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Suck buddies

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It was a typical lazy summer day with nothing planned when I heard a knock on the door. I went to the kitchen to answer and saw my friends Mark and Paul standing there. These guys had both been to my house many times, but never together. Both of my folks worked and I wasn't encouraged to have friends over during the day but these guys were special. Mark and I had been blowing each other for a year and Paul and I had just blown each other for the first time only weeks prior. I hadn't told Mark about sucking Paul, nor Paul about Mark, so I expected things to get interesting very soon.

The guys were just looking to hang out somewhere as thundershowers were going over periodically so I invited them in and suggested we go to the basement playroom. The playroom offered the most privacy and chance to put ourselves together should anyone come home unexpectedly. As young teen boys it didn't take long to start talking horny which led, of course, to pulling out our cocks and pulling on our cocks. We had all jerked together at Marks place on many occasions so this was nothing new, nor was jerking each other. We usually took hold of our buddy to the right if I remember correctly. This went on for some pleasant minutes then Paul suggested we all blow each other. I looked at Mark for a reaction and he shrugged as if uninterested. I looked at Paul and saw anticipation and lust in his eyes. I was more than willing, but how to get Mark to agree? I had 69'd many times with him and swapped blow jobs with Paul but had never been part of a three way daisy chain suck fest before and was curious about how it would cum together. I asked Paul to explain and his plan was to blow me while I blew Mark and Mark blew him. I didn't want this opportunity to slip away so I suggested we all get into position to see how it would work. Great idea! I spread a blanket on the floor and we got down in a triangular configuration. Paul was positioned to blow me, me to blow Mark, and Mark to blow Paul. Once we were in position we resumed jerking one another and it soon became apparent our pants had to go to allow for our comfort. I suggested we strip from the waist down so we'd get a more realistic feel for the position and the guys agreed immediately. Being able to spread our legs and raise one knee made for a much more enjoyable position and we jerked each other with gusto. I asked Mark how he felt about us blowing each other now and he still wouldn't say yes or no. I figured it was up to me to break the ice so I leaned over a bit and swallowed half of his chubby uncut cock and began mouth stroking him from his base to his head. I was rewarded with an immediate moan and felt him thrust deep into my mouth. A second later I heard Paul moan deeply and knew Mark had to be sucking his cock. Another second passed and I felt Pauls' mouth on my cock. This was hotter than hot. Three guys were moaning and making suck noises and going faster and faster. I'd never taken Marks' load before but I knew this time I would. I was possessed with getting him off in my mouth and was going deep enough to gag myself on the down stroke. I didn't have long to wait. Mark stiffened and groaned from deep within and as his cock started swelling I knew I was about to taste his cum for the first time. I felt his first shot at the back of my throat then felt his follow up pulses filling my mouth. It was the biggest load of cum I'd ever taken. Marks' orgasm caused a chain reaction and I growled aloud and shot my jizz into Pauls' mouth. A heartbeat later Paul growled and I knew his balls were pumping their load of cum into Marks' mouth. We remained in position for long moments afterward as we gently sucked the last drops of cum from one another's cock. Eventually it was time to break our triangle and we all agreed we had a great time and marveled at how we went off like a string of firecrackers. I pointed out we had unfinished business as we'd only blown one member of our triad and to be thorough we needed a round 2 to blow the remaining guy. Only minutes after round 1 had finished our 13 year old cocks were already at half-mast and headed for full boner! This time we'd just reverse our earlier position and I'd blow Paul as he blew Mark and Mark would blow me. I told Paul he was in for a real treat as Mark was a heavy cummer compared to either of us. The way he said "I know" had me wondering if this would be his first time sucking him.

We took up our new positions on the blanket and lost no time going down on our new partners. Pauls' cock was shorter and thinner than Marks and circumcised like mine. Since I'd only blown him once before, his taste and feel were still new to me, but Marks mouth on my cock was a familiar and welcome sensation. This time, though, I'd be coming in his mouth as he just had in mine. The moans and suck noises settled into a steady cadence as we three built up enough heat and pressure to blow our loads. Our actions gradually picked up speed and I realized Mark must have been getting one hell of a blow job from Paul because he suddenly began moaning like crazy and sucking me harder and much faster than he ever had. The surprise intensity took all self-control from me and hurled me over the top. Despite cumming only minutes before, I shot double my usual load deep into Marks mouth in a soul satisfying series of contractions. My cum pushed Mark past the point of no return and he filled Pauls' mouth with his own generous contribution. Paul reacted to the input immediately with his own powerful orgasm within the confines of my mouth. He seemed to have cum more than he had a week earlier and that was just fine with me.

We spent a good while longer recovering this time, but we were still amazed at the firecracker effect of all cumming in rapid succession. That feature alone made three-way suck offs worth doing. Throw in the added noises and another bare dick and the act was easily the most intense sex any of us had yet had. I was sure we would be doing three-ways again and again in the future. At least until we could recruit a fourth cocksucker to join us.

The next time I saw Paul alone I asked him if that was the first time he'd blown Mark. He gave me a sheepish grin and confessed they had been blowing each other for a month prior, (neither had said anything to the other about blowing me), and had been talking for a week about getting me to go along with a three way. They both had assured the other that I'd probably be willing to suck cock! Mark and I had a similar conversation later when I confessed having already blown Paul prior to our daisy chain. One additional point we discussed was wishing we had swallowed our cum long ago. From that time on we always swallowed our jizz.

The "three amigos" did indeed play nice together for another two years before being lured away by the scent of young female crotches. After learning to enjoy boy crotches we all developed an insatiable appetite for girl parts too.

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