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Sexy in Portland, Part 1

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I have been to strip bars, lingerie shows and I even participated in an amateur night contest, all with my boyfriend. We have been swinging together for four years. On this occasion I was traveling to Portland Oregon alone and wanted new experiences. Knowing the city?s sex scene, I had a couple of wild things in mind!

Midway through my work week, I called a nude strip club known to be couples and female friendly, and made arrangements to audition. I wanted to try it out for one night, but also wanted the proprietor to think I was long-term serious. Despite being older than most strippers, I have a tight body, a great all-over tan, firm and perky 34C?s and a landing-strip shaved pink-lipped pussy that is tight and spreads slightly when I?m dancing.

For the audition I arrived in my shortest mini, usually only worn in swinger parties, a white G-string and white heels. I also wore a white satin blouse, unbuttoned all the way and tucked in tightly; with a matching half bra. I was so excited mentally and sexually. This was wild, even for me.

The proprietor was Kay; in her late forties, I guessed. She asked if I?d mind a few others watching the audition. I laughed and said that I hoped plenty of others would watch me dance, so an audience here would be no different. I was so turned on just anticipating this, my nipples were already hard! She called in her bouncer, Bill, and a couple of strippers (Fire and Peaches). She turned up the speakers and asked me to start.

I hadn?t rehearsed anything, so just did my best sexy moves from dancing at swinger clubs. I got rid of my clothes as quickly as I could and danced as nasty as I could. I really enjoyed showing my pussy off in front of Fire because she was quite sexy and had a broad smile whenever I would dance in front of her. She would move her head back and forth in a very suggestive way. I was sure that my juices were clearly visible to all.

When the music stopped, instead of getting dressed, I plopped down on the couch next to Fire and threw one leg over the arm of the couch giving Kay and Peaches a good view. Fire was in her dance clothes, of course ? a bikini top and G-string ? so we had a lot of skin contact. This was so erotic! Kay asked them what they thought. They each answered that I was good. Fire patted may leg as she talked, and didn?t remove her hand when she was done. Kay then started asking me background and employment questions. I used some hand gestures and let one arm fall over Fire?s thigh. Kay asked if I wanted to get dressed, to which I said ?only if I have to.? All laughed and Kay continued with the questions.

The Bouncer left during the questions. I moved my hand up Fire?s thigh; she still had her hand on mine. Her skin felt so sensual; so incredibly sexy. Finally Kay said she was willing to try me out Friday afternoon. I said ?great!? (but was disappointed; afternoon shows usually aren?t the best). She then asked the two girls to show me the dressing area. Still naked, I scooped up my four articles of clothing, thanked her and followed them out.

I was sure that Fire was getting turned on ? her nipples were hard under her bikini top. When we got to the dressing area, they showed me a locker for my stuff and I put the bra and G-string in it, saying I wouldn?t need them until Friday. Fire commented that it was amazing how comfortable I was being naked. I confesed that I was a swinger and Bi.

Peaches said ?I knew it! Most of the girls here are Bi. None are swingers that I know of, however.?

We sat around talking for a bit, the whole time I was getting wetter; nipples still hard. I couldn?t help playing with my clit, one leg over the arm of the chair. Fire asked if I wanted help and without waiting for a reply, moved between my legs and started licking my already hard and exposed clit. Peaches moved in to put a lip lock on my left breast.

I grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled them closer; threw my head back and closed my eyes. Soon I felt a lubricated finger slide slowly into me, and looked down to see Peaches not only sucking on one breast and playing with the other, but also playing with one of Fire?s. I reached over and started rubbing her clit thru her G-string ? she was wet. I pulled the string aside and slid my wet finger inside of her. She shuddered and clamped her kegals on my finger. From the way Fire was moving, I suspected she had her own fingers buried in her pussy. Watching all of this and seeing other strippers watching us, pushed me over the edge in a powerful orgasm.

Peaches also shook with an orgasm, but I didn?t think that Fire had cum yet. Unfortunately, we heard ?Fire, please stand by,? meaning that she would be next on stage after this song. I promised to return the favor when I returned Friday afternoon! She kissed me and said ?I hope so.? When she left to freshen up for the stage, Peaches said that we didn?t need to wait for Friday, I was welcome to come over to her house when she and Fire got off at 2 AM. Since I had to work the next day, I begged off.

To prepare for my stage debut, I went to Cathy?s Lingerie, near Powell Street, for the necessities. When Friday afternoon came, I was in the dressing room eagerly waiting my shift and chatting with some of the girls. When the shift began, I walked onto the floor in high heels, a G-string and the smallest patch bikini top I could find. I was surprised to see that the house had a good number of patrons already. I worked the floor for a couple of songs until it was my turn to take the side stage. I wouldn?t be on the main stage tonight, which suited me fine! I intended to push the limits of the rules.

My first set was fairly uneventful, but quite erotic for me. During the second set, a nice looking guy sat on the dark side of the stage; I hoped out of sight of the DJ. He put a couple of dollars on the stage. It was time to get really horny and wet. I smiled and pulled his head in between my naked breasts, and held it there, hoping the DJ couldn?t see. While moving and holding his head there, I ran my free hand inside his shirt, just to insure that he knew that this was something different. I did the same with the next guy. Dollars started flying onto the stage. I didn?t dare have body contact with those on the lit side of the stage, closer to the DJ booth, at least not until I had been able to cum a few times first. So, on that side of the stage, I gave each guy a very good close-up view of my open pussy (legal) and instead of sliding my finger a quarter inch above the skin as allowed, I actually slid it over my folds, figuring that form a distance, the DJ and Bouncers couldn?t tell. The guys had to be blind to not see how wet I was.

During the break, Fire asked what I was doing, was I trying to get fired on my first night? I grabbed her hand and shoved it down between my legs to let her feel how wet I was.

?I can?t stand it! This is making me so horny!? I said.

As she fingered my cunt, she said, ?Well you had better tone it down or you will not finish the night here!?

For the rest of the shift, I was very careful, but more brazen. When I brushed my head down in a guy?s crotch, I really brushed hard, and occasionally cupped a handful of hard-on. I realized that the whole stage could be seen in the mirrors, so was careful to turn slightly, letting my thigh block the mirror view and still let the guy (or girl ? there were now a few in the club and usually at my stage), get a great view of me inserting a finger, or spreading my lips for a view up my hole, or exposing my hard clit. I wished this club provided private dances, but I was getting excellent tips anyway. All the chairs at my stage were full, and I always had a lap to sit in between sets. On stage, I would reach for the ladies? tits (legal). A couple would pull open their blouses to expose naked breasts with rock hard nipples. As I would feel theirs, the favor was returned, and I would get a tingling feeling all over. Soon, I pushed the rules and grabbed a girl?s hand and placed it between my legs as I knelt in front of her. She wasn?t shy and tried to get her finger inside! Wonderful! Her male friend and the guy on the other side were about to have a stroke! The song ended and I collected my tips. She and her friend were not around when I got back from the dressing room.

My shift was close to ending, so I decided to go for it. I needed to get fired anyway, so that I wouldn?t have to explain not coming back. I picked out a girl that had given me a few tips and was watching closely, along with a male companion. Toward the end of the second song, I put my legs over her shoulders, focusing her face right on my naked pussy (also legal). But I fully flexed my knees, pulling her face tight up against my soaking wet cunt, and held it there. She got the hint and began licking my slit. Not only did her companion get to see all this, so did one of the Bouncers. God, did I cum! Not that her tongue was so good (it was!), but knowing this wasn?t legal and knowing that others were watching, was just too much.

Well, I was so busted. The Bouncer met me backstage. Despite a smile, he told me that I was fired and had to get dressed and leave immediately or the club risked getting shut down. I had received an insane amount of tips, had three or four little cums plus that last shuddering cum that really shook my body. Fire came up as I was dressing.

?I thought you were going to be careful??

?God, Fire, I don?t know how you do it! I got so horny showing off that I just had to cum!

We chatted quickly as the Bouncer was still hanging around. We exchanged phone numbers and I let the Bouncer usher me out. But I wasn?t done with the Portland sex scene; no, this was just the start.

By: pinkpocket

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