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Tall tails

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Tall tails

Being a sucker for a really  good martini when I saw the sign " coldest martini in town" I had to stop. Leila and I entered the bar,  kind of a cross between key west beach funk and the business mans luncheon place. A waitress with long legs and a short skirt slowly sashayed her way to our table. She leaned over to expose some pushed up  tits that had seen better days, her face had been up and down the freeway more than a few miles. Some reggae played in the background, I suppose to put you in the party mode and entice  you into consuming more than you wanted. Seeing how martinis were the house specialty, we ordered two vodka martinis.

As a mature women, my girlfriend Leila of many years has a confident air and turns heads in a short skirt. She is 5' 8" with nice tanned legs that go up and make an ass out of themselves.   She fills out her bra with a nice set of c's and two very perky nipples.  Tonight she has on a nice black silk mini skirt with a black silk blouse over a white lace bra.

Our martinis arrive and once  again  our waitress gives us the cleavage view, which in its day was probably pretty good.  

The martinis are not bad, a nice slushy consistency of good vodka, vermouth and an olive. I am relaxing and reading a sailing magazine while enjoying my drink when a gentleman enters the bar, as he approaches the table next to us he smiles as he sits down. He is wearing one of those expensive suits that is custom made at Armani or some other high priced place.  He orders a martini also. I go back to my magazine and am transported to somewhere tropical on a beach when I hear him say something. Sorry I say, he says "you like sailing"? I say " well yes"  we begin to chat about boats and places we had sailed.  It became very apparent he had sailed a lot and we had been to a lot of the same places. I invited him to join our table as we chatted about sailing. Our waitress returned and a second round of martinis was ordered for all. Now usually one martini is all I will drink, as one is not enough and two is way too many and always leads to a third. I excused my self to use the restroom, when I returned I sat opposite him and for the first time noticed his eyes. Now I'm not usually looking at other mens eyes,  however his we're a different shade of blue and his eyelashes really stood out. I'm beginning to think he has mascara on and maybe some eyeliner in fact his whole face is just perfect. Not in a bad way  I'm kind of jealous as he is very good looking and in great shape. My second martini is kicking in and I'm beginning to get a little horny, something that always happens when I indulge in a bit too much alcohol. I'm thinking Lelia is feeling the same way as I can feel her leg rubbing on mine. I know under her little black skirt is a very cute white lace thong and I'm  longing to bury my face underneath her thong.

She continues to rub my leg with her foot and is slowly moving up my leg with each stroke. I'm starting to feel a warmth in my crotch and my underwear is getting tight. Leila excuses herself for the restroom and two sets of eyes are on the gentle sway of her skirt as it caresses her nice long stocking clad legs.

The conversation returns to boats and tropical locations both of us are enjoying the second martini and feeling loose. Leila returns and sits on the other side of Ryan, the three of us are now reminiscing about Mexico. The waitress returns to check for the third martini, I surprised myself and said no. Food was the thing we all needed, Ryan said he had a beach house within walking distance, if we liked he would cook us dinner. When I looked at Leila I could see she thought this was a good idea. The three of us left the bar and strolled down the street to what can only be called a work of art. Ryan was an architect and obviously a good one. His small beach house was simply stunning done in old Spanish colonial, mango colored walls, floors with tiles worn smooth from years of use and a red tiled roof.   The view was amazing, the backside of the house was glass doors that opened on to the beach.  The living room had white over stuffed chairs and a large wrap around white couch. Ryan excused himself for the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. I leaned over to Leila and kissed her, I whispered  I liked her leg action in the restaurant. She looked perplexed and said  well I enjoyed you stroking my inner thigh, now I was perplexed.  Ryan returned with a nice red wine and three glasses. Wine everyone and  Steaks ok? Ryan had shucked the jacket, tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Under the shirt I could see he had a tee shirt or undershirt of some kind. He leaned over to Leila and gently kissed her cheek. Then turned to me and said he was so happy we had the chance to meet and talk boats. Leila kicked off her heels and crossed her legs under her bottom, her white thong was just barely  visible from where I was sitting, I'm sure this wasn't lost on Ryan. Ryan said he was going to light the BBQ, I offered to help, then followed him to the deck. I leaned on the rail admiring the view as he lit the BBQ, he slid behind me and rubbed my shoulders, he asked me about my favorite anchorage in Mexico.

I struggled to think as he rubbed my shoulders, finally I gave up and just enjoyed the massage. The BBQ had heated up and it was time for the steaks, he placed three nice plump filet mignons  on the BBQ. I thought one good turn deserves another, I slid behind him and slowly rubbed the muscles in his shoulders, Leila said well this is what you two are up to. She slid between the two of us brushing her breasts on both of us. We laughed and apologized for not including her. She turned and commented it was a warm evening in a smooth move she removed her black blouse revealing her white lace  bra, clearly two very erect nipples with pink aureolas could be seen. Ryan said well those are quite attractive, she smiled and said really. He leaned forward and kissed her deeply while sliding his hands down her back and stopping on top of her ass. Sensing a fun opportunity for her I slid in behind her and slowly slid my hands in between Ryan's chest and her tits. A funny sensation hit me as I brushed her erect nipples, I also felt his chest through his shirt it was silky feeling. Smoke erupted from the BBQ. The steaks were done!  We retired to the couch to eat on our laps, steaks, with a caesar salad and sourdough rolls. The wine was starting to kick in  Leila slipped out of her skirt, she sat cross legged on the white couch in her white lace bra, white lace thong and black silk stockings. She looked  like a cross between an innocent angel and a renta slut. The plan was obvious at this point, but really how do you move forward at this point. Dinner was dispensed with rapidly. I expected Ryan to move over to Leila but instead he sat sipping his wine enjoying the view. Leila never to be the shy one got up and slid between the two of us placing her hands on both of our crotches. After a couple of minutes she turned to Ryan and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, he stands, dims the lights and puts some come fuck me jazz on the stereo.

He pulls her up and slowly dances with her, slowly rubbing her butt cheeks, I'm very horny and join the dance. Bodies slowly grind on each other in the dim light,  Leila peels Ryan's shirt off revealing what appears to be  silk undershirt. I move in behind her, slide my fingers inside her thong, begin gently massaging her clitoris, she is instantly wet, pussy juice dripping down her leg. She is moaning softly, her hands slip behind me and rub my ass then slide to the front and caress my cock. I move my hands up, releasing her bra and gently begin to massage her tits. Her arms are around Ryan, her hands rubbing his ass, when I realize it's Ryan's hands that have been rubbing my ass and now are stroking my crotch.  I'm feeling excited and wonder if Leila knows where his hands are. I move my hands from her breasts to his chest his nipples respond to my touch the silkyness of his undershirt is unusual  and I realize there is something underneath His undershirt. Now curious I slide behind him and remove his undershirt, Leila is rubbing her tits on his chest when I hear her gasp,  he pulls her close and kisses her deeply, she responds by rubbing her now dripping pussy on his pants leg. Wanting to advance things a little as my cock is ready to burst, I slide my hands around his waist and undo his pants to expose his cock. I slide his pants down however I feel something very silky on his legs. Leila is moaning loudly and I can tell she is ready to cum. He steps back and in the dim light I can see he is dressed in a white lace bra, lace garter belt, silk thong and silk stockings. Leila steps back admires the view chuckles and drops to her knees to suck his cock. However he turns to me and says well now you know my secret. He pulls me towards him and buries his tongue in my throat. Surprised I stand still. He undoes my pants dropping them to the ground, Leila quickly pulls my shirt off revealing a black lace bra, he pulls my pants off and admires my black thong atop thigh high silk stockings. Leila returns her attention now to both our cocks, she rubs both of them through our panties. She pushes me over the couch and slips my panties to the floor, she guides Ryan towards my ass and he needs no encouragement. She pulls his panties down and guides his rock hard cock towards my ass, as enters my ass I feel her lips on my cock.  I can feel her massaging his balls as he gently slides in and out of my ass. I feel his hands on my legs slowly stroking my stockings, his bra is rubbing on my back and it's more than I can stand,  I release a load of cum down her throat. He feels me cum and moans, I can feel him,swell inside me and release his load in me. Leila is stroking her clit and is ready to explode.  Ryan pulls her to the couch slides her panties down and buries his face in her pussy. Shit they look hot, my cock is hard again and I guide it to his ready and waiting ass. Leila is moaning loud and is ready to cum, I slip my hands inside his garter belt and pull him close to me. My cock is deep in him when she screams and cums. Instantly I release  a load of hot cum in him. The three of us collapse on the couch. Several minutes pass as we lay on the couch thinking we are spent. Leila however goes to the bathroom returning with hot washcloths she gently cleans our cocks and asses .  I slip between his legs and put his cock in my mouth while Leila climbs on his face we have him pinned on the couch unable to move Leila rides his face as I proceed to suck his now hard cock. Leila rides him  hard and finally almost slides off  his face in a very loud orgasm. I can feel his cock start to pulse and then receive a nice warm load of cum in my throat, sliding up to Ryan's lips I share his cum with him. Leila responds by joining us slowly licking the rest of his cum off his lips, this time we all collapse in a heap and don't move for a long time.


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