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The Game

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This is a story that happened a long time ago. I was a young staff sergeant in the Marines stationed on Independent duty in a southern state on the Gulf of Mexico. Being on independent duty meant I was in a small unit that had a very hectic existence. It involved a lot of work and I often was in and out of the house during the day. We had two kids at the time, both pre-schoolers.

A buddy from my last duty station had shipped out for overseas about three months before. His wife Rhea and my wife, Anne, were really close. In fact I always suspected they were closer than even I could imagine, but in those days no one talked about those kinds of things. Girls could kiss and hold hands and dance together and no one thought anything bad about it.

Well, Anne decided Rhea needed a break in her lonely life. Rhea's husband Kyle had been gone for 3 months and Anne thought she needed a tlc. So without even running it by me she invited Rhea to come stay with us for a month, and Rhea readily accepted. She had a pre-schooler of her own and they wanted the kids to become best friends also. The first I heard about this was the day before Rhea was due to arrive. I was given the task of picking her up the next morning on the early flight in from up north.

Even though I wasn't in on it, I was delighted. I loved Rhea almost as much as I did Anne, but we had never been together without the four of us all being there, Kyle and Rhea and me, Bob, and Anne. We were a good little group. We got along fabulously. Kyle was a career man same as I was, and we both loved our jobs almost as much as we loved our families. And it was awesome that we had what were probably the two hottest wives on the planet.

The women were both drop-dead gorgeous and totally opposite of each other. Anne was petite, standing 5'1" and weighing in at a slim 105. Her breasts were average sized, but blessed with huge, dark nipples. Her hair was a little longer than her shoulders, and she had decided to frost it and be a blonde. Anne wore being blonde well in all respects except one. She just couldn't pull off the dumb act routine. She was really sharp and anyone that was around her for any length of time knew it. Her legs joined her hips in a manner that left a slight gap between her inner thighs making access to her beautiful pussy even easier. And I loved that pussy. She never shaved it, but she did keep it trimmed so it always appeared neat and it added an air of mystery when you tried to catch a glimpse of those soft, smooth pussy lips. I had been with a number of women before I went out with Anne and none of them had the strength of her inner muscles. I swear sometimes she would almost stop me from dropping a load just by squeezing tight. It didn't get any better than that.

Rhea, on the other hand, had brown hair with a strong tint of red laced throughout. Her hips and breasts were full and voluptuous. She stood about 5'6" in her stocking feet and carried her head sat high on a long neck. She had full, lush lips that she kept red with lip gloss and moistened often with her tongue, a sexy gesture that used to cause my jeans to tighten on occasion. Though she was heavier than Anne she had no excess fat due to the yoga and aerobics the two of them practiced daily. They had both recovered from the body strains of child birth amazingly well. They said the secret was baby oil. They used it religiously and liberal on their bodies to avoid stretch marks and keep the skin soft so it would recover quickly after the babies were born.

Kyle and I had talked of our appreciation and lust for each other's wife. He felt the same way about Anne I did about Rhea. We both had the hots for both women. My largest fantasy was to be in bed with both of them at the same time. Kyle was like me; he thought they may have been having a little more fun during morning coffee than they admitted to. We would sometimes fantasize aloud over a beer in the back yard about how hot it would be to watch the two of them going at each other with lust in their hearts and pussy juice on their lips. But so far we had maintained a safe distance. Let me be honest here. Neither of us had the guts to ask them, so we just carried on day after day, day dreaming of lust and pussy and all the things that make men happy.

The next morning I picked Rhea and her and Christie, her daughter, up from the airport and brought them to the house. We stopped on the way and got donuts for the kids milk and our coffee. We seldom indulged like this, but the reunion of friends was special and it deserved some kind of celebration. Rhea was looking good all the way home from the airport. Her daughter Christie, an active 3 year old kept reaching from the car seat to pull her mommy down to whisper in her ear. Every time she did this she grabbed Rhea's shirt front, not her arm and as she pulled her over I got some pretty good glimpses down the front of Rhea's blouse. I know that is childish, but I can't resist looking at beautiful things, especially women's bodies. Even though it was taboo, I felt my jeans tighten a little every time it happened.

After I dropped the two at the house I had to go into work for a few hours so I never really got to sit in on the gossip. I grabbed a donut and off I went. All morning and into the afternoon I caught myself day dreaming about Rhea and how good it would be to get her in bed. Then I would feel guilty and remember she is my best friend's wife and that trust cannot be violated.

I arrived home about six that evening and quickly showered and changed into shorts and a T-shirt, and headed out to the backyard to say hi. I grabbed a beer on the way. Before I got out of the kitchen Rhea came through the kitchen door and gave me a big, full body hug. My shorts took about 3 seconds to start bulging out. Before I could pull away I realized Rhea was pressed against my quickly growing hard-on. She had to know. I looked down at her and she had this funny little twinkle in her big brown eyes. Then it was over and she said, "I am so glad you guys wanted us to come down. When I told Kyle he was thrilled with the idea, too. In fact he wrote you a letter and sent it to me to deliver when I arrived. I would have given it to you sooner, but it was in the suitcase in the trunk and I couldn't get to it." And she handed me a sealed envelope. Then she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and disappeared through the kitchen door to the deck.

I decided to read the letter before going outside so I hooked a chair with my foot and pulled it out to sit at the kitchen table and see what my best buddy had to say.

I opened the letter and began to read: Hey Buddy, bet you never thought you would be getting a letter from me. Neither of us are good at writing when a phone call is so much easier. But I felt it was necessary to say this in writing so you would know exactly what I am saying and you will know how serious I am about it. Over the years we have laughed and joked a lot about swapping out our women for fun and adventure. Well this is your lucky day. Rhea and I have been talking seriously about opening up to you and Anne for a long time. Only the miles between us since you left to go on independent duty has kept us from suggesting it. Rhea and I talk often and we decided she is going to talk to Anne directly and propose we don't wait until we are all together. She has urges, and with me out of the country for another nine months it is really hard for her to conceive of not getting any sex. I jokingly said for her to go visit you, that I was positive you would accommodate her. She said she didn't want a sleazy affair with a friend. And then she said something else that really got my juices flowing. She said "If I knew what she was doing and approved, then it wouldn't really be cheating." I had to agree. She has given me permission to find temporary relief over here, and I have given her the same permission back there. She chooses you. All that remains is for Anne to come on board and Rhea plans to talk to her as soon as she arrives and they get some private time. So, to sum it up, if Anne agrees and you want Rhea, she is yours until I return. You can share her with Anne or you can be with her separately. The choice is yours. I expect phone calls from all three of you describing the action. And know this, when I get home I will be expecting some quality time with both Rhea and Anne, preferably at the same time. Thanks for helping us out in this time of need and please take extra good care of her. She can be wild, but she also needs a lot of tlc at times.

Your very best friend, Kyle

I sat there stunned. I read it again. No, I didn't get it wrong. It was giving me permission to take his wife into our bed and do whatever we wanted with her. I was at a loss for words so I stayed in the kitchen until my beer was empty, and then I got another before heading to the back yard.

The two of them looked up and said hi without any indication that anything had changed. The kids were play beside the locked hot tub, some kind of game involving imaginary animals in the flower beds by the fence. We all chatted about little things, the kind of stuff good friends talk about, but no mention of Kyle's letter, and no indication if either of them knew what was in it. They both were looking exceptional in their shorts and tank tops. My shorts were starting to feel some slight effect just thinking about the possibilities. I shook it off. It might not happen, and I sure didn't need to get a huge boner with the kids playing not ten feet away. Finally nine o'clock arrived, which was bedtime for the kids. The two ladies hustled them in to clean up and get ready for bed. When they were ready they all trooped out to my chair in the back yard and every one of them gave me a big juicy kiss on the cheek and said good night.

About 20 minutes later Anne and Rhea came back out with fresh beers in their hands. "We went to the mall this afternoon," Anne said. "We bought ice cream for the kids and picked up an adult game for us. If you want to play we have to wait until the kids are asleep. If you are too tired we can wait until another evening to play, maybe when mom and dad keep the kids. They want to take them to stay overnight so they can get an early start and go to Disney World someday soon."

Rhea said, "I don't think he looks too tired. Why don't we feed him and then we can play a while to get used to the game. Then when your folks take the kids we can play a full-blown game."

"Sounds like a plan to me," I said. "I had a pretty easy day, but I could use a bite to eat." Both women giggled at that. I didn't realize I had said anything funny. But I was starting to think I was the last to know what was going on.

After I consumed a left-over, roast beef sandwich and drank a bottle of water we decided it was time to get the game out and see how it was played. It was a board game with bedrooms replacing properties like those found in Monopoly. There were two sets of dice. One pair had instructions and body parts on all sides and the other pair had standard numbers. There was a stack of cards in the center that you had to draw from if you rolled doubles. The rest of the time you progressed around the board with tokens trying to hook up with each other in the same bedroom at the same time for a grand prize that would only be revealed after you raised a flap on the floor of the bedroom. We didn't peek ahead of time. The girls had set the mood with candles incense, and a couple of bottles of wine. There was soft music playing. The only light other than the candles was from the kid's room monitors. We had both bedrooms wired. They were all sleeping soundly.

It didn't take long to learn that the cards weren't just about sex. They also frequently directed us to take another sip of our wine. Good thing I had the sandwich. My head was still ok. In addition to heading us in the direction being tipsy the cards had us do things like kiss the person on your left, or massage the right foot of the person beside you. Occasionally we would get a card that said Take Off One Article of Clothing. It was going to be ok for Anne to be naked. She would be in front of her husband and another woman. No sweat. But Rhea and I were something else. We had never been naked in front of each other before. It was exciting to think about it. My shirt was gone, as were my shorts. Only my boxer-briefs were left. Anne was down to her panties and on par with me. Rhea had gone another way. She slipped off her shorts and panties first, leaving on her bra. Then, after giving me only the briefest of accidental peeks she sat back down and crossed her legs. It was Anne's turn. She tossed a pair of sevens and had to draw a card. It told her to take off one article of clothing. She sighed and stood to remove her panties. Just the sight of her had me getting hard. I realized it wasn't just seeing my wife that made me erect, it was seeing her in front of my best friend's wife at the same time. I wasn't totally hard, but I was close, and it would be apparent to all if I had to stand up. I wasn't sure what I would do. It was my turn. I rolled. Oh crap. It was double threes. I drew the card. Take A Sip Of Your Drink it said. Thank God! I was safe this round. Rhea tossed the dice. She got seven, a four and a three. She got to move her token to a safe house where she was directed to skip a turn. Not fair. Then Anne took another turn. She landed on a bedroom that had a flap. She lifted it and read aloud. Give The Man On Your Right A Good Blow Job. I was, of course, the only male around. She made me slide my chair back and stand as she knealt in front of me. Next she quickly pulled my briefs to the floor and had me step out of them. Now I was positive. They were both aware that I had a full-bodied, raging hard-on. Anne's hand was hot as she touched me and there was a twinkle in her eyes that promised the night had just begun. Then, suddenly, she leaned forward and swallowed me all the way into her mouth until her lips hit my balls. Her mouth was hot and wet. Then she slowly withdrew and began to work her hand and her tongue in ways that had me rock hard and ready to unload in minutes. I looked over at Rhea,; who was sitting quietly, but watching very intently. Then I realized she had uncrossed her legs and was slowly moving her entire hand in circles on her outer pussy lips. And just like that, Anne pulled away, leaving me with a raging full blown boner in front of both of them. I hastily sat down.

Now it was Rhea's turn again. She rolled two fives and had to remove the bra, her last article of clothing. As she let it drop she stood and spread her arms wide and moved her feet a few inches apart. She stretched big, showing off that huge beautiful set of tits. Then she looked me in the eye and asked if I liked what I saw. "Jesus, yes!" I stammered. I picked up the dice and rolled a three. The trap door told me to massage the nipples of the first girl on my right. That was Rhea. I read it aloud twice to be sure I had it right. I looked at Anne to see if she was ok with this. She was grinning from ear to ear. I looked at Rhea. She stood there holding up her breasts enticingly as if taunting me with her secret charms. I reached out and pulled her close. She only had to bend a little to place the first nipple in my mouth. I began rolling my tongue around it slowly, placing most of the pressure on the aureole and only barely touching the outer edge of the nipple. Meanwhile I moved a hand up to her other breast and began slowly massaging it without touching the nipple at all. After a moment or two I changed to a gentle lapping motion across her nipple with my tongue, all the way from the under side to a spot past her aureole. The hand was getting a little firmer and had moved to encircle the nipple. I kept this up again for a minute or two. Then I began to suck the nipple harder and harder and I started squeezing the other nipple with a fairly firm pressure. Rhea began to let out little moans and whimpers. Her legs vibrated and she had to sit. I drew away and said, "Thanks! I needed that."

Anne looked at me and said, "You left the letter laying on the table. Rhea and I both read it. We think alike on this. We would love to share you. We hope you will want to let Rhea share our bed. I told her I think you would, but I wasn't certain, not until I saw that raging hard-on when you were licking her tits. What do you say? Shall we call it a night and all go to bed. It will easily accommodate all three of us. (It was a big-ass king-sized bed). So off we went.

When we got to the bedroom we all sat cross-legged on the bed staring at each other. Rhea spoke first. "Anne and I discussed this before you got home and decided honesty is truly the only way to go. Anne and I have been playing around in the bedroom for several years now. It was just a fun thing. We often wanted to invite you guys into it, but we never really knew for sure if you would both be on board. We hope you are and we hope you like to watch, because we want you to see just how much fun we can be before we gang up on you and fuck your brains out. Can you deal with that?" As the full implication of what she was saying hit, my hard-on, which had relaxed some when we moved into the bedroom, raged back to full hardness. I was in. What guy in his right mind would say no to this? I just put a foolish grin on my face and stammered that I was only there for the show.

In Anne and my sex life I was the more dominant one. That is not to say Anne didn't have some say in it, but I knew what she liked and mostly she liked me to take charge and take her as deeply as possible into as many orgasms as possible using every technique I could think of. This is something I loved to do. Whatever I did she responded to, and with passion and intensity. Anne was multi-orgasmic and loved getting off many times. Often she would just lie there basking in the glow while I feverishly gave her one peak after another. She would get a stupid grin on her face and whisper, "another." So I was very surprised when Anne became the aggressor, reaching over and sharply pulling the larger Rhea into her arms. They began kissing, gently at first and gradually deepening into furious impatient lust. Tongues whipped back and forth. Hands moved up and down bodies, nipples were pinched and clits were rubbed a few strokes at a time. Then Anne pulled Rhea around and made her lay across the bed. Rhea pulled her feet nearly up to her butt cheeks and moved her knees outward giving Anne full access to her pussy, which was dripping with pussy juice by this time. Anne positioned herself on her knees between Rhea's legs. She bent low and just stayed there for a moment. Then I understood. She was smelling the musk and the lust emanating from Rhea's pussy. She was taking long, slow, deep breaths and her nostrils quivered with each inhalation. She was somehow in touch with her basic instincts. Then she raised her body and slid forward over Rhea's body until her lips could reach those huge, magnificent breasts. She began to nurse, first one, then the other. She was constantly moving back and forth. Always covering the breast she was not nurturing with a hand. The other hand was on the bed helping to hold her stable as she suckled those beautiful nipples. After at least a full five minutes of this Rhea was moaning and whimpering, begging Anne to kiss her pussy. Anne moved down, stopping often to kiss and suck gently on Rhea's skin. When she got to the mons she lowered her mouth and began to lick the outside of Rhea's pussy lips. Then she stopped using her mouth and used her fingers to massage firmly down the outer lips and back up to the top. She did this several times on each side. She repeated the entire process on the inner labia lips. Then she gently pulled the lips wide and holding her mouth far enough away the air would be cool she began to blow on Rhea's clit. Rhea went wild. She began to rock her hips in rhythm with the movement of Anne's hands and mouth as she quit blowing and began to suck on the clit vigorously. Anne slipped two fingers into Rhea's inner passage and began to massage the inner walls. It was more than Rhea could handle. She began to cum and she even squirted a little. I had never seen a woman do that before. I had heard of it, but never seen it. I was so hot I was about to cum just watching these two beautiful women getting it on right before my eyes. Anne continued to move the two fingers slowly inside and suck on Rhea's clit. She looked over at me and beckoned with her head to come over. She whispered in my ear, "I am going to move away quickly. You move in and give it to her quick and hard. She's high now and will continue to have multiple orgasms for as long as you can ride. She does have a limit but it isn't even close yet." What else could I do obey? I rammed my rock-hard cock in so far I thought she would choke. I was surprised to find that Rhea had been doing some of the same yoga exercises as Anne. She tightened her inner muscles. God was she ever tight. I began to pick up a fast rhythm moving all the way in when I pushed and nearly pulling out when I withdrew. I kept this up for several minutes and Rhea tightened up even more. She began cuming and I could tell she was feeling it through her whole body. She tightened up everywhere. I was sitting on my calves with my knees spread wide on both sides of Rhea's butt cheeks. My torso was upright, not leaning over her. I like this position because I had full control over the action. I started rotating my hips in circular movements as I steadily went in and out. I lowered one juice covered thumb to her clit. while the other played with one of her nipples. She was wild. She moaned, she groaned, and still she continued to cum. Then she started to squirt. That's when my nuts tightened also and I followed her over the top just seconds behind.

I stopped moving and just stayed there for the longest time. I looked at Anne. She was smiling all over. Then she tugged on me to pull me out of the way. She then pushed me over on my back and proceeded to engulf my tool and started licking all of Rheas cum and mine off of my now limp cock.

When it was clean she moved over to Rhea, who still wasn't moving, and began to suck the juices from her pussy. She sucked and licked until she got everything she could. Then she sat back with a satisfied grin on her face. "This is a side of me you haven't seen before,: she said. "I hope you like it." What's not to like, I thought to myself. Aloud I told her I loved everything she was doing and wanted more.

Rhea was moving now. She sat up with a sheepish grin on her face. "Was I loud? I hope I didn't seem selfish, but I was so needy. Kyle's been gone for a long time." We both put an arm around her and assured her it was fine. All the bedroom doors were closed and the kids monitors we had in the bedroom showed them to still be sleeping soundly, like kids do.

I lay back on the bed, my head resting on a pillow, one hand resting on Rhea's thigh, the other on Anne's tummy. She had snuggled up next to me when I got comfortable. Rhea reached over and fondled my limp dick. "Nice package," she said. She leaned forward and took me into her mouth. I couldn't believe it, I was starting to get hard again, much sooner than usual. As she playfully sucked and licked my rod her hands were softly kneading my balls and the surrounding flesh. It felt really sexy and really good. Anne rose up to watch, occasionally squeezing one or the other of my nipples. I know guys aren't supposed to be into having their nipples played with, but it felt great. I have always liked it and Anne always said it was only fair she got equal time. By now I was nearly fully erect again. Anne swung a leg over my head and straddled me so her pussy was just millimeters away from my hungry lips. One of her hands was fondling Rhea's breasts while the other was on my tummy holding her stable. I couldn't help myself. I did what she wanted, I began to lick and suck on her clit. God all Friday, the aroma coming from here pussy was enough to cause an erection all by itself. Paired with the actual act of eating that pussy I was as near to oral heaven as a man can get. And don't even think about what Rhea was adding to my pleasure with a truly expert blow job. I felt my body approaching another ejaculation, then it was past and I slipped into that long slow mode where you can fuck all night without losing it. I pushed Anne down, toward my tool. Rhea slipped away and Anne slipped over my rod in reverse cowboy position. She stroked for a few minutes, then switched around so she was facing me. I like this best. Not only was I giving her a wild ride, but I had full access to play with her tits and clit. We could even kiss, but it was a little awkward due to the height difference. Anne continued to pump her hips back and forth mixed with occasional circular movements. Rhea came close and we began kissing. I loved kissing. And those large lips were delicious. I could taste both Anne and myself in her mouth. It was great. One hand was under Rhea's body and I moved it to her pussy and began gently squeezing and releasing her outer pussy lips. We stayed like this for a long time, each doing his thing, Rhea kissing me, me fondling her pussy, Anne riding my raging hard-on. In actuality it was probably only a couple of minutes, but it seemed like hours. I couldn't get enough of these two gorgeous women. And then, suddenly, I felt my balls tighten and my hips started to pump upwards faster and faster. "Yes!" Anne shouted. "I'm right there with you." Rhea chimed in with a large "me too" and with that we all came together, literally.

When it was over we all just seemed to collapse in place laying beside and on each other touching as much flesh to each other as possible. One of the girls thought to pull a sheet over us, and we slept. In fact we slept until morning, when we were awakened by three little voices saying get up sleepy heads, it's time to play. Anne sent the kids on to the kitchen to start breakfast by pouring the cereal. As soon as they left she hastily went to bathroom and slipped on a robe to go help them. Rhea was next to rise. She looked me deep in the eyes, then said thank you, and off she went to help in the kitchen. I had to work so I took the time to shave and shower before I went down.

When I arrived the kids were happily eating bacon, toast, and cereal, while eggs were on the grill to go with our bacon and toast. Rhea poured coffee for all around. And just like that we settled into an extended family of three adults and three kids. It just seemed natural. I eouldn't wait for Kyle to return so we could bring him into the fold personally and not just over the phone. But that's another story, isn't it?

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