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That night with another couple who is both bi (part 1)

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We'd meet a couple online and after talking to them for several weeks trying to work out a time when we could just meet for dinner and see if the "comfort" level was there to go further, we managed to find a date in which they were willing to meet us.

During dinner, we managed to get the servers to find us a table out of the main area and pretty much out of hearing range of the rest of the restaraunt. We talked quietly about what we liked, what our limitations were and learned what theirs was also. We learned that both of them were very bi but respected other couples so that should the guy not be interested in bi play, there wouldn't be any pressure on that guy to feel the need to "play".

Now I should tell you that Tom is about 6' tall and very athletic and muscular for being 45yrs old. He told us during dinner that while he thinks that he's got less than a normal thickness cock, he made up for it in length which he stated was just over 7". Cathy is his wife and very attractive with a nice 38DD pair of tits that had nipples that were pretty much poking through her bra all night long. Cathy is about 5' 8" tall and while she considered herself to be overweight, seemed pretty much an average gal in build. Specially for being in her mid 30's (she never actually told her age).

Well, as luck would have it, both the wife and I as well as Tom and Cathy felt a very strong bond between each other. We had so much in common, that before the server came around to fill our glasses for the 3rd time, it was pretty much agreed that we all wanted to play. Tom had told us ahead of time that they would get a room if we ever played, as they always felt more comfortable playing for the first time outside the other person's home. That way there wouldn't be a need to "clean" more than normal to impress anyone. We paid our bill and decided that we'd like to get some drinks before heading to the hotel. Cathy asked if she could ride there with me and my wife with Tom. This seemed to work out nicely as we could learn more from the other's spouse on the way to the hotel and liquer store. While I can only guess what went on in Tom's car, as he had to adjust his pants when the two of them got out of the car, I learned that Tom loved anal play. Whether it was getting or giving, Tom loved it both. I told Cathy that I too liked this as it made me feel great, but that it also made me super horny. Cathy told me that she'd brought her "cock" toy and wondered if she would get a chance to use it on either of us. I told her that I'm sure that the wife would let her and I would let her as well, depending on the size. Cathy told me that it was bigger than her husband is by about a 1/2" in lenght and several inches around. She could tell that the idea excited me as my cock started to harden in my pants.

After getting to the room, we all got undressed and started some light petting with each other's spouses. I was between Cathy's legs licking he pussy for all it's worth as I could see in the corner of my eye, my wife about to be penatrated with Tom's cock. Tom worked into the wife nice and slow at first, but then was really fucking her good. Lifting her legs up till she started to get a cramp. Some how during this time, I'd stopped licking Cathy's pussy and was watching my wife being fucked by Tom very closely. Cathy seen that I was watching Tom's cock and asked me if I wanted to get a closer look while she started to suck my cock.

I got closer as Cathy started to get under me and suck my cock. Cathy started to finger my ass and I got more and more responsive to her pleasures. Tom realized that I was watching more and more and was enjoying getting sucked as my ass was being probed by her finger. Tom pulled out of my wife so that she could get onto all 4's. When she was moving into that postion, Tom was close enough that he offered his cock to me. I took it into my mouth and tasted my wife's pussy juices on his cock. This only lasted a brief time as he pulled his cock out and started to fuck my wife all over again.

Now during this time, Cathy had been fingering my ass deeper and deeper. She had also been putting some warm lotion on my asshole which made it feel great. Cathy asked if I liked sucking a cock as she would get hers on. I told her that we could try that. My wife had been asked online earlier and even shown the toy and had already agreed. Cathy got her "cock" on and stood in front of me so that I could suck it. Now by now, my ass if feeling very different...a numb warm sensation was what I felt. Cathy then told me it was a desensitifing lotion and asked if maybe I'd like to try her toy.

I agreed and she got behind me, and slowly eased her toy into me. While I'm a very tight ass, the lotion felt very good as she slid into me. I could hear my wife cuming as Cathy was building speed pushing her cock into me. Then I heard Tom announce that he was ready to cum. That is when he pulled out and asked if I wanted his load. As I've never had a load in my mouth, didn't know what to expect. So the wife agreed to help me. At that point, I got my first load of cum in my mouth, just as Cathy pulled out of my ass, sweating and panting hard. She too had cum from fucking my ass. Cathy kissed my mouth licking the cum off my face as my wife finished cleaning Tom up.

We all got our drinks and laid on the beds talking and recharging our "batteries" for round two...

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