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Surprising My Neighbor On Vacation - Who Is that Youre Blowing?

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We have one little treat in our busy, community minded lives. Every year, for the past three, we?ve sent the kids to the grandparents and headed off to a nude resort for a week. It?s the perfect amount of time to develop an outrageous tan and to let all the tensions of the year slowly dissolve.

It?s our naughty little get away. The resort is in Cancun and it?s a couples resort and of course a lot of the people who go there are swingers. We?ve never gone there, but it?s not from any moral convictions about it but we?ve just never met a couple we spent enough time to get to know. We?re both kind of shy that way. I mean one of the things we love about the place is the way people will engage in spontaneous sex acts.

Our arrival was spectacular this year. Our room was not quite ready when we arrived, so they said they?d put our bags in the room and find us at the pool to tell us when it was ready. We made our way poolside and stripped down to lay in a couple of loungers. The waitress came by and shortly we were sipping a couple of rum punches and all was right with the world. This year had been a tough one. Bob had become a senior VP at the bank (the youngest one!) and I?d been really busy with my job and a couple of civic organizations.

Lying in the chaise looking at Bob made me happy to be there with him. He?s really trim and athletic and very interested in sex. He caught me looking at him and winked He knew I was thinking about jumping his bones. I felt really good when I saw his cock start to harden. Sex around the pool wasn?t allowed but it made me feel pretty good that my husband of ten years could get hard just from a smile.

A woman was walking by, a naked redhead with big boobs and a nice bubble butt and she stopped in front of my chaise. ?Honey, I saw you two arrive and I?ve got to say that it just makes my heart glad to see a man who gets hard just looking at his wife?s titties.? She leaned down and shook my hand, and those big boobies put on a nice jiggly show.

Bob obliged by getting completely hard and the woman, whose name was ?Red? said , ?Very nice? and sauntered off.

?I think you?ve made a conquest? I said as I grinned at Bob. Shortly after they came and told us our room was ready and gave us the keys. Bob and I gathered our clothes in our arms and went to the room. It was on the second floor overlooking the ocean. As we rounded the corner we saw that our next door neighbors were on the patio beside our room in a hammock. She had her feet on the floor straddling him and was riding him like Seabiscuit. She was younger than both of us and had a great body. Her mate looking over at us and waved, which was more than I would have done, but we waved back, unlocked our door and fell onto the bed laughing.

?This is much different than the last time we were here.? Bob said.

I had to agree. Last time was sexy but for some reason now the whole atmosphere of the place was full of sex. I jumped into the shower and called to Bob and when he joined me I soaped him hard, rinsed him off and gave him a long slow blow job.

Afterwards Bob said he wished my talents could be showcased. He thinks I give a world class blowjob and I guess I do when the mood is upon me. I start off slow making sure I kiss and lick all around his cock without actually touching it and then I start on his balls, caressing and licking them before I move to the shaft. It?s all in the tease. I use my hair a lot, sweeping it across him and I never stay on one area too long and I do a lot of very light kisses and licks before I ever deep throat him.

Anyway I thought it was a sweet thing to say. I?d only gotten up the nerve to do it in public once last trip but it had both really turned us on to have a dozen people as spectators. Bob was about to reciprocate when the phone rang to remind him of the massage appointment he?d made when we arrived. He threw on some shorts and was out the door.

I unpacked, but I knew he?d be gone for nearly two hours, so I threw on a sarong around my waist and went for a walk on the grounds. Things were different this year. I saw two more people having sex. I wandered up to the Jacuzzi bar on the roof of the restaurant, took off my sarong and waded over to the bar. There was only one other couple in the Jacuzzi and her back was facing me so I just sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, sipping my drink looking out over the Caribbean.

I heard some giggling from my neighbors and looked over to see that he was now on the side of the Jacuzzi while she was engaged in sucking his cock. I turned to watch her technique and as she flipped her hair I got the shock of my life. It was my neighbor from two doors down. The guy she was blowing was definitely not her husband. I liked her technique though and obviously so did her partner. She was using her hands a lot, something I don?t do, grabbing his balls, scratching his legs.

I realized that I was really horny from having blown Bob without getting mine. She was really enthusiastic and I could feel my nipples getting hard. These two were so open about their sex act, and seeing the sex acts earlier had made me feel very wanton.

I wondered if I could unobtrusively give myself some relief and I checked to see that the bartenders weren?t looking before spreading my legs and giving myself a few strokes. My clit was really hard and I rubbed up and down my slit, feeling my moisture flooding. I?d just put my middle finger inside when the guy getting blown noticed and pointed me out. My neighbor turned around, pulling off his cock which bobbed in the air. The ?O? her mouth made wasn?t just from having her mouth filled.

She grinned at me and said, ?Julie? and made a beeline over to me. I noticed that she had really nice boobs. She obviously made an incorrect assumption because when she reached me she didn?t say anything but pushed her way between my legs and fastened her mouth on my pussy. I was about to push her away when I felt her pointed hard tongue force it?s way deep inside me and then she moved up and her finger was doing things to my g-spot and her mouth was clamped around my large clit. I sat back and enjoyed the sensations. It was much different than having a man go down on you. For one thing her face was smaller and she was really soft; no beard scratches! Her technique was different too, just much more direct and more intense. It was as if she knew exactly what my pussy wanted. No circling strokes that made me numb but exactly what it took It didn?t go on long however because I think I only lasted about three minutes before squirting all over her face. Most guys stop at that point but she went crazy and tried to drink me dry. Finally, it just too intense and I had to push her off.

I slipped into the water beside her. She said, ?fancy seeing you here, where?s Bob??

I told her he was having a massage and she said, ?Jim is too. I was horny so I figured I?d find some stray cock to suck.? We drifted back to the other side of the pool. Her cock sucking partner hadn?t gone soft yet and she said, ?Want to take over??

I told her to go ahead, and she said, ?Actually I think I?ll take him over to the cabana beds and fuck him. I?ve got a condom in my little bag. Why don?t you come watch??

She hadn?t introduced him to me, but now she looked at him and said, ?Is that OK with you??

He nodded and she took my hand as we waded out of the pool and leaned in close to whisper, ?I haven?t asked his name. it makes me feel more slutty that way.?

We dried off with the towels kept in rack and I put my sarong bottom back on as I followed Lucy over to the beds. There were about six of them, four posters with linen dr*pes and they were about a foot off the ground, mattresses covered in clean white sheets .

She had a really great body, little bubble butt with a tiny waist, longish legs and those nice sized boobs. I?d never noticed her body before but who does notice her neighbor? I was kind of out in left field with her having gone down on me, but hell I was on vacation.

She didn?t waste any time when she got to the bed, saying to the guy, ?You mind if I drive?? She pushed him onto his back, and pulled out a condom. ?Will you suck him hard while I get this out??

I really wasn?t prepared to do that without having a conversation with Bob first. I kinda felt bad about allowing Lucy to give me oral but I could rationalize that away. I t seemed rude not to do my bit however so I got on the bed and leaned over him, dragging my big tits over his cock. My nipples were long and stiff and I moved around so that they traced the back of his glans. He stiffened nicely and I moved up as a reward and put a nipple in his mouth. She slipped on the condom and spread her legs over him. I saw a very pink and tiny pussy. No kids. The head looked enormous and I moved around just to see how much problem it would have getting in. None at all as it turned out.

She gave the most sensual sigh when she lowered herself down while he reached up and gave her nipples a tweak. He wasn?t very good with nipples though as I?d just found out. He thought tit meant Tune In Tokyo, because he was pinching them in a twisting motion. She didn?t like it obviously because she laced her fingers in his and used her hands to start rocking up and down on his cock. I?d never been that close to someone doing it; It was really sexy when she pulled all the way off so his glans was just about to pop out, then she?d sink down an impressive distance. She kept it slow for a couple of minutes but then she went for a ride grinding his cock with her pelvis bouncing it so that I could hear a wet smack when she bottomed out. Her enjoyment was awe inspiring. She really loved fucking, you could tell that from her expression. Her nipples were firm as small gr*pes.

Whenever she pulled all the way out her pussy clung onto his cock and her asshole winked in and out. I really liked it when Bob rimmed my butthole while fucking me and I was sort of surprised this guy wasn?t doing it. She leaned forward to put one of her tits in his mouth and I couldn?t resist running my hand down her sun warmed back to the cleft between her butt cheeks, keeping going until I was tapping my finger against her butthole as it clenched in and out. I took my finger and smeared it with my slippery juices and then pushed the finger tit in, just the way I like. She leaned back and said, ?Oh that feels good, rim me baby.?

I continued with my one hand, stroking myself again with the other. I couldn?t continue stroking myself though because she really started thrashing with an orgasm. I figured it was time for him to do his thing too, since there are few things more annoying than someone fucking you too long, so I started running my fingernails up and over his scrotum. In seconds I saw them contract and then the big channel on the back of his cock started pumping semen into the condom. She lay on his chect for only a few seconds before bouncing up, stripping the condom of his cock, tying a knot in it . She leaned down and gave the guy a kiss and said, ?Thanks, Sugar you were great.?

I followed as she went to pick up her wrap. She said ?Let?s go down to the cabana bar and have a coffee.? On the way there she asked me if we?d been swinging long.

?Umm actually Lucy we haven?t been swinging at all.? I laughed, ?I feel like some guy who reads the girly magazines for the articles. We?ve been here three times and we love to watch, and we have lots of great sex with each other.?

She started laughing so hard that she had to stop and and grab her knees. When she?d regained her senses she said, ?You mean I licked a virgin pussy?? I nodded and she said, ?I?ll bet that took you by surprise to have my mouth clamped around your clit like a magnet to a car door.?

I laughed too. ?I thought of objecting but by then it was feeling too good.? I looked at her a little shyly. ?So how long have you and Ted been doing this??

We arrived at the coffee area and sat at a table. ?About three years. We?ve haven?t found that many couples. I think it?s eight times as hard to find four people who click. The great thing about this place is that it?s really the women who have all the opportunities and have all the power. Ted doesn?t get laid nearly as often I do.? She grinned. ?The agreement we have is that if any opportunities come about either of us can take advantage of them but most of the couples we?ve met are really preoccupied about playing together. Some of the group scenes are pretty wild though.?

I fiddled with my coffee spoon. ?So will you tell Ted about the nameless fuck at the pool??

?Probably, but I?ll tell him just as I?m giving him head.? She smiled, ?Honey I was thinking about you when a big cock was filling my pussy this afternoon.? She paused, ?So are you going to tell Bob about my going down on you? And by the way thanks for the finger in my butt. That guy had a great cock but he was a little short on technique.?

?You?re welcome. It?s what I like and you looked pretty good fucking him. I?ve never been that close to two people having sex. Bob. That?s a tough one. I guess I?ll tell him. I mean you never know if someone else will make a remark. Always best to keep stuff in the open. ?

Just then I spotted Bob walking towards us wearing nothing but a smile. He hadn?t seen Lucy. I leaned in to her and said, ?Don?t turn around Bob is coming up behind you.? I?m sure he wondered who I was sitting with. The look on his face when he saw Lucy was priceless. She stood up and gave him a full body hug with one leg pressing against his cock. When she sat down both nipples were hard, the little slut. Bob sat down pretty quickly but not before I noticed that his cock had responded to that hug.

We sat there and talked about the resort. I was curious about the by-play between Lucy and Bob. He didn?t seem that surprised to see her here and I was wondering if there was something I was missing. Was it even remotely possible that Bob had been fooling around with the neighbor lady?

We?d chatted for maybe 15 minutes when Ted came walking up. When he saw me there was genuine surprise there. I did the same thing Lucy had done and gave him the titty mashed against the chest and a leg to the cock. I couldn?t notice any increase in girth when he sat down though he did have a nice size package. He did a pretty good job of checking out my boobs though, and my nipples had also obliged by getting hard. I leaned back in my chair enjoying the nudity and gave a long over the head stretch, watching Ted?s eyes follow my big tits. I asked Bob about his massage.

?Great, but wild. They have a new water table. You?re naked, she?s wearing a bikini and she has this wand with this needle spray, then they have this arm that covers your whole body in warm rain. First they cover you in mud, massaging it in and then leave it to dry. She uses the wand to scrub off the dried mud. It was great.?

I said to Bob, ?Well it?s about time for you to take me back to the room for a good fucking.?

Lucy laughed and said to Ted, ?You too big boy. Do you want to be blown at the Jacuzzi or in our room??

I looked at Bob. ?Want to go hang out at the Jacuzzi? I hear there might be quite a show.?

Bob sat there. ?Listen I?m not going anywhere until you get me a towel.?

Lucy stood up and unwrapped the sarong from her waist, turned around and walked towards the Jacuzzi steps. Bob looked at Ted and said, ?Now that doesn?t help at all. Your wife has a really beautiful ass.?

Ted stood up and now I noticed that he was impressively on the way to getting hard. I stood and unwrapped my sarong and handed it to Ted saying, ?You might want to wrap that before you cause a riot of women lining up.? I turned and sauntered after Lucy, hearing Ted say to Bob. ?You wife has amazing tits.?

I looked over my shoulder and watched them both wrap the sarongs low on their hips and follow.

I hurried after Lucy who waited near the stairs. ?So are we going to tease these guys or put out??

Lucy looked at me and said, ?You know I?m a slut. I?d fuck Bob in a New York minute. It?s really up to you.? We walked up to the Jacuzzi and waded to the bar to get a drink.

Ted and Bob arrived, leaving their sarongs on a chaise. The boys got a drink, and Bob commented, ?This is my third drink today and it?s only 3. We?re on vacation though. Right??

Ted said, ?No argument here.?

There were about a dozen couples in the Jacuzzi and I was wondering if Lucy would have the nerve for such a public display but then I laughed. What didn?t Lucy have the nerve for? Everyone looked at me after I laughed and I said, ?There?s quite an audience for you to showcase your skills Lucy.?

Bob blurted out, ?Julie gives a world-class blowjob.?

Lucy grinned at me, ?Maybe you give us a demonstration.?

I responded, ?Bob?s already had one earlier and I want to get fucked. Blowjobs are like a good story, they have a beginning a middle and an end. I hate interrupting a good story in the middle.?

Lucy looked at me. ?I?ve never thought of it that way.?

Bob interjected again. ?Sometimes she even cums while she?s doing it. She really gets into it.?

Ted laughed, ?I really admire a man who advertises his wife?s cock sucking skills. I mean my last blow job is always the best blow job I?ve had but you make it sound like a gourmet blowjob.?

I said, ?It?s not hard to cum from it when you have a clit like mine.? Ted cocked an eyebrow. I said, ?When it?s aroused it?s really big and sticks out so far that if I squeeze my legs together I can stimulate it.?

Bob patted the side of the Jacuzzi, ?Hop up and show them.?

I figured I?d let him take the lead. I hopped up, leaned back on my hands and spread my legs. About a dozen people looked in my direction. All this conversation and sex talk had me aroused. My hood had folded back and my clit stood out nearly two inches. I used to be embarrassed about it but Bob loved it. I could see both men?s cocks, hard and huge. I wanted someone to touch it.

Ted said, ?That?s the most sexual looking clit I?ve ever seen. It?s like a show clit. You could win prizes with it.?

We all laughed. I looked at Bob. ?Is it OK if Ted touches it? He might be curious to feel a show clit.?

Bob grinned, ?Sure. I was going to suggest he warm you up for your fucking. Though I don?t imagine he wants to be distracted too much from his blow job.?

I watched as he waded up to me. He approached my pussy slowly with the softest fingertips I?d ever felt. I remembered he was a lawyer and probably handled lots of paper. I?d read that made lawyers fingertips soft. He grazed the top of my legs and then down to the inside of my thighs. He found the pool of moisture that had gathered at the bottom of my slit and rubbed it over my lips, which were also larger than usual. ?I love your lips. I?d like to see them wrapping around a cock.? He pulled one gently and I gave a shiver which caused more moisture to flood out. He covered my lips in my slick and then traced around the outside of my clit, finally covering it in my slick juices. He played with it for a few minutes, getting the moves I liked exactly right. I was nearly there.

I said, ?Mmm stop. I?m so close to cumming and I really want to cum on a cock.?

Lucy said, ?Why don?t we move over to the beds. I?m going to get drinks?

I swung my legs over and stood, looking at Bob, knowing that he?d picked up on my statement that I wanted to cum on ?a? cock, not ?his? cock.. ?Are you ready for some public sex?? He and Ted climbed out of the pool and stood beside me. I couldn?t help but close a hand over each cock. They were quite different. Bob was quite a bit thicker and shorter and was perfectly straight. Ted was longer and had an intriguing curve upwards. I looked for Lucy to see her coming towards us with drinks in her hands.

Lucy said, ?Go over to the beds..?

We went over to the largest and most secluded bed. Bob drew one of the dr*pes that shielded some of the Jacuzzi. Ted lay back just as Lucy appeared with four drinks. She said, ?Julie why don?t you at least start the story on Ted?s dick; show us those skills.?

I looked at Bob, whose cock was standing straight up. I leaned over Ted and let my breasts trail over his thighs and then positioned one breast so it rested over his balls and cock and then I trailed one hard nipple over his balls and up the back of his dick, paying close attention to tracing the glans. His cock jumped. I trailed my nipples over his chest circling mine over his and then fed one to his mouth for a few seconds. I followed the same path with my fingertips and then my tongue, pointing its tip and licking the sides. I held the shaft straight up and licked his scrotum, now tight, letting my tongue wander down to his perineum, lapping one edge of his anus.

I was worried that he?d cum too fast so I circled his scrotum at its base and squeezed as I licked; he?d shaved it smooth, which was very nice. Now I pulled his cock back a little and opened my mouth wide so it would fit inside without touching the sides and I breathed warm air onto him for a few seconds before my tongue made little circles on his opening and then I closed my wet mouth over the glans and hummed deep in my throat. Ted was groaning and I kept up the pressure on his scrotum and I lowered my head down his cock. It was longer than any I?d deep throated since college, but I relaxed my throat until my lips bottomed on his pubic bone and then I started rhythmic swallowing.

Lucy said, ?That?s the most amazing thing I?ve ever seen. I?m going to make you eat my pussy later.? I pulled back to the top of his cock and bobbed up and down rapidly for a dozen strokes. I could feel him getting ready to cum. Lucy said, ?I can?t stand this.? Bob was laying beside us, grinning and I saw her push him back before straddling him. Before any of us could say a word he was balls deep in that tight little pussy.

I looked at Ted. ?How far are you from cumming??

?Seconds unless you keep gripping my balls.?

I squeezed them tighter until I felt his balls relax. I said, ?She?s got the cock I was going to mount so you?re it.? I swung over and teased my big and now swollen clit with his cockhead. I was very close myself. I moved him down an inch and savored the sensation as he pushed my lips apart. I slowly lowered myself and sat down, with my tits right in his face. He obliged by sucking them both and then, delight of delights, I felt his hands around my waist and one finger teased my butthole. I started moving and grinding. I only needed a few strokes and just as I started cumming I felt his other hand pinch my clit. His cock pulsed semen deep inside and I started a crazy intense orgasm, milking every drop out of him. His curved cock kept on rubbing past my g-spot, making my orgasm go on until my feet started drumming on the mattress.

I flopped over beside him saying, ?Oh that was good, thank you.?

Bob had flipped Lucy over and had her les up to her ears pounding her pussy. She was grunting and moaning and then shouted out ?God I?m cumming so hard.? He did something that shocked me, because he?s only gotten away with it a few times with me. He pulled out, adjusted angles and drove his slippery wet cock deep into her ass. I guess she was ready for it because her orgasmic cries intensified just as he grunted his way to an orgasm.

Lucy looked at me. ?Wow that was amazing.?

It had been amazing though I?d really wanted to get fucked for longer. I crawled over to her and planted a kiss on her mouth. She was so soft. I trailed my way down to her nipples, circled them with my tongue, sucked one until she arched her back and moved down to her pussy. It was very different from mine, smooth like a peach with little lips peeking like red petals. I licked the peach before tasting her nectar. It was a combination of Bob and something almost floral. I spread her legs and stuck my tongue in far. I lapped her for ten minutes before I felt a now familiar cock at my pussy. Ted slid back in. Bob said he had to pee and left and I was part of the most delicious sandwich. Ted was going slow and deep. An eternity later my orgasm and Lucy?s were beginning to build and I saw Bob at Lucy?s head, having his cock sucked.

Three orgasms later we retired to our respective rooms. Bob snuggled up to me and said, ?Who would have thought??


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