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Reality TV

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R.T.V. is a story within a story. To be breif; two young couples watch a porn flick about a very risky(if one is very stait)though quite enticing orgy-based game. and soon try to emulate what they are viewing. It's quite interesting for this type of writing.

Reality TV?

Swinging By The Rules Of The Game Submitted by Writerfrank

My wife April?s company sent her out of state for a couple of weeks of training. While she was away I brought a big screen TV with all the bells and whistles to surprise her with when she got back, and for me of cause. That was Saturday; come Monday afternoon they were finishing up the install when my friend James called. I told him about our new toy and invited James over to watch Monday night football. ?Sounds great. I?ll be there and I?ll pick up a six pact and chips.?

?See you later, bye.?

Around five or six that afternoon I decided to play my guitar, and knowing how loud I liked to play it, I put a note on the front door for James that read; ?it?s open just come on in the TV is waiting.? Hours later he walked into my study and flashed the lights a few times to get my attention. I stopped playing my guitar, ?Here already??

?Yeah, I had nothing else to do and wanted to see what you brought.?

Some time later, before the game even started, we lost the picture. Now only able to watch DVDs we went into another room and watched the game there. I also called the store, which was still open, and they said someone would be out the next day after four PM to fix it. Although more than a little disappointed about not seeing it on the big screen, it was still a good game and we enjoyed watching it. We were going to watch a DVD on the big screen, but James? wife called and he had to leave.

The next morning marked something like, the seventh or eight day of my wife being out of town. Not surprisingly, I woke up feeling a bit horny. Since I was off from work that day, I didn?t bother to put anything on and wandered off in my shorts to get something to eat. With a bagel in hand, I went into the den. I started to look through our collection of DVDs whereas I still couldn?t put the news or anything else live on. Although the box was full of DVDs, I had seen them all before or so I thought. While trying to decide, I saw one I didn?t recognize. It was new and unopened. I looked at the title, laughed, and thought, ?So you got the nerve up to buy one yourself.?

When it came to buying porn, I was always the one to get it as my wife would never go into the back room of the video store, much less bring a porno DVD up to a register. Like most guys, I like among other things to watch two women making love when I view a porno flick, especially when they get a hot 69 going. My wife doesn?t mind what she calls ?my little quirk? and though she says otherwise, such scenes also seem to turn her on to some extent. She had been bugging me for a while to get a DVD with something different. April had a specific idea as to what different was and it was not what I wanted to buy or rent. I thought she had only asked me because she knew it would embarrass me pay for a DVD like that since she does likes to poke fun. Anyway, there I was looking a DVD titled ?Bi Bi World.? I glanced at the back cover and saw, aside from three or for guys all tangled together, three nice looking women in a daisy chain munching away. I put the DVD down and put a Bruce Willis move in the DVD player and started to watch it as I finished off the bagel.

Knowing the movie all too well, I quickly got bored and began to think about those women and their daisy chain. ?Fuck it,? I thought. ?I can always fast forward passed any guy-guy action and just watch the women.? Bruce was quickly ejected from the DVD player, and her new DVD inserted. As I hit the play button on the remote I glanced at DVD wrapper on the table, ?Crap, she?ll know watched it. Oh well, too late now.?

After fast forwarding passed the always-there porn flick previews, the movie started. The set was a huge secluded house with a big pool out back, nothing new here. A few expensive cars pulled into the long horseshoe driveway. The couples that got out of those cars were, in my opinion, quite good looking for a porno movie. They entered the house for a gathering of some sort that could have the been a scene from any none-porn movie. After some greetings and small talk the hosts and their gust (three couples) split into two groups. The ladies begin jabbering away in the kitchen as the guys took seats around a big round card table. Thus far, I was still quite impressed, especially with the acting. They all seemed too good with their dialogue and so such, to be in a porno flick. A short while later the women gathered around the table and passed drinks to everyone. John, a rather handsome fellow of maybe thirty, put a deck of cards on the table. Susan then placed two small jars at the end of the table, a red one, and a blue one. With one hand on the table, Mark?s wife Jill leaned toward John and handed him a white jar. In doing so, her big tits almost came out of her low cut top. John took the jar from her, looked into it, and then quite nonchalantly, moved her right breast aside as he slid the jar into the center of table. Jill smiled, stepped back, and asked, "Are we going say whom we?re for dealing for first?"

?No, it?s more fun to learn after the hand,? Tom said.

?Yes it is,? Jill said and the others agreed.

Thus far the flick seemed interesting. Deciding not to fast-forward, I put the controller down and continued to watch. With the ladies standing, John began to deal the cards to everyone including himself. He dealt each, one face-down card, and then slowly played out four face-up cards. Mark seem to have the winning hand with a pair of Queens showing, but when they all turned their down cards face up Tom ended up winning with a pair of aces. The ladies cheered because for one thing it meant that the men had to get naked first since a guy won. With much groping help from the women, switching of partners, and so forth, the women disrobe them quickly.

The men then settled back into their seats. Anxiety and silence befell the room when John said, ?Pass the Person Jar please.?

Susan handed John the red jar. He held it toward Mark and said, ?Well, Mister winner-of-the-hand, choose your partner.?

Mark looked a bit worried as he reached his hand into the jar. With his eyes closed, he pulled a folded slip of paper out and gave it to John.

John slowly unfolded it and read, ?And his partner is? Jill.?

?Yes!? Mark shouted which made the others laugh.

Jill now had to disrobe, and she did it quite seductively as she stared at Mark.

?All right Jill, choose the task,? John said.

Jill pulled a slip from the blue jar, handed it to John, and he read, ?You will provide oral gratification for three minutes.?

With Jill?s talented tongue well known, Mark smiled as he slid his chair back, pointed at his crotch, and said, ?Right here sweetie.?

He spread his legs and she knelt in front of him.

Jerry placed a small alarm clock on the table, set it to three minutes, and said, ?Go.?

Jill quickly engulfed Marks cock, at first appeared to be only average in size, but it grew to a fat eight-incher in practically no time at all. Jill?s head was bobbing up and down like she just discovered the greatest thing in the world to do.

Susan shouted, ?I?ll bet he don?t last the three minutes.?

With the girls cheering her on, and the guys now yelling at Mark to last, Jill?s head was almost a blur as were her hands kneading his balls.

?I bet ten bucks he outlasts the three minutes,? John shouted. ?Hang in there guy you only have two minutes to go.?

Without taking her mouth off of his cock, Jill glanced at the clock. She then stuck a finger in her now wet cunt, removed it, and pulled Mark almost off the chair toward her.

?Holly shit,? Mark shouted as her finger slid into his asshole.

With her head bobbing and her finger pumping, John shouted, ?That?s not fair.?

In almost no time, Mark grabbed her head with both hands, screamed, and shot his load into her mouth. Jill pulled away from him with cum running from her lips and stopped the clock with 15 seconds to go. She swallowed and said, ?Pay up dude.?

John laughed and said, ?Later.?

I paused the DVD, moved to another more comfortable chair, and hit ?play? on the remote. When it started I had to admit, thus far it was an interesting flick, better than most porn I?ve seen.

John was dealing again, with Mark and Jill sitting out the round. Susan won that hand and soon all the women were as naked as Jill. It was for Sue to reach into the jar this time. She pulled Rose?s name from it and the guys hooted and applauded. Though the oldest of the women at 40-something, she still had a great body, small but nice firm tits, beautiful long red hair that matched her trimmed bush, and an ass hard enough to stop a truck.

?Mark said,? Pull a task out Red Bush. Let?s see how you two are going to entertain us.?

Even though she indeed had had red pussy hair, Sue frowned at Mark some for calling her Red Bush. She then held the jar over her head and said slowly, ?Oh jar of pleasures, what shall ye ask of me.? She pulled a paper and handed it to John.

John read the paper and then said with a smile, ?Ye shall 69 with Sue. And you shall be on top. It shall continue for 6 minutes.?

I thought, ?Ah this is my kind of movie.?

A minute or so later, with Sue and Rose still going at it hot and heavy and my cock now beginning to get a bit firm. Then they changed the game somewhat. John slid the deck to Tom and said, ?We need to get this game moving some, cut the cards.?

?Indeed,? Tom reached for the deck, cut the cards, and drew a Queen. He then slid the deck to Rose?s husband Harry. Harry drew a 10, and with a frown he passed the deck to John.

?Crap,? John said as he drew 2.

?My turn to pick,? Tom reached into it while looking wishfully at Penny and pulled a name out.

When John read the name Tom sighed and looked quite disappointed. The others laughed, especially the women, except the two still giving head to each other now long passed their 6 minutes.

John looked at Harry and said, ?Pick a task, or be expelled from our group.?

Harry reached in and then handed the paper to John.

?You shall be tit-fucked? Um? well? that won?t work. Pick another.?

John opened the second paper. Knowing Harry did not care much for the task written, he said with a big smile, ?You will take it up the ass until he comes.?

Harry closed his eyes and just shook his head. It was apparent that he was probably not all that bi or not bi at all, but he also did not want to have to leave the group because he loved fucking those beautiful and talented women. He also probably didn?t mind getting a BJ now and then from a guy or fucking one of them up the ass.

?Wait,? Harry said, ?someone give me the dice.?

?You?re not going to wimp out are you dear?? Harry?s wife said with her arms folded, and a frown on her face.

?Just give me the dice and we?ll see.?

As Harry shook the dice in his hand, his wife shouted, ?Throw them already you whoosh.

The dice bounced on the table and when they came to a stop he had thrown the worst combination possible, a 12. If he chose not go through with what he had been dealt, he would be band from the groups next 12 parties and would also have to leave now. To make matters worse, his wife said, ?And you?ll be staying home alone. I?m not going to miss out on the fun.?

Susan went over to Harry, placed his hand on her pussy, and said, ?You won?t be getting any of this for a long time or any other pussy here if you leave. Are you sure you want to chicken-out? And you could still draw the same situation 12 parties later, then what? Hey you didn?t seem to mind my finger up your butt when I sucked you off last month.?

?A finger is one thing, his dick is another. Why do we have to play the game like this? You should be able to just say no.?

Susan was quick to snap at him, ?But this is what makes it so much fun. You never know if you?re going to be in ecstasy or hell. Oh, and don?t forget, you guys started this same-sex thing, wanting to watch the women go doing down on each other.? She stared at his cock and said, ?And don?t try to deny it either, I?ve seen how hard you dick gets when you watch us 69.?

The others laughed and agreed with her. To which all Harry could say was, ?Well??? yeah? whatever,? Harry stood up, looked at the door, and grumbled, ?Shit I don?t want to leave.? He looked at Tom and said, ?You better make it quick, no taking you?re damn time.?

?Oh sure,? Tom laughed.

A moment later, it was soon obvious to me that Tom was very into fucking Harry?s ass. Tom slid his chair back, and had Harry sit on his lap facing him. It took but a moment for Tom?s cock to get hard and a short while later he had worked it a little ways into Harry?s tight hole.

The two women and men remaining quickly passed the jars around and were soon paired off with their own tasks. John was fucking Mark?s wife Penny from behind and loving it, while his wife was in a 69 with Mark.

I watched the action for some time while I sort of ignored Tom fucking Harry?s ass. My cock was now as hard as any in that flick. I settled back into my chair, put a leg over one arm, and began to rub my cock through my shorts as I continued to watch what I now thought was a great flick. I don?t know, maybe twenty minutes later, my heart stopped when I heard a female voice say, ?Um? excuse me. We?re here to fix your TV.?

With my eyes probably bugging out, I quickly turned and saw a very attractive young lady of maybe twenty smiling at me and where my hand was. There was a young fellow standing next her. He also had a smile on his face as he stared at the action on the big screen. To further my embracement, I noticed that the TV now had a close up of Tom?s cock going in and out of Harry ass. I fumbled for the remote to stop the DVD, but only managed to drop it to the floor. Not unlike a naughty child caught at doing something he didn?t want anyone to see, I mumble, ?You?re? you?re very early?

The young lady stepped forward, picked up the controller and while handing it to me she said softly, ?Well, the note on your door said we should just come in. Looks like a good movie. Do you want us to come back later to fix your TV or do it now? Either way, I could help you with that first?? She stared at the huge bulge in my shorts.

?With that??

She smiled and then to my astonishment, she reached down, pulled up on the waistband of my shorts so she could see my dick and said, ?With this, it certainly looks like it could use some help.?

?Um? um?? was about all I could muster.

She unhooked her tool belt, tossed onto the loveseat, and said, ?Well, since you can?t seem to decide, I know what I?d rather do first.? She then began to slowly pull her tank top over her head. With her bra-less tits near fully exposed she stopped and asked, ?You don?t have a problem with us having some fun before we go to work, do you??

All I could do was jester with my hands and shake my head no. While staring at me she slowly let one nipple pop free from under her top and then the other. With her top now on the floor, she unzipped her jeans, stepped closer to me, and said, ?Don?t just sit there, help me get them off.?

As I slid forward on my chair to help her, the guy with her plopped himself down on the loveseat to watch the TV and us. I placed my rather shaky hands around her waist and began to pull her tight jeans down. As I did, she turned her back towards me and I saw her red thong come into view and her fantastic little buns. I was in awe at the sight of her ass just inches from my face.

?She sure has a great ass, don?t she?? The fellow said, ?Feel how firm it is.?

Placing a hand on each cheek I said, ?Indeed.?

?Pull that thong off and you?ll see something else quite extraordinary.?

I slipped a thumb into either side of it and pulled it down. She stepped out of it, turned around, and then put one foot up on the arm of my chair to give me yet a better view of her saved cunt.

The fellow laughed a little and said, ?Now that?s a pretty pussy you have there front of your face, huh??

?I?ll say!?

?And it taste as good as it looks. Go ahead and give it a lick. Encourage him a little Angie.?

?No problem,? she put her hands on my head and gently pulled my face to her cunt.?

Though still in quite a daze and amazed at what was transpiring, my tongue nonetheless, knew what to do the instant my lips touched her pussy. A moment or two later, with my hands all over her ass she began to grind her delicious cunt into my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the actors on the TV doing the same to Jill. I thought, ?Now this is what I call Reality TV.? I also noticed her co-worker getting naked and wondered what he was up to. Shortly, I heard her moan and saw his hands kneading her breast from behind. After probing her moist cunt with my fingers some, I started to play around with her asshole as I licked away at her breathtaking cunt. My probing fingers suddenly had some company. The fellow?s cock was now also trying to gain access to her rear pleasure tunnel. The way he kept moving his dick from her asshole to my fingers I thought he wanted me to take hold of it and help. Instead, I pulled her ass cheeks apart to give him easier entry.

?Oh yes, help him shove it in my ass,? she gasped.

His slender but long cock creeped deeper and deeper into her bringing moan after moan from her lips. When he started to pond away in earnest, she suddenly shouted, ?Both of you stop, but don?t pull out of my ass.? She looked down at me and said, ?I want you to lay down on the carpet so we can 69 while he fucks my ass.?

?Whatever you want is fine with me,? I said as I quickly did as she asked. In changing positions I saw three people in the porn flick doing just what we were about to do, and also saw her eyes fixated on the screen.

Now in that 69 position, it took but a moment to discover that she was one hell of a good cock sucker. She was so good at sucking my dick and playing with my balls, and I was so into eating her pussy, that I was unfazed when I heard the fellow?s balls slapping against her butt as he pumped her ass. From the floor I could still catch a glimpse now and then of the flick. I would have to say that we were even more into it than those porn stars. While licking away at her cunt and playing with her nipples, I saw the fellow on screen pull his cock from Jill?s ass and put into her cunt.

It didn?t take long for the fellow above me to do the same to the cunt I was so enjoying. I soon had his balls slapping my face, his prick rubbing my nose, and ever so often his cock received an accidental lick or two. Now, I don?t consider myself gay, as I never look at other men the way I look at women. With her fantastic mouth and her cunt so great, I guess I just ignored his cock. I had lasted way longer than I ever thought I would, do in no small part to her expertise at knowing when to pause for a while. Well, that was before, there no stopping the train now. When I shot off in her mouth it started the dominos falling. She begin to scream and gush onto my face. I then felt her co-worker's cock pulsing his cum into her. Still gasping, we collapsed in utter bliss upon each other. A short time later, with my head in her lap, I looked up at her and said, ?That was? unreal, wow.?

?Yes it was.?

A minute or two later while looking at porno flick, Angie said, ?You two were watching it before, weren?t you??

I smiled, ?We matched them scene for scene, didn?t we?? By the way, what?s your name??

?George and she?s my helper Angie.?

?Hi George.? I reached out and shook his hand, ?I?m Stan. You know George, I doubt if you?ll ever find a better helper.? The three of us then laughed at the absurdity of the late introductions.

Angie smiled, ?You seem like a nice fellow Stan, I think we should get to know you better, more intimately.?

I lifted my head, kissed her left nipple, and said, ?Do you think that?s even possible??

She put her hand on my cock, ?Perhaps.?

The sex game in the movie became more of a ?do want you what or whom you want? thing than a ?follow the rules game? as I thought it eventually would. When we were well rested, Angie pointed at the screen and said, ?Hey that looks like fun. Are you up for that Stan??

?Not just yet, but I know you?ll get me up for it.?

?She began to stroke my cock and said, ?No problem.?

Replaying it several times, we tried our best to emulate what they were doing in the porn flick that afternoon, We did all manner of things; including many I never thought I would even consider much less partake in and enjoy. Oh yeah, the TV did get fixed, but not until around four. I couldn?t wait to see what my wife would think of her movie when she came home the next week. Hopefully, I?ll be calling Angie and George over to watch that flick again with us and maybe play that interesting on-screen sex game.



We were soon going at it again. This time; I was laying on my back with Angie straddled over me riding my cock while George stood in front of her so she could suck his dick. As the three us continued to enjoy what we were doing, we glanced back and forth at the TV. The action on screen soon changed. Jill and Penny were now in a wild 69 with cocks in their butts. Angie pulled her month from George and looked down at me with some disappoint in her eyes.?

I and asked, ?What?s wrong, are you getting bored with me??

?Oh no, not at all.? She slid all the way down on my cock and paused, ?Um, I?d just wish we could that too, that?s all.?

I looked at the two women doing each other and sighed, ?You also like women, huh??

?Cocks are great, but I like a nice cunt too, ? she frowned, and then put her lips around his cock and returned to riding my dick.

A moment or two later, Angie stopped again and while staring at a picture of me and wife on the wall she asked, ?Are you married??

?Yes, and that?s April.?

?She?s quite pretty.?

?Yes she is.?

?Um? does she like, I mean, has she ever done it with a woman??

?Not to my knowledge.?

She frowned, ?Too bad, she looks delicious, I mean nice.?

I laughed, ?I know what you meant and she is both.?

?If only she were bi, the four of us could have some incredible fun.?

?She may be a little. I just don?t know for sure.?

?What makes you say that??

When I told her about the way she gets turned on watching porn, even when it?s just two woman Angie said, ?You get us together with April and? um? that is, if it would be alright with you??

?Sure, I?d love to watch her with you, but are sure you can make it happen without forcing her? I would never want to make her do anything against her will.?

?Hell no, I?ll have her hungry for my cunt in no time and she?ll love it.?

?When she gets back next week, I?ll invite you two over for dinner, cards, and hopefully ? some fun.?

After another round of unreal sex, we finally wore ourselves, rested and then, made more specific plans for next week. Before leaving, they did get around to fixing the TV.

Thursday afternoon April came home. We had great sex before she even unpacked and we did it without watching any porno. That night while watching the big screen, which she happened to love, I told her that we were going have some company Saturday night.

?Oh, but I thought it would be just the two of us.? April looked quite disappointed, ?So whom did you invite? I hope it wasn?t Rudy and Joann again.?

?It?s not them. I invited the fellow that fixed the TV Monday. George and his wife, I think her name was Angie. They?re are coming over to play some cards and whatever.?

?But why?? She looked at me a perplexed. ?We don?t even know them.?

I had to think quick, ?Um? well, they?re kind of new to the area and haven?t had much luck meeting people. He said, his is wife was? very friendly and really misses her old friends back in? Maryland. He seemed like a nice young man. When he saw your collection of black and white photos on the wall, he told me that his wife was also into photography. He just called me back before you came home and said his wife was all excited about Saturday (that was not a total lie). I suppose I could call him and make up some sort of excuse and cancel.?

April starred at me a bit, and being the considerate person she is, she sighed, ?No, don?t call it off, but I?m leaving it up to you to get the beer or wine. You can also get the snacks while you?re at it.?

?That?s fine.?

When Saturday rolled around and April met them, the two women hit it off splendidly. We had dinner and then broke out the cards. I purposely did not buy enough wine so I could switch sooner to stronger drinks, the kind that usually puts April in a less inhibited, more relaxed mood. After more than a few hours of cards and lots of drinks, April complained that she was getting a stiff neck. I rubbed it a little, and then thought she would feel better if we simply went into the den where she could be more comfortable on the sofa. The four of us sat on our huge sofa with April cuddled up next to me on the left side and George and Angie on the right. I turned on the big screen, and we all put our feet up on the long ottoman in front of us. April soon got up to get more drinks. When she came back with another round she said, ?If you want these, you two have to stay the night. No, I think you have to stay the night anyway, you both have had way too much to drink to drive.?

Angie looked up at her standing there with the drinks and said, ?Are you sure? We wouldn?t want to impose on you.?

?Impose nothing,? I said. ?We have two empty guest rooms, and she?s right, you?re too wasted to drive.? I glanced up at April, ?And you?re almost too wasted to be serving drinks.?

George laughed, ?I suppose we?ve all had too much.?

Rather clumsily, April handed out the drinks and then sat down next to me again.

I gave the remote to Angie, ?Here, you find something to watch.?

She flipped from channel to channel and as she did she suddenly passed a soft-porn flick. George reached for the remote and said, ?Go back. I think saw a nice pair of tits.?

?Give that back to me you idiot, we?re not at home,? Angie tried halfheartedly to get the remote back.

George went back a few channels and stopped it on a movie with a naked couple in a pool.

I said, ?You can leave it there if you want. We watch porn too, ow...? April shoved her elbow into my ribs.?

Angie looked at her and said, ?I?ll make him change channels if you want dear.?

?You?re the guest, if you want to watch it too, it?s really alright with me.?

?Oh, good.? Angie smiled at her, ?I?m feeling a little wicked tonight.?

Though she didn?t say the words, April?s facial expression almost shouted, ?You?re feeling what??

As we watched that rather boring, show-nothing-much soft-porn April began to rub her neck some. ?Is it still sore,? I asked.

?Yeah, those chairs do it to me every time we sit in them too long.?

I sat her up a little and began t rub her neck. Angie glanced over and said, ?I use to be a masseuse. Do want me to do it??

?No thanks that?s OK,? April smiled.

She?s really good at it,? George added.

?Stan is doing fine.?

A moment or two later, I saw Angie glancing at me and hinting for me to be rougher with the neck rub. I nodded and Shortly April groaned, ?Hey that?s enough, you?re hurting me.?

Hearing that, Angie moved closer to April, placed her hands on her neck and began to rub.

?I?m alright now. You don?t have to that.?

?If you tell me it doesn?t feel better than his clumsy hands, I?ll stop.?

?Well,? Angie continued to rub.

?Oh, it feels good, very good. Thanks.?

A while later, and with her hands still on her neck, Angie said, ?This a pretty lame movie. Do guys have anything a little more? interesting? Like maybe some real porn??

I was quick to answer, ?I suppose we do.?

Before April could protest, I pulled out our box of DVDs, held one up to where Angie could see it but April could not, and said, ?Will this do??

?Oh yes, I think it will.?

Just as I put it in the DVD player and hit play, April recognized the label. She looked a bit surprise, and said, ?Not that one. Get another.?

?Wait, let?s see how it is first,? Angie said with her fingers still working my wife?s neck and now also her shoulders.

Before long the movie had gotten to the sex-card game and we were all beginning to get very horny. Angie?s hands were now working Aprils arms and shoulders way more than her neck. When the women in the flick got naked, Angie leaned toward Aprils ear and whispered loud enough for me to hear, ?We should all get naked too, how about it??

April shook her head ?no,? though not too convincingly. Angie whispered again into her ear, ?I?m beginning to feel a bit warm, do you mind if I take my top off dear??

When April simply shrugged her shoulders, Angie pulled her top off. She tried to toss it to floor, but it landed on my wife?s feet instead which were still up on the ottoman. With my foot I pushed it off April?s feet and to the carpet. I then I took my shirt off and said, ?That?s was a good idea, it is a little hot in here.?

?It sure is,? George said as he did me one better, taking both his shirt and pants off.

I stood up, undid my zipper, got out of my cutoffs, and said to April, ?You don?t mind, do you??

Still enjoying what Angie?s hands were doing, she glanced at me, ?Hm, it don?t mater much now if I did, does it, you already have them off.?

?I could put them back on.?

?Oh, sit down, and you?re not hot, you just want her to see more of you.?

Angie?s hands paused, ?Hey, I don?t want you two to start a fight over it. Maybe we should just leave.?

?Leave,? April turned to look at her, ?nonsense.? She motioned for her to return to her massage, ?I?m really not annoyed with him at all. I was just busting his chops some.?

Somewhat later, Angie reached forward to sip her drink. In doing so, her right breast touched April?s arm for a second, no doubt on purpose. April only then realized that she was not wearing a bra. The way my wife stared at that tit near her arm, I though for a moment she might take in her hand. Angie let it causally touch her arm a few more times before leaning back again. Her hands returned to soothing April?s shoulders.

Later, the flick finally got to part I had been waiting for, and if what was coming up didn?t do it, I thought nothing would. With Jill and Rosa getting into that 69 scene again, I glanced at April. She now seemed to be watching the screen even more intently and that brought a smile to my lips.

Angie whispered to her, ?You know you don?t need this.? She then slowly pulled April?s top up and over her head and undid her bra. Both items were now on the floor.

To encourage things some, I decided to change the atmosphere a little. On the pretence of wanting something to snack on, I got up and grabbed some chips from the counter. As I munched on them I slowly dimmed the lights in the den. Not too much though, but enough to perhaps let April feel more? I guess, comfortable. I wasn?t back on the couch long when I noticed Angie stealthily letting her nipples rub against April?s back as she worked her fingers over her shoulders and arms. At first touch those hard nipples, April move away some. Not being one to be discouraged easily, Angie repeatedly let her breast brush lightly against my wife?s back. She then moved much closer and allowed her firm breast to fully and sensually slide across April?s back. I heard April gasp slightly and when she did, Angie slowly moved back until her breasts were no longer against April?s back. April just sat there for a moment and then to my delight, she leaned back into to those beautiful tits and even squirmed against them some. That was Angie?s green light and she smiled at me. Her hands tenderly dropped from April?s shoulders as she wrapped her arms around her. Her soft lips began to nibble on my wife?s ear. That was something I had told her earlier that April liked. With April still staring intently at the women going down each other on the screen, Angie fingers crept onto April?s firm breast. With much skill, she began to fondle April?s tits and shortly we both heard April moaning softly. A few moments later; with April?s moans now much louder; Angie got up, took off her own shorts and panties, climbed up onto the back of the sofa behind April and then pulled her back against her. My wife was so mesmerized by the two women on screen and their 69, she seemed either unaware of what Angie was up to, or just didn?t want to do anything that may make her stop. Either was fine with me and I?m sure George.

Now sitting on the back of the sofa behind my wife, Angie let her hands drop over April?s shoulders and onto her breasts again. When she did that she looked at me and the huge tent in my shorts. She smiled and then whispered into April?s ear, ?I think he could use some attention. She took April?s hand and placed it on my dick. I responded by quickly taking my shorts off. Without looking at my nakedness, April put her hand back on my cock. Having seen this, George also took off his shorts leaving April?s panties only the item being wore by anyone.

Wow, was I ever turned on, watching her play with my wife?s tits as April stroked my cock slowly. And then there was still those two and their 69 on the screen. It was reality TV all over again, only better. A short while later, Angie inched up higher on the back of the sofa. She opened her legs wider, and then gently moved April?s head back until it was pressing against her cunt. Angie ever so slowly, with her hands on either side of my wife?s head to guide it, she began rub her bush against the back of April?s head. My wife took a deep breath, she then began to roll and move her head around much to Angie?s pleasure. Angie whispered into April?s ear again, ?You know, I think George here feels a little left out.?

April held her hand over but not on George?s dick, and then she looked at me. I nodded and smiled. With George now getting his cock stroked too, I leaned back into the cushion. Shortly thereafter, I leaned forward so I could see George on the other side of April. When he looked at me, I started to pull my wife?s panties down and motioned for him to help. He took hold her them too and she nonchalantly lifted her pretty little butt, and off they came. After gently pulling her legs apart some, which meet no resistance, my finger soon found her clit. George also began to play around with her cunt.

All that stroking, fingering and so forth went on for a while and then, without getting off the sofa, Angie stood up, moved April back against the cushion and then straddle her face to face. She lowered herself onto April?s lap and gave her a deep, and long kiss. Breaking the kiss, she lifted herself until her pussy was directly in front of my wife?s mouth. I held my breath as I waited to see how April would respond, as did Angie. April just starred in awe at the lovely shaved cunt inches form her lips. I knew she could smell Angie?s womanly aroma yet she still seem unable to do anything but gawk. Angie then took my wife?s head in her hands. She gently and slowly pulled her face toward her wet cunt and let her lips touched it ever so slightly a few times. That was all the encouragement April needed. Her lips and tongue were now all over and in Angie?s cunt. It seemed as though she were determined to explore, taste and delight in every aspect of it. Such was my wife?s excitement, that she grasped my dick tighter and started to stroke it and I guess George?s with much more enthusiasm than before. I knew she was stroking us like that just so she could quickly dispatch with us and concentrate on Angie. That was of cause fine with me, and it wasn?t long before both George and I came. We then got up and moved to the loveseat to give them more room. With us out of the way, Angie moved April onto her back and then assumed a 69 position above her. I watched intensely. April looked my way, ?Watch closely, this fantasy is for you honey.?

April?s tongue then slid slowly up and down Angie?s wet pussy. She paused, looked at me again, and then began to devour Angie?s sopping cunt ravenously.

After watching in awe for maybe five minutes, I said to her, ?It?s your fantasy too.?

It did not take them very long to bring each other to powerful multiple orgasms, nor did they care to stop. They seemed about ready to orgasm again, when I happened to notice that George and I were now both hard again. April opened her eyes for moment, and saw our hard dicks. She stopped licking Angie?s clit and tapped her on the back. Angie looked down at her and asked,? I hope you don?t want to stop because I?m almost there again.?

?Don?t worry, I?ll get you there soon. I was just thinking??

?Thinking what?? Angie gasped, ?There?s nothing else you need to be thinking about now.?

?I know, but I think they owe us a show too, after all we?ve been doing.?

Angie smiled, rested the side of her face on April?s pussy, looked at us, and said, ?Indeed. Well, how about it boys? Let?s see you two go at it.?

?Yeah, fair is fair you know,? my wife smiled.

I responded with a quick, ?I don?t think so.? I looked at George expecting him to say the same, but he just sat there.

?I?m not, no we?re not going to do this anymore or ever if you two don?t get at it.?

?We?re not?? Angie moaned.

?No we?re not, or at least not when they?re around to watch.?

?Yes, that will work. No more watching us or getting together naked or anything like that anymore if you don?t do whatever she wants. What do you want them to do??

?What we?re doing that?s all.?

?Wow? that would be something to watch,? Angie laughed.

?Aww? come on, not that,? I grumbled.

April looked at Angie, ?Would you like to continue this is my bedroom without them??

?Sure, why not.?

As they started to get up George said, ?Wait, maybe we can do something else.?

I frowned at George, ?Um, not really.?

Without warning, he took my cock in his hand and started to stroke it. ?Come on Stan, we can jack each other off. That?s no big deal. After all, you got your fantasy fulfilled.?

?Yeah, Stan, after all,? my wife said while gritting her teeth.

I frowned and looked over at George?s cock as he still stroked away at mine.

?You owe me,? April demanded.

I took in a deep breath and placed my fingers around his dick.

?Now stroke it,? Angie said.

I gave in, and started to stroke his cock while hoping she would quickly get back into doing Angie and stop watching us.

?Good, now keep that up for while.? My wife said, ?Don?t stop. I?m going to keep an eye on you two.?

They went back t their licking and so forth and as soon as she took her eyes off of us, I let go of his cock and whispered, ?Let?s just stroke our own dicks. They?re probably too drunk to even realize what were doing.?

George?s response surprised me some when he said disappointedly, ?Yeah fine.?

We kept stroking away at own dicks and when it became apparent to me that April was no longer interested in keeping tabs on us, I stopped jacking off and leaned back to watch them. George also gave his dick a rest. A few moments later, I saw Angie glancing at me and then felt George?s hand on my dick again. He said, ?Can I just do you? You don?t have to do me.?

?Um? not really,? I said as nice as I could.

?Pss,? I heard from Angie. She then motioned and whispered for me to let her husband jack me off since I owed it to her.

I looked at George and nodded, ?Go ahead.?

It wasn?t long before I was able to pretend that George?s hand was that of a woman?s, he was that good at giving a hand job. Anyway, April soon got Angie off again. My wife then began to squirm and pant as she neared her own orgasm. At that point, I suddenly felt George?s hand let go of my dick and move to my balls. Not wanting to miss watching my wife?s coming orgasm, I did not bother to look at him. Then I suddenly felt his warm mouth engulf my dick!

April?s eyes opened and when she saw his mouth on my dick it put her over the edge and she started to yell at Angie, ?Yes, yes, don?t stop now.? Her wild eyes caught mine and she shouted at me, ?Suck his dick too, do it, do it. Look Angie, they?re going to suck each other off, how awesome.?

Though I felt a little bad at not granting such a desperate request, I did not do as she asked. I did however let him keep my dick in his mouth.

Without taking her mouth from my wife?s needy cunt, Angie looked me and said, ?Yeah, suck him off too Stan.?

With George now trying to get us into our own 69, I almost gave in, but it just wasn?t something I wanted to do. George moved every which way trying to get me to suck his dick. Unexpectedly I suddenly felt him shove a finger into my ass. With that new sensation, I began to shoot my load into, and I must say, his very talented mouth while also keeping my mouth well away from his dick. Finally getting the message, George gave up and started to jack himself off as he finished with me. After collapsing with exhaustion and catching or breaths, we saw April and Angie looking at us. My wife said to me, ?We?ve both had our fantasies come true tonight honey, thought yours was fully satisfied.?


?You?re a bit selfish aren?t you? You could have down on him, it wouldn?t have killed you,? Angie said.

?Or so you think. Maybe some other time,? I said without a trace of sincerity in my voice.

Angie pointed and frowned at me and then looked at her husband.

I looked at George too and said, ?Hey, it was nothing personnel guy, just not my thing.?

George nodded that he understood and then April said with a long sigh, ?What a night, wow.?

Aggie put her arm over April?s shoulder, rested her hand on my Wife?s right breast, and said, ?Yes it was quite a night. And you know what sweetie, there are still lots of things for you to discover.?

?I can?t wait. Same time next weekend?? April smiled.

?Sure thing,? Angie said with George agreeing April smiled at her, look at George?s dick and cooed, ?Um? just one more thing before we hit the sack.?

?I know. You want George to fuck you with that nice dick of his, don?t you?? Angie laughed.

My wife looked at me with an ?asking for permission look,? and I said, ?Tell you what, I?ll take Angie to bed with me for the night, and you take George with you into the guest bedroom.?The four of us have since had many great nights together and fully expect to have many more.

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