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So it was our 5 year anniversary and like all couples my husband and I have had our ups and downs but have always worked through them and had great make up sex afterwards.(You know what they say that?s the best!) Anyway, I was determined that this anniversary was going to be great and we could make many wonderful new memories to cherish. Months before our anniversary I started planning but nothing was cumming together. I pondered and thought and paced for many months that turned into days that turned into hours and before I knew it the day was here and I had Nothing??Nothing??Nothing.

As I normally do I awoke very happy but this special morn I awoke in a very playfull and mischeivois mood, and as I was laying there I was remembering all the nights I had been awoken by Curtis playing sexually with me. He would be rubbing his hard cock up and down my leg while playing and fondaling my pussy. So with this thought I had decided to reverse the tables and give him a little bit of an adventurous wake up.I took a hold of his dick and started to stroke it?..and his balls?..then I rubbed his manhood on my cheeks and my red luscious anxious lips. My mouth was engorged with him streaming up and down, up and down. Curtis had started to thrust his hips and moan?.so I stopped?..and when he had stopped I would start back up again. I played this little love game for ½ an hour until I was so horny I had to pounce on top of him and ride him, all the while he laid there moaning and having the wildest dream of his life.

I perched myself upon his rock hard dick and ground my soaking wet pussy as far as I could into myself. Curtis started saying something but I couldn?t quite make it out as my chants of extasy where drowning him out. As I quieted down I realized he wasn?t dreaming about only me?..there was someone else in the dream. ?Carmen, oh Carmen I love it when you eat her pussy like that? he said. ?I want to fuck stef while she eats your gapping hole??oh you two know how to turn a man on.? O.K. this was really turning me on, you see Carmen is my best friend and I have always admired her body. She had tits that measured 34 D and a waist size 28. Carmen was the prettiest blonde haired blue eyed hussy I ever laid eyes on and I always wondered what it would be like to taste her sweet nectar. I had never been with a girl much less a three some but as Curtis talked in his sleep some more I found myself wanting to try it. His excitement was turning me one so much I had to cum right then and there. As I was streaming my cum all over his man hood a thought had crossed my mind, I would get a couple or another women to tease and play with us tonight in a hotel room with a hot tube and some porn channels. I will surprise Curtis with this?..I know from his dream he will enjoy it and I know I will to the way it made me. Now the question is who? Do I ask Carmen and her husband to join us or do I find a stranger on craigs list or one of those swing sites? OOOOHHHH this is going to be great.

After we got cleaned up for the day Curtis told me he had the best dream this morning, I just giggled and didn?t ask any questions. ?You can tell me about it later hun, Lets go to breakfast?.oh but wait (giggleing) I have to call Carmen first I need to ask her a favor. Curtis just looked down and grinned as he remembered his exotic dream he had had. ?Hello Carmen, it?s Stefanee?, ?Hey listen girl today is our 5 year anniversary and I want to do something special tonight and I was thinking we sure would like you and Mark to join us.? My little secret was not really going to be reveiled, I planned on nature taking its course. Carmen gladly excepted and agreed to meet us at the Queen Mary Lounge for cocktails at 4:00 p.m. I told her to dress hot as we were going to be going dancing at the club onboard. All day it was running through my brain how I was going to approach the situation and worried that things would go all wrong and it would ruin our friendship. Time ticked and tocked and it was time to go. I wore a sassy red dress that revealed my cleavage and it showed my perky nipples underneath. I had decided not to wear any panties, and try out my new wing ben wa balls also. I have never used them befor and this was going to be a sexy night so I figured I had better keep myself horny and wet and be prepared for the show! OOOOhhh the balls felt so nice as I walked, I was keeping myself very juicy and very aroused. Carmen and Mark came right on time and I was not sure I was going to be able to control myself. I could tell by the look on Curts face that he too thought Carmen was looking mighty fine. She had on a little hot blue dress completely see through as underneath she had on a camisaw and a pair of thong panties. It was all I could do from squirming in my chair to make the balls move to pleasure myself. My pussy was so wet?..I put my napkin between my legs to soak up some of my moisture so Carmen and I could get up to go powder our noses. As we hit the ladies room I had to tell her what was on my mind?..oh but how? I contiplated as I peed and as I was washing my hands I noticed Carmen adjusting her firm tits. Before I knew it I had turned around and grabbed them, one in each hand, and said here let me help you. Her mounds were so firm and they felt like heaven. Carmen looked in amazement as I was sqeezing her tits, just then I lunged my lips on hers and and slid my tongue down her throut. To my amazement she was responding?..her tongue was deep in my mouth and her soft lips were teasing mine. Carmen then gently put her hand up my dress and gasp?..?ooohhh no panties, and a fresh shaven pussy?.ooohh Stefanee your pussy is throbbing and juicy. Do I do that to you?? I could not speak her fingers felt so good. The balls were moving inside of me like marbles. We both came in the ladies room and went back out to the guys, all Carmen and I could do is giggle, as she licked the what the guys thought was BBQ sauce from her fingers?.us girls knew different.

I later on in the meal casually mentiond that our room aboard the Queen Mary had a jacussi, Carmen perked up and started whining to Mark about how she needed to soak in a jaccussi tub because her back had been bothering her. Mark said ?But Carmen you have no suit, and I am sure Curtis and Stefanee want to be alone.? AAAHHHH common Mark we are all friends and hell we ask you to celebrate with us of course you two can cum I said with a giggle. Curtis pipped inn and said? yeah Mark , it will be fun we can kick back drink a few and watch the ladies skinny dip? Curtis had every intention of watching Carmen and I as we slid into the bubbly water, he knew hed be hard for sure remembering and fantasing about the sexy dream he had. He knew that seeing me with Carmen would turn him on but secretly he wanted to fuck Carmen while Mark banged me. I only wish Curtis and I were on the same page oooohhh I wanted to tell him what happened in the ladies room but instead of telling him that I told him about the ben wa balls. The balls made Curt very ansy to get to the room, he wanted to see my naughty ball show and have my cum dripping down my leg. He reached over as we were walking to the room and grabbed my throbbing woman hood. If he had only known about Carmen, would he be upset? Is this only a fantasy or does he really want to make it a reality? Very softly I said ?Carmen looks very sexy in her dress don?t you think? I really like the way it makes her breast stand out.? Curt looked at me in a very odd manner. So I said? well I know you have to notice what a gorgeous woman she is , babe.?

Curtis and I got to our hotel room and I immediately got naked. I wanted sex and I wanted it now. I took a leap and my lips landed right in Curts crotch area. I unzipped his pants with my teeth and sprung his package out with my tongue and went to town. Bobbing up and down, just then there was a load knock at the door and Carmen and Mark entered. To much of their dismay they had entered just as Curtis was cumming all over my face. I looked up and cumm dribbled down my chin and Mark says?wow that?s a nice anniversary gift you got there?..a pearl necklace. Curt that must of cost you a fortune.? At that everyone started laughing and the ice was broken. This was going to be easier than I had thought. I got in the jaccuzi and invited Carmen to come in, and indeed she did. We sat close talking and giggling, when I felt a slight touch to my thigh. HHHHMMMM ?? was she wanting more of what we had in the ladies room? I reached over and touched her tits ?.god I wanted her bad. Carmens fingers slid deep into my pussy, and I did the same for her. In the next room the guys had noticed all of giggling stopped and moans had started. Mark had decided hed check because Carmen had been having severe back ppain and maybe the hot water set a spasm off. As he walked into the room I had my face buried in Carmens hair pie and I invited him to join. Carmen told Mark to finger me while I ate her hole. Marks fingers felt so nice and I had wanted more. ?Carmen ?I said?can Mark fuck me??and with that I felt a hard 10 inch cock buldging in my twot. Curtis was wondering what had been taking so long so he came into find out and boy did he get his wish cum true. He immediately stripped naked and started caressing Carmens lovely body. His hands were all over her and it was turning me on so much. I wanted to see Carmen suck my mans dick. Mark was pumping away when I decided I wanted carman to use a dildo on me. She rubbed it on my clit and slid it in and out of my juicy wet hole. Curt then pulled out the two headed one and said ?let us men see you two fuck eachother? man it couldn?t get any better than this as I wa fucking my best friend Mark was behind me fondling every inch of me, Curt was doing the same to Carmen. Carman and I screamed at the same time in extasy, and licked eachother clean. The whole entire night was filled with laughs, memories and lots of sex. I had learnded a lot about myself and my life partner. Carmen and I are still best friends and we have a very open relation ship where sex cums in. Curt begs me to call Carmen and Mark to relax and have drinks every weekend. I don?t know how much relaxing gets done,but I do know we all have very satisfying sex lives. Being with Carmen and Mark has introduced curt and I into more new and adventurios things. We are members of some swing sites and we play on cam. So here it is again Curt and I?s 6th wedding anniversary what could I possibly do?The months turned into days and the days turned into hours?..and finally the day had cum and ??nothing?.nothing?.nothing OH I KNOW WE WILL CALL CARMEN AND MARK UNLESS ANYONE ELSE FEELS LIKE A NIGHT OF PASSION!

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