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Swing life 3

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Diane was very anxious and asked if we could stop for a drink before we arrived. I said sure and pulled off the freeway and we found a bar. As sat drinking she said so we go into the house and meet new people. I said yes. She said so I am going to have sex with someone I have not met yet. I said yes that is why you came right. Diane said yes that is what we talked about, but I am nervous. I said it will be ok you will see. Diane is a bad girl and has been on her back ever since her divorce. We got it on the first date. She is a lot of fun in bed. Oral is her favorite. She gives the best blow jobs and loves to swallow.

We arrived at the house and went to the door and once inside we looked around. I had been there before with Sherrie a year before. Diane and I found a place to sit. There were several other couples sitting around talking. Diane looked around the room wondering who she was going to be fucking her soon. She was ready. I asked her if she was ok and she nodded a yes. She knew before we started that she was going to a swing house with me and what exactly went on there. A couple approached us and sat down next to us.

They were Jill and Jack. Jack said we come here every month. Jill was focused on me and said you look familiar. I said I have been here a couple of times. Jack was looking at Diane and mostly at her big boobs. Diane was noticing and flushed a little. Her boobs are her most prominent part. She was proud of them. Jack asked if we would like to join them. I looked at Diane and said up to you are you ready. She smiled and said yes I am ready. We found a room. Jack took Diane by the hand and led her to one side of the room and Jill and I went to the other. Jill was a lovely lady and I remember seeing her here before. I even watched her once with a girl. She was a regular here and knew what she was here for and that was to fuck someone new.

I heard Diane gasp as Jack reached out and unbuttoned her top and was feeling her boobs. Jill gave me a kiss and said I am so horny. Jill stood in front of me and took her clothes off as I watched. She was lovely. Nice boobs and when she turned around to pull her panties off I could see her terrific butt. I got undressed and went to the floor. She looked down at my cock and said nice. She said jack likes to watch me getting it. I looked over and Jack was watching us. She spread for me and I went in and her legs came up into the air as I fucked her. Diane was watching me. After a time Jack went back to Diane and had her naked, then himself. Diane looked down at what she was about to get and I heard her whisper big. I glanced over he was that. Diane dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. It became obvious that Diane was in the right place.

Jill was a terrific fuck and knew it. She gave me her all. When she got off with me she whispered in my ear oh I love doing this with different men. We relaxed in each others arms with me still hard inside her. I looked over and Diane was on her back and Jack was riding her hard. She was having no problem giving it up to this stranger. Jill and she were a lot alike and I realized at that moment that all the women who came to the house were just like them. They loved to fuck and be fucked and that was why they were there. I moved inside Jill and her eyes came open and she said yes more please. I heard skin slapping against skin as Jack fucked Diane hard and fast. I did the same to his wife and the room was filled with the sounds and smells of people fucking. Jill loudly said to jack yes give it to her and he looked over at her and you could see the lust on his face. Diane lost it and gave it up to him grunting as she got off hard. He was grunting with her and was ready and she said wait and pulled away and went down on him. He started to jerk in her mouth and exploded in her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed it all with a smile on her face. Jill was watching and said she is very good. I said and now you and I gave it to her and she opened wide and put her legs on my shoulders so I could go deeper. I fucked her really hard and she said cum inside of me and gave it up to me making a lot of noise and I grunted and exploded pulling out squirting all over her pussy and tummy. She looked down at me squirting and I could see the pure lust in her eyes. The room got quiet. We all got dressed and returned to the living room. They moved on.

Diane said wild place I like it here. I had a really good time with Jack. I said you certainly are in the right place. Diane looked at me and said I was a very bad girl tonight and have been now for a long time. I have been fucking anyone who wanted me ever since my divorce including you. I like it and you like it. I want to come here again, will you bring me. I said yes of course. I like it here as well. I am as bad as you.

Then I said want to see the group room and she said sure. It is the wildest place in the house. She followed me into the group room and we found a place to sit and watch. There were about 15 people there. Lots of stuff was happening. Two girls were kissing and their husbands were standing by watching them. I said to Diane they are going to have sex. She said the women and I said yes. She said wow. The two ladies undressed each other as they continued kissing.

One girl bent down and sucked the nipple of the other girl. You could hear her gasp. The two girls went to the floor and were all over each other. Soon they were down on each other and their husbands stood watching as well as everyone else in the room doing each other. Diane watched closely and whispered they are really enjoying each other. I said yes. I whispered back you should try it sometime. She just looked at me and was quiet. I added I know Jill is Bi as I have watched her before; a lot of women here are Bi. Diane said maybe I will sometime.

Diane leaned back against me and said you know I really like you and thanks for bringing me here. I will gave you a good time later. I will be very bad for you. About then a very attractive lady moved to the center of the room sat down and took her clothes off. A number of guys knew what she wanted and joined her. The woman proceeded to fuck and suck 5 guys. Every guy got her off and she was panting. She waved off the sixth guy and said enough. Got dressed and left. Diane said wow what a scene, I want to do that. I said well go ahead there are plenty of guys. Diane hesitated for a moment and said are you sure and I said whatever you want. She asked me to go with her and I said sure. She went to the center of the room and undressed and the guys joined her.

Diane has wonderful boobs and a terrific butt. The guys were all over her. I sat next to her and she did four guys in a row. The last guy was a big black dude and she had never been with a black guy before. Finally she put her hand up indicating she had enough and I waved the other guys off. I did her next and she gave it up to me and came really hard and when I was ready she pulled away and went down on me and I exploded and she swallowed it all. I just kept squirting a lot. She had cum running out of her mouth before I stopped. She said you were loaded. I said yes, but not anymore. She laughed got dressed and we left the group room. She said I think I have had enough for one night and I said probably. So we headed home. The next day we talked about the trip. She said you know I appreciate the fact that there are no judgments between us. I have never had that before. You accept me as I am. I said yes I like who you are. I thought for just a moment I wonder if I am in love with her.

Later in the week I told her that Jill and Jack lived fairly close and he had given me their phone number just in case we were interested. Diane said so you watched Jill with another woman once. I said yes she was having fun. Diane said well I have been wondering what that might be like. I said oh you are. She said yes. Well we could call Jill and Jack. She would probably show you the way. Diane said ok call them.

I talked with jack and he was glad I called and said sure Jill would be happy to teach Diane. He also suggested we could all play. He invited us for the weekend at their place and I accepted. He added that Jill was very excited about seeing us both again. She really likes you Jim. We arrived on Saturday at lunch time. They had a pool so we had brought our suits. Diane is stunning in a bikini and Jill was too. Diane is 40dd and only 5 foot tall. Jack was ready for those again and so was Jill. They were both watching her as she joined us by the pool. Jack said you look great and she flushed knowing what he had on his mind. We had lunch and the girls decided to take a swim and got in the pool together. Jack and I sat on lounges talking. He told me that Jill was all excited about playing with Diane, that it had been months since she had been with a woman. I said Diane is a little anxious. He answered with she will do ok Jill will take it slow. She was nervous her first time too. Diane can do only what she is comfortable doing. I added she is looking forward to playing with you as well.

I looked over to the pool and Diane and Jill were in one corner talking and then Jill leaned forward and kissed Diane. Diane kissed her back and her face flushed. I could tell she was excited. They kissed a few more times and got out of the pool and said we are going to take a shower. Jack said that Jill had her first experience in a shower with a friend of hers many years ago as a teenager. We could hear the shower running and some giggling going on between them. A few minutes later they rejoined us wrapped in towels, both a little flushed with their wet hair hanging down. Both looked very sexy. I love women with wet hair. Diane was smiling and relaxed.

Diane went over to Jack and sat on his lap. Jill joined me. Diane and Jill were both naked under their towels. Diane lifted up a little and sat back down and her expression changed to I have a big cock in me look. Jack is a big guy. Jill was watching and smiled and said he has been looking forward to this moment since you called. I slipped my hand under her towel and discovered she was very wet. She said for you. She shifted around and leaned forward and I slipped into her pussy and she leaned back against me whispering my favorite thing. I looked over and Diane was now naked as her towel had slipped off. Jill was watching and her breathing increased as Jack slowly moved in and out of Diane with her pussy in full view.

Jill stood up and dropped her towel and went over to Diane. They made eye contact as Jack fucked her and Jill asked ok and Diane nodded a yes. Jill turned back to me and said give me a few minutes and then do me from behind. Jill moved back to Diane and kissed her again. I could tell hot Diane had become. Jill kissed her again and then began the trip down. Diane knew what was about to happen. First jill played with her boobs and licked and sucked them Diane gasped at her touch. It was the first time a woman touched her that way. Jill continued down and Jack pulled out and Diane shifted forward on his knees and Jill went down on her. Jack lifted her legs up so Jill had full access and Diane moaned and gave it up to Jill. Jill just kept licking and sucking on her as I moved behind her and went in deep. Jack pushed back into Diane as Jill continued to lick and suck on her clit. Both Jack and Jill were doing her at the same time. Diane really lost it. They both had to hold her down she was so out of control. She screamed as she got off collapsing against Jack as she gave it up to both of them. I pulled out of Jill and watched Diane coming back into the moment. Jack had pulled out and Jill rose up with her face all wet and said to Diane you did it. Good girl. Diane smiled and said no bad girl. Finally Diane said you are all wonderful that was incredible. Diane was the only one to get off for now anyway.

Time for a break Diane and I had a moment to talk and I said looks like you really enjoyed that experience, are you going to do the same to Jill. Diane said I would like to later. I really got off with them. I think I came so hard I passed out for just a second. I completely lost it. I said I know I was watching you. You really lost it.

I sat watching Diane and realized how much I cared for her and I was surprised at how I felt. It had been a long time since I felt this way. I told her how I was feeling and she smiled and said I love you too. I never said anything about love but she knew that is what I was saying. I said we can talk about it.

I was in the pool and Jill joined me. She said nice day and I said yes. She said I really had fun with Diane she is a real trooper. I said she did too and wants to do you later. Jill said I hope so. Jill made eye contact with me and said I really want to do you now. She reached inside my suit and I was hard. Jill said Jack has Diane in the bedroom doing her now. I pulled my suit to the side and my cock was in the open and Jill did the same and turned around with her elbows on the edge of the pool. So underwater I entered her from behind. She gasped and said oh yes you feel good and pushed back against me. She moaned and said I love doing this; I have had at least 7 guys in this pool with me over the past couple of years.

We fucked until we both got off. Jill said you really get me off we should do this more often. Diane and Jack joined us and Diane had that I just got fucked look. Jack was holding her hand as they joined us saying I have just had her. He knew what Jill and I had just done by the expression on her face. We had to find something else to do besides fuck as it was going to be a 2 day visit. Jack said how about a strip club this evening. I said sounds like fun.

We all got dressed up. The two ladies had short skirts and low cut tops with no bra on. Diane without a bra is a wonder to see. The girls were all excited. They sat in the back seat fooling around. Diane had yet to do Jill but would later. I looked in to the mirror and seen Jill open her legs and Diane slip her hand under her skirt. A minute later she pulled her hand back and tasted her finger. Jill just smiled. We arrived at the club and went in and found seats at a table. We ordered drinks and sat back watching the girls on stage. They were all bad girls. They exposed everything in sexual ways. The guys at the bar got the best views.

A beautiful young girl approached our table and offered a table dance for $15. I said just for our ladies. She said I am Sara and I will do your ladies totally nude for $50 in the Sky room. I said ok. We all moved to a special private room. People in the dance area would not be able to see us. Sara was a lovely girl and once we were seated she moved in front of Jill and Diane sitting together. The music started. She said I will do two songs. Sara began her sexy dance and slowly removed her clothes until she was naked. She sat on their laps with her boobs close to their faces and then turned around and bent over to the floor exposing her pussy for them to see. She was shaved so totally exposed. Diane and Jill watched her closely and were holding hands The girl with one then the other pushed their legs apart and banged against their pussies under their clothes with her pussy. Both Diane and Jill got turned on by what she was doing to them. I sensed that Sara was also turned on by what she was doing. The music stopped and Sara stood back and put her clothes on and said thanks and left Diane said wow that was exciting never been to a place like this before. We watched some more girls do their naked dances. Then decided to go home and as we were leaving Jack walked up to Sara and handed her a note and she read it and nodded. I asked Jack and he said I gave her our number and invited her to join us tomorrow.

When we got home we relaxed in the living room for a time. Bed time was approaching and we decided to use one bed as Diane was anxious to play with Jill. The girls were in the middle and were cuddled up with each other. There was sexual tension between Diane and Jill as they both explored each other. Diane finally made her move and travelled down Jill. Licking and sucking as she went. Jill spread wide opening for her and when she reached her pussy Diane got her first taste of another woman. As Diane licked and sucked on her Jill brought her knees up and over her shoulders and held her face in her pussy. Jill fucked her mouth and Diane was holding on to her butt and Jill suddenly lost control and gushing exploded. Diane looked up her face was very wet and she was breathing hard. Finally she said now I know. Jill said welcome to a new world. It was late and we all fell asleep. I woke up early and heard sounds from the other side of the bed where Diane and Jack had slept. It was dark and all I could see was shadows. Although they were quiet I could hear the sound of sucking and knew Jack was being given a blow Job. I heard a suppressed grunt and knew Diane had gotten him off and swallowed it all. It got quiet again and they had fallen back to sleep. I got up and made coffee and sat on the patio waiting for the sun to rise.

The next day was a new day. Jill and Diane had become lovers and it was just a matter of time before they would do it again. We all had become lovers. It became a laid back kind of day. About noon the phone rang and jack answered it and a few minutes later he told us that Sara had accepted his invitation and would be coming over shortly. Diane and Jill got all excited about this very young girl joining us. Certainly she was about to become the center of attention. We all wanted a piece of her and she knew what kind of party we were having.

Sara arrived and we all gave her a hug. We found out she was only 19 and had been nude dancing for 6 months and was having fun and making a lot of money. She was also going to school. She was full of energy and energized us all. Sara was stunningly beautiful. Perfect skin and a great figure; she looked delicious and I think we all wanted to eat her. Diane whispered to me I want to eat her and I said me too. We could do her together. Diane said that would be different. We had lunch and Sara relaxed with us and soon Jack was flirting with her and she knew what was next. She encouraged him and before long they disappeared down the hallway. After a while we could hear sounds coming from the bedroom. Skin slapping against skin and knew that Jack was giving it to her. Jill listening got up and said I will be back and went back to their bedroom. We heard Sara say oh hi Jill. A few minutes later Diane and I went back also. When we walked into the bedroom Jill was spread wide open and Sara was down on her and Jack was giving it to her from behind. Diane and I got undressed and we tagged teamed Sara. Jill pulled away and Diane replaced her and Sara was down on her and Jack pulled out and I replaced him. Diane and I made eye contact as I fucked her and I could see the pure lust on her face as Sara licked and sucked her. Sara was so tight and wet and completely in a new world as we all did her. I pulled out and she flipped over on her back and Jill jumped in and was down on her. Sara pulled Diane in and Diane sat on her face. A girl-girl-girl threesome. Jack and I stood by watching and waiting for our turn. Sara was a wild young thing having the time of her life.

Sara moaned as jill licked her and shuttered and gave it up to Jill. Diane was riding her face and grunting exploded covering her face with her cum. Sara sat up her face all wet and Jack moved in and fucked her silly. He and I switched back and forth fucking her. Sara got off with him and then me. She was panting. Jack grunted and pulled out and squired all over her tummy and boobs. I fucked her gain and when I started to cum she sat up went down on me and I exploded in her mouth. We all fell back looking at this amazing girl who had just got all four of us off. The room got very quiet and finally Sara said you were all wonderful. I was a very bad girl and we all said oh no you were a very good girl.

Sara spent the day with us and we all had our second time with her alone. We all got to do her again. The day ended with us all fucked silly and when we were leaving Sara said I had a great time hope you invite me again and if you would like I can bring a girl friend. The next time we had a party she did bring her girlfriend but that is another story for later.

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