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RV Camping Part 2

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Chapter 1 Well it was after 6 when we thought that we should head back to our coaches and get dinner going. The girls were walking ahead of us holding hands and laughing as we watched the sweet site in front of us. When we got back we all wanted to clean up the girls were going to shower in the coaches and Dave and I were going down to the showers. On the way down Dave tells me that he was sorry but that he might of taking advantage of Jill when they went to town. He said that they were talking and before he knew it they were touching each other. I smiled and told him that he was able to get Jill to do that is great because at the same time Kim and I were do a great 69 on his bed. He kind of looked at me like what but then knew that Kim was behind it. When we got back the girls were sitting at the picnic table both in sun dresses you could tell that they didn’t have anything else on under them talking like nothing had happened. Jill told me to come inside for a minute that she needed help with something. I followed her in she turned and looked and me and said you know I love you right which was kind of weird but she looked worried so I said yes of course why knowing what Dave had told me I knew she was afraid of what might happen. She walked over and took me in her arms pressing her tits into my bare chest her nipples felt hard as she looked into my eyes and started to tell me about what had happen on Dave and her little trip to town. I kissed her and told her that I was ok with it if she was while I slipped a finger under her dress and it to her wet pussy. Jill now was telling me what had happen when they got back here and she was starting to breath harder when she got to the part about sticking his finger in her butt she came a little on my hand. After a quick kiss I told her what had when on between Kim and I also she looked at me smiled and asked me well how far do want this to go. I kissed her again and said it’s up to you if you’re comfortable with it lets just see for now. I gave her a quick finger fuck and we went back outside. Kim asked if everything was ok to which Jill said yes with a big smile. Dave had the grille going so the girls went inside to fix the rest of the food. Dave asked what Jill had said about what happen and I told him the same as he had told me only that he didn’t cum all over my hand while telling me. He smiled and high five me. He said that if we wanted that later we could switch partners but I told him I wasn’t sure if Jill was ready for that yet but maybe with a few drinks she would go for trying it. Dave and I had just finished our third beer. I started to go inside when I looked through the screen door and saw Kim with one of Jill’s breasts in her mouth. I motioned for Dave to come and see what the hell was going on. The closer you looked you could see Jill had her hand under Kim’s dress they were both lightly moaning so we just watched for a few minutes before I opened the door. They both turned with the most awesome look on their faces like it was Christmas morning. I asked if dinner was ready and they said it they were waiting on the meat both smiling so Dave and I pulled out our cocks and asked will these do. They both laughed and told us that would have to be desert. We told them that we were hoping for something sweet with a lot of cream they both said knock it off or will would never eat dinner. We all refreshed our drinks and whet to the table outside carrying the food. Jill sat across from Dave and Kim across from me. As we ate the conversation turned to what had happen so far and that when Kim said that they were so glad that we had come with them this weekend. That’s when Kim told us about how they had swapped with their friends Jim and Kate that they also RV with and had really hoped that we would like to join there group. Jill told us that her head was spinning with everything that was going on. I of course being me said well what next and Kim said that after we cleaned up dinner that she had a couple of ideas right as she was saying it I felt a foot in my crotch. Kim was working her toe up the leg on my shorts I was already feeling myself getting hard. I dropped my fork on the ground and when I bend down to get it I could see Jill’s dress up around her waist and that Dave had worked his toes into Jill’s pussy. When we were done we all worked really fast to clean up. Kim said that Kim and I needed to come over to their coach when we finished up in side and to bring plenty of drinks. Just before going over to their coach I asked Jill if she want to fuck Dave if the chance came up which I was pretty sure was going to. Jill told me that the only Cock that had ever been in her was me and that she was happy with that but would like to see what Dave felt like in her. Jill knew that I had sex with a lot of girls before her but it had been a long time ago. I told her that I would be ok with Dave and her having sex as long as I could watch him penetrate her. She told me that I just wanted to have sex with Kim to which I said hell yes. She told me that when Kim was sucking her tit earlier that she had cum and wanted to have sex with Kim. Chapter 2 When we got there the sofa bed was folded down in the living room. Dave was getting shots of JD for all us which I knew was to try and get Jill hammered sooner. We sat at the table with Dave and Jill on one side with Kim and me on the other. Dave reached over and turned down the lights and on some music. Kim said that we were going to play a game that she had made up were you each take five cards then count them up. The way it worked was the highest hand got to do whatever they wanted to the lowest hand, Drinks for all and away we go. Kim won and I lost she said for me to come kiss her. Next Dave won and Kim lost he told her to show us her tits so she pulled open her dress Wow those looked so huge her nipples were hard already. Next Kim won and Jill lost she told her to come and suck on her nipple which she did with a big smile. Next I won and Jill lost I told her to show us her pussy so she stood and lifted her dress you could see the wetness already. Next Dave won and Jill lost he told her to come and take off his shorts and kiss the head of his cock she paused a second then he stood and she dropped his shorts and kissed his cock man I wished I had my phone close by to get a picture. Dave won next and Kim lost he told her to take her dress off so she stood and pulled it over her head inches from my face my cock was wanting to burst. I won next and Jill lost I told her to also remove her dress to which she did as she sat back down she stuck her tits in Dave’s face quickly. It was an awesome site seeing Jill and Kim sitting there nude. I kind of felt bad being the only one still dressed which was short lived because Kim won and I lost she said for me to lose the shorts once I had them of you could see how hard I was so I stuck the head of my cock at Kim’s lips to which she gave it a kiss before I sat back down. Ok this was going to get interesting now since we were all naked. Dave won and Jill lost he told her that he wanted to her to show us her cute little ass with his finger in it she got up and bent over as he licked his pinky finger and slowly pushed it in up to the knuckle she was bucking and moaning until he slide it back out. I won and Kim lost I told her that I wanted to do the same to her and she got up bent over and I behind her knelt down and licked her pucker hole she jumped forward and said what was that we all started laughing. Jill won and Kim lost she told her that she wanted to suck on her tit like she had done to her earlier so Kim stood and held out her tit for Jill to suck. Jill won next and Kim lost she told Kim to go lay on the couch and she would be right there. Kim went in the back and came back with a bag full of sex toys. Kim took out a little vibe and spread Jill’s legs she leaned down and spread her lips to find her swollen clit she touched the vibe to her clit and Jill just about jumped off the bed this when on for about a minute and then Kim said enough for now. Dave won and I lost he told me that I was going to help him with this as he told Kim to get on the bed on her hands and knees. Dave went to the bag and came back with a bottle of lube and a string of anal beads. Dave told me to pour some lube on Kim asshole and to put the beads in Jill has done this to me before and I always love it. Once I had them all the way in Dave told Kim that she was to leave them in until later. This stuff was starting to get us all going. We all refreshed our drinks and had another round of shots. I could tell that Jill was really feeling the shots by the way she was just acting being nude without a care in the world. Kim had picked up on it also so she said ok are you guy’s ready to take this to the next level. I looked at Jill and she told me yes that she couldn’t wait to feel Dave inside her. Kim asked Jill if she had ever been with a girl before today Jill said maybe as a teenager. Dave asked when we were going to get desert and Kim said that Said that she needed to work up some cream first. Kim told Jill to com lay on her back in the center of the bed once Jill was on her back Kim kissed her deeply with tongue I think then climbed between her legs and slide a finger in her Jill took a deep breath and Kim then started her attack on her clit sucking and licking it making Jill squirm. Jill told Kim to get on top of her because she wanted to try her first taste of pussy Kim climbed atop Jill in a 69 pulling Jill’s legs up and so she could get a better position for her attack on Jill’s pussy. Jill wasted no time figuring out what to do she was already lapping at Kim’s hole trying to find her button to press. This was quite the site in front of Dave and I were both stroking our cocks watching the girls get each other off. I think they both had orgasmed more than once when they finally came up for air. Kim climbed off and turned towards us her face was covered in cum. Jill sat up and her face was no better. Kim said alright boy’s in desert time she had us lay down on the bed side by side it was only a queen size bed so we were almost touching. Next she told us the last one to cum was going to get a special treat later. Kim told Jill to climb on top of Dave in a 69 like they had been and then Kim climbed atop me. Kim said she was going to count down and then it was game on. Kim said three two one and I watched as Jill took Dave’s cock in her mouth and lowered her pussy to his face. Now I couldn’t see anything more because Kim had lower her pussy down on to my lips as she shallowed my cock oh my god she felt so warm. Kim really knew her way around a cock she was licking the bottom then would suck the whole thing down her throat then take it out and lick the head I was so worked up that I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was licking up and down Kim’s slit taking a few licks all the way to her butthole. I knew from the sounds next to me that Dave must have been doing a great job on Jill because when I eat her she will have massive orgasms and you could hear take Dave’s cock out and her scream. I remembered that Dave and I had put the anal beads up Kim’s ass earlier and found the string giving it a little pull which set her off and she cum hard all over my face cum was running down both sides of my face. Kim took me out of her mouth and announced that I had got my cream. Kim keep taking me right up until she could feel me throb and would stop. Jill now was out of control pumping her pussy against Dave’s face until she let go all over him and the bed telling us all the Dave had his cream also. Dave said he was going to explode if he didn’t come soon and I said me too. Kim said that we would just have wait a few minutes that there were somethings we needed to talk about. Kim told us that there were a couple of things we need to go over before we went any farther. She told us that we needed to be sure that we wanted to continue on. Both Jill and I said yes so she told us that their first time they we both together in the same room and it helped make it easier and wanted us to decide if that was what we wanted. She told us after the first time that they have now had sex in separate rooms and even separate coaches with the group they have joined. I asked Jill what she thought and she agreed that maybe this time we should be in the same room which I had hoped for because I wanted to see her take her first cock that wasn’t mine. Kim said ok if you want to stop just say so but I could tell from the look on Jill’s face that wasn’t going to happen. Kim told Jill to lay on her back and then she laid next to her on her back facing the opposite way their heads were side by side. Kim told us come on boys you better hurry before we have to do each other. I watched as Dave stuck his face in between Jill’s legs for a quick lick she smiled then told him stop teasing me and put that thing in me. Dave climbed up and rested the head of his cock against her open pussy. I watched as she pushed toward him he was bigger around then me so this was the most her lips had ever been stretched luckily she was soaked so he was she was able to inch it in a bit at a time. Kim told me a big boy you better get in me. I climbed between Kim’s legs looking down at her cute little red strip I could see that see was super wet as I started to feed myself in to her. Her pussy was no were as tight as Jill and I was able to bury myself balls deep no problem. Kim was so warn just a velvet glove a little different that Jill. I was watching Jill’s face and was glad to see having a good time. Kim pulled me down and started kissing me I was playing with her tits twisting the nipples which she must of like because I could feel her cum. Dave was sucking on Jill’s tits and she had her legs wrapped around his back you could tell he was all the way in by the way she was moaning. When Kim let go from holding me down I saw her turn her head towards Jill and reach for Jill’s head turning towards her I watched as Kim kissed Jill. Jill was the first to cum as Dave started to fill her with his cum luckily both girls have had their tubes tied so no worry about getting knocked up. I was just about to let loose when Kim said that she want me to do her doggy style so I pulled out while she turned over. Dave had pulled out and Jill was doing something that she had only done a couple of times to me she had Dave’s cum covered cock in her mouth cleaning him off. Once Kim was on her hands and knees I could see the string form the beads so I got the idea that when I was ready to cum I would pull on them. I rubbed the head of my cock up her slit which was dripping now and then slid right back in to the hilt. Kim was much tighter this way and I knew I wouldn’t last long but wanted to be the last to come remembering what she had said later about being last to cum. Jill and Dave had got up and were sitting watching us. I was pounding Kim with all I had when I started to feel my balls swell which meant only one thing so I found the string of the beads and popped the first bead out I could feel it against my cock through the tiny membrane between Kim’ vagina and her rectum what an awesome feeling you could also feel Kim’s pussy contract. Kim had her head turned to look back at me with a smile she was trying her best to make me cum. I popped another then another bead out knowing there was only one left. I could feel my shelf losing control of my orgasm and knew I had to put Kim over the edge now or lose. I shoved myself as deep as possible reached around with one hand and fingered her clit as I pulled the last bead out with a loud pop that’s all it took and Kim came squirting all over it couldn’t of been a second later I filled her full of cum. Kim fell forward away from me war out. Jill came over to me and surprised me again taking my cock covered in cum into her mouth. Jill said ok that I had won because I was able to hold out. I asked what the special treat was and she said that I got to pick anything I wanted to do. I told her that what I really wanted was to do anal with her maybe even a double with Dave but just not tonight that I was beat and guessed everyone was also. We all agreed maybe in the morning after a good night sleep. Kim asked if Jill and I had ever done anal. I said that Jill was so tight that she had never had anything bigger than my thumb in her backdoor that’s when Jill surprised me again with a grin saying that a few times when I wasn’t around and she was really horny while she was masturbating that she had put her vibe up her ass and really got off which made sense the way thumb usually made her cum. Kim told her well maybe one day you will get brave enough to do the real thing and that the feeling of a load of cum in your bowel is the second best feeling to having load of cum in both holes at the same time. It was midnight already so we all decided that it was time for some sleep. Kim said that once we joined their little swapping group that we could sleep over at each other place and that sometimes on the trips that once they get the RV setup that the husbands and wife’s don’t see each other until it’s time to break down to go home. Jill and I kissed are hosts goodnight but not without a hugging really tight and off we went. Well folks you will have to read Part 3 to find out what happened the next morning.

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