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I've enjoyed reading the stories on this site. Whether they are just fantasy or not so I thought I might share a couple of my own personal experiences with you. My named is Randy and I'm 34 yrs.old and happily married to my wife Becky for the last 6 yrs. I pack some lumber being that I have a 10 inch dick. I've dated a lot of girls and while most loved my package some only tolerated it. Sometimes being huge isn't all that it's cracked up to be. But when I met Becky she went absolutely wild. She's a buxom brunette with a kick ass body. She had just turned 21 at the time. She loved sex like no other woman I had ever met before and she would let me completely dominate her. Our sex life has been very fulfilling these years but lately even more so. It seemed on some nights she couldn't even wait until bedtime to have sex. I soon figured out it was every Thursday. So one day when she practically ripped my clothes off as soon as I stepped through the door from work, I decided I needed to get to the bottom of it all. It turned out that was the day when the pool service came to clean the pool. The young man they sent was named Bobbie and he was a freshman college student and she wasn't much older than he was. Apparently my wife had the hots for him and always would make sure she was sunning at that time. I told her that she wanted to fuck him. She protested that she would never cheat on me but that she just got aroused and would tease him as he worked. I knew how hot our sex was on those days so I told her I wanted her to fuck him and that I was going to watch her do it. She was dumbfounded but she knew that she would have to. I told her she would have to get him into our bedroom so I could watch from our walk in closet. Next Thursday I got home after lunch and parked the car down the street. Not that he knew what my car looked like. We were both a little nervous but excited too. Becky had purchased a new string bikini for the occasion and Bobbie showed up at 3 as usual. She put on a good show as she would roll over again and again to let him get a good look at her wares. They chatted some and then when she was on her stomach she undid her top and asked him to rub some oil on her back. With her top off and the bikini bottom inside the crack of her ass, she almost looked completely naked. Bobbie was hesitant but finally relented and rubbed her down. She turned over to thank him and his jaw dropped when he beheld her lusciously round orbs. I think she asked him if he liked what he saw and then she got up and took him by the hand and headed toward our bedroom patio doors. That's when I retreated to the closet.

She calmed him down and told him it was all right as she pulled off the bottom of her suit. Her Brazilian wax job left the smoothest set of vaginal lips he had probably ever seen. "Do you want to fuck me?" she cooed. Bobbie didn't say a whole lot he just stood there gawking. She began to remove his clothes and when she pulled down his pants he was already hard. His equipment wasn't as large as mine but a good 6 or 7 inches of pent up teenage testosterone. Becky had him set on the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees. She stroked his cock with her hand as she rubbed her tits against his inner thighs. She licked the under side of his shaft a couple of times before completely engulfing his entire dick with her mouth. He cried out as she pistoned her head up and down his sensitive shaft. My baby is an expert cock sucker and Bobbie relished the blow job my wife was giving him. She was totally into it and I watched her finger her cunt while she sucked him. I didn't think he was going to be able to hold out very long and my wife realized it too. She stopped and told him, "I want you to fuck my pussy." She set down with her ass at the edge of the bed and now Bobbie got between her thighs. It was Becky's turn to cry out as he slid his saliva covered cock into her wet cunt. He pounded her pussy like a jackhammer and Becky kept telling him to slow down that she needed to cum too. He either couldn't or wouldn't and this train wasn't slowing down. Becky knew he wasn't going to last and told him not to cum in her pussy that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He was going to blow and some how he was able to pull out right near the end. Becky dropped down in front of him but she wasn't fast enough. The first squirt hit her chin and spilled onto her breasts. She got half of the second spurt as part of it splatted on her cheek before her mouth covered his Mt Vesuvius. He poured several more loads into Becky's mouth. I saw her Adams apple working over time to swallow his hot spunk as he emptied his huge wad into this cock hungry slut. My baby was still sucking his cock well after he had ended his flow of lava and he finally had to jerked his super sensitive rod from her mouth. When he caught his breath, Bobbie apologized over and over. He told her how hot she was and that he couldn't hold back. My wife told him it was OK but that her husband might be coming home soon and that he should be leaving. Bobbie got dressed and immediately left.

When he had gathered up his pool equipment and exit the back yard gate I came out of the closet. Becky was on the bed and her eyes betrayed what she wanted me to do to her. She needed to cum in the worst way. "Oh baby, I need you to fuck me now." she begged. I dropped my trousers and my cock was rock hard from the exhibition I had just witnessed. "Is this what you wanted?" I asked as I waved my cock in front of her. "Yesss! I want it!" she screamed. She kissed me hard and I could taste foreign male semen. I pushed her down to her knees and told her to suck me like she had just sucked Bobbie. She devoured my cock immediately. It was all good. I saw her reach her hand down to frig her pussy. "No! You cannot touch yourself." I ordered. Even with her mouth stuff full of my huge cock, her facial expression was one of desperation. After I had my fill of my slut wife's talented mouth, I told her to lay face down on the bed. I placed one of the sham pillows under her stomach to lift her ass high above the rest of her body. "Please baby, make me cum." she pleaded. Her pussy was slick with sex and had that freshly fucked look. I pulled out some lube and a vibrating egg from the night stand. I told her that I didn't want to cum in her mouth or her soiled cunt since they had both been used by another man. I slide the egg into her pussy and set the controller at the other end of the cord to medium. Her purring told me it was some what satisfying. I wanted her to get off while I ass fucked her. My huge cock was hard for her ass to handle and occasionally when I did fuck her there I would be gentle and not shove all 10 inches up her tight little chute. But today I owned her and as I lubed my cock up I thought this might be first time that my cock would explore some undiscovered territory. I rubbed my bulbous head around her minuscule pink button. I told her I wanted her to ask me to fuck her ass like she had wanted Bobbie's dick in her pussy. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart and told me, "I want your big cock in my tight ass." "You are such a slut." I yelled as I pressed my cock into her asshole. She let out a sharp yelp as the head of my cock disappeared into her butt. Her sphincter clamped down once in was in. I stopped and then turned the vibrating egg up to high. After only a couple of seconds she started wiggling her ass as her pussy responded. The little slut was probably going to be able to cum even with my thick dick ripping her a new asshole. My cock continued it's journey deeper into her butt. When I got about 7 inches into her I started pounding her quick and hard. Her groaning started back up but I was only concerned with cumming. I had chastised Bobbie earlier blowing his wad so quickly but after watching my wife suck some strange cock, I too was ready to explode. Her ass was so tight and all I could see was the sight of Bobbie pouring his load down her throat. Now not only did I have a huge cock but I also ejaculate an enormous amount of cum if I do say so myself. I plunged my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. Becky was moaning now and it told me she was going to cum soon. "You are such a whore!" I screamed. I was going to get all 10 inches into her butt for the very first time and fuck lust over came me. My loins were on fire and then It boiled over into the base of my cock. One more final plunge and I was balls deep. I felt my gism race up the entire 10 inches before it exploded deep in her bowels. It was like time stood still as I pour load after load into her ass. Nothing could ever feel as good as pouring hot semen into a woman. I didn't think I would ever stop cumming and I truly gave her an anal enema. I squeezed out the last few drops finally and collapsed on top of her. I don't know how long we laid there but the faintest vibration from the egg brought me to my senses. I pulled my cock out and went to the bathroom to clean my dick with a wash rag. When I returned I saw Becky still spread eagle on the bed with the egg still embedded in her cunt. I honestly didn't know if she had climaxed as hard as I had but her motor was still running. Her bottom was rocking seductively as she was trying to cum some more. I walked over to her and she grabbed my semi hard cock and told me she needed to be fucked some more. She started sucking my cock to get me hard again and she did get me hard once more. Now I sat on the edge of the bed and Becky pulled the egg out of her pussy and tried to mount me cowboy. I told her to turn around and she did and placed my cock at her entrance. She lowered her cunt around my dick in one swift squat. She began humping me like a dog in heat. She has always loved having all of my dick stuffed inside her pussy. I laid back and enjoyed the show. Something caught my eye and I pushed her back forward which exposed her ass some more. Her asshole had shrunk back down but not all the way and a small white spot was gathering at her hammered hole's entrance. My load was 10 inches deep inside her but gravity and her pounding cunt was doing the trick. This hot little vixen was going to get off hell or high water. As her cunt slid up and down my shaft her grunts and groans increased in intensity. She had her hands on my knees as she leaned farther forward. I watched her asshole juice up as she began to climax. I never thought about a women cumming as most don't express any ejaculate like men do but her hammered asshole pushed outward as she screamed, "Aaaarrgghh!" My massive load of cum poured out of here ass in a huge cream pie as she finally got off. She gave me back my own load and it covered my groin area. It slowed to a dribble but continued to seep out as her convulsions quieted down. It looked nasty and exciting at the same time. And men being mainly visual, I was ready to fuck again. I turned her over and had her standing over the side of the bed. I stood behind her and fucked her doggie. Her backside was soon a mess as lube and cum coated the area around her cunt and ass. After slamming her cunt hard for a few minutes I was close again. I told her to tell me the same thing she had said to Bobbie. She didn't respond right away as she was pretty much just a piece of meat at the end of my dick. I slapped her ass and told her to say it. "Don't cum in my pussy, I want you to cum in my mouth." she cried. Oh man, my wife is really something. I told her to get ready and I pulled out and yelled, "Now!" She turned around and sucked my cock like the trooper she was. I gave her whatever remaining cum I had left and she didn't spill a drop this time. Afterwards we discussed what had just happened. She could tell how excited I was watching her fuck someone else and I could tell how hot she was fucking somebody else. We decided to give Bobbie an education he couldn't get in school during the summer.

My wife became a raging nymphomaniac that summer. She could not get enough and she schooled Bobbie into an adequate lover. I got off to watching my little slut fuck him weekly. Every Thursday it was sloppy seconds for dinner. She wouldn't let him cum inside her opting to suck him off at the end. Even her monthly curse wouldn't put her off. Instead she let him fuck her ass on those occasions. It was actually pretty interesting as her tampon string dangled from her cunt as he pounded her ass doggie. She let him cum in her ass that day and the horny little slut used her own hand to get herself off. I ended up adding my cum to his as he loosen up the little whore's asshole for me. When I finished she headed straight for the toilet with that huge load of spunk filling her bowels. One Thursday after we had fucked our brains out, I asked her what she thought about the Johnsons, our next door neighbors. I wanted to know if she thought they were attractive. Her eyes widen and she said, "You want me to fuck Jerry?" I told her no... I wanted her to fuck his wife June. At first she was shocked and then a smile came across her face, "You want to fuck her, don't you?" I explained to her that if it came up I would but I really wanted to watch her with another woman. I may have lied a little there. June was a petite little blonde and while we weren't BFF with the Johnsons we did occasional party with them. She would even come over and sun with Becky from time to time. Jerry and June were in their mid 30s and he was always working down at the chemical plant. He had left more than once when the four of us had been partying. June was a little lush which either came from being lonely or unhappy, I didn't really know. But I could tell that Jerry didn't like it when she got that way. This girl could be in dire need of a good fucking. I could see the wheels turning in my wife's head. She had always been a little bi curious. I told her just spend some more time with her and see what happens. "You know every women's a couple of martinis away from being a lesbian." I said and June loved drinking martinis. And that's exactly what Becky did. A couple of weeks later I arrived home from work and Becky was waiting for me in the bedroom with just a robe on. As soon as I entered she dropped her robe and was buck naked. She came to me and kissed me hard. She pressed my hand inside her pussy and it was slick and wet. I thought she had just started without me but to my surprise she said, "June just finished eating me out and now I need a big cock inside me." I ripped my clothes off and she sucked me hard in 30 seconds. As I shoved my rock hard cock into her cunt, I told her to tell me every last detail. While I pounded her pussy, she some how managed to tell me how hot June was and also how hot their sex had been within the last hour. We both came together inside of 5 minutes. As I pour my cum into her cunt it was June's pussy I was thinking about. When we recovered Becky told me that it was as I thought. She wasn't having sex all that often with Jerry and she was one horny bitch. June came 3 or 4 times and as did my wife. Becky told me that she was totally down with fucking other women. She loved it and she loved big cocks too. Now I just had to figure out how I was also going to get my big cock into June.

June and Becky continued their tryst over the summer and between fucking my wife after she had been with Bobbie or June my sex life couldn't get much better. Of course being able to fuck June would have been the cherry on top. Becky would tell me every little detail about sexcapades. I observed the coy glances June would give Becky when we were all together. She didn't know that I knew. I even caught a glimpse of June penning Becky against the kitchen wall as she mauled my wife's breast and shoved her tongue down her throat during a dinner party we threw. One night Becky told me that June was afraid Jerry would leave her if he ever found out she was fucking my wife. My cock actually spasmed inside my pants when I heard that. That was going to be my in, into June's cunt that is. A week later the planets aligned. We had a get together and the whiskey was flowing when Jerry got called into work. We assured him that we would get June home safely and as the night past on I feigned having to much to drink. June was pretty tipsy and I thought this would be a good time to make my exit. I winked at my wife before I went to 'sleep' in our bed giving them a chance to be alone. Becky knew of my plan and later I heard them go into the guest bedroom. I got up and quietly made my way to the door. Becky had left it ajar, she knew I would want to watch for awhile. The girls already had their clothes off and were going at it in a frenzied state. Hands were darting everywhere and I wanted to see who did what first. June went down south first. June dove into my wife's muffin. June was devouring pussy like she hadn't had sex all year. She was ravenous and I wondered if she might have had a bigger sex drive than my own wife. Now it was time to enter the room. They both jumped when they realized I had caught them. I displayed disbelieve and immediately let June know I was going to let Jerry know about this. Here's where Becky jumped in and soothed my 'anger'. She made in clear that I should join them and no one would need to know about our secret. June accepted everything and Becky soon had her continue where she had left off. I set down and took off my shirt as I continued to watch. June was gorgeous. Her rack was nice and fit her slender body perfectly. Her tummy and ass were both taunt. Unlike Becky's bald cunt her pussy was nicely trimmed with a small turf of pubes on top revealing that she was a true blonde. I left my pants on despite my cock bursting at the seams. I didn't want June to see my package just yet. This hot little tramp had no idea what she had let herself in for. I gentle caressed her backside and softly rubbed her ass and inner thighs. I wanted her to thoroughly enjoy our evening together so much that she would come back for more later on. I finally slid my finger down her slit and she was already moist. I spread her vaginal folds apart and massaged her pussy and clit ever so lightly. Her humming told me she liked that and her pussy just kept getting wetter. My baby was in heaven and her body squirmed with delight as June did a number on her cunt. These two naked beauties connected cunt to mouth had my mouth watering and June's long blonde hair nestled between my wife's thighs had my cock jerking with excitement. I knew her tongue was probing my wife's sweet hole and it was even a bigger turn on then watching Bobbie dick trespass in and out of Becky's cunt. Except there was some fringe benefits as well and my cock would soon be filling a brand new hole. It wasn't too long before Becky started shrieking as loud as I've ever heard her and she climaxed in one voluminous chorus, "Aaaahhhhh!" As she lay panting afterwards June climbed up to her and began passionately kissing my wife. "Your husband's got me so wet, I need you to make me cum." she pleaded. Becky turned her over on her back and now it was her turn to go downtown. But she took her sweet time as she made stops at her breast and stomach kissing and licking the whole way down. She even teased June once she got to her pussy and flicked her tongue here and there. "Please!" June implored. Once she attached her mouth to June's cunt her motor went into over drive. Becky got up on her knees and jutted her ass out. My loving wife told me to show June my cock and that she wanted me to fuck her doggie. I stood up and moved closer to where June's face was. She watched me as I slowly dropped my pants. "OMG!" she yelled once she saw my cock in all it's rock hard splendor. I don't think she had ever seen such a big dick up close before. "Suck him, get him ready for me." my wife quipped. I moved onto the bed nearer to June. At first she almost seemed afraid to touch it. She hesitantly grabbed it and her small hand could not fully encircle it around the base. I moved closer to her and she pulled it up to her mouth. At first she just kissed and licked it and then she eventually tried to put it in her mouth. This petite little slut could barely get her mouth around it and I thought to myself she must have a small pussy too. She was only able to get the top half of my dick down her throat but she gently stroked the base of my cock as she sucked. I looked down at her and thought, my next door neighbor's wife is giving me a blow job. I was squeezing her soft titties as her head bobbed back and forth. She was doing an adequate job and I didn't want to cum for a while so I pulled it out of her mouth and kissed her. I told her what a good job she had done but my wife needed me now. I even told her not to go anywhere. LOL. I scramble back behind my wife and shoved my cock into her wet pussy. It buried itself into that slick warm cunt. I was in lust but I wasn't going to waste any cum in my wife so I took my sweet time. Watching my wife eat pussy while pumping her cunt was making it difficult to keep my cock from exploding but I wanted to cum in June first. From the way she was whimpering she was about to exploded. June raised her ass off the mattress and let loose a blood curdling scream, "Aarrghhh!" Her hips bucked against my Becky's mouth as she cut loose one long orgasm. I even stopped fucking my wife to watch this lesbian spectacle. Damn! She came hard. Becky turn around to tell me she was close so I started fucking her again. "Faster baby, I'm going to cum." she stated. I fucked her harder and she laid her head side ways on June's stomach. June was still savoring her orgasm as she caressed my wife's head and face. Becky was mumbling something that sounded like, "It's so good, so good." Her head was rocking against June breast with my every stroke and I had all 10 inches inside of her. "I'm going to cum, make me cum, make me Cuummmm." she cried. Her pussy spasmed and it was all I could do not to bust a nut. Soon she finished and her legs collapse on the bed. The two girls just lay there in a loving embrace. When Becky recovered she kissed June and told her that she wanted to watch her fuck her husband. June nodded her head yes. Becky told me to fuck her nicely and rolled off to the side. I climbed up to June and she spread her legs for me. I told her she could put it in. I felt her guide my dick to her entrance. The anticipation was killing me. I sensed the head of my cock was in position and I gently pressed forward. As wet as she was her pussy was incredibly tight. It took some effort to force it into her. She was actually quivering as my cock slid home and she let out a soft gasp. I stopped after half of my thick dick was inside her. We both stayed motionless for about twenty seconds and the sensation I was feeling was exquisite. I began a very slow and control stroke and she adjusted to it in no time. "Hmmm." escaped from her lips. "It feels good, doesn't it?" my wife asked. June just smiled and continued humming. I increased my pace and her body responded in kind. There is nothing like fucking new pussy for the first time and I drove my cock deeper and deeper. I backed off when I felt the pressure from the back of her cervix. She had one small tight cunt. Her demeanor began to changed and she was trying to fuck me back. I knew she was starting to enjoy the fullness my huge cock was giving her. Then I felt her hands grab my ass and pull me hard against her. "Harder." was all she said and I gave her what she wanted. I began to pound her and she took everything I gave her. I wanted her to cum with me and it looked like it was going to be close. The other brain inside the head of my dick took over and I gave it to that primal urge and nothing was going to stop me from pumping all the pent up man juice I had into this sweet petite little cunt. I eventually got the whole enchilada into her. I was pretty sure the tip of my dick was fucking virgin territory. Her tiny pussy was the warmest, wettest, softest and tightest cunt I had ever fucked. I told you before how some girls only tolerated my huge cock well this tiny vixen absolutely loved it. I grunted like an animal as the first stream jetted deep into her pussy. It was so intense it almost hurt and it didn't stop. My cum must have been white hot and it set June off too. "Uuugghhh!" she screamed and her entire body thrashed against the mattress. I continued pouring cum into her as I slammed her ass against the mattress. I can't remember the last time I came as much but my cock kept spurting and she kept screaming. You could tell she hadn't had a good fucking in a long time. We both went on for nearly a full minute and then silence. I heard my wife whisper, " Damn," as we lay locked together in the after glow. When I got up off her she reached to my wife and they snuggled. June whispered, "I so needed that." I was going to roll over and go to sleep being I had been drinking a lot that night when I heard the sound of soft love making. These two were insatiable. I saw Becky reach her hand down to June's pussy. She stopped and got up. "Oh baby." she exclaimed. My wife told me to look and see what I had done. I turned over and she was looking at June's pussy. There was a big wet spot between her legs as my gigantic load was oozing out onto the bed. June seemed embarrassed and stated she was sorry and needed to go cleanup. Becky smiled at me and moved down between her legs. "No, Becky don't." June begged. She went down on June and it even surprised me. She always did like swallowing cum but I never imagine she would eat it out of another woman's cunt. My wife was a total slut but she was my slut and I loved her for it. It didn't take long for June to succumb to Becky oral lappings. I thought I was through for the evening but watching these two hotties got my juices flowing. Even June got back into it as she told Becky, "That's good. Eat his cum out of my cunt, slut." My wife then rolled June over to where she was sitting on her face allowing more access to the cum I had deposited earlier. June was grinding her cunt against my wife's mouth and was on her way again. Her ass rocking hard against my wife's face was totally hot. At the end she was squeezing her own erect nipples as she came once again. I had no doubts that these two whores could fuck all night. My cock was almost fully standing at attention as they finished and it got rock hard when Becky pushed her down and set on June's face this time. "My turn." she ordered as she pulled June's head tight up against her pussy. My wife's face was a slick mess. A mixture of June's and my cum coated the area around her lips. She then leaned forward and grabbed the headboard. Her eyes were shut and she was in her own little world. Half way through she looked back at me and told me to fuck her. She leaned farther forward as i got behind her. I could only see the bottom of June's chin as I slid my cock into my wife's cunt. As I began to fuck her she told June to suck on her clit. This slut wanted it all. Hard cock in her pussy and a sweet mouth sucking her clit was a tough combination to beat. She told me how good it felt as we both drove her closer to her goal. Then she surprised me once again as she pulled June's mouth off her cunt and told her in no uncertain terms that I was going to cum in her mouth and she would swallow all of it. She pushed her face back to her pussy and looked over her shoulder and just smiled. My wife was so good. She soon entered her fuck lust state and started yelling, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Until she came for the final time tonight. I held on to her hips to hold her up as I wasn't quite there yet. I pumped her faster and faster and that old feeling reared it's head. I told June I was close and she actually told me, "Give it to me. I want to taste your cum," I wondered if Jerry knew what a whore he was married to. A couple of more slams and I shoved my wife's ass forward exposing June's waiting mouth. I put my cock in her mouth and she pumped the base of my shaft and I exploded for the second time tonight. I could feel June sucking my cum down as she continued to jack me off at the same time. She did want it and I pour another massive load into her. She was my kind of girl. I was beat but I got up later and brought some wine from the kitchen. We lay in bed bare ass drinking and winding down. Later on I walked her next door and when we got there she called her hubby at the plant to let him know she got home safely. I couldn't make out what he told her but as soon as she hung up she started unbuckling my pants. As she pulled them down, I asked her what she was doing. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it and just before she went down on me she said, "He won't be home before morning and I want you to fuck me again with your big beautiful cock." She had just moved to the top of the slut of the year list. As she sucked my cock hard I said, "OK but you have to let me cum in your ass this time." She thought about it for a second and then told me that would be fine. I used her cell to call Becky as she continued sucking my dick.. I told my wife to come next door and bring some lube with her. Damn, I hope the Johnsons never have to move.

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