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The Bi night she gave me

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Coming home last night appeared to be a normal, everyday affair, that is until I walked through the door. Val was standing in the living room wearing a very short and tight mini skirt and a low v cut shirt that covered very little of her tits. They were there, begging to be kissed and sucked on. As I went in to give her a kiss, she turned her head slightly and whispered in my ear, go take a quick shower and get dressed, you're taking me out tonight, then kissed my lips and sent me on my way.

While in the shower I couldn't help but wonder what she had planned, she had never done a thing like this before. My mind was racing trying to put together a vision of what was to come. A thousand scenarios played through my mind, and I was unable to narrow it down to one thing. Quickly I got out, cleaned up and got dressed.

I went back out in the living room and she looked at me and said that I took to long and that I would pay for it later. Not having a clue, I just shrugged it off and asked her where we were going. She said not to worry about it, but to get in car and just follow her directions. Now, by this point I was aroused, confused, excited and bewildered all at the same time. Her being assertive like she was, was new and hot.

After taking directions for about 20 minutes we finally arrived at our destination. It was nice house on the out skirts of town, one we have seen many times on our bike rides through the country. We pulled up into the driveway, as I put the car park, she said that I was to follow her lead. A said ok and we got out of the car and walked to the door.

Just as we were about to ring the door bell, the door swung open and an attractive couple stood there and welcomed us in,the only thing they were wearing were the smiles on their faces. We followed them in as we were led to the parlor. There they invited us to remove our clothes as they asked us what we would like to drink. The tone in their voice, while calm, was assertive and it was more like an order than a request. We politely told them what we would like to drink, and as they left the room we removed our clothes. I looked at Val and she didn't say a thing, just had a wicked smile on her face. Icould tell she knew what was going to happen and had no intention of letting on as to what it was.

The couple returned with our drinks and sat down after we recieved them. The lady looked at me, surveying me from head to toe, then turned to her husband and said, oh yes, he will do just fine, just fine indeed. At the conclusion of her statement, the lights dimmed and she stood and faced me. Val did the same, and the first words she uttered since leaving car were, just relax and enjoy the evening baby, then they moved and stood on each side of me.

They each took one hand and stood me up and led to the other side of the parlor. The lady's husband stood and pulled something down from the ceiling. As my eyes adjusted to the low light I noticed that it was a bar with shackles on it,the ladies raised each hand as the husband locked me in them. The ladies then started to run their fingernails down my skin, each pass they dug in a bit harder, then a crack, a sharp stinging pain, and a hand caressing my ass. I looked up and Val had a crop in her hand and was smiling devilishly as the lady rubbed my ass where the crop had just hit.

I started to mutter something but was told to hush, and that if I said anything the pain would be much worse. I just looked at her and nodded. The next thing I knew, I was being pulled to the floor onto my knees. Since I don't have any hair, a harness of sorts was attached to my head and it was yanked back.

Val looked at me and said, you are finally going to get what you have asked for, servicing another guy, but it will be on our terms. I just looked at her and nodded. The next second, the husband was there, his hard dick was bobbing inches from my mouth. Val looked at me and said, is that what you want, I nodded, then she said, ask for it. I muttered, please let me have it. She smacked my chest with the crop lightly and said, that's not how you ask, do it like you mean it. I asked with a bit more cofidence and less quiver and said, may I have that hard cock please. She stroked the back of my head and said, thats much better, then grabbed the handle on the harness and moved my mouth toward the cock in front of me, and commanded that I begin to lick it. I stuck my eager tongue out and tasted his hard cock for the first time, it was nice,the skin rolled gently as my tongue moved up and down the shaft. Then she told me to open wide, as I did she shoved my open mouth down on his cock. His 8.5 inches entered me and I could feel the tip hit the back of my throat, I gagged a little, and as I did, I was immeadiately corrected with another crack of the crop. The lady stood there, and calmly told me that since I liked Val to take all of my cock without gagging, that I had better take all of her husbands without complaining.

Since his cock was stuffed in my mouth, all I could do was shake my head in compliance.

A second later the husand was pushing his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth, I tried the best I could to relax and allow his member to go in as deep as it could. Then he started to thrust in and out, slowly, each time hitting that spot, and then pushing a bit more until I had his whole cock down my throat. It felt nice, the slight salty taste of his pre cum as oozed onto my tongue. Val pulled my head back and asked me if I was enjoying this. I said that I was very much, and thanked her. She said, don't thank me yet, the night is still young, and then looked at the lady and asked her to prep my ass, that she was about to fuck it as her husband continued to fuck my face.

I felt a few fingers and lube being worked into my asshole, gently at first, and then she was spreading my sphincter apart and working her fingers in faster. She just smiled as she directed my head towards Val and said, she is about to fuck you, fuck you good. She's going to get your ass ready for my husband to come in and finish. I just looked at her and nodded, and said good boy, then slapped my face.

Val took her position behind me, kicked my legs apart and thrust her strap on into my ass, no warning, just shoved it in there, I let out a moan and was quickly reprimanded with a crack on my ass. She started to work it in and out, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. It felt good, but I couldn't help but think about having the real thing in my ass soon. How would his hard cock feel, pulsing in my ass as he pounded me. I let a little smile crest my face, and then a hard shove of her strap on brought me out. She was force fucking me now. The lady moved behind her and started to fondle her tits as she whispered words of encouragement to Val. Thats it, fuck him hard, give him what he has been wanting, get his ass ready for my husband, then she bent down and gave Val a passionate kiss. The moment was so hot that I was about to cum, I had tofight it back, it wasn't easy.

The husband pulled his cock from my mouth and began to slap the side of my face with it. And for the first time since we arrived he spoke. Oh yeah, you little cock sucker, get ready, i'm about to shove this cock in your ass and fuck you so hard. At those words, Val removed the strap on from my ass and stood up. She turned and kissed the lady real hard as she removed the toy from her waist. The two ladies and the husband switched places. Val laid on her back and slid up under me so that he pussy was aligned with my mouth and pulled my head to her beautiful wet and shaved pussy and told me to start licking her like my life depended on it. As I began to place my tongue on her lips, the lady lowered her bare pussy onto Vals mouth, again, I almost came, but was stopped as I felt the huge head of the husbands dick push into my hole. The pleasure, the feeling, the smell of the hot sex was so intoxicating, I wanted to cum, but I knew if I did I would pay dearly. I pushed it back down as the husband started to pound my anxious asshole. His cock was the same size as the strap on, but his gerth was much bigger, and I could feel my asshole being stretched as he fucked me hard.

The ladies were enjoying the attention they were recieving. Val was squirming from my licking and probing and the lady was grinding her pussy and smearing her juices all over Vals face. The husband had picked up his pace and thrust in my fuckhole and was slamming me so hard that my chin would brush across Vals clit and send her shivering.

The husband announced that he was about to cum and asked where he was supposed to direct his cum. Val spoke up and said, that he was to shoot his cum down my throat. He quickly exited my asshole, and with the motion of a professional, he wiped his cock and positioned himself in front of me as the ladies made way for him. He started to stroke his cock as he pushed the head towards my lips. I could see his head swell as the cum worked its way up, and then it was shooting down my throat. Gobs of his hot cum was in my mouth, I was swallowing fast as to ensure not miss a drop. Soon he was done, and the ladies praised me taking such a good fucking and for not making a mess on the carpet by not letting a drop of cum hit the floor.

My reward was that I would be allowed to cum. They loosend the shackles and instructed me to roll onto my back. As I did, the lady mounted me and lowered her wet pussy onto my hard cock. It was pulsing from holding back cumming so many times, and I knew I wouldn't last very long. She started grinding on my cock, letting out little moans of pleasure as I pushed back against her pussy. She did this for a few minutes, and then instructed Val to take her place, and that I was to cum inside her and when I was done she was instructed to lower her pussy to mouth and have me clean every drop of my cum from inside her. Val worked her pussy on me like she had never before, I was soon breathing heavy and announced that I was cumming. Val lowered herself hard and grinded until I started to shoot my cum inside her. When I was done, she moved to mouth and placed her sopping pussy to my lips and told me to clean her up. I did so, getting as much of my own cum as I could.

After all this, I was moved to a chair and strapped down and told to watch some more. The rest of the evening, the couple and Val took turns pleasing each other as I was forced to watch. The husband fucked her, the lady fucked her with a huge strap on, she had mind blowing orgasms as I watched.

When they were through, I was released and we headed to showers to get cleaned up and met back in the kitchen. We ate some snacks and had a drink as we talked about the evening. I was asked how I felt about it. I said it was intense. That I really enjoyed it, my first time in a bi situation couldn't have been better.

As we finished up and headed for the door, the lady leaned in and kissed Val again, and said thanks for the evening, and that we were welcome back anytime. On the drive home Val said that I had done good and that she enjoyed watching me being fucked by a guy and swallowing his cum. That we would have to revisit this from time to time. I said that I would be more than happy too.

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