. Mom looked over and in her slurred speech said hiiiiiiii, I am fuuuuckin! It was a free for all. At one time, I found myself with mom. Her pussy was running forth with cum. I licked it all up. Her vagina strangely resembled my own. Her breasts were like mine. It was like having sex with me! Mom and I 69?d for a long while. I enjoyed her. We both noticed that the men had joined in a ménage trios. Dad was the middle man. He was sucking Steve while getting fucked in the ass by Jeff. Mom and I stopped to watch. Mom slurred I wuv dis famileee! As we lay watching the guys, they got up and came over to us. They stroked their three cocks over us and spewed cum all over us. Dad opened up the hide a bed in the couch and we all collapsed in an exhausted pile. I was awakened at daylight to the sound of the men going at it again. I thought this is going to be the best Christmas ever!

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