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Swinging Fantasies

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Raven and I had spend the Friday night an0064 Saturday at a California nude resort, and had already fulfilled several of our personal fantasies; the freedom of nudism, the thrill of exhibitionism, and sex in a swimming pool. It was already the best birthday I could imagine and Saturday night was rapidly approaching. It was early in the season and there were only a few couples at the Saturday night dance. We decided to skip it and headed directly to the conversation pool instead. We set down our towels and kicked off our flip fops. There were 5 couples and a couple of single men relaxing in the pool as we eased our bodies into the water.

Raven had picked our emersion spot carefully, across from a blond haired couple in their late 30s. We began conversing and found out their names were Larry and Chrystal, from Las Vegas, NV. We talked about where we lived, music, hobbies, etc. and Raven mentioned that we liked to write erotic stories about our escapades and post them on SLS. The other nudists had cleared out of the pool area when Larry said he?d like to hear one, so we began to tell them about out morning adventure in the indoor swimming pool. Before we were half way through the story I notice Larry was having a little issue with his rig. He had developed a 7? semi-hard-on that was poking it? thick head out of the water.

We seemed to be clicking, so I jokingly said, ?You know Raven has a license to handle that semi?, referring to her CDL. We all laughed and I noticed Raven and Chrystal exchange a quick look, and Chrystal gave her a little nod. I kept going with story as Raven slipped across the pool and reached under the surface to stroke Larry?s penis to its full potential. I continued on with the story, and at the part where we performing our underwater sexual ballet, Raven?s face disappeared under the surface as she began sucking his oversized cock deep down her throat. His 7? semi soon grew onto a 9? big rig under Raven?s skilled direction.

At the same time, I couldn?t help but notice Chrystal?s free hand dipping down between her own legs, rubbing her clit. Her pussy was lightly covered in fine blond hair that reminded me of a Freestone peach. I finished the story quickly and said ?Chrystal, you have the most beautiful peach. I?d love to taste it.? She smiled, glancing at her husband and said ?Be my guest? as she eased herself out of the water to afford me a dryer target.

I slid over and planted my face between her legs and lightly traced the outline of her lips with my tongue. She leaned back a parted her legs a little further, a soft moan escaped from her mouth. I ran tongue between her vulva and gently sucked her clitoris into my mouth. I repeated this motion over and over, then began just sucking and releasing her clit. Chrystal reached forward and pulled my face harder into pussy, rubbing her pelvis against my nose and mouth. A few minutes of this was all she could take, ?suck my pussy! Eat it? she demanded. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth and lubed it with a generous amount of saliva, then slowly worked it into her pussy without missing a lick. Curling my knuckle scored a direct hit on her G spot, and her body convulsed with the first of several orgasms.

I looked over to Raven and Larry, and found them repeating our morning performance. Larry?s dick was buried deep in Raven?s pussy, her grinding slowly up and down on his generous cock. I could tell she was having an orgasm by the way her body was tensed, and she had all but stopped breathing . At first I felt a pang of jealously as I watched the woman I love fucking another man, but the joy she was getting from it reminded me how lucky I was to have her. My jealously quickly turned into excitement.

When Chrystal?s orgasm subsided, I grabbed both of her legs and flipped her onto her back on a towel, and began licking her from asshole to clit, spending more and more time on her ass. She was loving this and said ?God that feels wonderful, nobody?s ever kissed my ass like that before?. With that I switched for licking to tongue fucking her pink asshole while simultaneously rubbing her clit with my thumb. Very quickly another orgasm welled up in her and this time she gushed onto my face. Embarrassed she pulled back and began apologizing for ?peeing? on me.

?I?m so sorry, I don?t know what happened? she bleated. I laughed and began licking her cum off her legs and snatch. ?No need to apologize?, Chrystal, I said. ?You just squirted. Some women go their whole lives without cumming hard enough to do that. I consider it an honor that you did.? Just then Larry froze and grunted to Raven ?We better stop now or we?ll be chasing floaters around the hot tub. Let?s all go up to our cottage for a nightcap.? As we climbed out of the pool we noticed that several other people had heard our noised and gathered around to watch the action. Score another fantasy fulfilled, public sex.

Larry walked with his arm around Raven, caressing her naked flesh and fondling her breasts. I had my hand on Chrystal?s ass, occasionally reaching around to stroke her cunt. As we walked I asked her if she had ever been with another woman. She replied that she had experimented once with a girlfriend in college, and it had been fun. I told her that it was Raven?s birthday, and it was a fantasy of Raven?s to be with another woman. Raven had a thing for blonds, so this could work out perfect. Chrystal was definitely up for it, but worried about what Larry would think. I said ?I wouldn?t worry about Larry. You two just do whatever comes over you, and Larry and I will join in a little later. I?m sure he?ll be fine with it.?

When we reached their cottage, Chrystal sat on one end of the sofa and Raven on the other. I knelt between them fondling their breasts and pussies while Larry began to mix up a batch of margaritas. Both were juicy and I buried my face back in Chrystal?s pussy smearing her juices all over my beard and moustache. I pulled up and reached over to kiss Raven, sharing Chrystal?s scent and taste with my lady.

?Isn?t her smell intoxicating?, I asked Raven? ?Wouldn?t you love to taste her yourself?? I said, opening the doorway for an invitation. Chrystal caught on immediately and said ?I?d love it if you ate my pussy, Raven?. Just then Larry came back and said he was out of Tequila. I said, ?We?ve got a whole bottle back at our place, let?s walk over together and get it. I figured this would give the ladies some time alone to enjoy each other?s company.

When we returned 20 minutes later, Raven and Chrystal were in the most erotic 69 I have ever seen. Licking, sucking and fingering each other to orgasm after orgasm, both covered in each other?s saliva and cum. Larry went back to work mixing margaritas and I decided to help Raven work on Chrystal. Chrystal was laying with her ass in the air, Raven was under her, heads up sucking her clit. I took one look at Chrystal?s beautiful ass and decided I needed to tongue fuck it until she came. While Raven worked her pussy, I buried my tongue in Chrystal?s ass and licked and sucked like a mad man. I could feel her convulsing with another orgasm when Larry handed me my drink. ?I apologize? he said, ?the blender isn?t working very well so the ice is still pretty much cubes.? With that I spilled several tablespoons of margarita right into the crack of Chrystal?s butt. She let out a muffled cry, but nothing compared to the scream she made when I pushed a whole ice cube into her asshole with my tongue. She shot straight up, but I held her cheeks together to keep her from expelling the frozen beverage. Once again she squirted, this time nearly drowning Raven in cum. Raven pushed Chrystal?s full weight off her drenched face and struggled to catch her breath. Before she fully could, Larry pushed an ice cube into her pussy, and the game was on for them again.

I found a bottle of lube on the coffee table and without asking permission began oiling Chrystal?s delicious behind. I had stretched her ass out with my tongue and finger, and the ice cube provided anesthesia. She was as ready as she would ever be. I picked her up and flay her like a frog on the sofa, her ass poking up. Then I knelt behind her and slowly began working my 6? cock into her waiting butt. ?I?ve always fantasized about trying anal? she said, ?but Larry?s cock is so big I?ve been afraid to. Yours feels sooo nice in my ass? She cooed. With that I rammed the remaining inches in and grabbed her hair to prevent her from pushing me back out. She screamed again, but pushed firmly back against my crotch. I slowly began rhythmically pumping my penis in and out of her and she quickly went for pain to ecstasy. The amazing tightness, and soft friction provided by the lube felt wonderful. After about 5 minutes of this I could no longer contain myself and told her ?Chrystal, I?m going to come? she said ?cum in my ass, I want to feel you cum in my ass!?

Raven and Larry had rolled over on their side, Larry behind her slowly pumping her cunt and watching me sodomize his wife. As I release my first strand of jizm in Chrystal?s tight behind, Raven crawled over, pulled my cock out of Chrystal and engulfed it with her mouth. This performance of ass to mouth made me come harder as I shot the second and third ropes of cum deep into Raven?s throat. Then she pulled her mouth away and pointed my still cumming cock at Chrystal?s face and tits as I unloaded my final burst of cum.

With that the three of us collapsed while Larry rolled Raven back over and resumed doggy fucking her her limp body. Chrystal turned so she could gently lick the remaining cum off my softening penis. Just before my eyes drew shut from exhaustion, I watched in amazement as Raven began licking the creampie from Chrystal?s tits. As I drifted off to dreamland I heard Raven say, ?Isn?t that just like a man? Leaving it for the women to clean up after them?? And I had to wonder, were there any fantasies left to explore? We?ll have to wait and see.

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