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School Days by Paul

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I was casually dating a girl named Di and we got along really well, but it wasn't serious in that life-commitment sort of way. We were just pretty good fuck buddies who got along with each other really well. It was more than meaningless fucking, but I didn't think I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and I knew she felt the same way about me. But we had great sex together, which I guess is what both of us were really looking for.

Di was a history major with a concentration in woman's studies. She would spend a lot of time as a liaison between the department and the different student's groups. One of the groups she worked with a lot, helping them coordinate their meetings and such, was the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student's society. There were many nights when I would show up at her apartment and it would be filled with gay activists planning a demonstration or just hanging out.

One day, though, was very very different, and it led to the most exciting sex of my life.

I had just left class and thought I would pop in on Di and see if she wanted to join me for lunch. I drove over to her apartment and knocked on the door. After a second or so, it opened and Di's face appeared. She stood behind the or and poked her head out. Her face was flushed and her hair was messy. She acted very distracted and nervous, but invited me in anyway.

I walked in and saw Sue Ling sitting on Di's couch. Sue Ling is a beautiful oriental girl of Chinese descent. She has a lovely round face with straight black hair, which she wears in a short bob. She's probably five feet six or so, and very thin. She's also bisexual. Sitting on the couch though, she also looked somewhat disheveled and nervous.

I stared at the two of them and realized they had not expected to be disturbed. Now even though Di is very pro- gay and lesbian, she has never expressed any interest in actually having sex with another girl to me. But it was pretty obvious that the two of them had been making out before I arrived.

"I'm not interrupting, am I?" I asked.

Di and Sue Ling looked sheepishly at each other. "Well," Di said. "You kind of are." She glanced at the young oriental girl next to her and then back to me.

"I was just stopping by to see if you wanted to go eat," I said. "I'll leave if you want me to. No big deal."

"No," Sue Ling said. She stood up and took Di's hand. "Why don't you join us? I mean, if it's OK with Di."

"Yeah. That's OK"

The blood immediately rushed to my cock. I couldn't believe it, but we were walking through the hall back to Di's bedroom. We almost fell onto the bed and then hands and mouths were everywhere. We were undressing each other in a frenzy, wanting to get everyone naked as soon as possible.

I started kissing Di, darting my tongue into her warm mouth as Sue Ling massaged and kissed Sondra 's full breasts. Di was getting more and more aroused as first my hand and then Sue Ling's moved down to caress the cleft between her legs. Sue Ling's small delicate hand played with Di's clit while I plunged three fingers into her sopping pussy. I had never seen Di so excited. She was moaning and pushing her hips up against our hands.

I then moved between Di's thighs and placed the tip of my cock at the entrance of her hot cunt. She was so incredibly wet that there was no resistance whatsoever as I pushed into her. I thrust in slowly, burying by dick all the way into her. Once I reached the bottom, I sat there, pressing my pelvis up against her clitoris. In the meantime, Sue Ling sat up and moved over by Di's head, facing away from me. In one motion she straddled Di's face and lowered her small dark-haired cunt onto Di's tongue. Sue Ling began grinding her hips down onto Di's face and I began wildly fucking Di's wet pussy.

Watching Di eat out the lovely Asian girl in front of me was too much, and I knew I wouldn't last long. I wanted the experience to last, so just as I was about to come, I pulled out completely from Di and sat watching her lick and kiss Sue Ling's slit. I let the moment pass and I knew I could continue without immediately coming.

I moved up, straddling Di's torso and pushing Sue Ling forward onto her hands and knees. With one hand, I guided my hard cock into the Asian's tight little pussy. With the other, I reached around behind me and began playing with Di's cunt.

Sue Ling's pussy was incredibly tight, and it took me several moments to get in all the way. Once I was fully inside her, I started pumping in and out of her cunt. Then I felt the most incredible sensation I have ever felt: Di started licking at my shaft as it came out of Sue Ling, Sue Ling's clitoris and my balls. I exploded, shooting my hot white cream deep into Sue Ling.

I moved away from the two girls, who quickly rearranged themselves into a sixty-nine position. They were going at each other's pussies with everything they had: mouths, tongues, fingers and thumbs. It wasn't long before each of them shook with their own orgasm.

I stayed the rest of the day there and ended up missing the rest of my classes. At the end of the semester, Sue Ling, Di and I moved in together into a large two-bedroom apartment which we shared until we all graduated. I haven't seen Di or Sue Ling for a number of years, but I still think about the year and a half we spent together often...

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