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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Sherri, The Cruise, Pt 2".


Sherri, The Cruise, Pt. 2

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Well, the next day was a blur to Sherri, She was led from one door to another by "The Amazon" and after an hour or so the Amazon returned and took her to another room. When she entered a room there were usually one or two men there and they took her very unceremoniously, bent her over a chair or laid her on the bed and fucked her, sometimes in the pussy, many in the ass and a few in her mouth. Finally as the day ended the Amazon took her back to her cabin and showered with her, cleaning her up and then laying in bed with her, usually gently kissing her and slowly making love to he. THe next day Sherri was taken to the sun deck and told to enjoy the morning anywere she desired. She had earned a break. The Amazon showed up later in a way too small bikini. She came over and kissed Sherri and told her to relax as she massaged her all over, back and front. They swam and talked some and it ws then that Sherri discovered that the Amazon was actually one of the owners of the escort company. Susan was her name and she had decided to come on the cruise from a break from the everyday things she had to do. She leaned over and kisses Sherri with her very large breasts hanging in Sherri face, "And the rest of the cruise you are all mine." Sherri kissed her back and smiled, "So what can I do to impress the boss?" Sherri asked her?" "Oh, you already have impressed me, none of our girls has taken care of so many men all on their own without complaining." Sherri felt mischivous and pushed Susan onto her back, "Well, let me give the boss the best treatment she has ever had then too." She began kissing her all over beginning with her nexk then to her ample chest, the nipples she teased till they were nice and hard then she made sure to give then a special treatment of teasing and sucking...till Susan was begging her to go further...Sherri told her that she was to lay back and enjoy it without being the fucking boss for once. Sussan told her okay and laid back. Sherri worked her way all over Susans body eventually finding her lush pussy...Sherri moaning told her, Now this is what I have been looking for. " Susan arched her hips to her face. Sherri teased her, Not so fast, I want to enjoy this and make you beg me to make you cum. Sherri saw that there were several people looking from the upper decks and also had begun to come in from the meetings. She laid on Susan and began the sweet torture. Taking her close to orgasm then letting her alost get there then keeping her on the edge, sucking, eating her pussy, kissing her all over, massaging her until the woman again almost reached an orgasm aas Sherri let it die out and Susan Moaned, Oh damn it, please make me cum, please. Why Sherri asked her, why should I let you cum. Because I need to. That is not good enough Sherri taunted her now. Why should I let you cum. Because I am the Boss. Fuck that, I don't care. Why should I let you cum Sherri was getting rougher now, as if she were the boss. YOu have one last guess and if you do not get it right I will leave you here to suffer. Why should I let you cum? Susan looked at her eyes, then licking her lips she told her, "Because I am your slave?" Sherri smiled, Very good slave, now we will let you cum and she dove between her legs her mouth and fingers finishing the task she had begun over and hour before. Susan had an orgasm that actually made her scream and brough other s to the rails above them. Her orgasm seemed to last a half hour but as she came down from one Sherri made another build and s it was released she made Susan confirm her status as Sherri's slave again. They got up, naked and went to bed where them remained the rest of the day and half the night. Then they went back to the deck under the night sky and made love again. The next morning Sherri was getting us and Susan asked where she was going, well, today is the last day and I need some cock so I will be serving the meeting today. Susan got up and kissed her. Okay love, enjoy. Sherri walked down the hall and saw two of the men that were on the ship that worked there. She stopped and put her arms around one, kissing him deep and his cock was out in a second. She fell to her knees and took him in her mouth as she told the other, You can have to other end dear. He wasted no time buring his cock in her ass. Sherri got them both off, wiped her mouth and continued her walk. One after another she stopped men that worked on the ship and serviced them anywere they were. She finally made it to the meeting room and went over to the stage and laid back, spread her legs, Anyone need to relive any tension, her it is as a line formed around her, the rest of the day was a blur of cocks in her, all of them unloading their cum in her and on her. She stumbled back to the room and Susan was gone. A note told her that Sherri was a great candidate for higher responsibilities and that she would soon hear from Susan to that end. Sherri collapsed and as the next day came she was dressed in a loose fitting wrap and helped to the car and taken to our home where she collaped in bed with Connie and I. He rpromotion came the next week along with a nice bonus from the cruise. She was one of the best employees that Susan had ever interviewd the note said. Signed, Your Slave, Susan Sherri kept that note for a long time.

Pages: 1

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