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Stone Dennison Meets the Neighbors

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I wrote this 3-some story for a friend who had only several basic elements to build upon - a bi-guy, a black woman and a straight guy into remodeling antique cars. But it had to be written from the view and narrative of the lead male telling it! That was the challenge- how to write but as if I was the guy! The story basically came together in less then a day but writing like I was a guy was a bit harder.

I hope to hear what you guys think - was I convincing or not?

Somewhere in an urban area within a new subdivision....

It was a Saturday morning and I was working in my garage on a classic Shelby Cobra GT500. I had a special customization to finish by Sunday afternoon. The guy was flying in from California and I had to get the car ready. It only needed an audio install of a 12-CD Changer and Sirius satellite radio and it would be ready for pick up. I had just installed the Sirius system when I heard Geneva next door and her back screen door slammed!

Geneva was my next-door neighbor, according to my realtor. The neighborhood was middle class with a nice mix of races and families. But Geneva was single, black and had a boyfriend who seemed to visit her a lot. He and I rarely chatted and were basically ‘nodding acquaintances’. But Geneva was something else. She had a gorgeous smile and from what I could see a great body. Not model thin but with an ass I often found myself daydreaming about. How would it feel to cup both those ass cheeks in each of my hands while I was ramming-

“No! That’s not what I was told!”

It was Geneva having a heated argument with someone. Taking a clean rag I wiped my hands and took a peek thru the bushes at her house. A truck with a maintenance sign was in the driveway. Geneva was standing in her driveway facing a man in his mid-forties. She had her hands on her hips. This might be interesting.

“Look, lady. There is no way somebody from MY office quoted you such a low price. Hell, that doesn’t even -“

“Don’t you DARE use foul language to MY face! You tell me I have to pay an additional $300.00 AND you’re going to curse at me? I don’t think so!”

The handy man knew he wasn’t going to get what he wanted, tipped his hat, got in his pick up and left.

Geneva started shaking her head in frustration and began to walk back into her house. I found myself calling out to her as I hopped the fence that separated our properties, still wiping my hands. She stopped, a questioning look on her face, and then saw me. A big smile lit up her face. At the same time my money conscious voice was kicking my butt,

“What the fuck are you doing? You don’t have time for this! This client is paying CASH money! Tomorrow! What are you DOING?”

I ignored it and as I got closer to Geneva the voice got dimmer and finally faded away.

“Was I that loud? I’m sorry. I just don’t like being taken advantage of.”

I walked up to her hoping I had wiped my hands clean of any dirt and stuck out my hand, introducing myself,

“Hello. I’m Stone. Stone Dennison from-“

She said smiling, interrupting me, holding out her hand as well.

“I know who you are. Everybody here knows about your customizing vintage cars. I have been meaning to come over and bring you some of my meatloaf but never got around to it. Welcome to the neighborhood!”

We shook hands. I asked her what the argument was about and she motioned me to come inside her house. She walked up the four steps and opened the screen door and went in. I followed her down a hallway, thru the laundry room and into the kitchen. She saw me looking around and invited me to sit down. She began to pour some coffee and said that she had moved in soon after a divorce and had inherited it from her father Then she remembered.

“I almost forgot. It’s the dishwasher. I’d asked for an estimate before he took my drain apart but he acted like he didn’t hear me. So when I insisted he tell me the total cost he stopped. That ‘s when we started arguing. And that was the maintenance company that services the warranty. I paid good money to get an extended warranty- “

I got up and began looking at her dishwasher. I determined what I thought the problem was and told Geneva I had to go and get my tools. She said she’d be waiting and flashed that incredible smile at me. I took the steps two at a time. The little voice began to nag me. I pointedly ignored it.

I went thru the bushes, across my driveway and into my 3-car garage and secured the classic Cobra. The client had wanted a great entertainment system and I didn’t want to take any chances. I covered it up, grabbed my tools, using the remote, closed the garage and was back at Geneva’s in less then 10 minutes.

It turned out to not be a big problem and with some spare tubing and a replacement cog I fixed it.

After running the dishwasher thru the wash cycle and waiting to see all was ok, Geneva calls my name and I turn around. She’s got her pocketbook and was pulling out money.

“No. Geneva. That’s not necessary! We’re neighbors. If my microwave ever goes on the fritz, I’ll call on you.” That broke the ice and she didn’t feel so bad about me not taking the money. Or so I thought.

About 20 minutes later, I call out to her,

“Geneva? The dishwasher is starting the rinse cycle. Looks good. I don’t think you’ll have any more problems-”. No answer. Hmmmm.

Where had she gone? I called her again,

“Geneva? I believe it’s working ok? Uh…listen… I really have to –“

I had turned around when I heard her behind me, and what I saw made my jaw drop and my train of thought evaporate! She was wearing little more then that smile and a mans shirt open to her navel, revealing perfect chocolate colored breasts just begging to be touched… tasted…

Then I got real. I didn’t have time for this! Then Geneva slowly began to unbutton the last few buttons of the shirt and I saw her kitty. It was furry, black and obviously hungry for my cock. She walks up to me seducing me with her eyes and that walk! She takes my free hand and places it on her muff. At first contact she moaned, parting her lips and I felt her pussy lips contract. Her pussy juices were already dripping. I dropped my wrench and with one movement we were in each other’s arms, kissing. Deeply. Hungrily.

I was eager to finally get to taste her and she was sooo hot for me! I couldn’t believe it. Was this really finally happening? Oh, God she tasted good!

She drew her head back from our long steamy kiss and smiling, took me by the hand and led me down a long hallway to her bedroom. I was surprised to see a romantic bedroom, in every sense of the word. A large king-size four-poster bed covered with animal skins. A fireplace in the corner with a white bear skin-

But my attention was riveted on Geneva and getting undressed as soon as humanly possible! By the time’ she’d closed the door I already had my shirt off and was working on my jeans! But Geneva was just as eager and didn’t let that stop her.

Geneva had her hands locked behind my neck and pulled me towards the bed, falling backwards on top of it, forcing me partly on top of her. Ravenous, she began kissing my chest searching for my nipples…kissing and sucking the tiny nipples that felt so good. My dick was hard and begging to be freed! I finally kicked my jeans the rest of the way off and on to the floor to be quickly followed by my boxers.

With a heavy thump, my shoes were kicked off and fell to the floor and I was lying on top of her hot luscious body full length.

Not many women know what that does to a man. She continued kissing and sucking gently on each of my nipples and slurping on each one while I was cupping each of her beautiful soft breasts…each one just over a handful. She moaned as I took turns tweaking each of her nipples while she was kissing mine.

While kissing and licking her big beautiful breasts with one hand, the other was gently fingering her hot and oh-so-eager creaming pussy.

My mouth hungrily sucked the large dark nipples that hardened with naked desire. She moaned as my other hand was expertly fingering her pussy, causing her to arch her back with pure wanton need! With one finger, I gently began fingering her clit. She was creaming and nearly ready and opened her legs, breathlessly whispering in my ear,

“Fuck me. Right here. Right now!”

She was moaning right in my ear and I knew then she had wanted me just as bad as I had wanted her!

But I wasn’t ready, driving her absolutely wild was my goal. I began kissing her breasts, then her tummy, making my way down her body to where that sweet chocolate pussy was waiting for me. I go down, kissing every inch of her tummy, and lower until I was there. I breathed in her womanhood and my rock-hard cock throbbed, with that incredible feeling of arousal and there was no turning back.

That Cobra was going to have to wait. This doesn’t happen every day.

Just then we both hear her bedroom door open and both jump up off the bed and away from each other! There, standing in the doorway is Geneva’s boyfriend taking in the entire scene in one sweeping look! Then he softly closes the door behind him.

Stone looked at Geneva as she was pulling the shirt -his shirt-around her attempting to cover her nakedness.

“Hey, man. What do you think you’re doing with my woman?”

Stone thought, “Ah shit!” And prepared for the worst! But then, the unexpected. The guy held out his hand and walking up towards me, smiled and said,

“My name's Kevin, man. You must be Stone? How you doing? Been meaning to come over with Geneva and welcome you.”

He smiled a very disarming smile. Kevin was about 35, very fair skinned, boyish good looks, dark red hair and an athlete’s body. This was the first time they had actually talked face to face. Stone noticed that Kevin’s eyes were darting back and forth, up and down, looking at Stone’s 9-incher, then to his face then back to his cock! And with something akin to pure unadulterated lust in his eyes!? He thought he must be imagining things. Then Kevin licked his lips. Numb and in total shock, I shook his hand .

Kevin, then turns his attention to Geneva and in three strides Kevin takes Geneva into his arms and without a word began to French kiss her. They fall back onto the bed, Kevin on top of her grinding his groin into her pussy.

Well, time for me to go…and I began to grab my clothes intending to dress in the hallway but Kevin calls out,

“Just where do you think you’re going? You get my woman all worked up and leave before the job’s done? Uh uh.. You gotta’ finish what you started.”

Kevin began unzipping his pants and gazing at Stone’s cock with a sort of dreamy look on his face. Geneva is up and was already undoing his shirt. Kevin’s eyes never left Stone’s cock. Then, Kevin motions him to come over to the bed as Kevin sits’ down and not knowing why Stone complied, feeling like he’d just stepped into the erotic equivalent of the Twilight Zone! He wanted to pinch himself. This couldn’t be happening!

Geneva pulls off Kevin’s shirt and the guy stands up, dropping his pants, steps out of them leaving them on the floor. Geneva sits back onto the bed waiting and watching, her hand going to her pussy. Kevin continues to strip now taking off his under shorts freeing his cock, rock hard but his eyes never leaving Stone’s cock.

But what was shocking to Stone was to see that he, himself, was getting a raging hard on just watching him! His dick had shriveled when they heard the door open and now this? Kevin’s cock was above average, about 7 inches. Kevin sat back down on the edge of the huge four-poster bed his dark red dick bobbing in the air sticking straight out! He began to play with his own cock while looking at Stone’s and licked his lips. Oh, shit! What was going on here?

Geneva’s hands came from behind Kevin, grabbed hold of Kevin’s dick and she began pumping it. Kevin stopped playing with it, and with his eyes still on Stone, motioned him to come closer.

“Come on, man. Join us. Ever had a threesome? Talk to me.”

“Never. But it is… one of my fantasies.” Stone answered not sure what was going on.

At this Kevin smiled and asked,

“Tell us what you want. (Kevin kissed Geneva, nuzzling his head into her breasts)

“And what’s your boundaries?”

Stone said, without hesitation,

”No anal on me. I’ll DO anal. I’ll let you give me a blowjob. That’s it.”

Stone waited, not knowing if this was some kind of joke at his expense or not.

Stone’s dick was now throbbing and dripping with pre-cum juice. More then it had ever done. He could feel that ‘sexual’ fire down in his groin, the more he got excited at what might just happen.

Before he knew it Kevin had dropped down on his knees and had Stone’s cock deep in his mouth, down his throat and was swallowing his entire 9 inches with obvious and unabashed relish! His mouth was hot, wet and the feeling was incredible! Better then he could have imagined! Stone’s knees got weak but Kevin’s hands grabbed his ass cheeks like a vice and even if he’d wanted to stop him, he couldn’t. Kevin squeezed Stones’ butt cheeks in both his hands and forced him deeper down Kevin’s throat. Stone had to reach out and hold onto one of the posters of the bed for support. He was surprised at how hungry and very expert at sucking and licking Kevin was. He knew all the right moves. He knew where and when to kiss, lick and suck to perfection, not leaving any part of his cock ignored. Before long Stone had both his hands on Kevin’s head forcing even more of his nine inches down this throat. When he did, Kevin moaned in agreement and renewed his efforts! The feeling was incredible! Kevin licked his balls, sucking each one then he’d lick the entire length of his shaft ending with him teasing the head, nibbling on it, flicking it with the tip of his tongue and then finally ‘deep throating’ him all over again!

Stone couldn’t help it and began to thrust back and forth into that hot juicy mouth! Deeper and deeper, moaning with sheer unadulterated pleasure! He began to fuck Kevin’s hot hungry mouth and Kevin was urging him on pushing his butt cheeks forcing him in deeper, like he couldn’t get enough of his cock wanting every inch of him! It was an incredible feeling. The pleasure was almost too much! Kevin begins jerking off his rock hard cock too.

Stone began to moan and Kevin could be heard moaning too. The feeling was fantastic!

It was so fucking good! Then Stone opened his eyes wondering about Geneva.

Geneva was sitting back on the bed watching them thru half-closed eyes, fingering her pussy, her lips parted. You could see she was real turned on!

Then Stone had an idea and stopped Kevin.

Stone lay back across the middle of the bed, at Geneva’s feet. Not wanting to let go of his sweet cock Kevin didn’t miss a beat. I told Geneva to sit on my face. Geneva straddles across my chest and lowered her pussy into my hot waiting mouth. I stick out my tongue eager to find her hot chocolate pussy. I can feel Kevin now on top of my cock, head bobbing. I began flicking my tongue gently into Gen’s kitty searching for her clit. And found it eliciting a long low moan from her. Stone began to tongue-fuck Geneva and was rewarded with deep guttural moans from her throat, head thrown back and eyes closed, clutching both sides of his head and totally committed to fucking his mouth hard. He was in heaven eating her pussy and having her boyfriend eating him!

He could feel Kevin now began to suck his dick with renewed energy, sucking and deep-throating him harder, longer and wetter. Stone was now thrusting his cock deeper into that hot wetness, fucking Kevin’s mouth like there was no tomorrow! He could feel his cum inching up his rod.

Geneva’s pussy was super hot and he teased her clit until she climaxed! He felt her pussy lips contract around his tongue as he brought her to 3 quick climaxes, her juices running down his face. Then he felt his own ejaculation coming and began fucking Kevin’s face harder and faster. Kevin was groaning and moaning his mouth full of Stone’s rock hard meat almost down his throat and Stone felt Kevin’s dick bouncing against his leg when Kevin was jacking himself off faster and faster! What a fucking incredible feeling! Then Kevin came, groaning from deep inside his gut but not losing Stones dick one second. Geneva came a fourth time arching her back while grinding her pussy deeper into his face and screaming! Then that delicious fire erupted to my dick head, and I began cumming. Big time! I groaned and arched my back sending my cum deep, deep into Kevin’s throat. Stone kept cumming for like 5 full minutes! And Kevin swallowed every drop, keeping his mouth firmly on Stone’s cock groaning with the feeling. What a fucking incredible threesome!

After all three of them came, at the same time all three fell back onto the bed totally spent. Stone had Geneva’s head in the curve of his neck, one arm across and down his groin and holding his now spent cock, Kevin was behind Geneva doggy-style with one hand cupping a breast and the other coming from behind, in between her legs, cupping her pussy. They all fell asleep that way.

The End?

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