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Second time

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Now, somewhat more comfortable in our surroundings, Laura and I had met a few interesting couples that interested us. Although we were still getting mileage and great sex from the memories of our first experience, we had our eye on a couple and were getting the same vibes from the. Jean and Craig were an outgoing and friendly couple. Laura was immediately drawn to Jean. She had a few pounds on, but was gorgeous and shapely. Craig had a nice toned body, a quick smile and was a bit of a comedian. Since they were staying at the hotel, and I was driving that night, they offered to split the cost and the second bed with us, innocently of course. We casually had a few drinks, relaxed, then attended the dance as planned. I asked Jean if she wanted to dance a few times and we had fun dancing up a storm. As a slow dance came up, Jean asked me to dance again and we began talking about our spouses, our rules and what we would like to see. I guess our dance was setting the plan in motion as I could see Craigs hand cupping Laura's ass as they watched us dance. I leaned into Jean and kissed her deeply. She was more than receptive our tongues inter-twining as we slowly danced. We decided then to retire to the room and see what would happen.

Once in the room, Craig headed for the shower to clean up. Jean, sitting on the bed motioned for me to come over to her and again kissed me with urgency, telling me that she wanted my cock in her tonight. Of course, Laura was on board for that and began undressing Jean in earnest. Pulling her top over her head exposed medium sized tits, firm with erect pink nipples waiting for attention. Laura took one of her nipples in her mouth and gently sucked her, rolling it around in her mouth. Jean pulled Laura into her, as she kissed me, her hand finding my growing cock through my pants. Laura slowly released her nipple, her hand finding Jean's moistening pussy through her slacks. Lifting her ass, Laura took that as a cue to remove them , which she promptly did. Into view came a perfectly shaved pussy with small pink lips that glistened with moisture. Laura could wait no longer and kissed her way down to Jeans sweet pussy. I could hear Laura's breath quicken as she tasted only her second pussy. Transfixed, I just stopped and watched as Laura licked and sucked every part of her pussy, gently taking her labia into her mouth one at a time and savouring her taste. At last, Laura found her clit, flicking her tongue over it continuously as she slipped a finger inside. Jean reacted by pulling her face closer, her mouth slightly open as she looked down intently, watching Laura lick and suck her. Laura then looked up into her eyes and moaned. This set Jean off , her ass began to move, pushing her pussy into Laura's mouth further. She began to moan lowly, then tensed as she came in Laura's mouth.

Craig was out of the bathroom, naked and stroking his hard cock. He was about 6" uncut, and hard as he took in the sight. Kneeling down behind Laura, he grasped her hips, angling her for better access to her pussy. Laura thrust her ass in the air as Craig's tongue found her wet pussy. Laura's breath came out as a moan as Craig's tongue found her clit. He licked her from her clit back, his tongue spreading her folds, slowly as he trust his tongue into her. He then continued, rimming her ass with abandon. I watched as she came up for air on Jeans' pussy to look back at him. She was in the zone, pulling at the back of his head. Craig's tongue was doing wonders for her, back and forth from her clit to her ass, and everywhere in between, making her sopping wet. My cock was absolutely rigid at this point, precum flowing from my cock like water. Jean still had a grasp on me, stroking as best she could while Laura was making her cum again. I stood up, my cock inches from Jeans face. She hungrily took me into her mouth, all the way until her nose rested on my pubic hair. My hands grasping the back of her head I began fucking her mouth, he sucking sounds adding to my excitement. I knew I wasn't going to last at this rate, so I back off to watch for a second. Craig finally came up for air after making Laura cum a couple times. His cock, throbbing and red was ready for some pussy. Looking at Laura, I told him to go ahead. I reached behind Laura, spreading her wet pussy for Craig. He eased his cock into her. Fascinated, I watched as Craigs cock slid in and out of Laura, his hands kneeding her ass as he began to pick up the pace. Laura gasped and looked behind her at me as her eyes fluttered. She was enjoying his cock, and the idea of me watching her getting fucked.

Jean's pussy, soaked with Laura's saliva and her pussy juices was ready for my cock. She wanted to ride me, reverse cowgirl being her favorite position. I positioned myself in front of Laura, and she began sucking my cock with gusto as she was being fucked from behind by Craig. This was one of our fantasies and we were really getting off on it. Jean lowered her pussy onto my cock,she was very wet, and slid down my cock to its base. She was also very tight, her pussy gripping my cock as she began riding me. Laura let out a moan and a breath of air as she the best spot, licking my cock and Jeans pussy as we continued to fuck in front of her face. This was very stimulating to Laura, and as Craig pounded her sweet pussy from behind, she has a mind blowing orgasm, soaking his cock and balls with her juices. That was too much for Craig as he began to come. Laura only allows me to come in her, a rule, so she quickly turned around as Craig had a tight grip on his cock. Laura quickly licked the head of his cock, pulling back his foreskin before swallowing his cock to its base. Craigs hands on laura's head, he held her absolutely still, with his cock buried in her throat. A loud moan escaped his throat as he unloaded completely in Laura's mouth. She didn't miss a drop, gently squeezing his tight balls to get all of his come.

I was still fucking Jean, all this excitement was getting the better of me and I announced that I was going to cum very soon. Jean's pussy was making noises as she was completely soaked with cum. Her eyes closed and her face in complete concentration, she began to tense, a quick and full breath escaping her lips. Inhaling, she held her breath as her body quivered. So intense was her orgasm, she pushed my pulsing cock from her pussy. I felt warm liquid run down my tightening balls as she came hard and collapsed onto me, breathing hard. My cock, pulsing in mid air was grabbed by a warm, wet hand. I thrust my ass in the air, and a warm mouth enveloped my cock, taking it to my balls. Jean rolled off of me then, and I was expecting to see Laura there sucking me, but it was Craig! I looked at Laura, who smiled at me. My cock pulsed as she came up to kiss me. I couldn't help in then and reached down, putting my hand on Craigs head. I started pumping furiously into his mouth. Laura kissed me as I announced I was cumming. Craig pulled my cock out, laying it against his cheek as I came hard, spraying his hair, cheek and my stomach with a huge load.

Breathing heavily, we all laid there stationary for a good 10 minutes, before eventually drifting off to sleep. It was a fine night that re-kindled my bi memories, something that I would discuss with Laura later . I'd never told her of my past experiences up until then, as I thought I'd buried them for good. Laura, being a little apprehensive about it, wasn't sure what it would be like watching me with another guy, but, she wanted to explore that with me sometime??..that will be the third experience?.

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