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Sweet dreams

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This is my first attempt in writing an erotic short story. I hope you enjoy it.

A dream I had about a woman I have yet to meet and an encounter we shared together.

It was a Friday night and we went out to a bar to have a few drinks when we met some guy there and the three of us were talking like old friends before too long. As we had several more drinks, the 2 of you start flirting with each other, until I suggest that our handsome new friend comes home with us for a drink & continue enjoying the company.

We get a taxi to go home & all jump into the back seat with you sitting between me & our new handsome friend. We are talking & laughing in the taxi when I notice our new friend is massaging your thigh, his hand moving higher under your skirt. I lean over to you & whisper that you are in for a night of fun if you want to & I start nibbling & sucking on your ears, you part you legs a little to let our new friend move his hand deeper into your skirt & you let out a slight moan when we are interrupted by the taxi driver telling us that we are at our home. We laugh at the taxi driver because he had a big grin on his face seeing the three of us. We pay him & go inside.

As soon as we got inside, I announced that I will go to the kitchen & get us all drinks. As I come back into the lounge room, I see the 2 of you kissing passionately. He has 1 hand under your skirt feeling your freshly shaven, silky smooth mound & the other is massaging your breast under your top while one of your hands is undoing his pants and your other hand is massaging his very obvious bulge.

I put our drinks on the coffee table, move up behind you, putting an arm around you and my other hand starts massaging your other breast while I whisper in your ear that I love you & I want you to enjoy this evening to the fullest and we are in for a night to remember and cherish for years to come. You break the kiss with our new friend, turn your head & kiss me passionately then tell me that you love me.

Our new friend then suggests that we go to our bedroom to continue the fun, we all agree, grinning in anticipation while we rush to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom the 2 of you start kissing passionately again, he removes your top and I move up behind you, unclip your bra, letting your breasts free. You remove his top, running your hands across his smooth chest while I pull your skirt and thong down leaving you naked before us. Our friend starts to remove his pants, but you stop him, insisting that you remove them for him. At the same time, I remove all of my clothes. You slowly, teasingly pull his pants & boxer shorts down together to reveal his already hard, erect penis. You tell me that his dick is slightly thinner and a little bit longer than mine is as you start to taste him. He lies down on our bed, his pants still around his knees as you start licking an sucking him, I move to his feet and remove his pants & boxer shorts, making him completely naked like the 2 of us.

You pause for a moment to ask our new friend if he is bisexual. Your eyes & face light up brightly when he says that he is not but doesn?t mind if another guy is touching or sucking him. He looks at me and tells me that his lips won?t be touching me. I tell him that isn?t a problem and I have never touched another man before, but was curious. You laugh out loud and say that I am way more than curious and you have a strap on dildo that you regularly fuck my arse with. As I look a little embarrassed, our new friend laughs & says that it sounds like it is way more than curiosity that I have. Feeling a little relieved that our new friend didn?t get offended with my bisexuality.

I tell you to move on top of our new friend into a 69 position so he can lick you while the both of us can lick & suck his dick. You jump up immediately, moving your pussy over his face and leaned down to start sucking his dick again. I crawl over and start licking the side of his dick when you started licking the other side. I took a deep breath & sighed, moved my mouth over his penis, letting him dick slide past my lips & into my mouth. I realise this is the first time that I have had another man?s penis in my mouth and I am enjoying the new sensation. You moan as you watch me taste my first dick and tell me how hot I look with a hard dick in my mouth. Our friend says he is about to cum and you pull my head of his dick & tells him not to cum yet because you want to feel him inside of you first. I suggest that you & I move into a 69 position so you can suck me while he fucks you doggy style and I can lick you & him at the same time. He says he will get a condom from his wallet and I ask you if he can cum inside of you so I can eat his cum from inside of your pussy. You ask me if it bothers me if another man cums inside of you & I tell you how hot that would be & I want to eat every last drop of his cum out of you. You ask if he minds fucking you without a condom & he willingly agrees saying he doesn?t really like using condoms anyway.

As he enters you from behind, I start licking your clitoris, you moan loudly & have a small climax telling me that he is deeper in you than I have been & he feels so good deep inside of you. I start licking his dick as he moves in & out of you, along his length, back to your clitoris as he tells you that I am licking his dick sending you into a powerful orgasm that our new friend finds too hard to control himself. He is pumping you furiously & starts grunting, you cry out ?YES, fill me with your cum, I want to feel it deep inside of me, it is so hot, I can feel it, making me more wet inside?.

As he pulls out, I immediately put my mouth over your love hole, I start sticking my tongue as far in as I can & sucking, scooping out his cum with my tongue, swallowing every drop, savouring the salty of his cum mixed with the sweetness of your juices, bringing you to another orgasm.

I turn to our new friend and start cleaning his dick of your juices, he starts getting hard again. I do everything I can to bring him to a full erection and ask him to fuck me & to cum inside of me because I want to know how it feels to have cum inside of me. You jump off the bed to get the lube from the bedside drawer. You put a generous amount of lube on your hand to warm it up and start putting your fingers in my bum to get me wet for him while I continue sucking him. You tell him to move behind me, you put some lube on his dick & guide him into my arse doggy style. You move under me, guiding my dick into your pussy and we try to fuck each other, but it takes us a little time to find the right rhythm. Every time he pushes into me, I push into you. It is like he is fucking us both at the same time.

He fucks me for about 15 minutes before he starts pumping me furiously like he did to you, I know I am about to feel cum inside of me for the first time. He starts grunting as I feel hot squirts of liquid deep inside of me. It is all too much for me to handle & I cum inside of you, kissing you passionately at the same time. I know that I have to have more cum inside of me more often after this experience. It was an absolutely amazing feeling.

Our friend asks if he can have a shower, we tell him where the bathroom is & there is a fresh towel on the rack that he can use. I slide down your body to start eating my cum from you, making you cum again. I tell you that we have to bring more strangers home & do this more often, you smile at me and say it is a deal, but next time we have to bring a girl home because you want to eat my cum from her.

Our friend returns to our bedroom & we tell him that we are going to have a shower to clean up as well.

In the shower, I ask you if you would like it if our new friend could stay for the night, maybe for the weekend so we can continue the fun, you agree & kiss me passionately & tell me how much you love me & how much you love that I let other men cum inside of you. I tell you that you can have as many men taking turns coming inside of you, as long as I can eat all of their cum as it leaks from you. We kiss passionately again & return to our bedroom to invite our friend to stay for the night. Sadly, he is not there & his clothes are gone.

We take a quick look around the house to see if he is wandering around, but we learn that he left us without saying goodbye. We lay in bed cuddling & fondling each other as we recall the events from earlier in the evening before making love & falling asleep in each others arms.

The end.

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