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Threesome with a strap on

Merrian and I talked about the party at Dan’s the next day. She said she had a wild time. I said me too. I asked her if she wanted to continue swinging and she said that it was fun, but that kind of party was better reserved for a couple of times a year and I agreed. Also we had agreed to limit our swinging to once a month.

I asked her so what do you want to do next and she said she had really liked the single girl Susan that had joined us on Saturday as she had said she wanted to try the strap on. I said you really enjoyed that didn’t you? Merrian said it was the most exciting thing I have done to date. I really like having sex with other women. I laughed and said me too.I said

I’ll call Bobbie and get her friends number and we can invite her over for a threesome.

I called Bobbie and got her number and told her what we planned to do. She said that Susan had a great time at the party and had talked to her about the experience with the strap on and asked me if I had liked it. I just said what do you think. She said ok dumb question.

The next day I called Susan and told her who I was and that Merrian and I had enjoyed meeting her and would she like to spend an evening with us. Bobbie said you had enjoyed the party. Susan said it was a wild night for sure. I asked how had it gone with Bobbie, already knowing the answer. Susan said she had a good time with Bobbie but mostly with Don and I laughed and said oh the famous 9”. She didn’t say anything except yes. She than asked, you are talking about us having sex right? I responded with yes it could happen in she was interested, but only if she wanted to. I said Merrian would like to get to know you better and laughed. She laughed and said that’s what I thought.

There was a long pause, finally she said yes I would like to get to know Merrian better as well. So we set a date for the first of the next month. I told Merrian.

Bobbie called me later and said she had talked to Susan. That Susan was real excited about our proposed date. I said great we are excited as well. Bobbie said I want to know all about it and I said you will be the first to know. She laughed and said I just bought a strap on. I said woops, Merrian will have to watch out for you.

The day arrived and we were both anticipating the coming events assuming she showed up. We waited for her to arrive. We heard a car pull up.

Susan than was at the door and when she came in I gave her a hug and Merrian gave her a quick kiss and a hug as well. Susan was dressed in easy access clothes. Short skirt, button down top which showed some cleavage. I have to say she had very nice boobs and was looking forward to my time with her. We had a drink and sat around talking about the party and how it went for her and us. Susan said it was the widest night of her life so far and had a great time and had done things she had never done before. I asked did you enjoy Bobbie and she said that was a new experience for her as a woman had never touched that way before and she had gotten real excited at the time. I said obviously Merrian is Bi. And we are swingers, she said I was not either one until the party and laughed. I said and now and she said probably both but a little uncertain about being bi, but had really enjoyed what the two ladies had done and I wouldn’t be here now if I wasn’t curious I guess. I said probably as you do know what we have plans for you right? She said yes. I said what do you think is going to happen tonight and what would you like to see happen? Susan paused and said I really don’t know how to talk about it. I do not know what to say, except I am curious. I said how about 20 questions or statements with an answer of yes or no to get us started, she said ok that sounds like fun. You also may ask questions anytime you want. I had the first question. Do you intend to have sex with both of us tonight. She said yes I figured that was your intention as well. I said yes.

Merrian asked did you want me to use the strap on? Susan said yes looking a little nervous. I was turned on watching you and Bobbie. Do you want to experiment with bi stuff. Susan paused again and said I think so, but I really don’t much about being bi except what happen at the party and I was so turned on that my memory is a little unclear as to what exactly happened. It happened so fast. I said what is your question? Susan said to Merrian what was it like you first time. Merrian said real nervous worried I was doing the wrong thing, wondered what jim would think of me even though he was encouraging me the whole time. Excited about what I was doing and really turned on when I went down on Sara the first time. Susan said well that’s me and laughed.

I asked what are you worried about the most. Susan said going down on Merrian. I said well that is not unusual and if you really want to you will find out when the time comes and you will do it or not and either one is ok with us. Merrian will definitely want to go down on you is that ok. Susan said yes I liked it when Bobbie did it. I said to Merrian why don’t you and Susan get to know each other better, I am going outside for a smoke and will be awhile.

So take some time with her. Merrian and Susan both understood the meaning. I went outside on the patio and waited for things to get started with Merrian and Susan.

Merrian loves first timers. I could tell she was real turned on by Susan. As I was leaving I could hear Merrian say you really turn me on, you are so beautiful and sexy, I just want to eat you up.

I could remotely watch what would be going on from the patio, so I would know the right time to join the two ladies. I watched Merrian sit down next to Susan and give her a more then friendly kiss, Susan responded and kissed Merrian back and then they were into passionate kissing on the lips and neck. I saw Merrian’s hand reach over and feel Susan’s boob and Susan followed Merrian’ lead and did the same. Susan appeared real willing and turned on by what was happening. I was getting excited watching them. Merrian unbuttoned Susan’s top and removed it. Susan was nicely built, probably around a 36 C or D. They deep kissed more and Merrian had her hand inside Susan’s bra and Susan was obviously enjoying the attention. Merrian stood up and removed her top and bra and motioned Susan to join her. Susan looked at Merrian’s boobs removed her bra as well.

They moved together in an embrace boob to boob and I could see that they were turned on as their breathing had become more rapid and their kisses more insistent. I knew what was next. Merrian removed Susan’s skirt and than her panties and led her over to the couch and had her sit down and she by instinct she opened her legs knowing what was going to happen next. Merrian moved down Sandy’s body kissing and sucking on her boobs and then her tummy and than began to lick Sandy’s pussy, moving her head up and down and side to side. Susan began to push her pussy into Merrians face and began to shake and had her cum, and I could hear her cry out with pleasure. Merrian moved up her body and it ended with more passionate kissing and I entered the room. I said looked liked you enjoyed that she said you were watching and I said on yes my favorite things. I handed her top to her as she seemed to be feeling a little over exposed and she said thanks and put it on but didn’t button it up. I said yes really enjoyed watching you two can’t you tell and looked down and she looked down and we both laughed, oh I see she said.

I said how about a drink and she said yes I can use one. I asked you ok and she said oh yes Merrian is very good and I really enjoyed that.

I sat down next to her and said you looked really turned on and she said I am. I looked in her eyes and said I really want to fuck you may I please. Susan looked back at me and said yes I would like that. I said good lets do that and took her hand a led her back to the bedroom.

I moved over to her and felt her boobs, she still had the unbuttoned top on but didn’t take it off. I deep kissed her and we got on the bed and I undressed and she looked down at my hard cock and said nice. Merrian joined us and sat behind Susan and was playing with her boobs and Susan reached over to me and took my cock in her hand and began to move her hand up and down, what a great feeling that was. We maintained eye contact while she was playing with me and I said I am going to fuck you now and she spread for me and I was inside her.

She had a tight pussy and I said so and she said hasn’t been used much and I laughed and said I’ll have to do something about that and began to fuck her hard. She reached around me and grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in and wrapped her legs around me and we humped. Merrian was still there kissing her and Susan said I am so hot. I whispered turn over and she did and I moved over to Merrian and went down on her. Susan got behind me and was playing with my butt and than I felt a warm mouth around my cock, I almost came right than. I pulled away and said I need some help with Merrian. She understood what I meant and joined me at Merrian’s pussy and I said want a taste. She hesitated and said sure that is only fair and so I led her to her first time on a woman. I said do what I do and I licked Merrian and said your turn and she hesitated and leaned in and licked Merrian for the first time. I slipped a finger in and said your turn and she followed my lead. So it went until I said time for your solo flight and she moved to Merrian’s pussy and began licking and sucking and I moved behind her and began to fuck her from behind. She moaned and she was really into doing Merrian and I went over the top and we were fucking hard and I heard Merrian say oh oh and she came and I came along with her and kept humping Susan until she came as well grunting saying yes yes. We all laid there breathing hard and coming down from our cums. I whispered in her ear , you did it and she said yes.

Afterward we all decided it was time for a long break for all of us to recovery.

We went back to the living room after we put something on. Merrrian loaned her one of her robes and we had a drink and some snacks and just laid back and relaxed. Merrian and Susan were cuddled up and Merrina asked her how are you doing, are you ok. Susan said I am surprised at myself and what I did to you and turned to me and said thanks for the help Jim. Susan paused for a moment and said she really had enjoyed herself to her surprise. I feel like I have a very “bad” girl and I love that feeling. I said you were a very, very bad girl and we love you for being so “bad. She laughed and said I bet you do.

You are ok than and she said oh yes very ok, and I can’t wait for the next time. I laughed. I motioned to Merrian and she understood that it was strap on time and left and came back with it on. Merrian approached with lust in her eyes. I said Susan, Merrian is going to fuck you now, are you ready and she said oh yes. I had Susan lay across my knees I wanted to be part of the action. I rubbed her ass and felt her pussy and said to Merrian she is wet and ready. Merrian entered her and pushed the strap on into her pussy. I felt Susan shutter and raise her ass in the air slightly to give Merrian a better angle. Merrian grabbed her love handles and fucked her doggie style. Susan was humping back against Merrian and they were in for the ride. Merrian was hot and excited and so turned on by what she was doing to Susan. I could see in her face that she was going to cum doing this as the strap on was banging against her pussy at the same time. Susan was banging against my knees and I had a raging hard on so I moved From under her and moved behind Merrian and entered her from behind. Susan and Merrian were now face to face with Merrian fucking Susan and me fucking Merrian and were in an in and out rhythm. Susan squealed and grunted she came so hard and I couldn’t hold back and squirted in Merrian and continued to ride her until she grunted and ground her ass against me she just came unglued and cried out and than became suddenly and totally quiet and motionless for about 5 seconds. We all laid still for a couple of minutes.

I think we were all in a little bit of shock at what had just occurred. Merrian said I came so hard I passed out for a few seconds and kissed Susan and said that was incredible. Susan said no you were incredible. I said we were all incredible.

The evening was over.

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