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Stretching Experience(s)

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I spent much of my life in a wonderful relationship, but sexually vanilla. When enjoying the rest (and not knowing what I was missing) this was fine. Now I find myself single again and ready to explore- but now the problem.

Until recently, I was having a difficult time finding the right situation for sexual release. I am aggressive at work and fairly active in my small community. At this point, I am not interested in an emotional relationship, thus the problem. Casual sex with someone at work? Most know that creates longer term problems. Picking up someone locally also has its problems when I current only goal is some (mutual) sexual release.

I have never thought of paying for a pro, but that prospect doesn?t seem satisfying. I really like giving oral sex and that doesn?t seem appealing in the typical pro?s case. What to do?

I called on a friend of mine, Sandy; from 15 years ago that lives several states away, simply for a friendly voice. As it turns out, she was interested in an occasional ?Friend with benefit? relationship. Since we were connected years ago, she is now happily married and has two kids. That being said, she too wants to experience some sexual releases without the problem of complications.

Due to schedules, this has become only about a quarterly connection. While this leaves a lot of time for needed sexual release otherwise, the anticipation is stimulating!

Our first few sessions were simply awesome. Just her hand on my cock alone works for me. Her touch is amazing. She is the best kisser I have ever experienced and is simply sexually awesome in every sense of the word.

As our visited became more frequent- she began to broaden my sexual horizons. A side note- if anyone were to see either of us walking down the street- we are generally attractive by most standards but would also seem very ?straight and narrow? (becomes a pun later).

Being in a 69 position one evening- I was introduced to an unbelievable sensation. Sandy, moved from providing my cock all of her attention and began to provide me my first every rimming. She was tentative at first- testing my response. I too was unsure how to react, but no mistake of how much I enjoyed this. I eventually sent the right message and she dove in full speed. I didn?t want to leave her out, so I too took advantage of our position and enjoyed my first time as well as the giver. This has become a strong part of our mutual foreplay- with Sandy moving further and finger fucking me on a regular basis.

My new experiences continued. We had just finished an awesome time together and were laying side by side simply catching our breath. Once we both had, Sandy began to get out of bed (I thought- perhaps to get into the shower). She had something else in mind however- she proceeded to straddle my body and backed her cum filled pussy back to my face- asking me so experience my first (of many to follow) cream pies. I had (like most?) tasted my own cum from time to time as an experiment- but now I was taking in all that I could get as the sexual charge was overwhelming. Now this too has become part of my new expanded, regular experiences. If I am not asked to lick her clean, she has me cum in her month, only to have her quickly return to kissing me and exchanging my load.

This BTW somewhat turned me off at first (sorry- I try to be sexually liberated), but I realized I liked it when she swallowed me- why should I be turned off by the reverse? Also, while Sandy is not a ?squirter?, she gets VERY wet. I go down on her and kiss her often where she ends up taking in her own juices- why not the reverse?

To date my last experience happened just the other day for my birthday present. Sandy asked me if I wanted her to get a guy to join us for a three way. This too would be a first and while I had fantasized about a three way with two females, this perhaps was the precursor.

The date finally arrives and the anticipation was high. Then my REAL SURPRISE, Sandy had invited a guy to be the third as promised. What she didn?t tell me was the third was a 100% pure, committed gay guy- Brad. Brad had zero interest in Sandy- his sole instrument of choice was me! At first it was certainly strange- but everything seemed to be going fine. Sandy and I were kissing and Brad was focused on my cock. While my first ?male? experience- his mouth felt just as good as any woman?s?so what?s the deal? As the evening progressed, positions changed and ?sex organs? presented varied- I began to understand the basic training Sandy had been putting me through- either by accident of not.

Moving from rimming Sandy?s ass to Brads seemed like a logical step- and was frankly very pleasant and erotic. Sandy eventually ?fed me? Brads cock (as he as getting or giving no contact to/from Sandy) and I engaged in my first blow job. Again- a nice and stimulating experience. Given I was new however; Brad eventually took matters into his own hand as I remained focused on the head of his cock. I could feel him stiffen, and prepared for my first mouthful of cum- other than mine fend to be my Sandy. He cam, I swallowed.

It became obvious to me along the way- related to what was eventually either going to happen, or at least strongly be attempted. Both Sandy and Brad began to focus together on my ass. More specially my male-pussy. The rimming stopped and aggressive use of fingers and the strong introduction of lube followed. Sandy kept up this action as Brad turned around and fed me his limp cock- requesting I suck him back to being hard. He quickly responded and moved behind me for the entrance- the taking of my virgin ass status. While I have to admit it hurt, and contrary to what I have read from others?continued to hurt?it was totally erotic. I loved the idea of having my sexual horizons ?stretched? (if you?ll again forgive the pun).

I had often read of threesomes in different combinations. Having a MMF I always had thought of as being two guys focused on the one girl. I, my friends, have now experienced the MMF where the MF (ha) focused on the M.

Now it seems the next logical experience is for me to organize a threesome FFM for Sandy?Let me think, what Lesbians to I know?

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