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Swing with First time Bi FF

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We are Donna and Jim I am 38 and Donna is 35. Donna is 5’3” and has a great figure with 34 DD boobs. Donna is Bi-curious and I am not. We are both attorneys and have the good life. We have been married for 10 years.

I was at an adult bookstore and picked up a swingers magazine and was intrigued by the ads of other couples searching for other couples to have sex. There were many that stated the woman was Bi-curious and so I brought it home to show Donna.

Donna looked through the magazine and said wow a lot of women like me and I thought I was so different. I said well here is your chance and she laughed and yours. I laughed and said well if you are going to have another woman it is only fair I have one too.

So we agreed to answer one of the ads and see what might happen. There was no doubt that this was about having sex with another couple and we had talked and were in agreement that we both were excited about that prospect and that it was safe to do as we had a solid marriage and this idea posed no threat.

Two weeks later we got a response. The other couple were both 25 and this was their first time adventure like us. They were Sam and Julie. Julie was very beautiful and had a very nice figure from the picture they sent. Sam was a tall guy and looked in good shape.

There was a phone number so I called and Sam and talked. In the beginning the Bi idea had been his idea as it was his fantasy, but Julie had decided after a lot of talk that she was also curious and was willing to explore. I told Sam that we had never done anything like this before and he said they were first timers as well. We both understood we were talking about swapping wives at some point. We agreed to meet for a drink

Donna and I arrived at the bar early, both anxious and excited. Sam and Julie came through the door and I waved at them and they joined us at our table and ordered drinks.

Julie was even more beautiful in person and I watched as Donna looked her over and could tell she liked what she was seeing.

Sam and Julie were very nice people and we liked them instantly and so off to a good start. I suggested we have a date with them and go to one of the casinos for a weekend and get to know each other, so we agreed to meet the next weekend.

I called Sam and suggested that as the weekend progressed that at any point, any two of us could go up to our room or their room in the hotel and do what ever they wanted. He laughed and said except you and me and I said right. So we had a plan. The first time would be one on one only. Donna was clear that she did not want to do anything in front of me for now at least, but would tell me everything she did. Me too.

When we arrived at the casino Sam and Julie were already there waiting. The two girls gave each other a hug and we proceeded into the casino to do some gambling.

I like blackjack and Donna likes the slots. Sam was a slot player as well and Julie played the numbers. We all went separate ways and agreed we would meet later for lunch.

We all met for lunch and Donna had lost $100 dollars but I had won $200. Sam was about even and Julie $50 ahead. We ate lunch and than back to the gambling and after a while I went looking for Julie with intentions. The time had come to see if they were really willing.

I found her at they numbers table and said hi and suggested we go to our room and take a break. Julie looked at me and smiled knowing what I meant by break. She only hesitated a moment and said ok a break sounds like a good idea. I took her up to our room.

I felt strange being in our room with Julie knowing we were going to fuck in a few minutes, at least I hoped so. We stood in the room both a little unsure how to began.

So I said are you sure you want to do this and she said that Sam wanted her to have an adventure and she was willing. I made my move.

I pulled her close and could feel her shaking a little, but her kiss was warm and willing and we continued kissing for a while and I unbuttoned her top and she had terrific boobs and she was braless. I took them in my mouth one at a time and could feel her shutter.

She moaned and said love that as my hand moved to her butt and pulled her closer and she could feel my hard cock pressed against her leg.

We were both hot and breathing hard and had stopped talking. We were both ready to fuck by now. I stepped back and asked her to undress for me. Julie made eye contact with me and smiled and removed her top than her skirt and stood there in her panties looking absolutely beautiful. I undressed than and we moved toward each other. She looked down at my 8 inch cock up and at the ready and said nice.

We moved to the bed and I removed her panties and could see her pussy was very wet and immediately went down on her. She gasped and pressed against my face as I licked and sucked her. After a while I stood up and she sat on the edge of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. I almost came and had to pull out of her mouth, as I was not ready to cum yet. I pushed her back down on the bed and she spread wide open ready to fuck me. I moved on top of her and slipped my cock into her pussy. Julie was so wet and she put her legs around me and pulled me all the way in and climaxed, saying in my ear good, good. I kept moving in and out and riding her hard.

I turned us over and now she was riding me. We were kissing passionately and she was riding me hard and fast and jerked and cried out and climaxed again kissing me and sucking on my tongue. I was past stopping and grabbed he butt and rammed my cock up and exploded in her pussy as she continued to ride. We both lay there panting and kissing each other as our breathing returned to normal and my cock fell out of her pussy with my cum running down her leg. Julie said that was fun and I agreed. She cleaned up and we went back to the casino. We ran into Sam and Donna in the elevator. Both of the ladies faces were still flushed and we all had that I just got fucked look about us.

Donna and I had a chance to talk when we got back to the casino. We told each other our stories. Donna said that Sam seen you and Julie heading upstairs knowing what was about to happen and went searching for me. He said lets go up to our room. I knew what that meant and thought ok the time has come to put up or shut up or is that put out and laughed. Well when we got to their room he just looked at me and said you are beautiful and we were both ready to do the wild thing.

We did some kissing and than undressed each other. Wow he had a very big cock standing tall and I just dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. I love doing that.

After a while he lifted me up turned me around and pressed on my back and I leaned forward with my hands on the bed and he put that big cock into my pussy doggie.

He filled me all up and I climaxed immediately. I felt so full of cock. Sam rode me hard and truthfully I was so hot I kind of moved into another world of heat and pressure and lost it. I just wanted this guy to fuck me and he did. I felt his cock get bigger if that was possible and knew he was going to cum and pulled away and got back on my knees and took him in my mouth using my hands I jerked him off in my mouth. I was feeling nasty and knew I had just been a very bad girl and loved it.

All I could do was listen to my wife in wonder and with love for her. The adventure had begun. I told my story and asked afterward are you going to do Julie too? Donna said oh yes later, I am ready to explore and she seems ready too. We have been looking at each other, knowing looks, I want to fuck you looks all day long. Oh yes, I am going to do her soon.

We all met for dinner and us guys decided to go across the street to see if our luck was any better at a different casino. Donna and Julie decided to stay.

Later that night when we were alone in bed Donna told me what had happened between her and Julie.

After you and Sam left I told Julie I was going to go to the room and take a shower and take a short nap and would be back in a little while. I went up to the room and left the door unlocked hoping she would join me.

I was in the shower and the door opened and Julie asked do want some company and I said what took you so long and we were in the shower together. As you know I have never been with another woman, but was ready.

We started by kissing and it felt strange kissing another woman that way. Soon we were sucking on each others tongues and we were just hot for each other. We washed each other all over and that was fun. Our hands explored everywhere. By the time we were ready to get out of the shower we were both so hot it did not matter that this was our first bi experience. We just wanted to do each other. And we did.

We were on the bed kissing and my hand found her pussy and hers mine and we fingered each other kissing passionately the whole time. Loved the kissing. I felt he pussy clamp down on my fingers and she jerked against my hand and said cum and climaxed on my fingers. I could feel her pussy quivering and her cum seemed to go on for along time.

I said I want to taste you and she spread her legs wide open and I went down on her.

What a feeling being down on another woman. Julie said me too and we were in a 69 licking and sucking on each other. I was so hot and completely lost in her pussy and her wetness and taste. Our legs were wrapped around each other. Our heads buried between each others legs, moving against each others mouths.

I lost all control and started to jerk against her face and my face flushed and I was panting and shuttered and climaxed on her face and tongue. I seemed to cum forever and flooded her face with juices and she followed me and we were locked in each others climaxes rocking back and forth fucking each others face. We continued to eat each other through our cums and made them last. Soon we parted and continued kissing tasting ourselves.

We lay there quietly for a while both a little shocked at what had just happened.

Finally I kissed her and told her she was wonderful. She kissed me back and said wow what a powerful experience. I came so hard. I want to do it again. So after some recovery time we did do it again. We will do it again I am sure.

Donna and I made love after her story and it was the best of all.

The next morning we had breakfast together. Our relationship with them had changed.

There was an intimacy between us that was not there before. We had become much closer. Sam told us that they were surprised and happy with how it had turned out. That Julie had changed and was excited about the future and swinging again. I said we have changed too and really enjoyed the both of you.

We spent the day together again and later in the day I noticed Donna and Sam waiting for the elevator again. I thought well hell why not and went looking for Julie and found her.

I laughed and said want to go fuck Sam and Donna are, she smiled and said of course. Than said no one has ever asked me like that before and I like it.

Julie and I fucked again and so did Donna and Sam. This time I had Julie on her hands and knees and we fucked doggie and she loves doggie as she told me. I went over the top with all my weight on her butt and rode her hard. She was grunting and gasping for air as I fucked her. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she said oh yes fuck me and climaxed. I was ready to cum and she pulled away and went down on me and I erupted in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. She told me later that Donna had done that to Sam and she wanted to return the favor or is it flavor. Julie said I have been a very bad girl and I said no a very good girl. We laughed together and finished kissing each other.

Donna said her and Sam did a slow fuck face to face and she was intrigued by the lustful look on his face as he fucked her. We fucked for nearly an hour. Finally I put my legs around him and pulled that big cock in as deep as I could handle. I whispered in his ear I love your big cock and that did it and he grunted and exploded in my pussy and than I had my cum. I had a great time.

Later we left for home promising to get together again soon.

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