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Rickys Family

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Ricky was 18 and I was 19 when we met our freshman year of college. He was brilliant but very shy so I looked out for him to be sure he found chances to meet people. I realized he was different when he came to visit my dorm room. He was reading one of my Penthouse magazines when without any hesitation; he pulled out his cock and started to jerk off. He was void of any body hair and that included around his cock and balls. He was a small kid but his cock stretched to maybe eight inches. It reached high up on his stomach and looked disproportional to his small frame.

I had played with guys for several years but had always worked into it slowly, getting to know them first. Now, here was Ricky jerking off as if I wasn't there until he shot his cum high up on his chest and chin. Then he zipped up as if nothing was different.

"You know Ricky, I don't care that you did that but you might want to be careful around the guys and of course the gals around here. They might think it weird with you whipping out your cock and jerking off", I told him. He had a nervous surprised look on his face when he said. "Really? I have been jerking off for years among my friends back home and no one seemed to mind". I asked him how often he jerks off. He lowered his head and said, "at least four times every day, and when I'm bored a lot more then that". "Damn", I thought, "I can't do that".

He looked scared after my warning so I reassured him. "Look, its ok, anytime you want to jerk off its ok to do it here. I don't mind watching and maybe even I might like to help once in a while". His youthful eyes opened wide. "Ok" and with that, he pulled down his pants and was hard again. "I can go again right now" and sure enough he was stiff and whacking his cock to cum again. "Slow down there little guy". I stepped closer and began to hold my hand over his, moving his cock up and down in a steady motion. He sat back letting me control his hand movements. "I love to jerk off and cum" he said. As I worked his cock his breathing got heavier and in less then a couple minutes he shot again straight into the air, the rest of the cum streaming down his thin cock and both our hands. I took a taste of his cum off my hand and loved how refreshing it tasted. I lowered my mouth to his head and cleaned the rest of the cum off his cock. He was amazed as he looked at me and said, "Wow, that was so cool".

I asked him if any of his friends back home that he jerked off had ever tasted him. He confessed that it really was just one friend, and, that he just liked to watch. Ricky in fact had never seen another cock upclose before. "Do you like girls?" I asked. "Yes, but I am too much of a nerd, they would never look at me. I jerk off to nude pictures all the time but thats all I get to do. Some day I might meet a girl" he said with hopeful anticipation. Then he blurted out, "I have watched my mom and my dad with their lovers". And with that he went on to tell me how his dad was gay or bi because he was always bringing young men to the house. And, sometimes his mom had her men come to the house too. Ricky had drilled a peephole into their bedroom and would watch them as he jerked off.

And, with that visual in my mind, I took out my cock and began to stroke it. Ricky watched in amazement, inches from my cock. When I came I made sure to shoot my cum on his chest which he rubbed into his chest. "I think we need to visit your house soon", I said.

Ricky?s Parents

We left mid Friday for Ricky's house about two hours away. I so wanted to meet his parents and see if they were as sexual as Ricky had been telling me. We had been together for a couple of months and Ricky had told me about the various young men and how kinky they were - but he also told me that his parents never had sex together. He thought they stayed together out of convenience. They were kind to each other but as far as he could tell they had never had sex (except to have him of course). Ricky jerked off twice along the drive each time letting me taste the cum off his hand.

When we pulled up his parents jumped out of the house to greet us. They gave Ricky a big hug and kiss. They were kind, gracious and my god they were sexy. They were exceptionally young looking, even younger then their age of 37 and 38. Their clothes were polished and their home was elegant. Nothing of what I expected.

Although under the drinking age they offered us beer or anything we wanted - after all - we were in college! After dinner, John excused himself for the evening to visit "friends". Ricky whispered, "our local gay bar". After several more drinks Ricky seemed to pass out so I helped Marlene carry him to the bedroom. Marlene and I had a couple more drinks and chatted. She had a low cut T-Shirt which revealed her perfect sized breasts. I could feel a hard on raging which is when I excused myself for bed. Good night she said and kissed me on the cheek. I climbed into my bed next to Ricky?s. I messed it up enough to look like I had slept in it and then crawled next to my young lover with my hard on and began to enter him from behind. He didn't move much but I didn't care, I needed to fuck something and he was available although I wished it was his mom. I lubed myself up and then poked though his ass. He moaned and pulled my arm around him as he wiggled his ass to deepen my cock in him. I was drunk but my cock was so stiff and I was so horny that my fucking of his ass seemed to be surreal. Ricky yelled out several times from pleasure and when I came in his ass he thanked me "loudly" as I struggled to cover his mouth so no one could hear. Then I fell asleep with my cock in his ass.

Dad is Home.

I don't know what time it was but a loud noise shook me awake. It was dark but I could hear moans coming from an adjacent room. Ricky was still passed out but I remembered the peephole he told me about. I finally found it behind a picture and could see clearly into his dad's room. I was shocked to see three men with him all in various positions on the bed. His father was being fucked from behind while a second cock was in his mouth. The third young man was blowing his father from underneath him. The headboard was banging which is what had wakened me. These three guys were making Ricky's dad their bitch and he was taking it all. He is a manly man and so sexy, I hadn't imagined him as being so submissive but here he was, begging to be fucked. He tried to quiet the boys several times but he would immediately find himself back in his state of unconscious fucking. One of the young men announced he was cumming. I didn't know who it was until I saw a spray of cum over the John's face with his mouth open to catch every drop. The guy behind him also gritted his teeth and let out a large groan. The pace of his ass fucking picked up as he blew into John's ass. John collapsed on the bed and rolled over. "One more cock to please," I thought.

After the first two guys blew their loads over Ricky's dad there was movement among them all that told me something different was about to happen. I could see through the peephole a variety of items being put on the bed and on John. First was a black mask, and then came the handcuffs with his hands behind his back. A ball was placed in his mouth and then clips were placed on his nipples. They had obviously all done this before, as they knew how to "prepare" John for his experience. Finally some weights attached to clips were placed on his balls. John tightened up and his cock got rigid. He wasn't in pain. The three young men then stood around John and began to smack him with their cocks as they jerked off. And with that, the lights went out and I could only hear the moans of pleasure from the other room.


I woke the next morning with cum on my chest but no Ricky. I went to the kitchen, his mom was having a cup of coffee. "Ricky went to visit his grandmother and his dad is running errands this morning. Would you like some coffee?" We sat and chatted for a few minutes when she looked intensely at my face. She moved closer as if to kiss me, then smiled and said, "You have dried cum on your face from last night! Is that yours or Ricky's?" I was so embarrassed, "Ricky's, but it must have been this morning. He likes to jerk off over me when I am sleeping". I had surprised myself offering something so revealing about her son. "I never could get that boy to keep his penis in his pants. I was always getting cum off his sheets. At least he has a nice lover. I am very happy for him". This woman was very cool.

I then excused myself to the shower. She was so beautiful I would have loved to fuck her but after all she is Ricky's mom. I can't go there ?.at least I didn?t think I could until the shower curtain was pulled back and she entered the shower. I had been playing with myself and had a stiff one in my hand as she stared at me. "I can help you with that" and with that she grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. But that motion was short lived as she put my hand to her clit and asked me to "take care of her needs". At first I just fingered and rubbed her clit as I sucked on her tits. The shower running on top of us seemed to be like a cascading rain, which she was enjoying like a little girl. She spread her legs wider for my hand to go deeper until she shuddered and then yelled "keep fucking me with your hand". Her initial orgasm passed and as we left the shower, she took me straight to her bedroom. "Taste me now" she said. She pushed my head between her legs and asked me to lick her clit and finger her deep into her pussy. The combination worked as she seemed to just flow with orgasm after orgasm. I could tell that this moment was all about her, and I was only her tool to satisfaction. I don't know if she liked me but she loved my tongue as I gave her body several more shocks of clitoral electricity. After letting her calm down she then looked deep into my eyes and asked, Do you like fucking my boy". I didn't say a word but my silence did. "Fuck my ass" she said rolling over on to her hands and knees. I got behind her placing my cock inside her ass. I thought about her husband being fucked so hard from behind and I gave her the same rhythm. She yelled her pleasure just like Ricky and John did. And with each smack of my hand on her ass she would scream "harder".

When I came I collapsed on top of her, trying to regain my composure. I rolled over and saw her husband John staring at us through the door just as he walked away. I swear that he had his cock in his hand, jerking off. I left the room quickly finding John on the porch. "Nice job, he said with a smile. I hope you will come back again real soon. Marianne likes the company".

"I will, if I can see you next time,? I asked.

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