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The Club

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?Do you think the music is too loud?? Jeff asked as they entered the club.

?What?? Janice jokingly asked as she pointed to her ears and gently shook her head from side to side.

They were on their first visit to a local club for singles. And though the place was quite a drive from home, so far it was really exotic there. Lights that flashed in different colors, following the rhythm of the music. Mirrors along every wall that made the place seem larger than it actually was inside. A full bar with a dj stand in the corner. Antique tables and a gorgeous wooden dance floor. This place was all the internet advertisement said it was. And it was packed with singles that had evidently made some friends earlier on that afternoon.

There were a few strays that were mingling among the crowd, but for the better majority, no one was really alone.

They made their way to a small booth in a dark intimate corner and were able to order some drinks.

The music they played was great for dancing and the dance floor was full. They just sat and listened as they allowed their eyes to scan the room and see what kind of people came to these clubs.

The ad said it was a singles club? a great place to meet new friends and party. Get to know some of the patrons and see where it goes.

Although they had been married for 6 years, they had no interest in meeting others for any kind of romantic interlude. It was more curiosity that brought them here tonight. They had never been inside a club for swinging singles.

The cocktail waitress brought their drinks over and, noticing their curiosity, asked if they were comfortable. Seeing the concern in her face, they reassured her that they were fine.

Across the room, they saw that there was a young woman that had earlier been snuggling with a guy and she walked over to yet another table and hugged a lady that was sitting there. They exchanged a kiss that was a little more than a peck on the cheek and Jeff realized that this was going to turn into a very interesting evening.

Janice was looking towards the bar when she saw a pair of couples go up to what she perceived to be a bouncer, hand him some money, and enter a door that led to what appeared another room. That must explain why the room here was so small, there was another room behind that door. She turned and looked at Jeff to draw his attention to the activity there, but she found he was deeply engrossed in watching a couple aggressively make out across the room.

?Come on Jeff, stop drooling? she said with a tease in her voice. She reached under the table and placed her hand gently in his lap to discover that his dick was pulsing. She drew her hand back at first, but then went with the flow of the moment. Softly and secretly, she sat tenderly stroking it through his slacks. Feeling it grow with each stroke of her hand.

He reached down and moved her hand aside, leaned towards her and said, ?baby, that scene is so incredible. I don?t remember when I have been this anxious to rip your clothes off and just fuck your brains out?

Janice smiled as she replied, ?don?t do that?at least not in here. You should have seen what I just witnessed? and she began to tell him about the room behind the door.

As they spoke, he turned and watched as yet another couple went in the room via the ?bouncer? followed by a couple of women walking arm-in-arm.

They both wondered what room was there but weren?t going to ask since this was their first visit. So they just sat, drinking, scanning the crowd and watching the throngs of people, singles and couples, of all genders, going in and out of the door to the other room.

Jeff pondered that it might be some kind of private party that late-comers were going to. And Janice pursued the idea of a lounge with different offerings in it than they had in this part of the building. For a brief moment, Jeff considered the possibility of private rooms since this was a swinging singles club. But he dismissed that idea because he and Janice were not singles nor swingers. So it must not be a singles only, swingers only kind of club.

A man was walking over to their table with a drink in his hand.

?Hey! How are you guys doing tonight? My name is Jeremy. I?m the owner of this club. I understand this is your first visit??

Jeff cleared his throat and stood to shake the gentleman?s hand. ? Yes, this is our first time here. And I have to say, it is quite a club. So much more than we expected.? Janice nodded her head in agreement as she also shook his hand.

? Well, we strive to offer the best in service and entertainment to our customers. We do what we can to satisfy the needs of new customers as well, so if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to ask them.?

? Ummm, well we were kind of wondering about that room over there, she asked as she pointed towards the door across the room. We have seen a lot of people making their way in there. Is that some sort of private party or just another part of the club??

It was Janice who posed the question. That?s one thing Jeff really admired about his wife, her bluntness. She wasn?t crass, but would seldom beat around the bush, asking straight-forward questions as they came into her mind.

? Well, that?s our members only area. And yes it is somewhat of a private party , you might say. This is a singles club and people come here to meet other folks, much like yourselves. Some of them would prefer a more intimate setting and we offer that in the rooms behind that door. We have several rooms available for your private encounters, be they consisting of just the two of you or perhaps you might have met someone here that you?d like to get to know on a more personal level. As I stated before, we do our utmost to meet the desires of our patrons, even our newest ones. If your curiosity has gotten the better of you, lease allow me to take you on a personally guided tour of the club. I?m sure I can answer most of your questions that way and you will have a greater understanding of our club and its policies.?

Without giving it a second thought, Jeff looked to Janice and saw a nod of approval.

? Sure, just follow me and I?ll try my best to explain as we go along.?

The three of them walked over towards the bouncer and Jeremy nodded his head to gain access to the doorway. The bouncer stepped aside and they entered.

They walked down a long hall that was decorated lavishly with velvet dr*pes and brocade wallpaper. There were several doors on either side as well as open doorways to each side of the doors. Jeff noticed several people standing inside each of the rooms that had open doorways gazing through what appeared to be two-way mirrors.

The same music played through speakers along the walls that they were listening to in the other part of the club. As they walked along, Jeremy explained.

?These rooms are for intimate encounters. First, let me say that if you are offended by seeing other folks engaging in sex, then perhaps you should avoid these particular rooms. Each room has a two-way mirror on either side and these people are here strictly as voyeurs. Before you ask, YES the couple or couples in each private room are aware they are being watched. Almost everyone has an exhibitionist hiding within themselves.?

? As we make our way farther down the hall, there are a few more rooms that offer a more private setting. Our clientele are welcome in these rooms anytime they want to be completely alone without being watched. Some are married couples, some are threesomes and some are all-out orgies. In our club, we cater to the gay community as well. Please don?t be offended if someone of that preference accosts you. Our patrons are select and most would not ?hit on you? as they say. We don?t look for trouble and we surely don?t want it showing up here. Please, should you decide to become members here, abide by the rules of the club and we will all get along just fine. Any questions??

Jeff was awed and Janice could hardly believe what she was hearing. The idea of sex with another had crossed her mind and even enough to mention a three-some to Jeff, but now here they were staring it in the face. Both of them shook their heads.

?Okay, then feel free to stay and visit or whatever you?d like to do. I really should be getting back to the main part of the club and seeing that all is running smoothly. By all means, enjoy your time at Club Erotique.? Then he walked back towards the door.

They just stood there for a few minutes as if they were considering what to do. Should they go into a viewing room? Or maybe they should just go back out into the main bar area.

But Janice took Jeff?s hand and led him into an empty viewing room. After all they had seen several porn movies together. Could this be so different?

On the other side of the mirror, there was a man and a woman. They were both totally nude and she was giving him a back massage. Then another man walked over from a dark corner of the room and slipped his hand around the woman?s waist. He slid his massive hands up the front of her belly towards her full breasts and cupped each one in his hands. She continued to massage the man lying on the bed as the second man pressed his lips into her neck biting her firmly and drawing a slight moan from her.

She continued to massage the first man with visibly noticeable pressure. The second man slid his lips along her bared shoulder and around to her slightly turned chin and her mouth met his. Their tongues intertwined as they locked in a long passion-filled kiss.

Janice felt a shiver run the length of her spine as she watched. Fully engrossed in the activities beyond the mirror. She could almost see herself as that woman. It had been her long-time fantasy to be with two men and Jeff knew that.

Jeff was wrapped up in the scene as well, seeing himself in the role of the second man in the mirror.

This was all so intense and Janice moved a little closer to Jeff. Body heat was radiating out from him and she could feel it.

The second man in the mirror, then traced the length of her arms with his hands and she slowly slid her hands out from under his, allowing him to continue with the massage that she was performing. She reached around behind herself and groped for his manhood. Easily finding it, she began to slide her fingers up and down the throbbing shaft teasingly as he continued to massage the man lying on the bed.

He turned hid palms sideways and began a chopping motion along the length of the man?s spine.

The man lying on the bed rolled over now and allowed the second man to massage his upper body and shoulders. The woman slid out from between the two of the men and walked to the edge of the bed near the pillows, where she climbed on and straddled the face of the man lying on the bed. The second man lowered his head and began tracing his tongue along the naked chest of his male companion towards his rock-hardened cock.

He wrapped his lips around it and began to take it into his mouth as fully as he could. Slipping that rod in and out of his mouth until he near choked. The man lying on the bed was furiously slamming his tongue in and out of the woman?s hot juicy slit and twirling her clit with his tongue, never missing rhythm with his male counterpart.

The woman was grinding her crotch into the face of the man lying on the bed and squeezing her now-reddened tits in her hands. The second man drew his face up, grabbed the woman?s head and lowered her face to his raging cock as he slammed it deep into her throat.

She sucked him until he was ready to spew while she took her hand and yanked the other man?s cock. Both were now about to explode and she took both cocks into her mouth and swallowed their cum.

Jeff was now stroking his own dick and Janice was slipping her fingers into her well moistened cunt. She could feel herself about to slip off into orgasm as she watched the scene played out before her. Jeff too was about to cum as he continued stroking faster and with more intensity.

Jeff reached over and pulled Janice?s face to his crotch, uttered ?suck it Bitch? to her and erupted in a profound climax. His cum still dripping on her face, he spun her around and sat her on his lap as he fucked her like there was no tomorrow, until she moaned that she was cumming too.

There wasn?t much to be said. They had always had a negative opinion about male to male sex, but somehow tonight, it made sense. The scene was choreographed perfectly and the players filled roles that most people only think about in the depths of their minds and are afraid to mention for fear of rejection.

Jeff stood and took Janice by the hand and as they walked they talked.

Oh yes. This club suited their needs. This club satisfies. And this club would be their club too.

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