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The Chronicles of Being Randy More lessons

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This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innosluts.My name is Randy and I've been married to my lovey wife Brittany for about four years. I met Brittany who at the time was 20 yrs old while I was 28. My wife is blonde and about 5ft 6 in tall. We have a 16 month old daughter. Since my first encounter with Gail the babysitter, I have given her a few more lessons. One night Gail texts me that she must see me tonight. This is a little out of the ordinary since usually don't use our cells to communicate. But this sounded urgent. Being that Brittany is a sound sleeper I told her to meet me out by the pool where I go to smoke at around 11:00 Gail comes through the backyard gate right on time with a big smile on her face. "What's up?" I asked. She replied, "I ate pussy for the first time today and if you drop your pants I'll tell you all about it." Well, from my first story you know how I caught Gail watching Brittany and I in our personal home videos. She was enamored with watching my wife make love to another woman and her gushings but her only sexual contact has been me for the past month and half. I just had to hear this story. My pants were off in seconds flat. "I like to watch it grow." she stated as she reached down and gentle started caressing it.

Then she proceeded to tell me this story. Besides being a cheerleader Gail runs track. Her coach asked 3 girls to stay after practice to try to find someone who could run hurdles. One of the girls ending up catching a hurdle and hurt her ankle pretty badly. As they took her back to the locker room the last of the girls swim team was leaving. The coach had to take the injured girl to the hospital and asked Gail to make sure everyone had left and to lock the door behind her. Thinking that everyone had left she decided to shower before locking up. Being alone she undressed by her locker and put a towel on and went to the shower area. She told me that in the girl's showers have a stall were you can undress and then enter the shower that had a curtain for privacy. When she got to the area she noticed one of the showers was running. As she approached she heard something unusual. It sounded like whimpering. She inched up to the stall and the curtain had a small opening that she could peer through. She saw a girl on the swimming team named Brook. She was slump down and leaning against the shower wall with one of her hands between her legs. Brook was a very attractive girl but she didn't personally know her but her friends had told her that they thought she was a lesbian due to the fact she had never been known to go out or dated a guy. Gail described her having short black hair and a slender body. She had nice titties but were probably only a C cup. She saw a razor and some shaving gel at her feet and her pussy was completely shaven. Maybe being totally hairless was a swimming thing. She imagined that Brook must have been shaving her pussy and gotten carried away. Watching Brook masturbating was Gail extremely horny. {Between Gail's story and her stroking my cock, it had ballooned to its full standing 8 inches} "Oh, are we getting a bit turned on?" she said as she noticed my bulging manhood. She bent down and licked the underside from base to tip and then continued with her story. And from this point I will tell it in first person. I started rubbing my own clit as Brook was in a world of her own and her whimpering moans were coming faster and louder. I decided to join her. I open the curtain with my left hand leaving my right one in my pussy. Gail jumped straight up obviously surprised to see me. She seemed to relax a little when she noticed my fingers in my cunt. I then went right up to her and kissed her directly on her mouth. At first she didn't responded then she started kissing me back. She gently slipped her tongue in my mouth and we made out for a long time. All the while our bodies were rubbing each other. I loved how her body felt and how sweet her mouth and lips were. I know now how you feel when you make love to me because woman are so curvy, warm, and soft. Definitely a different feel from a man. "But I still love a hard cock." Gail said as she dropped down again and rolled her tongue all around my shaft. I then started kissing down her neck until I reached her soft breast. I kissed both her erect nipples before I started greedily sucking her titties. I continued sucking her breast and inserted my middle finger in her wet pussy. She immediately let out one of her whimperings. She had head head tilted back and begged me, "Yes, yes, please don't stop." Her pussy was very slick and wet and I so wanted to taste her. I dropped down on my knees and removed my finger and Frenched kissed her smooth shaven cunt. She screamed, "Aaahhh!" Her smell was heavenly and her taste was intoxicating. I started devouring her cunt like a starving person. Brook's whimpering turn into a type of wailing. I could tell she was close to cumming and I increased sucking action on her pussy. Then without any warning she shriek, "Nooo!" and shoved me back on my ass. I couldn't believe what she had done and I asked why she did that. She stood there breathing like she had just finished a 2 mile run and said, "I'm sorry. It was so intense that my pussy was getting too sensitive." She helped me up and started kissing me deeply again then she dropped down on her knees and started eating me. She liked and probed in and out of my willing cunt. Her tongue was all over the place, the sight of this lusting girl servicing me was making my pussy spasm. When she started licking my clit I reached down and grabbed her head and said, "Suck my clit and make me cum." She obliged and started sucking and licking my clit and the same time. "Oh baby, that's it.Don't stop. Suck it. Harder. Harder." I commanded. While she was getting me off I noticed she had put on of her hands between her legs and was finger fucking her self. She started whimpering again. I was so close and I pulled her hair and pressed her mouth tight against my cunt. "Eat me, eat my wet juicy cunt!" I yelled. Her whimpering turned into a moan and although her ass was getting pelted by the shower's water Her body started jerky and it looked like she was gushing out her ass. Although I couldn't see it directly some kind of spray was mixing with the shower water. This sight was all it took and I came hard into her mouth. "I'm cumming!" I yelled. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over my body. I collapsed and fell to the floor with her. We both lay there in each others arms until we had the strength to get back up. It was wonder full. I {Randy} stood up and said,"You hot little slut." My now 8 inch big boy felt as though it had grown another inch. I shoved my cock down her throat. "Suck it, you little slut and don't stop until you've taken every drop I have." I ordered. Gail started sucking almost out of self defense, devouring it as I imagined she did Brook's pussy. I was pistoning that sweet little mouth of hers with reckless abandon, I was literally fucking her face. "I'm close," I informed her. She reached up with one hand and grabbed the base of my cock and started stroking it and then she engulfed as much as she could. She had been trying to get all of that big boy down her throat over this past month but all she could manage was about 6 inches. I looked down to see her nose almost reach my stomach and felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat. She backed up and tried again, to her credit she wasn't gagging anymore while trying this feat. She had become an accomplished little cocksucker the last month with my instructions. She went back down until I felt the back of her throat again and I heard her gurgle, " Com onn babie giv et to me." That did it. It didn't take long before I started poring a huge load of man juice down this little slut's throat. "Yessss!" I screamed. I shot load after load of gism into her hungry little mouth and she took it all. Finally I was spent, she grasped the base of my cock and squeezed the entire length of my rod to like the last drops of gism from the tip of my dick. I fell back into the chair. Gail smiled and looked at me and said,"I suck good cock, don't I?" I grunted, "The best." By the way, "Brook and I are going out this weekend."

Gail said Brook had a brother at the local college and he had invited her to come to a party they were having. She figured there would be alcohol and then she wanted me to hook up with the both of them. She wanted me to help her instruct Brook. "Why did she push me away and not want to cum in my mouth?" she asked. "She might be embarrassed by her gushing." I replied. "Some girls don't see it as natural sexy event." This Saturday was perfect timing as my wife was going to take the baby and visit her parents up state. "After the party bring her back here, tell her about the pool and hot tub." I told her. Gail agreed,"And then we can instruct her together."

Saturday night came and I had everything ready. The stereo was playing softly in the background. I had brought out some robes and put them in the pool changing room. Gail had called and said that they were on their way. When they arrived Gail introduced us to each other and I asked them if they wanted anything to drink. They both wanted to stick with beer and I told them they could change in the changing room and I went to get some brew. When I got back they both were in my circular hot tub sitting next to each other. I handed them their beers and removed my pants. I had my baggy swim suit on underneath not wanting to show my big boy and possible frighten Brook. I got into the tub on the other side and noticed they didn't have anything on. "We forgot to bring our suits," Gail laughed. I couldn't see a whole lot with all the bubbles and we proceeded to drink and make small talk. After awhile Gail moved closer to Brook and started nibbling on her ear and neck area. Brook was a little apprehensive and Gail said, "Don't worry about Randy, I told you he was cool with it." I witnessed Gail's hand move under the water to Brook's nether regions and Brook's relaxed posture told me she was accepting whatever probing Gail's finger were doing. Brook set down her beer and turned to Gail and kissed her deeply. They both started making out feverishly and I heard the infamous whimpering come from Brook's mouth. Her breathing became more rapid as her cute little breast heaved up and down at the waters edge. Gail was finger fucking her faster and faster as she kept her tongue down Brook's throat. I could tell that Brook was close by her moans and the look on her face when suddenly she yelled, "Nooo!" She quickly stood up and for the first time I saw her entire naked body. As I described Gail before she got long blonde hair and stands about 5' 2"; has about a D cup sized breast with small pink nipples but shows no signs of sagging. Her cunt is perfectly symmetrical with her inner lips folded neatly beneath her outer ones and a pearl like clitoris, her blonde pubes are wispy and feathery like a new born birds down. She has a body that is starting to show an hourglass like curves of a girl coming into womanhood. Now Brook was completely the opposite. She has coal black hair cropped off at her shoulders and perky little C cups with big protruding nipples. Now it could be they were sticking out some much due to Gail's hot little mouth. Brook was taller, I'd say 5' 6" and had a slender build. Her clean shaven snatch had drops of water running down it and her inner lips were swollen and protruding out some but not as far as her clit. That little sucker was engorged and swollen about the sized of my thumb. My wife's clit swells up to about the same size when she aroused maybe it's something all gushers have in common. "Why did you stop me?" Gail exclaimed. "Brook answered, "It was just too intense." I interrupted, "Because she didn't want to gush her cum into the hot tub." Brook's jaw dropped and she could only stare at me in silence. "How... how did you know that?" she queried. "Gail told me of your little get together in the shower. My guess is you're a little embarrassed about your special talent." I answered. Gail broke in, " I told him because I knew he could help understand what is happening to you and I think it make you super hot." I handed them both robes and told them to follow me into the house.

When we got to the bedroom I started to explained some things to Brook. I told her what a hot commodity my wife was in Hedo once the word got out about how she could gush. How much more sexy both men and woman thought of her. "But I feel so embarrassed and it makes such a mess." she said. I understood, many a night I tried to dry out mattresses at homes of friends we were staying with so as not to have them think one of us had peed on the bed. I then proceeded to play our personal video tape which showed my wife making love to another woman and ending up unleashing one of the biggest jets of female juice to ever drench the halls of cum-dom. As she watched my wife engaged in a no holes barred 69 Gail whispered in Brooks ear, "Isn't she beautiful." " She so lovely." Brook responded as she pulled Gail's hand to her own crotch. "Brook I want you to let Randy eat your pussy as you watch the video. His mouth can do unbelievable things to lead you to orgasm." Gail said. Brook swallowed and nodded her head yes. I took off her robe and had her set on it and then told Gail that we would eat her together. I positioned Brook at the end of the bed and Gail and I got on either side of her. I instructed Gail to mimic every move I made. I started kissing Brook's breast ever so gently and started sucking her nipples. Those were some of the most erect nipples I had ever nibbled on. I moved down to her thighs and started licking and kissing them and ever so slowly moving in the direction of her cunt. Gail matched my every move. Brook was sighing to the beat of our our sucklings. I looked across at Gail and stuck out my tongue and placed it on her outer pussy lip. Simultaneously we stoked our tongue up and down the length of vaginal folds. We continued on to the inner ones and Brook begin to sigh. She closed her eyes and said, "That feels so good." I told her to keeping watching the video of my wife, I knew it was coming to the part where Brittany hoses down the room. We licked inside of her slit now and her cunt was a fountain of sweet female juice. Brook began her whimpering moans. Gail and I took turns sucking on her engorged clitoris and sticking our tongues in her slick wet slit, she was getting very close to cumming. "Oh suck me, suck me right there." she cried out. In the background my wife was cumming and sprayed a gush out over five feet. "Oh my God." Brook yelled. I let Gail take over she positioned her self directly between Brooks legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Her head was buried in Brook's crotch and she was sucking her clit like a mad man. "Just let go. The robe will catch it all. Gail wants to taste your cum." I said to her. Brook grabbed the bedspread with both hands and thrust her pussy against Gail's mouth and groaned, "AArrrggghhhh!" She came with unbelievable force, it was as if a hose had been turned on inside of her hot little box. Her gush caught Gail flush on her face, half in her mouth and half on her chin. The spray splattered on my thighs as I watched this sweet young slut cum as she's never cum before. Gail was frozen with awe as the stream of female juice continue to squirt all over her neck and breast. It was like being hose down at a wet T shirt contest except Gail wasn't wearing a T shirt. Brook's cum was running over and down her breast and splattering on the floor. The robe was soaked and the puddle on the floor just kept getting larger. Finally the flow subsided and Brook slumped back on the bed and squirted out one final little stream. Gail stood up covered with Brook's essence from mouth to toe and stammered,"Holy shit!" She stood up and kissed me deeply. Her wet titties rubbed up against my chest and her hand found my throbbing member. "I want you to fuck me now." she panted. I slipped my finger in her cunt. She was wet and ready. I continue kissing and fingering her. "She pulled on my cock and said,"I meant with this." Just then Brook who was watching the video saw the part where I had been fucking my wife doggie style as she ate out the other woman and started gushing for the second time all over my deeply embedded cock. "She gushing again." she proclaimed. I thought if this little slut could gush again she could give my wife a run for her money. I looked at Gail and said,"Let's see if Brook learned anything. I want her to fuck you." Gail jumped up onto the bed and straddle Brook's face. She pulled her mouth up against her cunt and yelled, "Eat my cunt and make me cum, you hot bitch!" Brook started eating her out as fast as she could. "Yes that's it. Oh you're doing great." Gail moaned. I pushed Gail forward on her hands so I could observe the licking Brook was administering. Brook's legs were still spread and hanging over the bed. Her cunt looked freshly fucked and I just couldn't resist. I stuck my tongue deep into her slit and tasted that familiar flavor I've experienced with my wife many times before. The best description I can give for a woman gushing cum is it like warm diluted water with a trace of saltiness. As I ate her out I could see her tongue licking Gail's snatch and occasionally her sticking it into her excited cunt. "Yes, yes, eat me, fuck me." Gail moaned. My throbbing cock reminded me that I had 6 different holes to choose from but Gail wet pussy looked ever so inviting. I crawled on top of Brook's titties and positioned my 8 inch man snake at the entrance of Gail's hot tight cunt. "AAAhhh," Gail screamed as I ram all of it into her hot little box, "Yes, fuck me hard." I started pounding her deep and hard, all the while Brook was still sucking on her clit. She was loving every second of it. My sperm started to boil at the base of my shaft and Gail was moaning harder and harder. "Don't stop. I'm going to cum. Keep sucking me! Keep fucking me! Yessss!" Gail shrieked. My cock exploded at the same time and it started pumping large streams of man goo deep into her wet cunt. I squirted over and over flooding her pussy with sperm. After I dick stopped spasming and started to soften. Gail leaned forward and fell over Brook's head pulling my cock out of fresh fucked cunt. A big white string of semen poured out her pussy and landed across Brook's chin and mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked some of it up. "Hmm, sweet." she said. I had drink almost a gallon of pineapple juice the past 2 days to make it taste so. I took my soften pole and squeezed a little more gism and feed it to her as I told her to stick out her tongue. She took it greedily. Gail saw me feeding her and said, "Suck his cock. Suck my cum off of his cock." Brook took about 4 inches of my sensitive manhood down her throat. I was wondering if she was a virgin cocksucker as she was all over the place licking here, sucking there. It wasn't too bad as my bad boy started growing again. Gail asked' "Do you like sucking his dick?" Brook's response was garbled, "Itz oo beg." Gail and I both chuckled at that one recalling the first time she had tried to talk with her mouth full. "Let me show you how to do it." Gail said. I got off of Brook and laid down. Gail got next to Brook and started licking the length of my now fully erect 8 inch pole. Brook mimicked her every move. Sometimes as their tongues met at the tip they would shove them into each others mouth and kiss for a bit. "You have to relax your throat." Gail offered. Down my shaft her mouth went, back and forth. Then she tilted my cock toward Brook who tried to take as much of my shaft down her throat to match Gail. I was super turned on watching these two innocent fuck sluts between my crotch taking turns sucking my knob. "Look at Randy as you're sucking his cock." Gail told Brook. I smiled as my little cocksucking student was now being the teacher. When Brook wasn't looking I let Gail know I wanted to fuck Brook. She whispered in Brook's her, "Do you want him to fuck you?" She stopped sucking and stared at me for a second and said, "Yes, I want you to fuck me." As I position Brook on her backside I asked her if she had ever been fucked before. Her story was a couple of years ago some pimply faced teenager had but he came in about 15 seconds and she hadn't been interested in boys since then. I thought what a shame some horny teenager who didn't know what he was doing might have ruined a perfectly hot little cunt for the rest of us. As I got ready to mount her Gail said, "You're going to enjoy this. Randy will be nice and gentle your first time." I pressed my cock against her petaled entrance and pushed slowly. She winched but made no sound. Damn her cunt was tight I just barely got more than a couple of inches inside and that sucker was going in anymore. I might need some lube for her cunt "What's wrong?" Gail asked. "She's not lubricated enough." I said. "She's not wet enough? She just hosed down me and half the bed." Gail exclaimed. I explained how gushing was mostly water and that her cunt had been drenched with it. Not to mention my bad boy had been squeegeed clean by both your mouths. I told both of them to get on their hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Brook's cunt was definitely sopping wet but Gail's cunt had man juice still seeping out of it, long traces of cum were trailing down her thighs and her virginal lips were smeared with wet oozing sex.Both of their asses offered up to me side by side would have had lesser men blowing their load from the sight. I rammed my cock all the way up Gail cunt. "I'm going to lube up my cock using your juicy cum filled cunt." I announced. Gail was signing as I covered my big boy from tip to hilt with her slick juiced up pussy. When I pulled that cum coated pole out she started pouting but it was Brook's turn. "Spread her cheeks for me." I ordered Gail. Brook's head was on the bed turned to the side so I could see her expressions. Gail was on the other side and she used both hands to spread her ass wide open for me. I took my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. "You're going to love the way his cock feels inside of you." said Gail. I started slowly but firmly to push my cock into Brook's tight pussy. I eased in about 4 inches. "That's it, Brook. You're doing it." said an encouraging Gail. Brook moaned as I started a gentle but steady pace of in and out. Gail's face was just above Brook's ass taking it all in. She looked up at me and said, "Give her some more, Don't make us wait." Don't make US wait. Who was wanting this fuck session more, Gail or Brook? My pace and depth picked up and nearly 6 inches of cock was disappearing into her tight little hole. And it was tight as her cunt formed a sleeve around my cock as I withdrew. "Damn her cunt is tight, Randy. Fuck her, Fuck her good." cried Gail. I guess the cheerleader was coming out but it was kind of nice having my own personal rooting section. Brook's moaning became her own signature whimpering. "Oh Randy she loves it, fuck that little slut harder." ordered Gail. I replaced Gail's hands with my own and was pounding her pussy pretty hard. "I love how full your cock makes me feel." Brook cooed. I told Gail,"Make her eat your cunt." She jumped across the bed in a flash and grabbed Brook's face and placed it up against her slick nasty cunt. "I want you to clean out my cunt and make me cum." she shouted. Brook dove right in. This was my favorite, Fucking this insatiable slut doggie style while she was eating the pussy of another horny nympho. Gail was moaning loudly as she said, "It's clean enough now just suck on my clit you hot nasty bitch!" Gail started last but finished first. "Keep sucking, keep sucking, I'M GOING TO CUM. AAArrrgghhh!" Gail was bouncing around like a rag doll as she came hard. It must of set Brook off cause her whimpering became a wail, "AAAhhhhh!" I felt that familiar warm gush coursing over my shaft and running down my sack as she gushed for the second time tonight. I slammed all of my 8 inch cock up to the hilt into her tight cunt again and again forcing her mouth and tongue deep into Gail's pussy. I was fucking them both and the same time and as fast as my gism raced up my shaft I thought it might be able to reach Gail's mouth. All I could do was grunt as I poured all my seed into this pseudo virgin's womb. My cock squirted over and over, I thought it would never stop. "Oh, Your cum feels so hot." she cried out. If my cum felt hot her cunt felt like it was on fire. I slammed her box hard one last time as it forced her face up around Gail's wet tits and I collapsed on top of her. After a couple of minutes Gail spoke, "That was incredible. Brook, are you alright?" Brook smiled, "Never better. And now I love cock too." We were all exhausted and done for the night but even then I was thinking about Brook's virgin ass. Ass fuck for breakfast anyone?

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