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The Bar

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The Bar?

We walked into the bar in Old Town. It was the third bar we?d been in on this Sunday night. We had a beer at each bar and the other two had not been fun. We were hoping that this one would be different.

We noticed it was pretty dark which was a plus compared to the last two and the bar seemed to have a regular crowd. The crowd wasn?t too loud or too quiet. Just seemed to be a friendly group. I told you to take off your sweater. I said I needed to see your chest and I was good with others seeing it as well. I wanted to get a reaction from others but you still weren?t so sure. I told you again to just take it off that I wasn?t taking no as an answer. You did as you were told and kind of enjoyed me being forceful about it. I told you I?d get us a couple of beers and that I?d be right back.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a couple of blue moons. This would make your third and my second for I had a diet coke at the first bar. I waited as the drinks were poured and you sat back in the booth and just watched me.

I came back to the table and asked how you felt being so exposed. You said you felt a little funny but that you were fine. You had worn the outfit to get reactions and to get us hot. I was sure it would work on both accounts. The see through top was just delicious and you had worn a pair of tight jeans that left very little to the imagination of what a hot ass you had.

A couple of minutes went by and a waiter came by and noticed we had already gotten drinks but said if we needed anything else he was there. The waiter was about 21 and black. He was handsome and was probably 6 foot with light brown eyes. He was well built but not muscular. You could tell he had a very flat belly. He was wearing a black shirt and trousers. The shirt had long sleeves. You let your eyes drop briefly to his crotch but in the dimly lit bar you really couldn?t see anything. Then we both saw the look in his eyes as he saw your top and your beautiful breasts just barely covered. He couldn?t help it and said wow. I asked him if he liked and he stammered yes not quite knowing what to say. You had the sweater on the chair on the other side of me so you couldn?t cover up at all. You just smiled and said we?d call if we needed anything.

We sat with our backs to the back of the circular booth. If anyone walked by and looked they would be able to see your breasts through the top and probably your nipples if it was more than a glance. You leaned against me and I gave you a kiss. After a moment you broke the kiss but then went right back to my lips and kissed me long and passionately. I could feel my cock start to stir from such a hot kiss. You were sitting on my left side and my right hand wandered onto your leg stroking up and down your thigh. We continued to kiss and you felt my hand fiddling with the top button to your jeans. You pushed my hand away while you continued to kiss me. My hand didn?t move for long and soon the top of your jeans was undone and your zipper as well.

You didn?t try to resist my hand anymore and you let it just lightly stroke your flesh through your flesh just under your panties. I didn?t try to go any lower because we had just sat down. We kept kissing for another minute our tongues touching and tasting. We stopped our kissing and just snuggled. I love you Shannon I said.

We talked away an hour. We never seem to not have anything to say. We talk about everything with each other and often our talk is about sex and this evening was no exception. You told me that you thought our waiter was hot. I agreed with you and we paused for a moment. You felt a little more daring and asked me if I ever thought about what people look like under their clothes. I said not often and you told me you were imagining what the waiter looked like naked. You said you don?t often imagine people that way but tonight for some reason you were thinking about it. You said it was too dark for you to really see anything and that had made you even more curious. You said you were really wondering about his cock and what it looked like. You were wondering about how big it was limp? How large it would be erect? Was it circumcised or not? What would it taste like? I was surprised by with your frankness but it made me curious too.

The bar was filling up more and the waiter saw your glass was empty and asked if you wanted another and you said yes. This time I just asked for water. I figured I needed to get my fluids up for you. When I?m well hydrated my cock gets that just little bit harder.

The booths were all full and the bar was packed. There was a band but no real dance floor and we were more just watching the crowd and not feeling like dancing. I leaned over and kissed you again for a couple of minutes. You had left your pants undone and I just teased the same area of flesh again. I wanted to go lower but didn?t. I then moved my hand up your chest and cupped your breast and touched your left nipple just as the waiter came back with our drinks. He didn?t say anything but he did pause and looked at your nipples while you were looking at his eyes. I asked him if he liked your top and he said you had a beautiful top on. I said you should see your chest when the top is off and he said that there wasn?t much being left up to the imagination now, and then said ?Wow?.

Two 30 something white guys walked by our table and did a double take when they saw how you looked. They went onto the back to the restrooms. You watched them as they walked by and told me you kept imagining everyone naked. You said that both the guys that just walked by had real nice asses and that their bulges in the front of their jeans you noticed too. I laughed at the little game you seemed to be playing in your head. You giggled back while sipping on your fourth beer.

The place was getting to be standing room only and I was almost feeling bad about taking up a booth big enough for five with only the two of us sitting. Right about that time the two guys with the bulges walked up and asked us how we were doing. We smiled and you asked if this place was always this crowded. They said they didn?t know because this was their first time here. They asked if they could sit down and they squeezed into the booth on your left side.

They told us they were in town for a military conference. You and I told them about the places they must see and then the waiter came up. The waiter asked the two guys if they needed anything and they both ordered beers. The waiter looked at you and you said no that at four beers you got too hot and bothered and needed to slow down. The waiter smiled at you and went to get the guys order.

The guys told us their names were Fred and Roger. We laughed and they just looked at us funny. We told them we knew two other guys named Fred and Roger who were very close friends. Fred smiled and said you were teasing the waiter. You said ?Yup?. I whispered in your ear and asked you to do something and you said no. I said come on and you again said no. I smiled and kissed you. Fred and Roger were really curious what I had asked you to do. You then looked at me and said okay but that it had to be fast.

With that I passed you your sweater. You then made Fred and Roger?s eyes almost jump out of their heads as you pulled off your top and they stared at your breasts. You then put on the sweater but left it open. It was open all the way to the top of your jeans that were still undone. I told Fred and Roger that should make the waiter?s day when he comes back. They both said it made their day and you lightly squeezed Fred?s leg under the table. You left your leg on his thigh. I told them that they hadn?t seen anything yet. And Roger said ?I can only wish?.

The waiter came back and almost spilled the beers when he saw your open shirt. You said gotten cold and needed your sweater on. You asked him if he could tell if your nipples were hard and he stammered yes. This time you let him see that your eyes were not looking as his while he talked to you but at his crotch. You said that it looked like he must be cold to because a part of his body was getting hard like your nipples. The waiter?s trousers were noticeably having an issue as we could see the outline of a large cock traveling across his crotch and his thigh looking for someplace to expand further. The waiter turned and left smiling.

You ran your leg up Fred?s thigh and said ?gee Fred you must be cold too? as you grasped his hard cock through his jeans. Roger asked if you had just felt up Fred and you said ?I still am?.

The bar was dark and no one was noticing us through all the commotion and the band playing. You were getting very warm and wet but not only because you had found Fred?s large cock that was almost the size of Fred at home. But also because I had moved my hand under your panties and had been rubbing your clit and sometimes entering you with my finger ever since Fred and Roger had sat down.

You gave me a funny look and I wasn?t quite sure what you were thinking. You asked me if I would let you get arrested and I said no. I said the worst thing that could happen to you in a bar would be that you were asked to leave and to never come back. You then gave me a very long and passionate kiss and told me how much you loved me. I told you that I loved you too and kissed you with the same passion. Fred and Roger didn?t say anything and looked out towards the crowd while we kissed.

You stopped kissing me and looked over at Fred. You looked at him and undid his jeans and asked him at the same time if he was okay with what you were doing and he responded yes. You were surprised that he didn?t have on underwear but were also happy because it made things easier for you. You then leaned over and took his large cock in your mouth.

My hand had come out of your pants when you leaned over so your divided attention problem was not an issue. I tried a little to hide what you were doing but really couldn?t. You then went on to the floor and kneeled down in an effort to not attract attention and really went to work on Fred?s cock. You licked up and down the sides of his cock then would take as much of it as you could in your mouth. You started stroking it up and down fast and asked Fred not to hold back because you didn?t want to take too long and get in trouble. You then went back to work on his cock big time. Your mouth going up and down on it fast while you stroked his large cock using both hands. Fred said ?fuck? ?I?m going to cum really hard?. You didn?t slow and kept up with your sucking and then Fred started exploding in your mouth. You didn?t want to make a mess so you did not slow your sucking. Fred came and came into your mouth with you swallowing and swallowing. Fred finally stopped shooting but his cum was still oozing into your mouth and it was completely full. You held the cum in your mouth then you got up and kissed me giving me a full mouth of Fred?s cum. I kissed you and let Fred and Roger both know what was going on. I let just a dribble come out of my mouth so that I made sure they saw.

Roger was able to talk but Fred was not. Roger said that was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He said he was surprised at me kissing you and taking Fred?s load also but that he thought it was super-hot.

I got out of the booth and went to the bathroom leaving you alone with the two of them. When I came back you were sitting between them. I scooted in next to Roger who was now on your left side. I saw that you were stroking Roger who had a cock the size of mine. You smiled at me and said you couldn?t leave Roger out of the fun. You leaned over and started to take Roger into your mouth when the waiter walked up to see if we needed anything. You pulled off of Roger and said we were okay. The waiter stammered and told you that you were driving him up the wall. You winked at him and said if he was a really good waiter you would give him a special tip. The waiter walked off saying just before he left to have fun.

You went back down on Roger and took his complete cock into your mouth all the way to the balls. You surprised yourself by being able to take him all the way in. You then started sucking and sucking. You didn?t stroke because you were taking him all in your mouth even though it almost made you gag. Roger tasted better than Fred but not by much. His precum was as good as mine and you wanted more and more. You went up and down on his cock as fast as you could without choking and then you were rewarded by his cock shooting directly down your throat. You swallowed all of it because it tasted so great. You lifted off of his cock then told me you were sorry but there was none to share other than what was on your face and the remnants on your tongue. I said I was fine with that as you kissed me.

Soon after Fred and Roger bade their goodbyes. We thanked them for sitting with us and hoped the rest of their time in DC was as wonderful and they said there was no way that was going to happen.

The crowd began to thin and we both ordered diet cokes from our waiter who smiled when he came by the table but said nothing. We kissed. Oh how I love kissing you. I am so deeply in love with you and you with me. I can?t imagine life without you anymore. I kept kissing you and ran my legs up and down the inside of your thigh. My thumb periodically went inside your jeans and touched your clit just to make sure it was wet.

The waiter came back and finally introduced himself as Wayne. Wayne said we were the best customers he had ever had. You told Wayne that he was the best waiter we had ever had. You then told Wayne we were ready for our bill and he looked a little dejected.

When Wayne came back you said that due to putting up with us and being such a great waiter that he deserved a special tip. You asked Wayne when he got off work and he said he was done in 30 minutes. You wrote down our address. Then you paused. You asked him how old he was. Wayne told us he was 21. You said oh my god that was young and that maybe you should have our address back. Wayne said please let me have that special tip. You paused. I looked at the bill and left a generous tip. You just went right out and asked Wayne if he was open to having both of us suck on his cock. Wayne almost choked and said he didn?t care who sucked his cock as horny as he was. You said okay and handed him our address. You said to come by when he got off work.

An hour later we heard a knock at the door. We didn?t think Wayne would really come by but there he was. You and I were both in towels for we were going to get in the hot tub. You told Wayne that we were getting in the hot tub and that he should get in with us. You led him over to the back door where there was a towel on the table. You then started to take off his clothes. You couldn?t maneuver with the towel wrapped around you and went ahead and took it off while I went out and took the cover off the tub.

Wayne was still wearing his work outfit. You took off his shoes and socks first. You then went to his shirt, and finally you pulled off his trousers. All he had left on were his boxers and his cock was poking out the top all the way past his belly button by the time you pulled them down and off.

You didn?t touch his cock though you wanted to. You could tell is was rock hard. It might not be the biggest but it was the hardest you had seen in a long time. You and Wayne came on out to the tub and joined us in. You told Wayne just to relax and he really didn?t know what to do so he just sat back and tried to relax but his cock was piercing the surface of the tub. You said to Wayne that he couldn?t relax like that and that you needed to fix that problem.

You had Wayne sit on the side of the tub and you took his cock in your hands and started stroking then sucking it. You were surprised at how hard it was. You told me to come and feel how hard his cock is. I came over to you and started by grasping his 11 inch cock. I said wow and stroked it up and down while you took the large head into your mouth. You said oh my god he tastes good and passed the cock to me. I started going up and down and was thinking the same thing when he exploded in my mouth shooting a huge load of cum.

You could tell what had happened and started stroking it faster to make sure I got it all. I swallowed almost all of his load but then gave you a kiss so you could taste his hot cum as well. Wayne said he had never shot a load into a guy?s mouth before. You asked him if he was okay with that and he said ?Oh hell yes?. You told Wayne to relax but he said he was too hot to relax. You then noticed his cock was already hard again. You said ?okay, let?s go inside?.

We barely made it inside and you went into the living room after drying off Wayne?s body and yours. You told him to sit on the couch and went down on him again. You were loving his 11 inches. You told Wayne you really wanted his cock inside you and looked at me. You then got down on all fours with your head on the couch and told Wayne to fuck you and fuck you he did. Wayne got up behind you and started pushing his huge cock against your entrance until it finally started pushing into you. You were so wet by the time it finally started coming in that with a gentle push backwards you took it all.

I sat on the floor next to you and rubbed your head and kissed your face while Wayne fucked you. And Wayne fucked you really hard and really fast. You started yelling oh my god, oh my god and started cumming so fucking hard that you shot juices down the sides of his cock and out of your body. You kept screaming oh my god and Wayne slammed hard into you and came again lifting up your entire body as he came. You felt his hot sperm shooting into you.

Wayne pulled out of you for a moment after cumming and I laid you down on the floor and went down on you. I started lapping away at you licking your clit then licking up the cum dripping out of you not missing any of yours or Wayne?s juices.

We looked over at Wayne and he was already hard again. My cock was also rock hard. You told me that you had to have my cock in you and now. You stayed lying on your back on the floor and I started fucking you hard. Fucking you while you were still wet with this young guy?s cum. You were so wet that I slid in easily yet I could feel all of you. You could feel me and thinking about me fucking you while you were full of Wayne?s cum made you soon cum again.

Wayne was jerking off in front of your face while I was fucking you. You reached up and grabbed his cock helping him. You felt me shoot my load into you just as you started sucking on Wayne?s cock. It was so hard again already. Wayne told you he was going to fuck your face and tilted your head and fucked your face from above your head. You were gasping for breath but it seemed to make it hotter and you started cumming from the loss of oxygen and the feel of his cock filling your mouth. Wayne started shooting another huge load. His third in less than an hour and the first of which you got to swallow it all.

Wayne looked at us and said he could not believe what a great night he had but said he needed to go. We said fine and asked if we could see him again. He said yes and asked if he could bring a couple of friends. You looked at me and said that would be awesome?.

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