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True Stories are true stories as they really happened.

This is a story that happened with my current wife Lynn. Lynn is a good girl who wanted to try being a bad girl for the first time in her life. I am a bad boy so I showed her the way. LOL First I rented a xxx movie which she had never seen. I avoided movies that had Bi female action as I didn?t think she would like that kind of action. So we would go to an adult book store and she would pick one and I would pick one. We would go home put the movie on and have exciting sex, except she had picked a movie with bi-female sex and had not. This went on for a few months and I finally asked her if she was turned on watching women together and she said yes to her surprise and mine.

So at one point I asked her if she wanted to try it herself as I had a bi-sexual friend who might be interested in introducing her to female to female sex if she wanted to try it.

To my surprise and delight she said yes.

I have a couple friend who I?ve know for many years. The wife Joyce had took me of a couple of Bi experiences she had had and how much she had enjoyed herself and her husband George was ok with it and they had some experiences with other couples.

So I called her and told her what was going on and if she and George might be interested.

Without hesitation she said yes she was but, would have to talk to George. A few minutes later she returned to the phone and said a definite yes. So I said lets make a plan and she agreed.

The first step was Lynn had to meet and get to know them as she had never met them.

So we went to there home for dinner and had a pleasant time and Lynn seemed to like them. Later we started to make plans by email and yahoo messenger. The chats were about things we might do and evolved into switching partners, but no intercourse was allowed. Separate room fun was the plan. The girls would play alone and us guys would get blow jobs.

This getting to know each other took a couple of months on line and in person before the party was finally planned. Lynn learned that George had 9 inches, poor me is limited to 6. lol Lynn was excited about the plans being made and what she was going to do. Mostly with Joyce, with George as well.

We arrived at their home all excited, the dress code was to be sexy the ladies in night ware and the guys in PJ?s. We all changed and met in the living room which was lighted with candles. It began with truth or dare game with sexy questions which set the mood and than to spin the bottle with kisses and than 5 minutes alone with the others partner.

This all went well and George and Lynn had the first 5 minutes and When they returned the both looked pleased. (Insert about lynn and George?s first 5 minutes) Lynn told me they went upstairs and George began by kissing her and playing with her but and feeling her up.I told George I was real nervous and not sure what to do and he took my hand and placed in his crouch and I played with him for a minute or so and than heard ? 5 minutes up. We went back down stairs with George obviously turned on visibly to every one in the room. Lol.

We kidded him some about his condition and he pointed at Lynn and said her fault.

On the next spin it ended up with Lynn and Joyce having 5 minutes and off they went.

Lynn told me they talked some about what she wanted to do and did some kissing and hugging and the 5 minutes were up.

Next was me and Joyce and we went upstairs. We had know each other a long time and in emails we had talked about what we were going to do so I just had her sit in a chair and went down on her as I had wanted to do that for a long time and she knew it. She didn?t come but was really turned on by the time we returned. Ready for Lynn and her to do what they had planned. I had talked with Joyce and told her that Lynn wanted her to go down on her if it was ok with her and it was as she enjoyed doing that. Lynn did not know about our talk so didn?t know what was really going to happen. So after a break upstairs they went with no time limit.

Lynn later told me that Joyce took charge and began kissing he deeply and playing with her boobs. Lynn said I was both nervous and very wet and than Joyce undressed me and laid me on the bed and was kissing me and my boobs and than lowered her head and went down on me just like in the movies. I was so excited that I climaxed almost immediately.

I was in shock I think. I kept thinking I must do something for her but couldn?t move and she said don?t worry about it that she understood and her turn would come later, So they came back down stairs and joined me and George.

While the girls were upstairs George and I had a chance to talk and we both knew that next was blow jobs for us both. I asked him how he was doing and he said he felt strange talking to me about my wife giving him a blow job. I said well that was what was going to be next, him and Lynn and me and Joyce unless he changed his mind. He laughed and said no way, he had been looking forward to it for a couple of months, I said George it is ok with me if she gives you a BJ. Are you ok with me and Joyce and he said yes.

So there we were both ready for the next event when the ladies returned.

It was decided that Joyce and I would go upstairs and leave George and Lynn in the living room with no time limits. Joyce and I went upstairs hand in hand and went into the bedroom. We began kissing and heavy petting and she sat in a chair and I said lets get naked and so we undressed each other. I had had many ideas of what I wanted to do with her for many years. Now was my chance.

This was the first time I had seen her naked and she was lovely. 40 plus boobs and a really nice ass. So we began to explore and first I wante to play with her ass and so she turned over and rased up and I was able to see it all and played with her ass and slipped a couple of fingers in her and she was wet and ready. I lowered my head and went down on her and she got real excited and pushed back against my tongue and after a while she climaxed. We laid there for awhile and I said I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did and she said oh yes. After more kissing and feeling each other I was at the ready and she smiled and said your turn. We had talked about this and she had told me that she swallowed George all the time and she would swallow me as well if I wanted. Lynn also swallows so I said absolutely I wanted. Since she had 9 inches with George deep throat was easy with me and so she lowered her head and I got the Blow job of my life.

She held me in her mouth and I moved myself in and out and than she would move her mouth down and up and this went on for a while and I held off cumming as long as I could, but finally I just had to cum and she felt me cumming and went all the way down and I un loaded and she took it all and I nearly passed out.

Joyce and I laid there for awhile and she said I really enjoyed that, I said me toooo and we both laughed. I heard a noise down stairs and said I think George just got off with Lynn.

So we waited for a few minutes and went down stairs. George and lynn were sitting there as if nothing had happened, but we all new better. LoL George and Joyce said they were going to go upstairs for awhile and we all new what they were going to do and what Lynn And I were going to do.

I said Well how did you and George do? Tell me what happened in detail.

She said that after Joyce and I left she turned to George and he said to me are you ok with this, and I said I think so just nervous, he said me too.

Jim and I had talked about what was planned for me and George and had told me it was ok with him and to have a good time, so since I had agreed to all this I was prepared to give George a good time as I wanted to give him BJ as we had talked about on line and new Joyce was doing jim as we talked. What I didn?t know was what George was going to do to me and was excited to find out. So we moved toward each other and did some kissing and than more and I was getting hot and he could tell. I looked down and could see he was at the ready and he was removing my top and than the rest of my clothes and I stood naked in front of him. He said you are beautiful and put his hands on me feeling my boobs and kissing me on the neck and than on my boobs, I was really wet and he slipped a finger in me and still standing I moved forward and back on his finger and and he pushed it in and out WOW what a feeling it was doing this with you upstairs with Joyce doing the same thing to her. I was being a very bad girl, finally. He finger me and kissed me all over and moved me over to the couch and I finally sat down and he got on his knees and spread my legs apart and ask if it was ok and I said yes please do. And he went down on me and fingered me and I just allowed the moment and shortly I came in his mouth and lost all control. I was almost panting by the time he stopped. All I could say was wow. He stood up and he was really at the ready and so was I. I reached out and pulled his bottoms down and there it was the 9 inches I had heard so much about. Just for a moment I regretted the no intercourse rule, but just for a moment.

I reached out and took him in hand and played with him and he just stood there watching me which really turned me on. We changed places him sitting me standing and I sat on his lap and used my hands on him. Sliding my hands up and down and playing with the head and he just watched me and got even harder. I loved doing this to a man and he had a lot to do it with wow 9 inches. He leaned forward and put my boob in his mouth and I was turned on even more, as his hands moved to my butt and he slipped a finger in again and so there we were me on his lap jerking him off and him with a finger inside me playing with my butt .I have to say I was really hot by this time and knew it was blow job time. I slide off his lap and got on my knees in front of him and leaned in and took him in my mouth, wow what a feeling. I love giving head, I did it a lot to my first husband and for jim as well so I do know what am doing. I knew I wanted George to cum for me and so I did all the things I know how to do. I sucked him and took as much of his nine inches as I could handle, pulled out and sucked on the head and than back down again. I looked up and he was watching me and we make eye contact and he said you are good and I could tell he was near to cumming and so slowed down, no reason to hurry. I stood up and motioned him to the floor and we went into a 69 position and we sucked each other for a while. I moved away and sat next to him and used my hands again. Rapidly jerking up and down on him while maintaining eye contact with him. He mouth to me cumming and I went down on him and that did it he unloaded in my mouth and when I backed off he came on my face and boobs, he came a lot. So I had cum in my mouth on my face and on my boobs. I continued to suck on him until he lost his erection and we laid there for a while kissing and coming down. we quickly got dressed and shortly Jim and Joyce joined us.

So lynn was a bad girl and had a great time as I did. She didn?t get to finish off joyce as she wanted but it was late and we decided to do that the next time.

Next time will be another story for later.


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