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The Education of Heather - part 4 , Bi

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Yes , it's Heather again ! This is part 4 and to those who are wondering what happened to part 3 , you'll just have to wait . I am writing these in the order of my age just because I feel like it :-) . Part 3 will be the "Shirley and I get together" and HOT but meanwhile enjoy this one .

I had been begging Shirley to let me watch her boyfriend fuck her for well over a month now and she was finally beginning to weaken under my pleading .

"Heather , are you really sure you want to do this" she asked finally .

"Oh absolutely" I replied as the very thought was making me hotter over the past few weeks .

"I'm not so sure of this but if you are we can try it and you have to promise that you will be perfectly still until he has gone home and never ever mention this to anyone" she stated .

"Okay , I promise" I answered .

So we began to plan . She would invite him over for an evening and insist he leave after they did the deed as she had to get up early for work in the morning . I was to tell my folks that I was babysitting for her that night . We then cleared an area in her closet that looks out onto her bed , leaving the door ajar . I would hide behind her dresses until the action started , then part them and observe .

I waited anxiously for that night which finally arrived about two weeks later . She picked me up as she did usually on babysitting nights . I even brought my schoolbooks so as not to make my folks suspicious . When we arrived at her house she once again asked if I was sure I wanted to go through with this to which I replied I certainly was !

He was to arrive in about 15 minutes so I climbed into the closet and she helped me to hide and to practice parting her hanging clothes gently so I would have no trouble when the time came . Also , suspecting that I would be masturbating along with the action I removed all but my panties and halter .

The baby was fast asleep when he arrived and I heard her let him in and go into the living room . I heard some talking and giggling then the clink of wineglasses and then it got quiet as they must have started kissing . I could hear her moaning and him ask her something and her reply "Okay" .

Then through the clothes I saw them enter the bedroom . She glanced my way and smiled as he began kissing her neck from behind . She looked beautiful as usual and I felt myself get a little excited as he slid her sweater up and off exposing her gorgeous breasts that had no need of a bra . He reached around with both hands and encircled them , one in each hand . He slid his hands forward gently squeezing and pushing them outward causing her nipples to protrude which were all ready getting swollen . I had a clear view of them and it seemed almost as though they were being offered to my lips . I copied his action by slipping my hands up underneath my halter top and rubbing my breasts. Shirley reached behind her and rubbed the bulge that was all ready forming in his pants and whispered "mmmmmmm" . He started pinching her nipples rubbing his thumbs over them causing them to swell even more as I watched . Impatient as usual she turned around and slid her slacks down standing in only her panties . He grasped her cheeks in his hands and pulled her into his crotch . He stepped back and in no time stripped down to his shorts . The bulge was enormous now causing his underwear to look like a tent . I could see things were going to happen soon now and sure enough she led him over to the bed .

When they were fully settled side by side I softly parted her dresses to better observe and it was a perfect view from the dark closet . She had purposely lit a candle for my benefit . They began anew with their kissing and caressing and moaning which elevated my heartrate a little more . Next , he got up on his knees and with both hands slid her panties down and off her tossing them toward the closet I was in landing almost at my feet . I was tempted to reach for them but didn't dare . He then knelt between her thighs picking up her legs and placing them on his shoulders . Well it wasn't too hard to guess his intention , the lucky bastard I thought . He began swabbing her pussy with his tongue from her ass to her clit then after a while his head stopped moving and I guessed he was inserting his tongue into her hole . Then I could hear his light sucking sound as he worked on her clit . From her moans and her ass movements I guessed he was doing a good job . Soon she let out a long drawn out cry humping the bed as she came just as she does when it's me licking her pussy . She finally pushed him away and he rolled over onto his back . It was now her turn to do him as I watched .

My hand was already in my panties on my mound rubbing gently and I was more than a little wet . She got up and slid his shorts down and the biggest cock I had ever seen popped into view . I didn't know if what they say about black men is true or not but this guy had one huge cock and I wondered if Shirley was able to take it all . She stroked it and every once in a while she would glance and smile in my direction . It finally reached it's full length and she placed her mouth over the head and slowly slid down a few inches then back up again . His cock now glistened with her saliva and she slid down on it a little further . There was no way she was going to take it all in her mouth but she kept sliding up and down going a little further each time as I thought - no way ! Then it dawned on me that she must be taking that huge pole down her throat and I thought , oh my god . This really got me going and I inserted a finger into my cunt and was not surprised to gain entry with no resistance at all . I slid my hand over my mound sliding first one then two fingers in and out of my hole matching her strokes . That didn't last long as I unconciously started to speed up and had to slow myself down with some difficulty . Once she had his cock all the way down her throat I watched as she rubbed his balls . He was moaning and moving all over the bed now calling her name over and over . She slid back up for a breather and worked her mouth and lips on the head of his cock for a while then slid back down once again to devour it all . Up and down , up and down . Was I ever wet now and I could feel my orgasm approaching . He must have been close as well because he started to jump and jerk and just as she removed her mouth he shot all over himself . Watching this was too much and I cum all over my hand stifling my gasps the best I could . I saw him look my way and say "Hey , what the hell was that?"

"Just the baby" Shirley replied covering for my slip up .

She got up and got a towel for him to clean up and retieved a joint from her bureau and they smoked it together allowing their bodies to slow down . I knew it wasn't over yet . His cock , even soft was huge as it lay on his leg . They talked softly for a while as he gently stroked her breasts and thighs . After finishing their smoke she reached over and returned the favor rubbing his cock softly . Well it didn't take long for his meat start to swell as she intended . She stroked it for a while as he fingered her pussy . When she had it once again at full length she rolled over on top of him lifted her ass and with one hand and guided that massive tool to her opening . She must have been really wet for she had no trouble sliding down onto that huge pole . She would take a couple of inches , slide back up and down again taking a little more each time . I could not believe she was going to be able to take the whole thing in her cunt but it wasn't long before she had it all the way in herself and I could see his balls at her butt . She layed there with her hands on each side of his chest getting use to the fullness as he pinched her nipples . This was too much and I quietly slid my panties down to get more of my fingers into my cunt .

"Okay baby" I heard him say , "I need you to fuck me " . With this she began to slide up and I could see the pink of her little asshole above his cock . She moved all the way up to where it was just at the rim of her portal when he grabbed her hips and pushed her down with some force . She let out one heck of a scream and lay still once again for a while . Finally she rolled her hips a little and slid up once again . I noticed his cock was glistening but with her juices this time . Shirley gets so wet so easy I remembered . He guided her down again .

By now I had three fingers in my cunt which was pretty wet from before as I couldn't clean up and from the new action as well . I could even smell my cunts juices .

Shirley now started sliding up and down on her own but the moans escaping her lips were real exciting to hear . His moans were getting to me also . On her upward journey I could see the size of his cock and was amazed she could take it all . And not only long but fat . I thought , no wonder she is moaning . This went on for some time and I could feel myself getting close but wanted to wait to cum with them . I could sense it was going to be a good one ! Finally both their moans got louder and closer together and Shirley started riding his pole faster . I was having a hard time holding off but when they both began screaming I let go along with them . She slammed down hard on his cock and I could see his body jerking as waves of his orgasm flooded her . She was wiggling all over his cock to get the max feeling from her orgasm .

When they cum so did I but it was with such force I could not hold back a scream and in doing so he was now aware that all things were not what they seemed . "Shirley , what the hell's going on " he asked and she now had to explain the whole game to him . "You might as well come out Heather, he knows " Shirley said . What could I do ? I tried to walk out of the closet with my panties around my ankles and only my halter on . This got a laugh out of both of them . "At least take your panties off Heather before you fall down " she said .

All he could say was , "I hope you enjoyed that" with a little irritation in his voice . Shirley came back defending me and took the blame but how can she explain that I wondered . "Well you are cute" he says "and a pretty nice body" and I had to wonder where all this was headed now . "Don't even think of putting your big rod in her little pussy Raymond, it's not going to happen" ! But I was so mesmerized by his cock , even softening . "Shirley , is it okay if I just touch it" I asked . "Okay , but he is not going to fuck you , is that understood" . Yes , I replied . "Raymond , she's fifteen , keep that fact in mind " she warned him . So after stepping out of my panties , I walked over and placed my hand on his cock . I could smell Shirleys juices which I was quite familiar with . I couldn't believe the weight of it as I lifted it . Well , it wasn't long before it once again started rising and watching it was the most amazing thing I have ever watched in my life even to this day . Looking wasn't going to be enough I thought . I looked at Shirley and asked , "May I lick it" ? She hesitated but finally said okay keeping an eye on the action . I licked his pole and slipped the head into my mouth . It was geting huge and barely fit . I stroked the length of it with the end in my mouth while it came fully to attention . I could now hear both Raymond and Shirley start to breathe harder as he layed back on the bed . So I sarted to suck on him sliding down slowly until the gag reflex took hold then backed off . As I sucked on him I stroked the length of his shaft getting myself into a rhythmn , down and up . I couldn't believe I was sucking such a huge cock ! Then to my surprise , Shirley was lifting my halter up and off me , then rearranging my torso allowing her access to my cunt which was once again flowing with my juices . Raymond wasted no time in placing one of his hands on my tits and the other on the back of my head . As I sucked I felt Shirleys fingers seperate my labia and her tongue enter me . Oh my god I thought ! The intensity of the feeling almost set me off . We all timed our motions , Shirley licking up into my cunt while I descended down onto Raymonds pole as he lifted his cock up in to my mouth and applied a gentle pressure on the back of my head . I wasn't going to last long and I sensed Raymond wasn't either . Shirley at the same time was fingering her pussy trying to keep up . I went first because of Shirleys mouth and just seconds later Raymond cum in my mouth gagging me . As usual I swallowed as much as I could but some ran out of my mouth all down his cock .

Shirley was the only one not to cum so Raymond suggested I take care of that while he watched and Shirley happily agreed . As I approached her cunt she insisted I turn around so she could lick me also so I of course I accomodated her . I began licking her slit and felt her tongue sliding over my now swollen labia . I could smell and taste her and Raymonds juices which excited me a lot . Meanwhile Raymond layed back on the bed and stroked his cock which to my amazement was getting hard yet again ! Shirley and I licked eachothers pussies and in turn slid our tongues over eachothers assholes penetrating slightly then back to our cunts . Of course she was all ready on edge from not having cum when Raymond and I did so she started gyrating her cunt into my face and I pursed my lips around her clit and sucked hard while flicking my tongue over it trying to maintain contact . She let out a heck of a scream when she cum , louder than I have ever heard her do before so I guess I did a good job . Then Raymond gently pushed her aside rolled me over and began licking my slit . I figured hell , a mouth is a mouth and layed back to enjoy once again . Shirley then sucked on his pole . We both cum again .

This was more than I had ever experienced before in my life and afterwards begged Shirley to let it happen again and soon . She replied , we'll see but her smile was a dead giveaway ! She never did let Raymond fuck me but there was not much else she wouldn't let him do .

This pretty much got my sex life started and at only 15 . Every girl/woman should be so fortunate !

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