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The Adult Theater In Dallas

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My wife and I had talked about have sex with other for some time. We had fantasized about this almost every night for a month when we saw a sign on Interstate 35 advertising a couples only night on each Saturday night at an adult theater just off of the Interstated. This being Saturday afternoon, we talked about it all the way home. That afternoon we decided that we would go the theater that night. She spent a long time getting ready to go and when she came out of the bedroom, she had on very shot black skirt and a very thin black blouse that was unbutten enough to show a good part of her cleavage. She pulled up the skirt with a big grin on her face showing me that she was not wearing any panties. I almost took her back to the bed room right then but she said, "no, let's save it all for tonight.

My wife is 46 but she could pass for at least 10 years younger - expecially after her boob job two years ago. Her boobs were just about average size before the breast enhancement but now she is a D cup. This is especially noticable since she only weighs aroud 125 pounds at 5'4". I am one year older and I would say I am pretty average looking. I had an accident a few years ago and since that time, I have had a hard time getting erect. However, my doctor has fixed that up with the little blue pills. About an hours after take a blue pill, I generally generally can stay rock hard for a couple of hours. Enough about our background.

We arrived at the theater around 10:00. After we baught the tickets, the clerk said the couples only theater was upstairs so up we went. After a buzzer went off, the door opened and there was a long hall way. As we walked down the hall, there were sever small rooms with video machines in each room and it looked like the door to each of these rooms would lock. At the end of the hall was a small lobby and three couples were sitting in chairs smoking in the lobby. We smiled at each couple and they all smiled back at us. Then we went into the theater. It was very dark inside but as our eyes adjusted we noticed there were about a dozen couples in the theater. We took our seats on the right hand side a couple of seats down from another couple. We started to watch the movie. On the screen there were two guys taking turns with one very hot and horny chick. I put my hand on my wife's exposed thigh and I could feel her squirming in her seat. After a few minutes, she nudged me with her elbow and motioned for me to look at the couple a that was seated a couple of chairs to our right. They were sitting two seats to the right of my wife. I looked over and the woman was going down on the guy. He had his head back and was really enjoying himself. I slipped my hand a little higher and my wife's pussy was gushing with warm wet pussy juice. I could she her breating and know she was hotter than a fire cracker. I started to play with her wet pussy and she could hardly contain herself. Then she reached across me and unzipped my pants. The noise my zipper could be heard could be heard by anyone in the theater but no one seemed to notice. She pulled my hard cock out (my cock is just about average size - about 6 inches) and started to suck it. The woman near to us that was giving her man a blow job looked up and started watching us. After awhile, the couple got up and walked by us to get out. As they walked by both the man and the woman lingered a bit brushing up against as as they went by. We both thought they were leaving but were were wrong! He had not even bothered to put his cock back in his pants. We were sitting on the back row but there was about 5 feet of open space between the back of our chairs and the wall. The went behind us and leaned against the wall. She immediately started going down on him again. He was standiing up and she was nealing down sucking his cock. Neither my wife nor I could take our eyes off of them. After awhile the woman stood up and the man was standing behind her and lifted up her short dress. It was pretty dark but we could see the woman's shaved pussy because she was only about 3 feet behind us. I reached down and felt of my wife's pussy and I don't think that I have ever felt of it when it was that wet. I leaned over and wispered to her that "I am more tuned on than I can ever remember." She wispered back "You and me both, I am so hot I could fuck everyone in this theater. Why don't we join them since they are obviously wanting us to"? She did not have to drag me back there - I was more than ready to go. We got up and went back and stood next to them. I unbuttoned Judy's (my wife) blouse and exposed her beautiful tits for anyone in the theater to see. I started to rub them and kiss then and all of a sudden I noticed another hand rubbing her other nipple. The hand belonged to the woman standing next to us. Judy then reached down and started stoking the man's hard cock. When I looked down, I saw his hard cock with Judy's small hand stoking it softly. He was much bigger then me. Maybe twice as big around as mine and much longer, maybe 8 inches long. We shifted positions where he could be closer to Judy and I could be next to his wife. His wife nealed down and stared sucking my cock while he was finger fucking Judy, sucking her tits and Judy was stroking his rock hard cock. This went on for a few minutes and I noticed several other couples were now watching us. At about that time two other couples go up and joined us on the back wall. It was dard and hard to tell exaclty what was going on but we all were shifting around alot and after maybe 15 minutes, I had been sucked by all four women that were standing on the back wall. I notice Judy and one of the other women were wispering something to each other. Then Judy came up to me and said "Everyone wants to go to a private room. Would you like to join them?" I said "let's go." We lead the way and they all followed Judy and I out to the small lobby. I said, "Where now?" One of the other couples said, "follow us." and off we went to one of the rooms. We went in side and one of they women locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, we all started taking our clothes off. One of the guy started inserting bills into the video machine. I looked at him and he explained, "when the video is going, a light comes on over the door and no one will bother us as long as the light is on." One woman opened a small back and poured several condoms on the small table that was in the room. The men all rolled one on our hard cocks. The room was about 12 x 12 - certainly large enough for the eight people in the room. We did not know any of these people's names and we never learned there names but before we left the room we had fucked just about all combinations you can imagine. We stared off by pairing up with someone other than our spouse. Before long, all of the men had fucked all 4 women in the room and had received a blow job from all 4 women. Then the women started playing with each other while we men just watched. One of the guys said "I hope no one minds but I am bi. I love to fuck women but I also like to give blow jobs and get a blow job from a man." The other three of us just stood there for a minute without saying a work. Then one of the other men said "well I am game to try it myself if you two guys don't mind." He other guy who had not said anything finally said "go ahead it does not bother me - I am not homophobic." I have personally had fantacies about this myself. Then I said, "sure go ahead, I might even join in." The bi sexual fellow nealed down and started sucking the guy that said he would try. I found myself getting hotter than I could have imagined watching the guy get a blow job from another guy. The women even stopped and watched. The other guy and I were standing next to each other and after awhile, I reached over and started stroking his cock. He did not move away but just stood there. Then, after a couple of minutes, he reached over and stared stroking my cock. He and I never sucked each other but we jacked each other off while we watched the show, the guys giving each other head and the women going down on each other's pussy, sucking each other's tits and a great deal of kissing. After about 5 minutes, the guy getting the blow job started to moan and then shot his load of hot cum in the other guy's mouth. To our suprise, his wife came over to him and said "honey, you are so sexy with your mouth full of cum" and reached up and kissed him taking some of the cum in her mouth. After this, we went rested for awhile and just talked. Then it all started over again. After awhile, I looked at my watch and it was after 2 am. We finally all said good by and that hoped we would see each other next Saturday night in the theater.

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