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The Adventures of Gamergirl Chapter 7- My Favorite Fellow Freak

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She found her new life fantastic! The fear she had once had for meeting men years ago had been eradicated. She felt powerful, sensual, desired. When she walked she was aware of the movement of her hips, the upright tilt of her chest. She smiled and nodded at everyone as if they were a potential lover. The same hungry look in her eyes coupled with that smile made her look like a great cat looking at it's next meal.

With her new found confidence, her desires began to grow. Her need for pleasure became endless and soon simply talking and camming was not going to fulfill them.

Out of no where, she got a call from the Freak. She only thought of him this way because he was the only person she had met that could match her in sexual diversity. Every crazy idea or lustful thought was one he also had. The possiblitlies were endless!

At this first contact, he had noticed that she was interested in being with 2 men; a long kept fantasy that she was never able to fulfill. He was interested in meeting her as was his friend. The only stipulation was, they were both bisexual. Did she have a problem with that?

OH HELL NO! Pleasure was pleasure and all of it was delicious!

They agreed on a date and said thier goodbyes.

Was she OK with this? She had never done it before but she would secretly look at bisexual porn on the internet. She was never sure what that said about her. She was obsessed with blowjobs sure but was she really ready to admit that she liked watching men with each other?

Then again, what was the point of her new freedom if she was not free to explore every aspect of her sexuality? Was she excited? Most definitely! With the same lustful abandon she met all challenges with, she looked forward to that day.

She drove to his apartment that night, pussy so wet she swore it seeped through her pants. She could feel herself, swollen and wet sliding with each step, increasing the pleasure. When she got to the door she had to take a deep breath to compose herself. Fellow Freak answered. They introduced and she recognised the same hungry, predatory look in his eyes that she saw looking back in the mirror every day. This was the first time she ever saw it staring back at her from a different set of eyes. She closed the door behind her and he pulled her to him and began to kiss her. The kiss shortly became desparate, passion beyond just need or lust. Engulfing and overpowering; amazing in it's strength and ferocity. Two feet from the door, they began to eagerly undress each other; mouths exploring each exposed inch of flesh as it came available.

She dropped to her knees and reached his steel hard cock. She put all that power and passion into sucking that cock. She sucked, licked, buried her face into his hips so long she only came up for breath. He entwined his hands into her hair and held her there, as if she were planning on coming up on her own. He pulled her up and took her over to his couch. They fucked as if it were some sort of unending compulsion. It was fast, hard; she ran her hands over his strained muscles, her legs quivering with the beginnings of her orgasm. Like the sex itself it came in a rush like fluid fire; fast and blinding. She cried out as her body went taught. Her breathing stopped as if it were important to stop time and enjoy the moment. On her exhale, the intense heat spread out from her and left her relaxed.

"My friend is going to be late." He said. They stayed naked on the floor of his apartment until his friend came over. Her excitement mounted once again. Short for time, he quickly undressed and came toward them.

Suddenly there were hands and mouths on her body, masculine and strong and exploring every inch of her. The feeling of abandon was exquisite.

She took advantage of a break in the action to look up in time to see his friend sucking greedily at his cock. He did it with the same intensity as she did and she found it exciting. She slid between his legs and began to suck his cock as well. Freak then began to lick her pussy. So much was happening, all of it sensual and exciting. Her senses were alive and tingling, awaiting every new sensation. One would fuck her as the other would jerk him or she would suck one as the other would fuck her. She prayed it would never end but as all good things do, it did.

His friend had to leave early but she remained for a while, meaning to just relax and enjoy the golden moment. Each time she tried to leave, they would begin to fondle each other and eventually fuck wildly. 3 times later, she finally left. Her head was buzzing with energy. So much had happened so quickly. It only led her to find out what else she had been missing and what would come next.


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