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Reversal of Roles

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I am a 53 year old, happily married man of almost 35 years. In my early sexual life, I was seduced by a few men- much older than I was. While I never was the pursuer, and did not reciprocate- I was also a very receptive catch. On a few occasions, the men (one a close friend of my parents) would lure me into a sexual situation or conversation and move to fondling me and more. I never thought about if they wanted anything in return (don?t know why), I simply sat back and enjoyed the touching, sucking and eventual rimming.

The first most memorable (becomes my dejavue), my Dad?s friend had invited me over for some reason that I can?t remember. He eventually invited me down to his basement and asked me if I enjoyed porn. Of course, I jumped at the chance. To my surprise, as he turned it on- it was two men! He seemed to apologize saying it was the only thing he could find (now I?m wiser!). Still- watching sex and with someone else no less was a stimulating experience. I grew harder- and eventually he mentioned he could see I seemed to enjoy what I was watching. Given I didn?t react negatively; he said he was going to release some of the pressure in his pants and unzipped and let his cock out. This was the first real cock I think I had ever seen beyond my own, but for sure, the first erect cock! He invited me to do the same, and I reluctantly did. We sat mutually erect for a bit and he began to ask me if I wished someone was there to fondle my cock and even give me a blow job- obviously spoken in such a way to imply some girl from school. I feel for it- and he quickly replied by telling me to lay back, close my eyes and think about her doing just that. Thinking ?fantasy time?, I did?only to quickly feel his hand on my cock! Seconds later- he bent over and took me into his mouth and gave me my first (and still one of the best) blow jobs of my life. This type of connection didn?t happen often, but did on multiple occasions- each with a delightful ending.

After a summer of such playing here and there, he let me know he had a treat for me. After a day at the pool, he arranged to pick me up for what I believed was a cook out. Once at his house, I found his family was actually away for the weekend. He asked me if I was ready for my surprise and I quickly said yes. He asked me not to feel embarrassed or self conscious, but instead, relax and enjoy the feeling I was about to experience. He had me strip and lay naked face down on the bed with a pillow under my mid-section. He pulled me next to the edge of the bed and began to rub my ass cheeks and finding himself closer and closer to my ass itself. The next step is a memory I remember today like it was 5 minutes ago?he spread my cheeks and put his tongue right in the middle! He must have licked and sucked on my ass for 30 minutes. This was (and remains) one of my greatest sexual awakenings. For whatever reason- it never dawned on me to return any of the favors? I don?t remember even touching his cock other than bumping into when we moved positions of sorts.

A large gap in years occurred between my early ?Teenage? sexual contact with men. And now over the past 10-15 years, I have found myself again enjoying oral pleasures by men. Mostly the result of massages while traveling with varied degrees of ?happy endings?. It first started when the massage company sent a male instead of a female. While this took me by surprise, I figured ?what the hell, it?s just a massage?. And a wonderful massage it was. As he neared the end of the massage however, he continued to have the back of his hand bump against my balls and quickly, my growing cock.

I didn?t want him to stop as I was enjoying the sensation- and continued to grow harder with each brush. He sensed my obviously acceptance and took me fully into his hand and continued his professional massage technique, but now on my cock. I must have been moaning with joy, because to my delighted surprise, I felt something warm around my cock- only to look up and see he had taken me into his mouth.

This first experience- I didn?t last long. I came in his mouth and he swallowed without hesitating. This too was exciting. He finished and simply smiled and picked up his massage items and the evening was over.

As I traveled, I would book male massage therapist solely. Most gave great massages, and equally most gave wonderful, oral, happy endings. This became my not-so-guilty pleasure as I traveled corporately.

On a similar ?one sided? theme, I have visited adult book stores across the nation. Each time I seek out booths with glory holes and have yet to be disappointed. Almost as soon as I enter, a finger is in the hole asking for my cock. I am all to glad to provide it. While I enjoy the anonymous, effortless aspects of such- I also liked the selfish fact I didn?t have to reciprocate. I could simply enjoy.

The tables were about to turn.

A few weeks ago I had business near an area I camped when I was young. I elected to combine my business trip with a ?retro camping experience?. While I roughed it with a tent, I still got a campsite with electricity. I brought a TV/DVD combo from home to help occupy the time in the evenings after dark. I brought a few hunting DVD?s, a few movies and a couple or porn DVDs as well. One of the strange events about to occur- I elected to stop by an adult book store (without booths) on the way down and purchased my first ever gay DVD. Not sure what motivated me, but it seemed like a fun thing to watch while alone, away from the family.

The first of three nights was normal and uneventful. When I returned from work the second day, I found a tent had been put up nearby my somewhat remote site. As I was fumbling around camp, I noticed a young guy camping by himself had returned to his site. We exchanged hellos and as the evening went on, we found ourselves talking more and more. Still at this point- strictly chatting, not thinking of anything more.

To speed up my long story- I eventually asked him if he?d like to join me in watching some DVD?s as we were in a pretty remote area with nothing to do in the evenings locally. Eventually after dark he came over and due to the mosquitoes, we went into my (small) tent to watch some DVD?s. We stated with some typical shows and as the evening progressed, like with most men, the subject turned softly to sex. I asked him if he wanted to watch some porn and while he seemed embarrassed, he said yes.

Believe it or not- it was only now that I realized the irony of the situation and how I was about to try to be the giver- much like I had enjoyed others do to be prior. I reached for the DVD and remembered the gay version I had purchased. I figured this was the opportunity that was my destiny.

Like myself almost 35 years prior, he responded somewhat embarrassed when the movie first began. I asked him if it was ok as ?Sex is sex isn?t it?? We watched and giggled, laughed and commented along the way. My memory of my Dad?s friend making the move on me quickly returned and I figured it worked for him, I?d try the same.

I let him know I was going to free myself as I was hard and it was uncomfortable in my shorts. He tried not to look but was in a trance looking from the side of his eyes. I litey rubbed myself and invited him to free himself also. He initially resisted, but I encouraged him as we were alone in the tent and ?what?s the hard?.

The evening progressed as if it were in slow motion. Again, deploying the technique that worked on me, I began to ask him about how much he?d like it if a girl was doing whatever we watched on the DVD. He began to loose himself in the moment and started to rub himself forgetting I was beside him watching closely. I then reached over and told him to relax; I?d do that for him. He recoiled at first, but didn?t ask me to stop.

After fondling him for a while, I asked him to lay back and think of the girl he liked. I laid over and took my first cock into my mouth! I was now not just the receiver, but had passed over to now (finally) being the giver! I sucked on him only a little while and I could feel his entire body stiffen. I knew what that meant, but was committed to this reversal of roles. Quickly thereafter, I enjoyed my first taste of another mans cum. I swallowed, wanting to be for him what others where for me. Knowing how after I cum I usually loose my nerve- we quickly ended the evening and he returned to his tent.

The next night was largely a repeat- but obviously no mystery. Just like when the roles were revered, I had now sucked him off twice in my mouth and he has not touched my naked cock?but that was fine. I understood.

I asked him to come for the last night ready for a treat. I asked him to come to my tent right after he returned from the bathhouse and had showered. He arrived and actually had not even put any cloths on- (Returning with the towel wrapped around him). He entered the tent and I told him to lay down on his chest. I gave him the best massage I believe I have ever given anyone- using nearly a whole bottle of massage oil I had picked up earlier that day. I rubbed his ass more and more and kept running my finger up and down his crack. After doing so many times- he stopped ?jumping? and I knew it was time. I spread his cheeks and went down on him like I was eating the tightest pussy ever. While I love going down on my wife, I have to admit, I thought I was going to cum myself while eating him- and not even being touched.

I finally rolled him over and sucked him off for one last time.

This was my first experience just a few weeks ago, but know it will soon be repeated. I only wish I could see his story- telling of the experience from his prospective. I am confident it was good for him as well- based on his cum!

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