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True Stories

I think Merrian and I were both in a little shock at what we had done. It was the first time we had had sex with anyone else except ourselves.

I asked her how she was doing and she responded with fine, and she had had a great time in our first swing experience. I said me too.

She said she had enjoyed Dan and Sara both. I was really curious about how she had done with the bi stuff she had done with Sara. Merrian said she really liked Sara and enjoyed watching her and Me play. She said that when she played with Sara they had both gotten really hot, and she had really had a great time with her. Really had enjoyed the deep kissing and playing with each other?s boobs.

I said I guess we are swingers. She said well I am lol. So I asked her what she wanted to do next. She said she would always be willing to get together with Dan and Sara but was curious about meeting someone knew as well, but also at some time be with Sara again and go a little further with her like the women in the movies. But for now could we find another couple to swing with and I said we sure can try and I will let Dan know what we are doing and we can play another time with them in a couple of months.

So we began the search. Merrian wanted one of the vibrators that one of the women in the movie had been playing with and using on one of the other women and also to rent a movie for ourselves as she was intrigued and had really been turned on watching people having sex. Dan had told me about an adult book store across town where he had rented xxx movies. We decided we would explore. When we entered the store we were surprised at what we seen. The walls were filled with xxx movies and their were stands filled with a wide variety of adult toys. All we could say was wow, and Merrian was the only woman in the store. So we explored.

I found a couple of movies that included women on women and Merrian shopped for a vibrator and discovered the plug in type with a ball at the end and a long one you could insert. While she was deciding I was looking at magazines and picked up a swingers magazine and there were many couples looking for other couples and I said here we go a place to start looking for another couple.

On the way home Merrian was fascinated by how many swinging couples there were in the magazine. One ad said first timers looking for a couple, he straight and her bi curious.

There were several similar ads so we picked three that sounded interesting and sent a response with our picture saying we were interested and Merrian was also Bi curious and waited.

About 2 weeks later we received responses from 2. They both sent G rated pictures as were ours. The first one read that they were very knew and had met one couple but decided they weren?t interested. Also they were unsure as to exactly what they wanted to do but did want to do something. They were Sam and Betty. They were both attractive and she had very long hair, which I like, and so we responded and invited them to meet us for a drink and gave them our phone number.

The other response was about the same except she was really curious about other women but had never done anything and was willing to explore. So we responded to them as well and waited. They were Bobby and Bobby going by the same first name. We were both excited about meeting new people.

Finally we got a call from Sam and he seemed a little cautious but nice and we talked about swinging and I told him of our only experience with another couple and wanted to expand our swinging to another couple. He said although they were willing they hadn?t met anyone they were comfortable with yet and his wife was real nervous but excited as well as she was Bi-curious and he wanted to see her with another woman. So we made a date to meet for a Drink the next weekend. We met them at the bar, and Betty was absolutely beautiful with hair almost to her waist and he was about 6?and I could see Merrian?s eyes light up lol. We described our experience to date with Dan and Sara leaving out a lot of details and that we had really enjoyed ourselves and wanted to explore further. The music started so I asked Betty to dance and she accepted and so we went to the dance floor soon followed by Merrian and Sam. We all danced pretty much together with the girls dancing toward each other some of the time. It was a fast dance so we were all dancing in sexy ways. We went back to the table and talked some more Betty that this was there first time with the idea of swinging and so didn?t really know what to expect. I said obviously we are talking about swapping partners and having sex. She merely nodded and laughed and said yes that is what we are considering isn?t it.

A slow song was playing so I asked Betty to dance and while we were dancing I reassured her that we were nice people and preferred separate room play with the right to say no at any time. I could see Merrian and Sam dancing and talking across the room.

We all agreed that it had been a fun evening and maybe we could go out again soon.

On the way home I said what do you think and Merrian laughed and said YES. They are both very nice people like us and he really wants to swing, and was really interested in the Bi stuff and what I had done. So I described in detail what Sara and I had done and could tell he was really turned on as I could feel his hard on against my leg as we were dancing but she is real nervous about the idea but willing to try it for him. Lets invite them over for dinner and drinks than. Merrian called Betty and they agreed to have dinner at our house so I guess we passed the first test.

They arrived and Betty looked gorgeous and Sam was looking good for Merrian.

We had dinner and some wine and sat around and talked and Merrian invited Betty to show her the rest of our house. Sam and I sat together and I asked what their interest was for this evening as Merrian and I were open to awing with them when they were ready.

Sam said that they had talked about what they wanted to do and had decided to take us up on the separate room with right of refusal and I said great. We can do some soft swing stuff this time and maybe more some other time. He agreed and seemed relieved with the low expectations. Merrian and Betty returned hand in hand .I said lets play a game and so spin the bottle again with kisses on the first spin, 1 minute alone on the second spin and 5 minutes alone on the third spin. My first spin landed on Merrian so I gave her a long wet kiss and laughed and said that is the kind of kiss required by the game. On the next spin Merrian landed on Sam and she leaned over and gave him a long wet kiss and Betty was watching. Then Betty spun and it landed on Merrian and so this was her coming out if she wanted. Merrian waited for her to decide and Betty leaned over to Merrian and kissed her with some passion and interest.

Merrian spun and landed on Betty so they had their second kiss and Merrian let Betty know with the kiss what her interest was for later. When the kiss ended Betty?s breathing had increased.

So the 1 minute spin was next and Merrian landed on Sam and she took him by the hand and off they went. She told me when they were alone he kissed her and wanted to feel her boobs and did and she rubbed his cock through his jeans and the minute was up.

The next spin landed on Betty and I took her hand and when we were alone I kissed her and played with her hair and felt her boobs and after several kisses our minute was up. On the next spin Betty landed on Merrian and Merrian waited for Betty to make the move and finally she offered her hand and the girls had their first sexy minute. Merrian said when they were alone she kissed Betty and offered her tongue and Betty offered hers and they kissed the whole minute. On they way back Betty told Merrian I really liked kissing you.

So we took a break and Merrian and I had a chance to talk alone and I told her it probably would be best if we keep they evening a soft one and she agreed as they were real nervous.

So the 5 minute spin time was next And Merrian landed on Sam and so off they went. I asked Betty how she was doing with all this swing stuff and she said ok and really liked Merrian and what they had done and what she and I had done. I told her that Merrian and I had agreed to make it a soft swing evening and she seemed relieved, but wanted to know what soft swing meant. I said a lot of kissing feeling each other up, maybe some hands on stimulation and if it was ok showing each other what we have. I said I would really like to see your boobs if you can do that. Before she could respond Merrian and Sam returned obviously both turned on by what they had been doing and Betty could see that Sam was at they ready so knew that He and Merrian had done so things to each other as Merrian was breathing a little hard and looked like she had just been fucked.

On the next spin Merrian landed on Betty and off they went. I asked Sam how he was doing and he said great. That he had enjoyed the 5 minutes with Merrian and was looking forward to doing more with her. I smiled and thought I bet you did and you will have more time with her and she will fuck your brains out when the time comes.

Merrian told me later that when they were alone he wanted to undress her and she let him and she unzipped him and played with his cock which was 8 inches. So he fingered her and she jerked him but they stopped before either got off as the 5 minutes were over.

She said when her and Betty were alone she told her what she and Sam had been doing and Betty wanted more kisses and Merrian played with her butt and than with her boobs and Betty put her hands on me as well and I unbuttoned her top and felt her up.

Betty and Merrian returned and this time Betty looked like she had just been fucked. On the next spin it was Mine and Betty?s 5 minutes. When we were alone I asked ok and she said oh yes as she had a great time with Merrian. So I kissed her and she was already turned on and so I took a chance and unbuttoned her top and I could see her big boobs and played with them and took one in my mouth and she got really hot and reached down and unzipped me and took me out and was sliding her hand up and down my cock. I rubbed her pussy through her clothes and heard from the living room 5 minutes up.

So we returned both obviously turned on.

So the evening was over and they agreed that they had a great time and were looking forward to meeting us again.

After they left I asked Merrian if she thought we?d see them again. She said oh I think so as he really wants to fuck me and I told him the next time I would fuck him. I said oh you will? Laughing. She said you bet, of course with your permission. I said well, I will have to decide, she just smiled.

A couple of days later Sam Called, wanted to thanks us for a fun evening, and that Betty had been real comfortable with us and had really enjoyed what her and Merrian had done.

I said we had a great time as well. Could we get together again he asked. I said sure what did you have in mind and laughed. He said would you like to come to our house for dinner this time and I said sure sounds like fun. I than said we would really like to swing with you and Betty and do a full swap in separate rooms no time limits and anything goes that the two people want to do. What do you think? I added that there would be a unlimited time for Merrian and Betty as well if she would like. He said oh, she would like, as all she could talk about was how much she enjoyed Merrian But we will have to talk about the full swap and let you know. I said well if you don?t want to now than we could do the soft swing thing again. He said he and Betty would talk and he would get back to me.

He called back a hour later and said that he and Betty had talked at length and realized that they both really wanted to swing as that was why they put the ad in the magazine, and they should do it or forget it. So tell me what you and Merrian want to do. I said well that is obvious as Merrian let you know that she wants to fuck you right? He said yes and I want to as well. I asked would Betty do the same with me.

He said they had talked about that and she had said although she was nervous about the idea she was willing if I reassured her it was ok with me and I would still love her if she fucked another man. I told her nothing could stop me loving her and I wanted her to swing with you and with Merrian. So that?s it Jim we are inviting you and Merrian over for dinner and a fuck and laughed. I said we accept and asked him if he and Betty felt better getting off the fence and he said yes, that they had been talking about doing this for a couple of years and had decided to just do it and if they found out it wasn?t really what they wanted to do as a life style they could stop. That Betty had wanted to have sex with another woman for some time and believed Merrian was a good choice for her coming out party. I said good idea. So we set a date. I didn?t tell him it would be Merrian?s coming out party as well.

I told Merrian about the conversation and asked if she was ready for a full, female to female playtime, like in the xxx movies. I think you and Sam are and laughed.

I said I would love it.

I waited for her to answer. Finally she said I think so. I have enjoyed what I?ve done up to now and I guess I need to get off the fence like them and just do and find out if it is me. I said good idea. I said I can?t wait to see you down on Betty. Merrian looked at me and said oh, that is what I am talking about doing isn?t it and I said yes and she said oh again.

So we arrived for dinner and a fuck lol. They were dressed in easy access clothes as we were and so we all were ready to play. We had dinner and were sitting around talking and Sam suggested a xxx movie to set the tone for the evening. You could have cut with a knife the sexual tension in the room. The movie started and we arranged our selves with me and Betty together and Sam and Merrian as a statement as to what was going to happen soon. Everyone was turned on. We had all agreed to separate room venue, except that us guys would be able to watch the ladies play at some point.

The movie started and 2 couples were fucking and appeared to be having a good time as it was an amateur production and they were obviously not pro?s.

I reached over and placed my hand on Betty?s leg and she put her hand on top of mine and I watched Sam do the same thing with Merrian. Territory for the evening had been established. It didn?t take long before we were all ready to go our separate ways. Merrian was the first to move and took Sam?s hand and said see you two later and off they went to fuck.

Betty and Jim

I took Betty?s hand and said ready and she said almost and we both laughed. We entered the second bedroom and I could tell she was real nervous. I went over to her and kissed her several times and hugged her and told her it would be ok. She relaxed some and I said just relax and I will do all the work and she said ok. I realized than that she was somewhat dependent and needed to be guided and told what to do. So I took charge and whispered in her ear that I was going to fuck her now and she would have to let me. She just nodded and I proceeded to undress her and when she was naked all I could say was you are beautiful, her hair fell over her ass and she had boob?s at least 36 D. I got undressed and was at the ready and walked over to her and told her to put her hands on my cock and she dis moving her hands back and forth. I said you would like to suck it right? And she said yes I would do you want me to and I pushed her down on her knees and she took me into her mouth, I almost came right than.

I pulled away and laid her on the bed and went down on her. She was so wet she was nearly dripping and I paused and said you know that Merrian wants to do this to you later right, and she said wow really and I said yes and you will be doing her as well right?

I returned to licking her pussy and she climaxed and said yes I will be doing Merrian.

I knew than I had to fuck her now and moved up and slipped my cock in her pussy and she moaned and her legs opened and I had full access. I slow fucked her for a time and than told her to turn over and I did her doggie style my favorite. I went over the top and was riding her and she was pushing back on me and said cum and shuttered and collapsed under me her pussy quivering. I had not cum yet. I said I would like a blow job. She looked up at me and said Yes Jim. She took me in her mouth and began to suck and I got harder and harder and knew I was ready to cum and she could tell as well and I squirted and she took it in her mouth and continued sucking me until I was limp.

I kissed her deeply and said you are an incredible fuck.

We had been fucking for over an hour. We returned to the living room to wait for Sam and Merrian. We had to wait for another hour.

Merrian and Sam

Merrian when they were alone we just undressed and moved to the bed. He was at the ready and entered me immediately, I was wet and ready and took him all 8? and nearly passed out I came so hard almost immediately, the first time that is lol.

He pulled out and asked if I would go down on him and I said sure my favorite thing, so with him sitting on the edge of the bed I got on my knees and took him in my mouth.

He was so hard and I loved the feeling of him fucking my mouth and felt him tense and knew he was going to cum and I was ready to take it and he squirted and I held on and I started to wonder if he was ever going to stop cumming. I had cum in, my mouth on my face and down on my boob before he finished. I kept sucking and he was hard again right away. He pulled me up and leaned me over the bed with my feet on the floor and entered me from behind and just fucked me. He fucked me in every position. I came three more times and after nearly 2 hours he came a second time and finally I had to say enough Sam. Maybe more later, but for now I am all fucked out and you are an incredible man.

Betty and Jim

We sat waiting for Merrian and Sam to return and Betty said with a smile it could be awhile as Sam can go on for a long time. So I turned on the movie and soon the two women in the movie were paying attention to each other and it didn?t take long before they were down on each other in a 69. I whispered to Betty that is what you and Merrian will be doing soon and put my hand under her skirt and felt her pussy and she was very wet. She said yes that is what we will. About than Sam and Merrian returned.

We all agreed we needed recover time and I went outside to smoke and Merrian joined me, I asked what the hell happened and she told me. Are you ok and she oh yes, I had a great time but just couldn?t go on any longer that?s all. I really like Sam and he treated me real well. I said ok and you should know that Betty is willing to have sex with you.

She watched the movie and for one thing wants to do a 69 with you. Merrian said sounds like fun to me. Wow I guess I am going to do it. Right? I sure hope so I said.

We had another drink and some finger food and they thanks us for our patience and the time we had taken with them. We are having a great time with you two and if we never do it again we will always have these memories. After about an hour of recovery time I said you ladies are going to play right? They looked at each other and both knew what was going to happen. They talked about what they wanted to do to each other. They agreed to follow the movie script as it would show them what to do and how to do it. They both admitted to each other that they were turned on by the idea and liked each other and were hot for each other, They agreed that they would have sex for the first time with another woman.

Merrian moved over to the couch and us guys moved to the side to give them the space they would need. She sat next to Betty and they kissed each other several times warming up to the expectations. Merrian was the aggressor as she had a little more experience and Betty needed to be directed before she would do anything. The kissing became more insistent and their hands began to roam over each other. Their breathing increased and Merrian unbuttoned Betty?s top and removed it and her bra. Merrian said wow beautiful and played with Betty?s boobs while continuing to kiss her passionately. She said to Betty undress me and Betty removed Merrian?s clothes one piece at a time until she was naked. Merrian finished undressing Betty until they were sitting there both naked. Merrian slide her hand up Betty?s leg and began rubbing her pussy, Betty followed Merrian?s lead and began playing with Merrian?s pussy. Buy this time they were both really hot for each other and didn?t need a movie to follow for they new what they were going to do. Merrian was first and she slipped fingers into Betty?s pussy moving them in and out fucking her with her fingers. Betty was moving her hips forward and back ward receiving Merrian?s fingers. Betty put her fingers inside Merrian and so there they were finger fucking each other with a lot of energy and passionanate kissing going on.

They slide down to the floor from the couch and Merrian went down on Betty first and soon Betty followed and they were in a 69. Merrian was on top with her face deep into Betty?s pussy licking for she was worth and Betty was doing the same. Betty came first thrusting her pussy up to Merrian?s mouth and cried out oh oh and shuttered and lost all control her cum went on and on and she was licking merrian the whole time and Merrian grunted and shuttered and pressed her self against Betty?s mouth and climaxed.

They were both panting and swung around an resumed the kissing and could taste each other.

Wow what a scene. Us guys were both hot and hard. With no place to go lol.

Merrian said that was incredible. Betty just sat there with a kind of shocked look on her face speechless.

We all sat for a while quietly realizing we had witnessed something special. That we had all shared ourselves with each other in a special and powerful way. That none of us would ever be quite the same again after this night.

True Story

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