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Sex With His Girlfriend

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Jim and I had become pretty close and as y'all know (if you read, Hired Help, also written by me), he had enjoyed a MFM sexual experience with my wife and I. He even informed me that it was only fair that he share his girlfriend with me. Some two weeks later, he and I went to town in order to pick up supplies for my bait and tackle store. We were almost finished when the beautiful little redheaded young lady came up to us and hugged his neck. Jim introduced Jennifer, his girlfriend to me. She was one "nice" package. Beautiful green eyes, about 5'4", 125 lbs. and a body that would stop and man in his tracks. Her smile was genuine. When she smiled at me her eyes were shining and smiling too. We visited for a few minutes and I reminded Jim that we needed to get back to the store. We all said bye and parted.

On the way back to the store, I ask Jim if he was serious about sharing his girlfriend with me? He laughed and said, "Yes." I then informed him that my wife was also bi-sexual and was sure that she would like to meet Jennifer also. Jim smiled and said that he wanted this to happen because Jennifer had told him that she was starting to think about trying sex with another female. This brought a good smile to my face. I told him that we needed to look at our work schedule and set a date for this to happen. He agreed.

We arrived at the store and I sent Ruth back home to relax. Jim and I finished the day without mentioning our earlier conversation. Sent Jim home a little early and I started going through our schedule to determine a possible time for the four of us to get together. We had a pretty full guide schedule for the next two weeks but did have one day off. Off meaning we would not be on the water fishing but the store would still have to be opened at 5:00 A.M. and remain open until 7:00 P.M. Just before closing time, the phone rang. It was a customers calling to post pone a fishing trip. Checking the calendar, it was the day before we had that one day off. Now we had two days off. I immediately drew a line through both days and printed in bold letters, No Guide Trips Available. Shortly after that, I locked the doors and headed home.

Arrived home and took a quick shower then grabbed a cold beer from the refrigerator to enjoy before supper. Ruth and I enjoyed a nice meal she had prepared. We watched T.V. for a couple hours then went to bed. I started playing with her some and kissing her breasts. She quickly became very wet (something I have always loved about her). When she was really getting into it, I slid my throbbing cock into her and we started fucking slowly. While sliding in and out of her pussy, I ask her if she had enjoyed our threesome with Jim. She became even wetter and said, "Yes, it was wonderful and I would gladly do it again should the opportunity arise." This was what I was wanting to hear. I then told her that I had met Jennifer, Jim's girlfriend, and that Jim and I had already agreed on a foursome party. I told him that you were bi-sexual and that you would want to enjoy sex with his girlfriend also. When I said this, Ruth started into orgasms that I thought were never going to end. This in turn triggered mine and I started shooting spurt after spurt into her tight wet pussy. It was a wonderful finish for both of us.

The next morning Jim and I had a guided trip to work so there was no talk about what we had discussed the day before. The trip went well. Our customers left happy. This is what I always strive for. We sat down and I got both Jim and Ruth together to discuss the upcoming schedule. When I got to the two days that we had no guided trips, I suggested that we do something the first night. Maybe grill some steaks and enjoy life. I winked at Jim and said, "Hey Jim, how about you invite Jennifer to join us that night?" Jim smiled and said that it was a done deal. She, Jennifer, loved steak and he knew she would gladly join us for a get together. I then informed Jim that I had told Ruth about his and my plans for a foursome. Jim smiled and told Ruth that it would be a nice evening. Ruth blushed slightly and mentioned that if it turned out nearly as nice as the night we three spent that she was ready for it to happen right now. I detected somewhat of a hint in her voice but decided it best not to allow a threesome that night. No sense spoiling the young lad with too much of my wife's sweet pussy. After all; I wanted some of that young sweet tender pussy that Jennifer had. With these thoughts, I sent Jim home and we closed the store.

The day before we were to have our little get together, I sent the wife to the store in order to purchase four nice Ribeye steaks. Those are her favorite and I might add that I prefer them also. That night at knock off, I told Jim that as soon as we finished with our chores the next day that he was to go home and get cleaned up. We would close the store early and for he and Jennifer to arrive around 7:30 that evening. The next day came and all went well. As soon as Jim left, I closed the store. Ruth had gone home as soon as the morning rush was over. I went home, pulled the charcoal pit out and put charcoal on it. Went inside and showered. I put on a pair of loose shorts and a nice shirt with sandals. Ruth had on a very sharp looking wrap around and I'd bet big money she had nothing else on but that.

I went out and lit the charcoal. Ruth had made up a nice salad for all of us and had cooked four potatoes in the microwave and wrapped them in aluminum foil.

Jim and Jennifer showed up right on time. Ruth poured all of us a glass of wine and I started cooking the steaks. Dinner went well with all of us enjoying good steak with the trimmings and good wine. The conversation was nice with talk of general subjects. Nothing too serious. Just enjoyable conversation. Upon completion of dinner, Ruth and Jennifer started cleaning up our mess while Jim and I went out on the porch to chat, He informed me that the best way to get her sexually excited was with "XXX" rated movies of which he knew we had a good supply of. I ask him if she was aware or our plan. He said that she was not but she had mentioned on the way over that in she liked Ruth as much as she likes you (meaning me) that she would not mind if we ended up all having sex. I could only smile. Jim said that he already knew she liked Ruth. It showed by her actions. I had also picked up on this. In just a short while, the ladies joined us with Ruth topping off our glasses. We sat and chatted for a few minutes when I suggested we do inside and perhaps watch a movie. Ruth ask Jennifer what type she liked to watch. Jennifer looked at each of us in turn then back to Ruth and said. "Sex movies that are very vivid and show everything." We all laughed and went inside. This was working too smooth.

I picked a movie that had a lot of scenes showing two women enjoying each other as well as male/female sexual pleasures. Everyone sat down ; Ruth and Jennifer were on the sofa and Jim took the love seat while I sat in my recliner. I hit start and the movie began. Knowing Ruth, I knew it would not be long before she was wet and ready to play. Not knowing Jennifer, I was not sure but since she is a red headed woman, figured she might have some "hot blood" in her too. As things unfolded and there was a scene showing two women sucking and licking the cock of one man, it appeared that Jennifer was getting hot. Her nipples were showing through her blouse and she was fidgeting around a little. Jim ask her if she was cold or was she happy to be with such good people. She smiled and said, "Jim, you know what these movies do to me. I am already wet and excited." Ruth just smiled at her and ask her to prove it. She looked at me and I simply shrugged my shoulders saying that it was her idea so she should prove it. She laughed and pulled her blouse off. Ruth leaned over and cupped her left breast in the palm of her hand saying that she was definitely hard.....the entire tit is hard with the nipples extremely hard. Ruth then leaned over placing what appeared to be just her lips over the hard nipple. From experience, I knew she actually had that nipple between her teeth and was flicking her tongue across the tip of the nipple very fast. Jennifer moaned and put both of her hands on Ruth's head. She said that it felt great. Ruth continue this for a minute or two then she moved to the other breast repeating this with that one. Jennifer had her eyes closed and was totally enjoying it.

In a very short time, Ruth had Jennifer totally nude. The movie was forgotten by all of us. Jim and I sat watching Ruth show Jennifer what it felt like to have another female, that is knowledgeable, teach her the joys of two women having pleasurable sex together. As Ruth continued kissing, licking and tonguing her way down Jenns body; Jenn was in sexual bliss. She was writhing and moaning with every breath. As Ruth neared her pussy we noticed that those lips were swollen, gorged with blood stemming from sexual desire. Jenn opened her thighs very wide. Am sure this was in anticipation of what she was sure to happen next. Ruth teased around the lips without ever touching them. This went on for three or four minutes. Then Ruth started at the bottom of her pussy and slowly as well as very lightly ran her tongue all the way to her clit and then back again. Jenn let out a very loud moan. Her body was trembling with pleasure. Ruth started back up slowly but the tip of her tongue was between the pussy lips. Upon reaching the clitoris, Ruth took it between her lips and started sucking lightly on it. This was it, the dam broke and Jenns cum started flowing. The orgasm racked her body like most never experience. She screamed and started moaning like there was no tomorrow. Ruthie sucked and licked her clit and pussy, cleaning all of Jenns sweet pussy juices from her. When she finished, Jenn just lay there with a big smile on her face.

As Jenn was coming down from her high, Jim ask Ruth to join him in the bed room. They left. After about ten minutes, Jenn looked at me and smiled. She ask where Ruth and Jim were. I told her that they were in the bedroom and that Jim was probably fucking Ruth by this time. She smiled and said, "Well, perhaps we should join them as I figure you need some pussy about now." I smiled and nodded in agreement. My cock was leaking pre-cum very fast. There was a very large wet spot in my shorts. We went to join them and found them as we figured, fucking very hard. I got totally undressed and we sat watching the two of them. Jenn had my cock in her hand slowly jacking me off while we watch the two of them enjoy each other. It was not very long at all before Jim tensed and began shooting his man juice deep into Ruth's hot pussy. Upon completion, Jim rolled away from Ruth; both lying there content. Jenn looked at me and whispered, "I have to do this first. Will be back for you in a little."

She repositioned herself between Ruth's legs and slowly leaned over. Began tonguing and licking Ruth's breasts. Ruth smiled and placed a hand on Jenn's head. Jenn continued kissing and licking her breasts. She took each nipple alternately and suckled them. After awhile, with Ruth cooing and moaning softly, Jenn started working her way downward. slowly licking and kissing her way down to Ruth's stomach. Then lower until she reached her thighs. Here she started kissing and licking her inner thighs. Ever so slowly working her way towards that lovely Vee where her beautiful thighs meet. When she arrived, she slowly started licking Ruth's pussy lips. She was cleaning the mixture of Jim and Ruth's mixed love juices. It was a lovely sight to behold. Ruth started whimpering like a little girl. Her hips were moving in that age old rhythm known only by a woman being sexually pleased. It was a wonderful sight. After only a very few short minutes, Ruth was trembling in the throes of another orgasm. Jenn continued until Ruth finally shuddered and fell limp. Her body was drained from multi orgasms. Jenn straighten up and smiled towards me. I could not resist temptation. I leaned over and kissed her every so gently. She kissed me back, thrusting her tongue inside my mouth. Then drew back and said. "Your turn. You need to put that big hard cock inside my hot, wet and very ready pussy."

She lay back and I slid into her. Mmmmmm, she was so very tight as well as wet and hot. We started slowly enjoying each other until I had to increase my rhythm. Remember, we had been involved in this sexual play for quite some time. I was about ready to shoot. I forced myself not to let go fully. She felt so good. I had not had any pussy this young in quite some time. This lady also knew how to use her internal muscles. It was not very long before I felt something. Looked and Ruth had slid her hand between us and was also playing with Jenns clit while I fucked her. This got Jenn going she needed any help. Before long, that familiar feeling started deep inside my loins and I knew that I would not last long. Sure enough, I started thrusting faster and harder into her and she thrust back. When it finally erupted, I counted seven spurts of cum shoot out of me into her pussy. This mixed with her juices caused a flood to start out of her. I rolled away and as soon as I did, Jim dove between her thighs and started cleaning her of both our juices. He continued until he had cleaned her fully and she had another two orgasms.

It was a wonderful evening. We all crashed. I was the only one that worked the bait and tackle store the next day. As time went on, we had several more parties with all four of us and after they parted ways, Jennifer joined Ruth and I quite often for threesomes with us.

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