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The Dinner Party

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Thad and Amy had invited over some friends of theirs from college to their new home for a little dinner party. They hadn't seen Rick and Marcy for a long time, and the conversation over dinner was very lively. They had a lot of catching up to do, and they found that their old friends were just as wonderful as ever. They talked about Rick's new job as an architect for the busiest firm in the state. Marcy was a student teacher. Thad and Amy told them about their honeymoon in Hawaii. It was as much fun as they'd had since high school!

After dinner they dimmed the lights, fixed some margaritas and watched a scary movie. They had a lot of fun, and Thad and Amy were really enjoying the evening. They laughed, they joked, they remembered old times. It was a blast!

During the movie, a very tipsy Amy felt a hand on her knee. She looked down. It was Marcy's hand! Amy shivered, but didn't say anything. Soon, Marcy's hand began to move up Amy's thigh and it sent chills down her spine. She tried to pretend that she didn't notice, but when Marcy's hand slipped inside her skirt and began to rub her now wet pussy, she moaned softly. Thad looked over and saw what was happening, but he was so turned on that he decided not to ruin it by saying anything.

Obviously Rick had seen what was happening, because he was stroking his hard cock through his jeans. Amy noticed, and it made her even hotter! She wanted to fuck Rick! But what would Marcy say?

She didn't have to wonder long. Marcy leaned over and whispered into Amy's ear that she wanted to swap partners for the evening. She didn't have to ask twice. Amy kissed Marcy on the lips and made a beeline to the chair where Rick was sitting and she sat in his lap.

Marcy scooted closer to Thad and she started kissing him. Thad's hands soon found their way up Marcy's shirt to her breasts, which were bare underneath. Her nipples were stiff and tickled the palm of Thad's hand, and soon Marcy's hand was rubbing his hard cock through his khakis.

Rick and Amy were also kissing. Amy sat in his lap, her panties already in the floor, her legs spread wide as Rick masturbated her. His fingers were doing an expert job, and Amy was already very close to orgasm. She began to pump her hips against his hand as his fingers rubbed over and over her slippery clit. As she started to moan in orgasm, Thad and Marcy stopped for a moment to watch as Amy grabbed her breasts and squeezed and she threw her head back and rocked against Rick's skillful hand.

Marcy tore open Thad's jeans, pulling his cock out, and not missing a beat, she whipped off her own panties, threw them into the floor, and mounted Thad on the sofa. She lowered herself onto him, pulling off her shirt and tossing it onto the floor. She leaned forward, kissing him as his cock slid deep inside her. Thad wrapped his arms around Marcy's tanned, slim body and she began to ride him slowly. Up and down, side to side, masterfully teasing his cock with her wet pussy.

Amy was completely naked now, and she turned around and straddled Rick's cock with her back facing him. She wanted to watch Thad and Amy. She began to move her body up and down as Rick reached around her and fondled her breasts. Her long blonde hair fell down her back, tickling Rick's nose.

Marcy dismounted Thad and walked over to Rick and Amy. She knealt in front of them and as Amy still bounced up and down on Rick's cock, Marcy lowered her head and began to lick Amy's clit and Rick's balls. Thad fell in behind Marcy and began to fuck her doggy style.

"Oh my god, that feels sooo gooood..." whispered Amy as Marcy's tonge worked over her clit. Feeling Rick's dick deep inside her and Marcy's hot tongue against her, and seeing her husband's eyes rolling back into his head as he fucked another woman sent Amy over the deep end. "I'm cumming!" she screeched.

She grinded her hips against Rick as she began to climax, and she heard Rick groan as he squeezed her tits tightly and pumped harder. Rick was cumming, too! Then she heard Marcy moaning loudly, her tongue still slurping madly at Amy's clit, and she looked up and saw her own husband grunting and pumping as he filled Marcy with hot cum. The four of them licked, pumped and grinded their way to a massive orgasm all at the same time! The orgasms seemed to last forever. One lead into another and another. And none of them wanted the climax to end. But it did, of course.

The evening had been so enjoyable that Thad and Amy invited Rick and Marcy to spend the whole night with them, and the four of them tried many different positions together, making group love all night and into the morning!

Rick and Marcy left the next day, promising to return regularly for more hot group love, but soon they moved to another state when Rick got transferred and they haven't seen each other since. But Thad and Amy hope to see their friends again soon, they're already planning a trip out of state to see them this summer!

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