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"It's your ability to admit it that was the problem. If it was just you burying your desires, we could've just hooked you up with a guy, made you see him as a girl, and then revealed the fact a month or two down the road.

But that wouldn't help since you could admit your problem, and may have caused even more damage when it was revealed. But we found that you had noticed that although homosexual women hadn't escaped the persecution, the severity of the persecution wasn't as... openly violent. By giving you the body of a woman, we tricked your subconscious. While consciously, you were being a gay male, your subconscious would evaluate it as a straight male-female relationship. And when you were with a woman, your subconscious would think of it as a lesbian relationship. It reduced your fear to a handlable level and allowed you to manage the lifestyle you wanted. Then, after you finally broke through the blocks on your perception, you could either stay as Lisa or go back as you desired."

Lee thought about it, and had to admit that it was a good plan. "Okay, I see why you made me appear to be a woman, but why these?" he asked, lifting his massive mammaries. "Why make me so... well endowed?"

"Well, that... was a mistake. You see, one of the other problems you had was that you had very little sexual experience. None with men, and you had never found a patient, caring woman willing to take the time to train you in how to please a woman, and your lack of skill upset you.

"Now, one of our previous transformees was a transsexual who wanted to be a whore, wanted the thrill of the forbidden. So we gave her the skills of a world class hooker, and we then took those skills from her and gave them to you.

"We also wanted you to have fun with your female body, so we programmed the nanotechs in you to cause your breasts to grow until the inconvenience caused by their size outweighed the pleasure you got from them. At which point they'd then shrink a cup size or two.

"But the hooker we got the skills from in the first place had had implants put in and had an E cup size, and had learned to accommodate her rather large size and even utilize their size to her benefit in her chosen career."

"And since you had given me her abilities, I wouldn't experience a lot of inconvenience until my own breasts were as large as hers." Emily nodded.

"Well, you said I could get rid of them entirely so I guess it's not that big a deal."

"Well, if that's what you want. But are you sure that's what you want?"

"Why wouldn't I? I've come to grips with my fear and can have a relationship with a man."

Emily smiled. "Why are you wearing a dress, Lee?"

Lee looked down, realizing he had indeed put on a dress. "I... I didn't even think about it when I got dressed this morning. I just put on what I grabbed."

"Exactly. You'll find a lot of truth about people when you watch what they're doing when they're not thinking about it. You had called in sick.

You could've worn anything you wanted. Your old male shirts might not have fit, but you could've worn slacks or jeans and a blouse. Even if you were afraid of revealing you had broken through, you could've worn a skirt and blouse. Just with the problems of having to zip up in back, I'd think other things would be more convenient."

Lee seemed about to protest, when Emily said, "Look, if you want to, we can go right now, get you a new set of nanotechs, feed you an intensive diet of high-protein and high-fat foods to feed them, and have you back to normal inside of a week. But I'd suggest giving it a week or two at least to see if you like it. I didn't have that option and felt stuck. It took me a few years to realize I was happier as a woman."

"You say you didn't have a choice in becoming a woman. What happened?"

Emily smiled. "It was the end of my senior year in college, the same year as The Quake. I came home early to surprise mom and dad, and found this beautiful, beautiful woman at home. She introduced herself as a friend of mom's and that mom and dad were at work. Now I was always a pudgy kid, and felt I never had a chance with this knockout, but I also decided to take a chance, and started to flirt with her. Imagine my surprise when the woman responded. It was only a little longer before I had her on her back and was pulling down her panties.

"I then found out she was a... Well, I thought she was a pre-op transsexual. She had a dick. I didn't have a problem with that, we were an open family, and the first dick I ever sucked was dad's, so I gave her a blowjob. We moved on. I fucked her. She fucked me. And we had fun until mom got home.

"Mom said dad went out of town for a while, and we had dinner. After dinner, mom took Christina upstairs, and I could hear them having sex. I was tempted to join them, but decided I'd better get some sleep. I took a couple sleeping pills and went to bed.

"The next day I woke up at around noon and rolled over, my chest rolling further than I did. I looked down and saw I had tits. I freaked out and mom and Christina ran into the room. That was when I learned the truth.

"Mom and dad, just before the Quake, had developed the nanotech system.

Mom did the hardware, dad did the software. And then they violated one of the cardinal rules of experimentation. They tested it on themselves. But shortly after they had injected the nanites into their system and as they downloaded the information to the main computer at the home office, the Quake hit. Mom and dad worked out of the basement, and quickly ran to stand under the doorframe.

"During the Quake, a wall fell in and destroyed the computer with all their data. And because all the phone lines and cell systems were down, there was no way to see if the data had been successfully saved. They were upset, as you can imagine, but they had plenty of food and water so they weren't worried about living in the aftermath. But that night, they discovered they had made a mistake. They had accidentally switched programs.

"Dad had wanted a few simple changes, burn up the fat in his body, reinforce the muscles and cause his dick to grow. The last was mom's idea.

After giving birth to three children, she was a little more stretched out and wanted dad to fill her up again.

"But mom practically wanted a body rebuild. Any fat not burnt in feeding the nanites would be shifted to her breasts and hips; she wanted toning of her face, legs; she wanted the hair on her legs and arms to thin out and lighten in color; and she wanted more sensitivity in her breasts and crotch.

"So after their programs got switched, mom became a buff little girl with a dick, and dad became Christina, a buxom super-babe. And they were unable to build new nanites to counter the old because all the equipment to make them had been destroyed.

"After the rubble was cleared enough for them to get to work, they went to work, hoping the data had made it into the shielded banks at the main office. That was when dad discovered that his increased sensitivity and nubile body made it almost impossible for him to resist sex. So from that point out, dad stayed at home rather than risk people preying on him. Mom also discovered that the data had indeed been lost, and they had been set back years in its creation.

"Then I came home and had sex with dad, not knowing who he was. And we found out that the nanites in their bodies, the first generation nanites, like a virus, were contagious. Dad hadn't actually dumped a load into anyone but mom, and her nanites destroyed his before they could take effect, and the nanites didn't have the energy to remain active outside a human body for more than a few minutes. But I had taken a load right from dad into my mouth and resultantly, my stomach. And since there was still no way of removing the nanites once introduced to a body, I too was destined to become a buxom babe like dad.

"And when the nanotech system was rebuilt four years later, I had grown used to my new status and decided to stay this way."

"But if you had to suffer through this why inflict it in others?"

"Because I know first hand that having a fantasy body can be a lot of fun.

Once I got over the shock of my new body, I found out that I was happier as a luscious she-male. And I think you will be, too. We give everybody a fantasy body. Also, the nanites will protect you from almost all conventional viruses and diseases, so you'll be a very healthy person, no matter what body shape you choose."

Lee thought about it. "Okay, I'll give it a try. No promises, though."

"Sounds good. Now, come on."

"Come on, where?"

"Lisa was to make your time as a woman as pleasant as possible, but your mind was too strong for her to control in a non-sexual context, so she was unable to give you two of the most pleasant... non-sexual experiences a woman can have."

"What's that?"

"I'll keep the second one a secret for a surprise later today, but the first is..."

Emily looked to April and they said together, "Shopping trip!"

Before Lee could object, April yanked him to his feet and dragged him to the door. Lee managed to stop just long enough to tell her to grab him some shoes (he was wearing house slippers). When they got out to the car, he was a little disappointed that April had brought him a pair of 5" heels, saying he was scared to try walking in them. April pointed out that he had been walking in these very heels for the last month. Emily told him, "By breaking through Lisa and getting conscious remembrance of everything, you didn't destroy Lisa, you just put her under your conscious control.

Anything you could do as Lisa, you can still do. Just don't think about it too much. Let Lisa help you."

Lee decided to give it a try and slid on the heels. When they got to the shopping center, Lee found that he could handle the heels with surprising ease as long as, in Emily's words, he didn't think about it too much. And he actually found that he liked the all day shopping trip (especially since Emily was footing the bill).

While they were going through a Frederick's of Hollywood, Lee asked April, "So what exactly was your fantasy that got fulfilled? To look like a teenager again?"

"Kind of. My dad was over 50 when he and mom had me. And he got sick when I was real young. I watched him grow old and decrepit over the span of a couple years. Ever since I've been terrified of getting old. I loved that I always looked younger than my true age. I just hated it when my appearance reached the age where everybody treated me like a kid, but expected me to act like an adult."

While he continued to shop, Emily came to him and asked, "How do you like your day, so far?"

"Well, it's been good, so far."

"I'm thinking I'm hearing an unspoken but."

Lee got a chagrined look on his face and said, "But right now, I'm feeling like a dirty old man wandering through the lingerie store ogling the lacy underthings."

Emily gave a nearly silent laugh. "I remember that feeling. You'd better get over it,though. Specialty lingerie shops like this are the only ones in town that carry bras large enough to fit us in stock."

"Assuming I decide to keep these."

"Don't make any decisions based on one day's experiences."

"I won't. But I was actually just thinking about a size reduction. By the way, what was that other pleasant experience you were going to surprise me with?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise."

Lee just stared at Emily as she walked away, smiling. (She sure had a pretty backside.) They continued to shop for a while (Lee picking out more than a few items both for himself and for April) and then returned to the limo. They drove for a while, drinking lightly and chatting amiably. They finally pulled into a parking lot and got out. Lee took a look and saw that they had pulled into the parking lot of a very expensive beauty salon.

"Welcome to Ramona's beauty salon," Emily said.

Lee was obviously worried. "I'm not sure about this."

"Relax," April said. "A day at the salon with everyone fussing over you and treating you like a queen is a treat not to be missed. Now quit frettin'. I'd never let anything happen to you. At least not anything harmful." April winked at him.

They went inside, and, after being quickly moved to the inside of the salon, Lee was sat in front of a camera. They took a digital picture of him and loaded it into their computer, using their software to show Lee with various hairstyles. While Lee was sitting there, trying to decide on a new hairstyle (and none too sure of any of them) April stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She casually and subtly ran her fingers through his cleavage. "Do you trust me?" she whispered into his ear.

It was getting awfully hard to think with the sensation coming from his breasts, but he said, "Yeah."

"Then let me choose for you."

Lee considered it and finally said yes. What he didn't expect was April taking the computer screen and turning it completely away from him, while she went through the pictures. When he tried to look at which ones she was looking at she just held up her hand and turned the screen further away from him. Finally she said, "That one," pointing to one of the pictures where only the hair stylist could see it.

"Good choice," the woman said. When Lee tried to question the choice, April smiled conspiratorially, and the stylist said, "You're going to look great. Your girlfriend has great hair sense." And before Lee could protest further, April dragged him over to the chair where they could get started.

Lee had to admit, the pampering they gave him was wonderful. He got a chance to sit back and sip fancy coffees and have finger sandwiches fed to him, as his hair, make-up, and nails, both finger and toes were made as pretty as possible.

When they finished and let him see what he looked like, he was amazed at the results. He was... beautiful. And that scared him. Seeming to understand, April whispered into his ear, "Don't look at yourself as a man in a woman's body. Look at yourself, and ask, 'Is this the kind of person, that people, both male and female, are going to see walking down the street and think, 'God, I want to fuck her.'?' and if you don't come up with the answer, 'Hell, yes!' you're only fooling yourself."

Lee looked at himself in the mirror, trying to shake off the fact that the physical changes he had undergone were not of his making and tried to look at himself as dispassionately as possible. But the minute he was able to disconnect, passion was inevitable as his dick grew hard in his panties.

April was right. Staring back at him from the mirror was one of the sexiest women he had ever seen. His make-up was impeccable and his hair had been styled into a feminine wave with two locks, one on each side of his face, draping down suggestively over his breasts.

He then realized that ever since Emily had pointed out he had put on a dress that morning, he had been fighting Lisa, trying to make every action a conscious decision. He decided to stop fighting Lisa and let her out.

Almost immediately his face took on a more suggestive, alluring look.

When he smiled, April asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"Just thinking that I could turn into a real slut if I tried." April laughed and kissed him on the lips, right in front of everyone.

The three of them left together and went out to the limo. They pulled out, and Emily asked, "So how did you like your day as a woman?"

"I have to admit. It was fun."

Emily's cell phone rang, and she excused herself to answer it. As Lee and April groped each other playfully, they heard Emily say, "Hello?... Hun!

I wasn't expecting you in town till tomorrow. Do you want to get together tonight?... Oh, I see. Wait a minute, maybe I can do something." Emily covered the speaker and said, "Lisa, April, I hate to impose, but my boyfriend just came into town, and I haven't seen him in a while. But he's got a couple friends who are visiting for the evening, and he doesn't want to just abandon them, so I was wondering if you girls would mind going on a triple date."

Lee said, "Sure, as long as April doesn't mind." April smiled and nodded her agreement.

Into the phone, Emily said, "Hun, talk to your friends. I've got a couple of girls here who'd love a night on the town... Oh, they're both beautiful women... Okay, we'll be there in fifteen minutes."

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of the airport.

They pulled up to the arrivals gate, and Emily opened the door, leapt out, ran to a man, and jumped into his arm, practically knocking him over with her kiss. When Lee and April got out, they recognized who it was right off the bat. It was David Eldon, star receiver for the Denver Broncos! Then a couple other guys came out of the terminal. Lee and April identified them as Shawn Taylor and Larry Webb, quarterback and center for the same team.

They all met and introductions were passed all around. Larry paired off with April and Lee (or Lisa as he introduced himself) got the quarterback.

They had a lovely time that evening, and Shawn was an utter and complete gentleman, a far cry from the way Lee had been treated by Wyatt. They spent the evening together until the men had to be at the airport. At the gate, Shawn gave Lee a quick kiss and said, "Could I get your number?"

Lee got a sheepish look on his face and said, "I'd like that, but there's something you should know about me."

"What's that?"

"Well, it's... Oh, hell with it." Lee took his hand and guided it to his crotch.

Lee clenched his eyes shut, hoping that this big man wouldn't react violently. He was surprised when Shawn held his cock and gently fondled it. Shawn leaned over and whispered, "Is this functional?"

"Fully. You don't mind me having it? I have no plans on getting rid of it."

"Mind?" Shawn gave Lee (who was now finding being Lisa much easier to contemplate) a passionate kiss. Shawn looked around and said, "Come with me." He pulled Lisa to a conference room for rent that the airport offered and ran his credit card through the quick process machine and dragged Lisa inside. He pulled the sexy she-male to his arms and kissed him. "I've got a half hour before I board and I want to do something, anything with you."

Lisa (as Lee was beginning to think of himself) wanted to do something, too, but couldn't decide on any single thing. Finally, he said, "What do you want to do?"

"Honestly? I want to feel you inside of me. I've always had a fantasy of getting fucked from behind by a beautiful she-male while she rubs her breasts on my back."

Lisa readily agreed. Shawn dropped his pants, saying, "I just wish we had time to do this right."

Lisa pulled his panties down, saying, "You do with what you got." Shawn went over to the table and bent over, spreading his legs. Lisa stepped up behind him, put his dick to the quarterback's asshole and pressed into him.

When he was all the way in, he leaned forward and pressed his breasts to Shawn's back. He hugged Shawn and played his hands over the sports star's hairy chest. It was only a few minutes before Shawn was spraying onto the floor. Shawn then turned around, went to his knees and gave Lisa a blow job.

When they got dressed, Shawn made sure to ask for Lisa's number and Lee quickly gave it to him. Lisa (or was it Lee now that the sex was done?)

walked Shawn to the gate and waved bye to him as he got on the plane.

Emily drove them home. When Lee walked in the door, the phone was ringing.

Lee answered it, and heard Shawn's voice saying, "Hey, Lisa. I didn't want you thinking I was the kind of guy who says he'll call, but never does."

They spent an hour talking before Lee pointed out that he had to be up early for work the next day, and went to bed, where he cuddled up with April. Before they fell asleep together, Lee asked, "April, how would you feel if I stayed as Lisa?"

"I shouldn't tell you. Both Lois and Emily say I should let you make the decision on your own."

"Bull! You're a part of my life, April. I don't want to make a decision without knowing how it's going to affect you."

April considered it before saying, "When I broke through and absorbed Apricot, and saw Lisa for the first time I was a little jealous at how pretty you were, but now I'd have to say I not only want you to stay as Lisa, I want you to keep your breasts as large as they are."


"Uh huh. The nanites will keep you from having the back problems that large breasts can cause, and I kind of get a thrill out of having a boyfriend with tits so much huger than my C's."

"Then it's settled. From now on, I'm Lisa, a girl."

April kissed Lisa's breast through her nightie and wished her pleasant dreams.



Lisa moved quickly, trying to get her work done Saturday night. After that night, Shawn had called her every night, and when he found that Lisa and April were looking for a new place to live, he had his lawyer purchase a house for all of them. When Shawn was in town, they occasionally had a threesome, but April mostly had fun with whichever teammate was in town.

When Shawn wasn't in town, April was devoted to Lisa. And now that the regular season had started, Shawn had made sure that Lisa had a ticket to wherever he was playing, calling her his "lucky girl". And since his performance on the field had never been better, the press had nicknamed her "Lucky Lisa".

Lisa's breasts had swelled to a G cup before shrinking back to a double E.

And true to Emily's word, she hadn't had a sick day yet.

Now Lisa was getting her work done in order to catch the flight to Boise for the mid-season rematch of last season's Superbowl when Lois, who had come in for some reason, called her into the office. "What's up?" Lisa asked.

"Lisa, Drasberg's has... an almost unknown, and thankfully almost unused, division. It's called the Retribution Division. When somebody, male or female, takes advantage of one of our people, but then falls into our hands, we take steps to punish them for their transgressions."

"Okay, but why are you telling me this?"

Lois handed her a folder. "Look who's fallen into our clutches." Lisa opened the folder and saw a picture of Wyatt attached to an application for work at Drasberg's. "Now the question is, do you want us to do anything to him? If it's not that big a deal, we just won't hire him, and forget about it."

Lisa thought about it, remembering the way Wyatt had exploited and used both her and April. "I think he should be punished, and I have just the thing..."

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