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The Date Part 2

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As we enter the limo, Lisa holds your hand with a very light touch and whispers in your ear, that was just the beginning of the night, hope you enjoyed. You enter the seating area and your skirt has opened to show the side of your thigh and the lace panties to Lisa, she comments on how beautiful your panites look and how they match the lace of your camisole. I enter the limo and we settle into the back seat and you just have the sweetest smile on your face. Your pussy is now exposed but cloaked by your panties. I reach my hand over and rub across the outside and feel how wet your panties are and ask if you have enjoyed your evening so far. You do not say anything but reach over and rub my cock and say let me show you how good it has been. I lay back into the seat as the engine starts and drowns out the sound of my zipper being lowered and your hand reaching into my slacks and you realize I have not worn any underwear and my cock pops out into your hand. Immediately you lower your head and start sucking my cock. We are now about to pull away when another door to the limo appears to have opened and closed. It must have been a door ajar as we pull away from the curb. You now have my cock so hard and you can feel some precum on the tip of my cock. You back away and use the tip of your tongue to lick it up and moan with approval. I can feel the my cock hardening and am trying not to cum to soon. You realize this and move up and kiss me and share the remains of the cum from Ken and the precum you have from my cock and then ask me isn't that a great reminder of dessert? I smile with appreciation and tell you how beautiful you are and how much I love you. We had been driving for about 15 minutes now and the car has pulled over and stopped. The door to the back opens and Lisa is standing there looking in and now all but 2 buttons of her starched shirt are open and her breasts are very visible from my view I can see the nipple of her right tit and it is as hard as yours.

Do you mind if I relax with the two of you for a little I have an assistant in training driving for me right now, if that is Ok? We both nod with approval as she enters the back of the limo but she doesn't close the door when a male figure appears, it is Ken from the restaurant. Is there room for another he asks, I look at you and you say do you mind and I say not in the least. So they both are now in the back with us sitting on the sides as we are in the very back seat. The car begins to drive on as they both have a drink and make one for us. You now remember that you had my cock out and also that your skirt was open showing your lace panties and the wetness of your pussy. I notice both Lisa and Ken are looking at my cock as it has regained its composure and is hard as a rock. Lisa breaks the ice and says she thought you had already had dessert but must have still been hungry. We both laugh and realize it does not bother them. Lisa started some soft Yanni music on the stereo and lowered the interior lights. It took a few seconds before my eyes adjusted and when they did I realized you were very quiet and some movement had occured and some whispering was going on. I looked over at you and could see that Lisa had moved next to you on the back seat and could barely hear her when she asked, have you ever kissed a woman before? You replied no but I have wondered what it would be like. As an answer she moved over and lightly kissed your cheek and then moved to your lips. I could tell she was giving you a very tender, soft kiss allowing her lips to just touch yours and the tip of her tongue probing just enough to touch the end of yours. I wanted you to make your decision as to what you wanted to do with this so I moved over on the back seat in case you wanted to have some room to escape. Instead you kissed her back and allowed your hand to move to the back of her hair and lightly touch the back of her neck as you let out a slight moan. Her hand had now moved to open the blouse you had covering your camisole and her finger nails were touching the tips of your nipples through the silk. I had never seen your nipples so hard and I thought I had seen them very, very hard.

Ken, seeing this along with me was becoming very aroused and moved to the area I had created next to you. He glanced at me for permission and I said that was up to you but I had no problem but would prefer him not to fuck you as that was for me. No problem he replied I love to offer oral pleasures. Very gentlemanly he whispered in your ear if you minded him touching you as long as he did not fuck you and your answer was by allowing your hand to reach down and rub his cock. He assumed that meant OK and started kissing the right side of your neck as Lisa continued kissing and rubbing your nipples. Now I reached down and started rubbing my cock and enjoying the fact that you were the center of attention. Things then moved very quickly as they worked your camisole off your shoulders and it was down below your breasts making them exposed to both of them they immediately each started sucking a nipple as Lisa worked on removing your skirt. You raised up and when you did she also slid your panties down your legs. The leather of the seat was making you that much more aroused and I reached over to move your panties off of your legs which you immediately spread and the aroma of your pussy filled the limo. Just as this occured the limo stopped and we were somehow on a ramp looking out at the ocean and the sunroof was now open to the stars. The door opened and another female dressed just as Lisa had been was standing there and said to Lisa we have arrived do I now get my payment for helping out? Lisa asked us if we were Ok for Betty to join us and we both nodded approval. Betty entered and immediately started removing her clothes and in a matter of seconds was as naked as you. She sat back on the side seat, poured herself a drink and started rubbing her clit. Seeing this Lisa moved over to Betty and went directly between her legs and started licking her clit and running her tongue around her pussy. Reaching up she pinched one of Betty's nipples and Betty immediately sighed at how happy she was to receive this type of payment.

Ken now had moved down between your legs and was tasting the juice hed had created earlier in the restaurant and appeared to be sucking your clit just the way you like it. Since the other two ladies were so enjoying themselves I moved over and placed my cock at your lips as Ken continued on your pussy. Somewhere in the process he had removed his pants and now worked the button loose on his shirt and was also naked with his cock standing again rock hard. You then removed my cock from your lips and said you needed a cock in your pussy, so bad. Ken realizing this moved back and wanted to have his cock in your pussy but knew that was not part of the deal. We were enjoying all the pleasures but had agreed that your pussy was mine but oral fun was different. So he moved to the side and I said I was going to give you my cock. I moved down and took the tip of my cock and placed it barely in your pussy and teased you as you had left me earlier. Then I realized that Ken had moved up and was placing his cock at your lips for another blow job. Seeing this I gave you all the cock I had and started slowly fucking you, allowing the tip to almost move out of your pussy then driving it deeper on each stroke. We now heard Betty announcing her orgasm from Lisa with a loud YES that woke the fish in the sea.

Then we could tell there was some movement and Betty had now moved over and was helping you with sucking Kens cock. You would suck it for a few strokes and then Betty would take it in her mouth, then you would both stroke it with your hands as you shared a kiss. Lisa not wanting to be left out now moved behind me and started licking and sucking on my balls and playing with my ass. I knew I could not hold out long with this so I started fucking you hard and got the cum moving into my cock. You started having an orgasm and that pushed me over the edge. I filled your pussy with hot cum and you said yes, I can feel it in me, fill me up. Hearing this Ken lets you and Betty know that he is about to cum and you let Betty take his cock as he starts to shoot. She swallowed as much as she could and his cock sprang out of her mouth and you caught the last few drops and sucked it in for a clean up. I moved away and sat on in the corner for a breather, I thought. Lisa now without even thinking and not realizing you had never had a woman touch your pussy, moved in and started sucking the cum out of your pussy. You were surprised but did not moved but instead took your hands and placed them on her head and said yes baby, eat the cum and taste my pussy. She did not hesitate and had you on the verge of another orgasm within minutes. Meanwhile, Betty had placed her mouth on Kens and was feeding him back the cum she had just taken from him. He amazingly was getting hard again as they moved away to allow you full enjoyment from Lisa. They both sort of fell in my direction and Betty decided to see if she could revive me from my orgasm. I could not believe it but as she kissed my cock and started sucking it Ken was kissing her neck and the side of her cheek. She now took her hand and stroked my cock and kissed Ken again. This time when she broke the kiss she had moved their heads closer to my cock and she fed it directly into his open mouth. He took it in and started sucking it and running his tongue around the head inside his mouth, it was working, I was becoming erect almost immediately. Lisa now was allowing you to float back down to earth and moved up to kiss you and have you taste your pussy juice on her lips. You looked over and saw Ken sucking my cock and said yes baby give that cock to him. I was not objecting as he was doing a great job and definetly getting it good and hard.

Lisa and Betty now were both wanting some cock after their escapades and Lisa was the only one that had not had an orgasm. So Betty decided she would help Lisa out and they got into a 69 position and started orally pleasuring each other. My cock was good and hard again and Lisa had her pussy in a position for a cock since she was on top of Betty. I motioned for Ken to put his hard cock into Lisa and give it to her. I thought of it but as your pussy was for me, my cock was for you for any fucking. Ken moved over and with one stroke put his cock into Lisa as she gave a loud arousing approval of the move. Her head moved away from Betty's pussy to enjoy the fucking from Ken. I had now moved behind you and had my cock in you from behind and was giving you a great fucking and knew I would come soon with all of the excitement. Seeing Betty laying there licking Lisa with Kens cock moving in and out you decided to see what it would be like to taste a pussy. You had tasted your own juices from Lisa but how would it be to give Betty a tongue fucking. As you moved over and licked her she realized this was probably your first time and got out from under Lisa to enjoy the pleasure. You did not hesitate to sink your tongue into her slit and try to please her as you like to be pleased. My seeing this immediately triggered my orgasm and again I filled your pussy with cum. Betty could tell what had happened and moved into a 69 position with you and started sucking up my cum and bringing you to another orgasm. She as well was reaching a point for another loud Yes exclamation.

Not wanting to be left out, I moved under Lisa and started licking her clit. Kens cock was going in and out of pussy at a rapid rate and I could feel my tongue sliding over the edge with each stroke. The next thing I knew his cock slipped from her pussy and feel against my lips. I opened my mouth and took his cock in and started sucking it as he had done mine earlier. You somehow glanced over and say this and started rubbing my cock as a sign of approval. I kept sucking him and could feel that his cum was building. I then let his cock fall out and he put it back into Lisa and filled her with cum. As I laid there I could feel some of it driping on my tongue and licked her slit to get a tasted. I also say his cock was still there and took it again and cleaned it of her juices. At that same time we could tell that both you and Betty were reaching an orgasm and you both tensed your bodies and screamed a YES. We all now got back into the seats and just had one more drink for a toast before the limo started up and were taken back to the house. What an evening, one to remember.

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