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True Stories Party night at Dan?s

Dan Called and invited us over for the weekend and we accepted. He said he was ready for a sexy weekend and Sara was anxious to see us again. It had been a month since our evening with Bobbie and Bobby and we were looking forward to seeing Dan and Sara again, knowing full well what kind of weekend Dan was planning. For something new I suggested I invite The two Bobbies as well and Dan said sure why not and they had met a new couple as well Don and Mary and he would invite theme as well.

We set a date in a couple of weeks.

Merrian had talked about all our experiences to date and had decided we were really having a great time and for now we both wanted to continue in the lifestyle.

We had rented some xxx movies and purchased some woman on woman toys that Merrian was anxious to try. Mostly the strap on she had seen being used in one of the movies. After talking about it we had decided we wanted to fuck in front of each other for the first time as we were much more comfortable with what we were doing. We had been with 3 other couples. We were looking forward to meeting Dan?s new friends as our fourth.

We had discovered that the most exciting part of swinging for us was meeting new people and discovering them, especially first timers.

I had asked Dan if they engaged with the new couple and he said not totally but they were ready to jump in and were excited at the prospects. Mary was bi-curious and Don was encouraging her to try it and she was more than willing as it had been a long term fantasy of hers.

One new thing was that Merrian and I had been trying anal sex and she liked it. It had taken awhile to figure out how, without hurting her, but we had done it a couple of times and on the last time she had cum to her surprise, a new tool in our tool box so to speak. She told me she might like to try a DP in private with Dan and me as the one in her ass.

I thought wow what a woman I was married to and how much I loved her.

I said what ever you want dear.

We arrived at Dan?s all excited and Don and Mary were already there. Dan introduced us and Mary was gorgeous and Don was at least 6?4?? and a hunk as Merrian remarked.

Don and Mary were new cummers and hadn?t done a full swap yet but were willing to move forward that evening with someone. It was good to see Sara again and I could remember out time together and was hard immediately, her and Merrian gave each other more than a friendly kiss while Mary looked on. Merrian went over to Mary and gave her a hug as well. The Bobby;s arrived and the weekend was about to began. Dan had everyone write one thing on a piece of paper they wanted to do during the weekend and said we would draw one each and attempt to fulfill the persons request at some point during the weekend.

Dan put on a xxx movie to set the tone for the evening.

It was obvious that everyone wanted to start but were not sure how. So Dan put all our names in two cups men in one women in the other and the ladies got to draw first for the first two hours and not look at the name, it would be in private. So the ladies all had a name in their hand and we all had a drink and talked for a while about some of our swing experiences and glancing at the movie playing. Dan laughed and said ok Merrian you are first. Who did you draw? She opened her slip and said, well Dan you, he smiled and said lucky me. He moved over to her and took her hand. Sara was next and she looked and said Bobby it us and he moved over to her. Bobbie opened hers and it was Don, so that left Mary and me by default.

We all left the room for separate places. I took Mary?s hand and she followed me looking back at her husband leaving with Bobbie knowing he was going to fuck her and her me as they had agreed. So Mary and I were alone at last and she said she was nervous and I said me too. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss and she responded with an open mouth kiss. I asked how she was doing and she said excited as her and Don had talked about doing this for several months and had agreed they wanted to have sex with a stranger. I said, we won?t be strangers for along, as I am about to fuck you. She paused for a moment and said yes you are and I want you to fuck me. So we got to it. I continued to kiss her and undressed her and than myself. We moved over to the bed and moved my hand immediately to her pussy and she was very wet. She reached out and took my cock in her hand and so we laid there playing with each other for a while kissing all the time.

I asked her if she was ready and she was breathing hard and said yes. I asked what is your favorite position and she said from behind and I said mine too. She turned over and raised up in the air ready for me to fuck her.

She looked over her shoulder and waited for me to enter her, instead I lowered my head and began licking her pussy. She said oh that feels so good and pressed against my face moving her butt back and forth and she climaxed, squirting on my face and in my mouth. I was startled a little , but stayed with her through her cum. She collapsed on the bed in heavy breathing. I waited till she came down and pulled her up to me and entered her, my cock went all the way in and she pressed back against me and we fucked. I love this whole scene, I love fucking a woman for the first time and Mary was ready to be fucked. I climbed up on her and went over the top and just fucked her and I could feel my cum rising from my balls that were slapping against her ass and I squirted and humped her until I stopped and she moved her ass around to give me as much pleasure as she could. We both collapsed on the bed and she said wow you are very good and laughed, and said,

I did it, and I said yes you did and you were wonderful. We laid there for awhile just allowing are breathing to return to normal and I asked, well how was your first swing experience? She said all that she had expected and more. That her and Don had wanted to do this for along time and knew exactly what they were doing and why. I said good. We returned to the living room and Don and Sara were there waiting for all to return. Don and Mary moved away to talk and I asked Sara how she was and I smiled and asked how is Don and she said very good and fun. I was curious as to Mary?s interest in bi-sex and Sara said that It was both their fantasy. That her and Mary were co-workers and friends and had been out for a couple of drinks and she had told Mary about me and Merrian and her swing experience with us. That?s how Mary and Don got here. Mary is curious and excited and I thought Merrian might break her In and than I really want to get together with her myself. I?ll Ask Merrian. Of course Merrian agreed. I suggested that the four ladies get together and introduce Mary to bi. They hadn?t thought of that.

Don and Mary returned after their talk and had smiles for everyone. Apparently they shared their experiences and both had a good time.

Dan suggested we draw names again and this time the guys got to choose. I drew first and got Bobbie, Don got Merrian and Sara went with Bobby and finally Dan with Mary. We all went our separate ways. Bobbie and I were old friends and knew what each liked and so we played and it ended with Bobbie giving me a great blow job and she swallows and so sucked me dry.

Latter Merrian told me what happened between her and Don, her first time with him. I asked how his first swing experience was going and he said great and that Mary had fun with Jim. I said well why don?t we have fun as well and moved over to him and kissed him and it began. We undressed each other and when I removed his shorts up came a very large cock and I said OH. I said don?t know if I can handle that and he said he would be careful. It had to be at least 9? and I just wanted to suck it. So I got on my knees and took him in my mouth and it was terrific and I just sucked and sucked and I could feel him ready to cum and when he did I got a mouth full, my face covered and down my boobs. He was so excited. We laid on the bed and he said that was one of the best he had ever hadvand I said they all say that and it is my favorite thing to do. I went down on him again and he was hard again and I said I want to know what that feels like in me. He mounted me with my legs on his shoulders and entered me slowly. What a feeling it was I felt filled up to the max and he was only in a couple of inches. I said more and got another two inches and climaxed.

Don remained motionless while I came and waited for me to come down and I said more and got two more inches and came again. I had six with 3 to go and grabbed him and pulled him into me and I took it all. What a fuck this guy was. He began to move in and out of me and we were soon in rhythm and on and on it went. I turned over and said from behind and we fucked for what felt like forever and than he jerked and moaned and I could feel his cum and came unglued and came so hard I passed out for a couple of seconds and laid there panting. All I could say was wow. And I wanted to do this guy again soon. She added she had a good time with Dan as well and would like to get together regularly with them.

Eventually we all were in the living room again and for sure us guys need some recovery time. The girls were together talking and soon Merrian took Mary by the hand and they left the room. It had been decided that Merrian and Mary would spend some time together and maybe if all went well the four ladies would all play together later or the next day. So Bobbie and Sara paired off and left the room to us guys. We guys talked about what a great time we were having and sat watching the movie waiting for the girls to return. I asked Dan if later when it quieted down would he join me and Merrian in our room, and told him what Merrian wanted to do and surprised said sure. He would arrange something between Sara and Mary-Don.

Merrian later told me of her experience with Mary as she had decided for a one on one for her first time. I asked if she really wanted this and she said that Don really wanted her to try it as it was his fantasy. I said how about I do all the work this time and you can do something later. What do you mean and I said you just lay back and enjoy and I?ll do what I like as I have been with2 other women, the two in the living room. I told her I had been looking forward to doing her from when I first met her as I thought she was beautiful and sexy. Mary actually looked a little relieved and said sure lets try it. So I approached her and gave her a kiss on the lips and she kissed me back and than a wet kiss and she returned the kiss and her breathing rate increased and said that is a first. I decided to tell her in advance what I was going to do to her and asked it that was ok and she said yes. So I told her I am going to undress you and leave my clothes on, than I am going to kiss you a lot and suck on your boobs and than kiss you all over. Last thing I am going do is lick your pussy until you cum as that is my reward, when you cum in my mouth. By this time she was hot and ready and breathing hard. So I undressed her and finally licked that pussy and when she came she squirted and, I was surprised, and as it was such a turn on. I said that is a first for me as well. I asked, well how was that, and she said it was exciting and nothing like she thought it would be like. Think you would want to again and she said yes and she would like to do me as well. I said how about later when the four of us get together as I wanted her to think about it and be really ready.

We returned to the living and joined the others.

It was late and we would have all day Saturday to play so we decided to call it a night.

Merrian and I went to our room and she asked me if I had talked to Dan and I said yes and he would join us later. She smiled and said I will look forward to it.

We relaxed and talked about the evenings events and how much fun we were having.

She said she was still surprised how far we had come in a short period of time. Merrian asked me if I was still ok with what we were doing. I responded by saying that it?s ok with me if it is ok with her and our marriage was ok.

Dan walked in and said hi you two. We said hi.

I asked what do you think. He said well it would be a first for him, but he was willing if we were. So we turned off the lights and I said you and Merrian first. I was about to watch Merrian fuck another man up close and personal, although I had seen her for a few seconds at a distance with Dan. The walked up to each other and he kissed her and her him and soon the passion began and I could tell they knew each other and soon Dan and Merrian were on the bed and I watched Merrian going down on Dan and she looked over at me watching. It was a strange experience to be watching her doing what she had described to me she had been doing with the men we were swinging with and enjoying herself. I had gotten undressed and it didn?t take long before they were fucking each other and soon Merrian was on top and Dan entered her and she was riding him like she had me many times. I moved in behind her and applied some lube and slipped a finger in her butt to loosen her up some and she looked around at me and said feels good. I said ready, and she said yes and I entered her and she pushed back to meet me and down to meet Dan. We were all doing our first DP and Merrian was loving it, as she was saying yes, yes fuck me Dan and fuck me honey and she had her cum and was shaking all over and I heard Dan say ya and he came and I came at the same time. We all stopped moving and remained as we were, both still inside Merrian. She finally said something. ?I am a very bad girl.? ?I really enjoyed that thanks guys? and we all laughed. Dan and I agreed we enjoyed it as well.


Sara and Merrian decided they would plan the days activities which included midday steaks. The four ladies all slept in and now were all in the kitchen preparing the food and talking about the activities of the night before. Don was the center of discussion and his 9?inches.

Merrian and Sara talked about what Sara did with Mary and Don while Dan was with us. Sara told Merrian she went to their room and they were in bed talking and she sat next to the bed and asked them how they were doing with their first swing experience.

Mary said she was having a great time and Don said it is everything we hoped it would be and more and thanks for the invite.

I asked Mary how it went with Merrian and she said she said wonderful only I didn?t get to do anything to her and I really wanted to. I said there is plenty of time today.

Mary said I am so glad you are my friend. She moved over and asked would you like to join us in bed? I laughed and said well anything for a friend.

What do you have in mind and she said me and you with Don watching. Don wants to see me with another woman and I want to do what Merrian did to me to you. I moved over to her and we had a long wet kiss and it started. Mary said I am so ready for this. I said so am I as I had hoped we would have a chance to be together this weekend. Mary said I am so hot for you since you told me about you swing experience with Jim and Merrian

We kissed again and she removed my clothes and hers and we moved together with Don looking on quietly. She reached out to me and played with my boob and said wow that is a first of many firsts this weekend. I thought I am finally going to have this lady and just wanted to fuck her. She is absolutely beautiful and sexy with large boobs and long hair. I reached out and played with her boobs and we kissed more and we were both hot for each other. I reached down and put a finger in her pussy all the way and she pushed her hips forward and road my finger and was kissing me passionately and reached down and slipped her finger in me and we began a rhythm of finger fucking each other. Don was watching intensely and focused on what we were doing and was rubbing his cock through his clothes and looked over at me and asked would you mind and I said not at all, I wanted to see his famous 9?. He released his cock and all I could say was hope I get to use that sometime. He said you will I promise. By this time Mary and I are really into each other.

I had only been with Merrian the one time and so was as new as Mary, so I plunged ahead and slide down Mary?s body kissing as I went and reached my goal and was between Mary?s legs and into her pussy licking and sucking her. She grabbed my head and pulled me closer and swung around and was down on me in a 69. Mary was on top and I was under her and we worked each other over, both out of control, hungry for each other. I was able to glance over and see Don furiously jerking on his cock and silently mouthed the words, do her, and he understood and moved behind her. I looked up from my licking her pussy and got a close up look at his 9? and reached up and pulled him down and into my mouth and sucked him. It was an experience, and I released his cock and he entered Mary all the way in and she jerked and groaned and came in my mouth and on his cock.

Mary was eating me faster and faster and I could feel my cum ready and waiting and grabbed her ass and jerked and shock through my climax and she stayed with it and continued licking me extending my cum. Don groaned and came in Mary and some landed on my face as I was sucking on her clit. We all laid there in silence for a while.

It was a wild time and we didn?t say much except I love you.

Back to the kitchen and the ladies.

Merrian brought out the toys she had with her and the girls were inspecting them and making a comments on how much fun they could be. The plan for the evening was the ladies would put on a show for the guys, doing each other in a variety of ways. Merrian was demonstrating the strap on and saying she was looking for a victim. They all laughed and Bobbie said I seen that in a movie and I will be your willing victim. Merrian said I can hardly wait.

The ladies decided they would draw names and than plan their show. They were all excited even though all relatively new at being bi agreed they were looking forward to the evenings events. So they drew names. Merrian and Mary, Sara and Bobbie, for the first round of action. The ladies went off with each other to plan their show. It was to be a surprise party.

The afternoon was spent fixing the food and than we all sat down to eat. The guys were all excited on what us girls were planning for the evening and the girls weren?t talking.

The rest of the afternoon was an open forum, for all to do as they pleased.

Sara seen this as an opportunity to take advantage of Don?s promise to use his 9? on her and she told everyone she was going to take a nap and smiled at Don and he got the message. After awhile Don yawned and said he was sleepy and was going to go lay down for a while. We all new what that meant, but didn?t say anything.

Sara and Don Sara told Merrian about what happed. Sara went to her room and Don joined her after awhile. Don said to me well are you ready, and I laughed and said for my whole life.

I had never had sex with a man with a cock that big. He said well come here and do your job, and I knew what he meant. I walked over to him and got on my knees in front of him and he looked down at me and smiled and said it is really 10? not nine and laughed.

I undid his belt and his pants came down and he stepped out of them and I pulled down his shorts and released his cock. He put his hands behind my head and pulled me to him and I took him in my mouth. He moved in and out of my mouth, fucking my mouth and I could only handle a small part of him, but was getting hot and wet by what I was doing.

I love the feel of a mans cock sliding in and out of my mouth, but didn?t want him to cum that way at least for now. He had become very hard and pulled out of my mouth and said you have far to many clothes on. So I stood up and moved away and stripped for him, which he obviously was enjoying. When I was naked he motioned for me to turn around and I did and he moved behind me and pressed on my back and I bent over exposing my self to him. He got on his knees behind me and I could feel him licking my wet pussy and nearly came right than. I was so hot everything became fuzzy and than I felt him enter me with that 10?cock and I came instantly. He waited for me to come down and asked if I was ok and I said oh yes. He began to fuck me and me him. I couldn?t handle all of him and had to push him back a couple of times to avoid it being painful and he figured out just how far he could go in and than it was one of the best fucks I ever have had. We just fucked and fucked and I could tell he was close to cumming and I came again shaking all over moaning and saying oh yes fuck me and he groaned and said cumming and I knew what I wanted so I pulled away and turned around and took him in my mouth and he erupted and I could feel and taste his cum as he jerked and fucked my mouth. We collapsed on the floor both panting. We laid there until our breathing returned to normal, got dressed and I returned to the living room. I walked in and said I really needed that nap feel much better. Everyone just gave knowing smiles. Don didn?t return for quite awhile as he had actually laid down and fell asleep. Success.

It was getting close to the time for the evening show, us ladies excused ourselves and went to get ready, not that we weren?t already, already. We had all picke the toys we wanted to use except the strap on as Mary and Merrian had their own plan and it would be the final event of our show.

First up was Sara and Bobbie. They came out fully dressed and put some music on and danced with each other. Sara began kissing Bobbie on the neck and than on the mouth and soon they were in a passionate embrace, really hot for each other. Sara began a slow removal of Mary?s clothes one piece at a time and Bobbie did the same for Sara. Soon they were naked dancing and slowly moved to the floor continuing the kissing and there hands were between each others legs playing with their pussy?s. This continued and they were humping each others fingers.

They paused and moved slightly apart and Sara reached in her purse and pulled out the toy they had selected. It was the double ended dildo that belonged to Merrian. They faced each other and dr*ped their legs over each others and Sara put one of the dildo in her and Bobbie put the other in her and they pushed together and the dildo disappeared. They grabbed each other and road the dildo. They were fucking each other and it was wild to watch. Their movements increased and they held each other and both came kissing each other passionately and grinding against each other until they stopped cumming. We all applauded and they were done, well done. Sara said that was the first time either one of them had ever used that toy and she had to buy one for herself. All of us guys were sitting there hard knowing what was going to happen later.


Next up, was Mary and Merrian. You could tell they real excited at what they were doing. All these ladies a few months earlier had never been with another woman and only were now because the men in their lives had that fantasy. Bur now, they were no longer bi-curious but had become bi-sexual and were having a great time in the new lifestyle.

Us men of course were ready nand waiting for the next event and knew we would be fucking someone in a couple of hours and didn?t know who it would be.

Mary and Merrian moved to the middle of the room and began their show time for us men and the other women as well. We were all into this swing lifestyle and were having a great time. I was thinking that we needed to invite a new beginner couple into our group soon, just to introduce them to the lifestyle not necessarily as a permanent member.

So back to the ladies and their show. Mary had been with Merrian the one time and hadn?t did any to her. She had been looking forward to playing with Merrian and was ready to do her as she had already had an experience earlier in the weekend and new what she wanted to do to Merrian. Mary took the lead and moved over to Merrian and kissed her with passion and slowly undressed her as she had not seen Merrian naked yet. Merrian just stood there and allowed hersslf to be undressed and when she was naked, stood waiting for Mary to make her next move. Mary undressed and moved to Merrian and they lowered themselves to the floor and Mary continued to be in charge and was kissing Merrian all over and moved down her body toward her pussy as that was what she wanted to do to Merrian was lick and suck her until she climaxed on her face. Merrian just laid there enjoying the attention and responding to Mary?s licking and sucking on her. Mary was really into and really wanted Merrian to have a good time and Merrian was doing that and began moving her hips and reached down and lifted her legs up in the air to give Mary full access and suddenly let out a cry and climaxed on Mary?s face. They laid there together for a little while and Merian said your turn and pulled out a vibrator and motioned for her to turn over. Mary smiled as she knew what Merrian was going to do. She turned over and Merrian immediately went down on her lickung and sucking on her pussy, and said for all to hear you are really wet yummy. She slipped the 8? vibrator into Mary?s pussy and fucked her with it. Mary was pushing back and moving in and out on the vibrator. She grunted and than grunted again and came and squirted on the vibrator and Merrian?s hand and then collapsed on the floor kissing Merrian as the laid together.

Break time.

The final event with the Strap on between Bobbie and Merrian would be later as the finale of the evening. The girls needed a break and us guys needed to get laid after watching that show, we were going to have to wait. Lol

It was still early and we had plenty of time. We all sat around talking about the weekend and how much fun it had been. The ladies shared how much they had enjoyed each other and how new it was to all of them. They all agreed that they would enjoy doing it again in the future. I told them of my idea of introducing first time new couples to the lifestyle from time to time and they all agreed that would be fun and exciting.

Bobbie said she had a friend who might be interested but she was single. All us guys said that works for us and everyone laughed. I said give her a call and invite her over for the evening events. Bobbie paused and said well I could try, but I?ll be surprised. I said you must tell what kind of party it is though. Oh she knows about the swing stuff I told her.


Bobbie got on the phone and talked to Susan and she said she would be right over.

Bobbie said she was so excited by the invitation.

I said who gets her first lol. Dan said well I am the I said let her decide what she wants to do.

A half hour later there is a knock on the door and Dan ushers in this very attractive lady in her thirties. She has long black hair and a very nice figure. Bobbie introduces her as Susan a friend of hers of many years. Bobbie says to Susan you do know what kind of party this is? right. Susan says yes I do. We were all a little unsure how to get started with her as we didn?t know anything about her and if she really did know what we were doing. I said to her ok tell us about what we are doing here this weekend and what you would like to do tonight if you join us. Susan said that Bobbie had told her about the swinging and what you all did , I didn?t think I could be invited without a partner. So I am surprised to be here. I am open to what you are doing as I really like sex and so I am excited about what might happen.

I said ok you are certainly welcome. Before you came we were ready to draw straws to see who gets you first if you decided to stay and join us. Susan says well that might work as well as any thing else. We all laughed. Lets get to know you come over and sit down and join us, there is plenty of time and maybe you will decide for yourself. So Susan joined us and we told her the kinds of things that had happened so far. We spared no details and gave her a clear idea of what was possible. We told her that Merrian was going to use a strap on , on Bobbie later. Bobbie moved over to her and gave her a hug and asked if she wanted to stay. Susan said oh yes if you will let me. So it was decided she would join us. I said well than what would you like to do? She said she had never been with another woman and had wondered about what it would be like. I love men and so I guess being with one of you. I said so you want to fuck someone and waited for her reaction. She said yes that is what you are all doing right. I said Dan why don?t you show Susan the house as she hasn?t seen it yet. He said would love too. He went over to her and said come on I?ll give you the grand tour. She took his hand and they left. Bobie said hope she does ok, she is really new at this. I said Dan will take good care of her. So we all waited to see how it went. They were gone about a half hour. When they returned Susan obviously had been fucked, she had that look. She had her introduction to swinging. She said that is the first time I have had sex with a man I met a few minutes ago and it was fun. I feel like a very bad girl and love that feeling. Susan was going to fit in very nicely. She was in the mood.

Show time was rapidly approaching and we were all looking forward to watching Bobbie and Merrian do their thing. They left the room and Susan went with them.

Merrian, Bobbie, and Susan.

Merrian told me later that when they got to the bedroom, they asked her how it had gone with Dan. She said we went into the bedroom and he asked if I was sure and I said yes and we fucked. The part I liked best is when he had me on my hands and knees and did me from behind and I came hard and he did too. Didn?t take us long. Lol Bobbie asked her about her remark about with another woman and was that an interest or a fantasy as all the women her were bi-sexual and that Merrian is about to fuck me with a strap on. Then every one will pair off and go somewhere and fuck and that will leave you to join one to the couples ok? She said ok and it will be the first time. Bobbie said if you choose me I will introduce you to a little girl on girl stuff if you would like. If you join me later I will know your answer is yes. Think about it.

Merrian and Bobbie with a strap on.

Susan joined us in the living room and sat between Dan and me.

Merrian came out with the strap on around her waist and Bobbie followed her. Both had very little on and we all could tell they were ready for their show to start. Merrian approached Bobbie and kissed her deeply and said out loud do you want me to fuck you? Bobbie said oh yes all day long. Please fuck me now. This was a rehearsed dialog for effect. Merrian said I would love to fuck you now lay down. Merrian was next to her and they did some kissing and boob play and Merrian moved down Bobbies body and soon had her head between her legs and Bobbie was hot and ready and Merrian took the strap on cock and slipped in to Bobbie and they fucked. Bobbie was making noises and saying oh that feels good. Merrian was riding her like a man would and was completely into what she was doing. She turned Bobbie over and came at her from behind and fucked her from behind and Bobbie was moving back and forth saying yes fuck me and Merrian did.

I sat watching Susan?s reaction, and asked if she was ok. She said yes and that is the wildest thing I have ever seen and I am so turned on by it. I said why don?t you play with yourself if you would like no one can see you but me. Her hand slipped down and under her skirt and I could see it moving and knew she was fingering herself. About this time Bobbie climaxed and Merrian was so turned on she climaxed as well. I watched Susan?s face as she came also but very quietly and I said good for you. She said felt good. I said maybe Merrian will do that to you sometime and she said I would like that.

The show was over.

The weekend was nearly over and we would be leaving early in the morning. The couples would pair off and join in a final time together. Dan and me and our ladies and Bobbie and Bobby and their coworker and. I watched Susan and she joined the Bobbie foursome.

We all spent the night doing what we could although we were all tired. Mostly Merrian and Sara played and had a good time. I got a BJ from Sara and Merrian took all that Dan could give her.

Bobbie And Susan The 5 people were together and Don and Mary, Bobbie and Bobby, and Susan. They introduced her to Don?s 9? and she was overwhelmed and when he reached out to her she willing took his all. He fucked her silly and when she came she was grunting and panting.

She became very quiet afterwards. Bobbie went over to her and asked if she was ok and she said yes, it was that she had never cum that hard before and it was a little overwhelming.

Susan watched as Bobby fucked Mary and Bobbie also played with Mary and Don was resting. Bobbie moved over to Susan and kissed her on the lips and asked ok. Then Mary moved to her other side and kissed her. Susan just let them and they kissed her played with her boobs and waited to see how she reacted. She than moved over to Bobbie and gave her a more than friendly kiss and reached out and played with Bobbie?s boobs.

Mary got behind her and put her arms around her and was kissing on her neck and she relaxed and leaned back against Mary. Bobbie leaned in and gave her a long passionate kiss and moved to her boobs and began kissing and sucking and moved down her body and moved her hear to Susan?s pussy and went down on her. Susan came up glued and came instantly and Mary behind her was holding her while Bobbie was licking her pussy.

Than it was over and Susan said wow. That was incredible. That was the end of the night.

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