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The First Meeting

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It wasn`t your typical Saturday afternoon as I rushed home from the mall. Tonight was "the night", a night Shaun and I had fantisized about for weeks. As I day dreamed on the drive home my juices began flowing. Thinking about the countless scenarios that could be played out later that evening. Arriving home I began to get a bit anxious now. As Shaun met me at the door he sensed my anxiety without me uttering a word. "She is going to love you baby" he said. I turned and gave him my devilish smile as I bit my lower lip. "I just want it to be perfect is all" I replied as I ran to get ready. As we drove in the car on the way to the club, it seemed like hours before we arrived. We picked a table on the edge of the dance floor to watch for Sharon and Tim to arrive. Running his hand up my thigh Shaun could feel the heat radiating from my pussy. "There they are" I squealed as they approached us. She was more stunning than I ever imagined and he was quite sexy as well. I pulled her close to say hello as the music thumped in the background. We hugged each other added by a soft kiss then the same for our partners. "It is so nice to finally meet" she said. "Yes it is about time" I replied with a smirk. We let the men run off to order our drinks as we sat down to get accquainted. "You look very sexy tonight" said Sharon. Blushing uncontrolably I responded in kind. "God I feel like a school girl" I thought to myself as I leaned forward. Taking her hand in mine I whispered in her ear "I am not wearing any panties tonight". Pulling back from me I saw her eyes light up.....she slowly ran her hand up under my skirt. My heart started to race now as her petite fingers started to slip across my wet engorged clit. My legs opened wider as to invite her to probe deeper into me. She quickly pulled her hand back as our gentlemen approached with our drinks.Licking and sucking her fingers with that look of desire she knew I wanted her. "Do you feel like staying to dance?" I asked. With all my being I hoped she would say no. "Did you have something else in mind?" she said eagerly. I slid our room key across the table as I quickly downed my cocktail. "Give us fifteen 215" I said as we got up to leave. Our husbands looked at each other with pause as if to say "what did we miss?". Anticipating their arrival I was nervous yet excited. I was lighting the room with candles as I heard the soft knock on the door. Shaun invited them in and poured them some champagne. "Where is that sexy wife of yours?" Tim asked. At that very moment I started the music and entered the room. I then explained to our guests that I used to be an exotic dancer. "I have choreographed a special piece just for all of you" I announced. Taking Sharon`s hand I lead her to a chair in the center of the room. The men took their respective seats behind her to watch the art of seduction be performed. I started to move and grind to the music....stepping behind her I carefully removed Sharon`s blouse. Her bossoms heaving as I lightly caressed them with my nails. I circled around to face her again as she stood to meet me. Pulling me to my knees she returned to her perch and lifted her skirt. Spreading those long tan legs she exposed her wet honey pot. I carefully started to kiss her inner thighs not missing a beat in between. As my tongue started to approach her clit I lightly brushed across it. Circling around it tediously,not touching it just yet. "God this is heaven" I thought to myself as I plunged my hard tongue deep into her wet pulsating hole. Sharon grabbed the back of my head and pulled my hair back. She leaned down to kiss me and taste her sweet nectar off my full lips. She pulled me up and started to lead me to the bed, undressing each other as we went. We both shot a glance to our husbands as if to say without words "let the games begin". Kissing her deeply I playfully bit her lip and entered my tongue to meet hers. Caressing her beautiful breasts, circling those errect nipples, dying to suckle them. Leaning down to indulge in her clevage she pinned me to the bed. My mouth searching for her hardness now as she started to finger my wetness. She rolled over onto me as if to mount me, spreading her sweet pussy lips she requested that I do the same. "I want to feel your clit against mine baby" she announced as she took her position. The heat was so intense now as I felt her swollen bud meet with mine. As she rocked back and forth against me I felt my first orgasm approaching. "Yes baby that is it" "fuck your pussy good" I screamed. It was so surreal as I let out an erotic moan.....the look on her face told me she was pleased to have my juices flowing onto her. Flipping her onto her back now I wanted so to eat her sweetness. I wanted to make her scream and beg for me to make her cum. I motioned to our husbands now to evolve themselves into the fun. Eagerly they undressed as I started my journey down her stomach to her wetness. As I decended upon her I wrapped my hands around her thighs as Shaun approached her mouth with his cock. I layed on my stomach, ass in the air to invite Tim to taste me. His mouth seemed to suck me in as I focused on my man`s stiffness probing her mouth. Her moans became louder now as my pace increased on her clit. Bucking her hips into me I tried to concentrate as I started to peak myself. I felt the gushing start as she arched her back writhing in ecstacy. My flow began at the same time as Tim lapped up my squirting juices.She pulled my face into her hands and asked for me to 69 her. I granted her pleasure as we both began to suck the hard members of our men. I could taste her sweet mouth on Shaun`s cock and immediatly it made me wetter. She was sucking on my clit and probing my hole with her fingers. She placed Tim`s cock inside me while rubbing my clit. I sucked Shaun harder as Tim penatrated me. I then placed him inside her throbbing box.....he moaned with desire...."does that pussy feel good baby?" I said with a smile. Taking my hands I spread her legs wider so he could fuck her deeply. Trying to concentrate on seeing his cock enjoy her as Tim hammered my pussy hard. "That`s it baby, fuck her tight little pussy" I heard her exclaim. Wanting to change position now so I could get a better view, I dismounted her. I whispered into her ear that I wanted our men to fuck us from behind so we could kiss. I let Shaun start as he flipped her over, I wanted to watch his thick cock go into her as I licked her sweet ass. I leaned down so Tim could enter me as I spoke softly into her ear. "Do you like that cock baby" I asked. She moaned and nodded uttering only "yes baby fuck it harder". Tim began to finger my ass as he increased his pace with his hips. We had discussed the fact that I liked it hard and deep. Taking my fingers I wrapped them around the base of Shaun`s cock as he fucked Sharon. I looked up at him as I was being pounded and mouthed "I love you baby". Side by side now we turned so Sharon could watch her man inside me. Both the men were loving every minute of this erotic scenario....sweat pouring from their brow as Sharon and I reached orgasm once again. They were so excited I knew they were about to blow their load. Simultaniously they pulled out of us and let us suck the other woman"s juices off their cocks. Stroking themselves we encouraged them to shoot their cum all over our tongues. Shaun looked down at me and announced in a low voice "here it comes baby" as it shot all over my face and tongue. Next to me Tim was about to do the same as Sharon sucked him. I turned over to masturbate for him as he was getting ready to let go. "That`s it Tim......come all over your baby`s mouth" I said. With a roar like a lion he released all that hot cum onto her tongue and she anxiously swallowed every drop. Endorphines flowing now we collapse into a pile of flesh on the bed. Resting up for that round two we know will be coming in the night.

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