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Diane and me continued.

On our way home I asked Diane how was her first experience at swing and she said it was wild and she had had a great time with Don and asked how was it with sue? I said she was very good and we had a great time, but she wasn?t going to tell Don what she did unless he asked. Diane asked are we going to call them and I said sure if you want. So when we got home I called and Sue answered the phone and I asked how she had survived her first swing experience and she laughed and said you know.

Did you tell Don what you did with me? She said he didn?t ask and I told no lies and we decided not to talk about it for now. He did say he had a lot of fun and would like to do it again and I agreed if he wanted. I said we did too and was wondering if they would like to have a date with us. What is a date she asked? I said you and me and Don and Diane and meet up later at our place, or we all go out together. I?ll talk to Don ?just a Minute?.

She came back on and said how about the two of you come over for dinner and we can watch a movie and go from there. I said ok sounds like a plan, I?ll tell Diane. What kind of movie and she laughed and said you know. I said we will bring one too. I said my favorites are when the women play with each other as well and is that ok with you and she said sure because theirs had that kind of action as well and it is Don?s fantasy trip.

How about yours? She said that Don wanted her to but she wasn?t sure about it.

How a bout Diane and I said I had no Idea but would bring it up with her. Would you want to I asked and she said maybe she would do it for Don, but wasn?t really sure.

I told Diane about our whole discussion and she said great, but not sure about any woman to woman stuff although she had watched it in the movies and wasn?t turned off by it.

I said no expectations here. I lied lol.

So we arrived at their home and sat down for dinner and talking and laughing, and having a good time. I noticed the ladies were checking each other out and Sue said to Diane how nice she looked and Diane returned the compliment.

We moved into the TV room with all sitting on the couch, the two ladies in the middle, me next to Sue and Don next to Diane. I said well here we age and all laughed.

Don said movie time? And put the movie on and it started. The move was two couples and soon they were fucking and than the two ladies began kissing and playing with each other and of course Don and I were really focused on what they were doing and watching our ladies at the same time. Don said my kind of action and I agreed. The ladies didn?t say anything.

It wasn?t long before we were all turned on and Don asked Diane if she would like a tour of the house and she said sure and off they went. Sue and I continued to watch the movie and she said they will be gone for quite awhile and I said I know and kissed her.

We slowly got naked and soon we were fucking and she said I want to go down on you and I said great my favorite thing, so we switched to a 69. She took me in her mouth and her in mine and we rocked back and forth and soon she sighed and climaxed.

We relaxed and could hear noises from the other room and she said he is fucking Diane and I said yep, What do you think and she said well we are too, but it still feels a little strange. Want to see, and she said YES. So we went over to the bedroom door that had been left open a little and we could peek in without being seen. Sue watched Don fucking Diane and Said how strange it was to watch him fucking another woman. I was still hard and hadn?t cum yet standing behind her and slipped into her from behind as she was watching her husband doing Diane. So we fucked very quietly and soon I felt her shutter and knew she had cum a second time and I let go and came with her. We returned to the living room and got dressed and waited for Don And Diane to return.

I asked her if Don knew what we were doing and she said probably, but doesn?t ask about it. He may like to pretend we are just making out, but not fucking . He thinks it?s great for him, but not sure it is what he wants me to be doing, so he doesn?t ask and I don?t tell.

I said ok our secret. What about the girl girl thing. She said truthfully she didn?t know.

Don and her had talked and he really wanted her experiment and see if she liked it, and she wanted to please Don. She asked about Diane and I said wasn?t sure, but it had come up and Diane wasn?t opposed to the idea for any particular reason just had never done it and wasn?t sure herself. You two girls need to talk to each other alone about it.

Don And Sue were a hide and seek couple. Wanted to swing but wanted to be able to pretend it wasn?t really happening. They weren?t able yet to be honest about there desire to be swingers. Had met couples like these before and it was ok with me lol.

So here comes Don and Diane and Don suggested we play some music and maybe dance.

Sue said time for ladies room, want to join me Diane and off they went. Diane told me later that Sue brought up the subject. I told her I wasn?t sure but was willing to experiment a little and see what happens.

The ladies returned and we all danced together in sexy ways and I could see Don watching Sue and I up close and personal with my hand on her ass and light kisses on the neck. He seemed ok about it.

The next song began and Sue asked Diane if she wanted to dance. It was a slow dance and the ladies were up close and Diane broke the ice and put her hand on Sue?s ass and kissed her on the neck and the experiment had begun. I said they are going to play, ok with you? And laughed. We sat back to watch. They were putting their hands on each other and the kissing became longer and longer and soon tongues were being shared and their were obviously turned on by what they were doing. The song ended and they said to us how was that guys and we said great and Sue said to me you haven?t seen the rest of the house, I?ll give you a tour, so off we went. Well we went into the bedroom and she was down on me in a second and I had her on her hands and knees and fucked her hard and she came in a minute and swung around and I came in her mouth. We returned to the living room within 15 minutes, She had told me that fooling around with Diane had really turned her on.

Diane said that while we were gone she had sucked Don off and she had really enjoyed playing with Sue as far as it had gone. I asked is that a yes for girl=girl and she said yes.

So I said to the two ladies looks like you were enjoying yourselves during the dance and they agreed. I said the only problem was you had to many clothes on and we all laughed and Don agreed. .

The two ladies knew what we wanted them to do. I put another slow song on and the two ladies danced again, but this time they began to undress each other and that is the biggest turn on for me watching women undress each other. Slowly they removed each other clothes and were kissing and playing with each other?s boobs. Diane has a great set and Sue was enjoying them. At this point they hesitated unsure what to do next so I motioned Don to join me and moved behind Diane and he behind Sue and I took Diane?s hand, whispered in her ear, finger her and guided her hand to Sue?s pussy. Diane slipped a finger in and Sue moved forward and Don guided Sue?s finger toward Diane and so the ladies were finger fucking each other kissing sharing tongues and rubbing boobs together.

Sue was the first to cum and Don had to hold her up as she would have fallen as she came really hard. When she regained balance she continued to finger fuck Diane and soon Diane said YES and jerked several times and climaxed on Sue?s hand.

Diane said WOW what an experience and continued to kiss Sue as she came down from the high of her cum.

Sue and Diane had become more than friends.

O course Don and I were both hard as rocks watching the girls play and said what about us and girls said well maybe you could take care of each other like we did. And laughed and said it is only fair. I looked at Don and He Looked at me flabbergasted as to what to do with this situation. The ladies whispered to each other and said we think it is only fair that you two give each other a hand job like we did and if you will we will get Sue?s toys out and play with them to encourage you. I turned to don and said well what do we do.

He said are we stuck? and I said maybe and laughed are you willing? He hesitated for a long time struggling with the Idea of what it meant. I said to the ladies I am willing if Don is , but you must play with a toy I bought before we came over. Diane said what toy?

I said first Don has to respond. He was uncomfortable and finally said he would if we could turn the lights down low, so we agreed. I went to the car and got the toy. I was a doubled ended dildo and the girls would have to fuck each other with it before I would get Don off as I believed he would back out at the last minute. I had decided that it was only fair if I asked Diane to experiment that she could ask me. I figured it would be near the same as jerking myself, but discovered I was Wrong about that.

So we began the girls first. They undressed each other with a lot of kissing and soon were fingering each other again. I told them to face each other and slipped the dildo into their pusses and told them to push into each other, the dildo disappeared in them and they were attached to each other.

I walked over to the couch and sat next to Don the girls watching us and reached over and took Don?s cock in my hand and began to jerk on him. What a strange feeling I had and new at that instant this would be my first and last time. Don just sat there and allowed the moment and by this time the ladies were really engaged in their fuck. And lost interest in us and soon they were really fucking each other with all they had and I released Don and I began to jerk myself and he did the same and soon the girls squealed and jerked around and both came together and I got off with then and watched as Don jerking off with me watching.

The evening was over at this time and we said our good byes and planned to get together again soon.

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