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Sex with Friends

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My husband, Mikel, and I are members of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Land O? Lakes, FL. Our favorite time to go is Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Caliente is a lifestyle friendly resort so there are play parties after some of the Saturday night dances that are hosted by swingers groups ? SLS, SDC and Aahz.

Last Saturday night the dance was sponsored by Aahz. They had a toga party in the nightclub. That was a blast! We didn?t dress up ourselves but there were a lot of folks that did. There was a lot of sexual energy buzzing on the dance floor. Hot girls were dancing on the stripper poles and couples were dancing up a sweat.

We invited another couple, Penny and Alan that had never been to Caliente before. Penny is very conservative. But you would?ve never known it. She had no problem getting nude in the hot tub. And after our dip, she was one of the hot girls dancing on the poles. After dancing a while, I looked over and she was about to start sucking on Alan?s cock while he was sitting on at our table. I had to stop her and tell her she?d have to wait till they got home or, that they could join us at the play party later.

Alan and I had been on a couple of dates years ago before I met Mikel and we?ve remained friends throughout the years. We never had sex but the chemistry and attraction has always been there. I had a feeling that tonight we would finally get the chance to fool around. We danced a couple of dances while Mikel and Penny were at the table talking. Alan was no stranger to the scene as he used to manage a swing club in Chicago years ago. He was looking forward to possibility of getting into some trouble.

At 1am the play parties started. Alan and Penny decided to join us and we went to the one where we knew there was a hot tub. When we got there it was just starting to get busy. There were a few couples in the living room, a couple of couples in one of the bedrooms and a few people smoking in the screened room.

The four of us stripped and got in the hot tub. It was nice because it wasn?t too hot, especially after working up a sweat on the dance floor. I started rubbing Mikel?s cock under the water and Penny and Alan started fooling around. I turned around leaning against Mikel and he started kissing and biting my neck. Alan reached over and started playing with my nipple. I stroked him on the leg letting him know that I was into him playing with me. They moved in closer to us. Mikel asked Penny if she minded if he touched her. She said it was no problem. He started playing with her nipples and squeezing her tits. I reached over and started rubbing Alan?s cock. After a few minutes, it was obviously that Penny was rubbing on Mikel?s cock. He had that telltale grin on his face.

Penny has a gorgeous body and beautiful perky breasts with pierced nipples. I asked her if I could touch her and blushing, she agreed. So I moved in and started caressing her breasts and I couldn?t resist and starting sucking on one of them. I felt someone?s fingers slip inside me. I wasn?t sure which one of the guys it was and I didn?t care. I started rubbing on Penny?s pussy until she started to make sweet, lovely sounds. About that time, Mikel announced that it was time we moved the party indoors.

The party was starting to fill up. A few more couples were in the living room and a threesome was getting-it-on on one of the sofas. One of the bedrooms was still occupied with two couples on the bed and another couple fucking against the dresser. The other room was free. We went in there and the two guys sat on the edge of the bed. Penny and I knelt down and started blowing our men. Penny?s hand reached over and started rubbing me. There is nothing like another woman?s touch. After sucking for a little while, I asked Penny to get on the bed. She lay down and I got on top of her, rubbing my body against hers. I moved down a little, nibbling on her neck and then moved on to suck on her nipples. The guys were on either side, rubbing and kissing on both of us. I couldn?t take it anymore and made my way down to Penny?s pussy. I parted her lips with my tongue and started licking and sucking on her clit. She started squirming and moaning and my fingers found their way inside her sweet, wet pussy. Mikel came up behind me and started slapping his huge cock on my ass before slipping his fingers inside of me. I heard slurping and looked up and saw Penny with her head turned to the side sucking Alan?s cock.

After Penny had cum a multitude of times, I stopped and got on top of her again, kissed her and thanked her for letting me taste her. I reached over and started stroking Alan?s cock. Then I climbed over Penny and took Alan?s cock into my mouth. Meanwhile, Penny started sucking on Mikel?s cock. I could hear that other people had entered the room and there was plenty of action going on. I was so focused on Alan?s cock that I didn?t care to look around. Alan has a nice big cock. Not quite as big as Mikel?s but plenty big. I imagined him fucking me. Just then he stops me tells me to lie down. He got in between my legs and started licking, sucking and nibbling on my pussy lips before making his way to my clit. As soon as he started sucking on my clit, I came and squirted in his face. Not missing a beat, he shoved his fingers in my pussy and started massaging my g-spot, turning me into a cumming, squirting fool. He said he wanted to fuck me. I told him it was about time. So he grabbed a condom, put it on and started fucking me hard and fast. About the same time, I saw Mikel get on top of Penny. I heard her squeal out at first due to his size. But after a moment, she was howling in ecstasy. Mikel can fuck for a long time. I was pleasantly surprised that Alan could too. After a while we switched positions and I was on top of him. Mikel and Penny went to doing it doggie style, his favorite. I was able to position myself so that Alan?s cock was hitting my g-spot on every stroke. My pussy juice was squirting all over his cock. He grabbed my hips and told me to be still and let him do the work. He pounded upward in a frenzy, cursing then cumming inside me. A few moments later, I looked over at Mikel, he wagged his tongue at me, started pounding Penny harder and faster, huffing, then came inside her.

We rested there for a couple of minutes then got up so others could make use of the bed. As soon as we got up, another couple threw a couple of towels on the bed and got busy. There were other people in the room, some were fucking on the dresser and others were doing it on the floor. It was a typical scene at these parties. Hot couples sucking and fucking. It doesn?t get much better.

Penny thanked us for the experience and said that she definitely wants to come back. Alex and I hugged and kissed. It was great that we were finally able to connect on that level after all these years as friends. We were looking forward to more fun times together. Mikel and I went home to get some sleep to get ready for Skinny Dip Sundae at Caliente the next day.

We found out that you can go to EroticResorts dot net to get information on vacation packages at Caliente and to enter a contest for a free vacation. We?re lucky we live nearby and can go there anytime we want to with our membership. If you haven?t been, you are really missing out. It the hottest place to be on the weekends, especially Saturday nights.

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