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Tease me but then fuck me!

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True story by member EBSFGNCU

Our amazing friends Angel and Kevin have been going through a bit of a medical issue. All is fine thank goodness, but poor Kevin has been going without sex for awhile. So has Angel for that matter. So needless to say, these two were incredibly horny and ready to play. Me being the little tease I am, love to torture Kevin unmercifully. Naughty texting, suggestive comments, fuck me eyes…the whole bit. Kevin was going insane!

Tuesday I had to attend an award ceremony at work, so I dressed in a business type skirt and sexy blouse. Now, I don’t like to wear underwear. Ever! So my teasing little self made sure that Kevin was aware of this outfit a few days prior. Tuesday evening came around and I stopped by their house after work. Kevin pounced on me faster than you can say my name. Casually hanging out in their bedroom turned into Kevin bending me over the bed and hiking up my skirt. Meanwhile, Angel is on the phone and trying to keep a straight face. Kevin, who was so very hard, slid his nice cock into my soaking pussy. He grabbed my hips and started pile driving me. Angel hung up the phone and bent down so that we could kiss while Kevin fucked me good. It didn’t take Kevin long to shoot his hot load all over the place. He said he wanted to go longer; me, I like a good quick fuck sometimes.

So that was Tuesday…on to Thursday where the fun really started. Kevin and Angel were planning to go out of town Friday, so we wanted some play time before they left. We had been overdue for some foursome action. Kids were at sitters and the sexual tension started flowing the moment they stepped in the house. After a few drinks were fixed and some sexy dancing was starting, I couldn’t help but take possession of Angel. I had to have her! My body was aching for her soft yet knowing touch. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her sweet wet pussy and make this girl squirm. I had waited long enough damit!

I quickly led her to the bedroom and pushed her back on the bed with a firm shove. It was my way of letting her know that she was mine for the taking. A sly little smile and a small giggle escaped her already swollen lips. As I laid my clothed body atop hers, I kissed her longingly and deeply. Ahhh…she was mine. I peeled off her clothes and proceeded to kiss as many spots as my lips could reach. Making my way to her sweet center, she arched her back and moaned aloud with the touch of my tongue. Mmmm…that’s the taste I longed for. Locking my left arm around her and burying my finger of my right hand deep in her, I had the sexual creature squirming and purring. Angel opened her beautiful eyes and got this devilish grin. “My turn” she says with a commanding sort of voice. Angel’s tongue makes me ache. She touches me softly and teasingly on my clit, making my thighs jump and twitch. But I wanted her tongue in me. I arched my hips and tried to get her tongue in my snatch. It wasn’t working. Angel still being relatively new to pussy eating had not tongue fucked me yet. So, I told her what I wanted and boy did she deliver. In fact, I think she found something she really loved, because she did it for a long while. Almost to the edge, the men finally decided to join us. I really didn’t pay much attention to them as I was in heaven with what was being done to me. Finally, with Angel between my legs and Kevin suckling on my tit, a deep wave of heat rolled over me causing me to arch my back, yell aloud and clamp my eyes shut for fear they’d pop out.

Now it was the men’s turn and boy did they need it. Raging hard on’s all over the place and soaking pussy just waiting to be pounded. Kevin is the aggressive, I’m-going-to-take-what-I-want types and I really enjoy that sometimes. After a few pounding strokes, I wanted to cum again. I pushed him on his back and straddled him, sliding his cock deep inside me. Mmmm…I was so wet from just cuming! Feeling the deep stirrings of an epic orgasm, I spread my pussy lips wide, licked my fingers and rubbed my clit with much enthusiasm. Kevin started pushing up with his hips on my down stroke and soon the orgasm wave rushed over me again. I gasped for air, clawed at his chest and pounded myself on his cock. With my body twitching in orgasm, a hot load of cum oozed from my pussy and soaked Kevin. As before, it’s the closest I’ve cum to squirting. And damn was it fucking hot!

Catching my breath, I knew that Kevin needed relief real soon. His engorged cock was beckoning me to taste him. On my knees as he sat on the edge of the bed, I tasted my sweet cum and his salty juices on his hard cock. Yum! Knowing I had to have this engorged cock in me, I headed to the couch for my favorite position that I know will make a guy cum hard. I have a rather large black leather sectional sofa that I just love to fuck on. Something about the soft cool leather on my naked body gives me shivers. Leading Kevin to the sofa, I laid over the arm face down with my head almost touching the floor. This left my ass high up and exposed for pounding. Kevin got on his knees behind me and proceeded to pound my pussy hard. My whole body was bouncing with his hard thrusts and my ass was clenched as if to milk every drop of cum. Kevin breathed hard as he moaned, “I’m cumming”. One final thrust and he buried his cock deep and stopped. Spurt after hot spurt of cum hit my deep inner walls. The warm sensation spread through my pussy, leaving me gasping. Kevin sat back quickly almost dizzy with the release.

Another glass of wine, some exquisite pussy licking and I was ready to be fucked again. After a couple of great positions on my couch, I settled into a position where I was on my knees facing the back of the couch. Kevin kneeled right behind me and pushed his cock in. Having the back of couch to hold on to gave Kevin a deeper sense of thrusting. But I wanted to be apart of that thrusting. I bent over at the waist and held my hands out in back of me. Kevin grabbed my arms and held them tight. It was as if he were holding the reigns of a horse that he was riding and controlling. Pulling me onto him and thrusting deeper and deeper. This submission of control is not normal for me and I loved every second of it. Kevin’s aggressive nature took over as he pounded harder; taking all the control away from me and rendering me at his mercy. Kevin’s love of control resulted in another hard orgasm that left him breathless.

After another hour or so of some great sexual fun, we were all starved. And where else do you go at 2:15 in the morning but Waffle house. Recounting the last 5 hours of fucking with smiles on our faces, it was time to call it a night. Or should I say morning! Getting up and going to work Friday was about the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a long time. But I asked for it…..if you tease you get fucked. At least in my house…

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