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Real or fantasy?

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You call me and invite me over telling me you would like my help with something. With an offer like that I couldn't possibly refuse! You tell me what time, and I'm quickly on my way. When I arrive, you invite me in and I'm quickly aroused by the sight of you wearing a clingy negligee. Your nipples are hard and poking through the material as if they are begging me to wrap my lips around them and suck them. I can feel my mouth watering at the thought, and feel myself getting hard. You pull me close and we share a very hot a passionate kiss. You moan as you push your tongue into my mouth and our tongues are caressing and darting back and forth.

You pull me back toward the bedroom and start pulling off my shirt. I quickly remove my pants and start peeling off your negligee eager to get my hands on your breast and nipples. I notice the swing hanging and in part of my mind I?m remembering how much fun we had with it, how excited you were, how great you felt, and how deeply I could take you. I?m hoping you?re thinking of using it once again. Instead, you turn me around and push me back toward the bed. You know I love it when you take charge and I?m eager to comply. You climb onto the bed and then turn around and straddle my head. I?m anticipating the 69 you have in mind.

I?m already imagining how wet you are based on how excited you are, and also thinking about how your lips are going to feel wrapped around me. You lower yourself quickly over my mouth and I immediately push my tongue inside of you wanting to taste you. I hear you moan as you feel my tongue, and that turns me on even more. I pull your hips down on me more firmly and make sure I push my tongue as deeply as I can, wanting to enjoy you. I knew you were turned on, but am surprised at just how wet you are.

My mind is wrapped up in the arousal and passion, but my tongue finally lets me know that it?s not just you that I taste. As the realization comes, my excitement multiplies. You know how much I have wanted to try this and now my moans are competing with your own. My arousal turns you on even more. I know based on the volume that I?m tasting from you, that he was certainly a heavy cummer, or that you?ve already enjoyed him a couple times. I feel you lower yourself on me. I?m feeling those wonderful breasts press against my stomach and then one hand wraps around my cock squeezing it. You feel just how hard I am, and I also feel your tongue touch the tip, licking away the drop of wetness there.

Your other hand moves under my leg, and I spread my legs giving you easier access. I feel you pressing against my opening and then sliding a finger into me. You can feel how hot it is around your finger. Your actions are generating even more moans from me. I then feel you spreading some lubricant around my opening and working your finger in and out. It doesn?t surprise me to feel you add a second finger since we both enjoy the feel. I can feel you really working your fingers in and out of me and it?s driving me crazy.

You then raise yourself back up slightly which presses you down more firmly against my mouth. My tongue is still going over your clit and then between your lips wanting to enjoy all of you. You pull under my legs and I gladly raise them for you again wanting to provide you with easy access to me.

I then get an even bigger surprise as I feel something pressing against my hole. I feel both of your hands holding my legs up, so I know right away it?s not you using one of your toys. I can feel gentle but steady pressure as the head is penetrating the opening. I can tell by how much it?s stretching me that it?s a pretty good sized head. He then starts working it back and forth penetrating a little deeper each time. He then pulls all the way back out and I wonder for a moment what?s coming. But then my question is answered as he starts sliding it back in. I can then feel him pressing against the inner opening really stretching me open.

You can tell just how turned on I am by how urgently my tongue is pressing into you. I?m trying to communicated what I?m feeling and wanting you to feel it as well. I hear you tell him to slide all in, and he again starts pushing deeper and deeper inside of me. When I think I can take any more I feel his balls pressed against me. You start squeezing my rock hard cock enjoying how it feels in your hand. I know you?re enjoying seeing me penetrated and watching how stretched I am around his big hard cock. He then starts pulling it out and pushing back in setting up a slow and steady rhythm.

You?re absolutely dripping wet now, but I know that it?s all from you and how turned on you are. You tell him to that you really want to watch me take it, and that?s all the encouragement he needs. I feel him grab my legs and push that big hard cock deep in me. I can feel the big mushroom head as it?s moving in and out of me. He?s really stretching me out and it feels unbelievable. You know how good he felt in you and you know what I?m getting to enjoy. My moans and groans are almost constant now as I?m feeling him and also tasting how wet and turned on you are. He starts to work his cock much faster and harder. I had always wanted to feel it and now the reality was even better than what I had imagined. You can tell that I?m enjoying it as well as you feel me pressing against him, meeting his thrusts.

I hear him moaning and also hear you kissing him deeply sharing your passion and excitement. This only increases his excitement as well and I can actually feel his cock swell even more. I?m squeezing my muscles wanting to make it feel even better and his moans let me know he is enjoying it. I hear him say something, but I couldn?t make it out, but I definitely hear your reply which was to cum inside me. He strokes faster and harder, and he swells even more. We?re all anticipating what?s coming and the climax is mind blowing. I feel him bury himself deep inside and then feel the hot wet sensation of him cumming deep inside of me. I feel his cock twitching and pulsing as it unloads. It was more than I could stand and causes me to climax as well. This pushes you over the edge and you press yourself down on me wanting my tongue as deep as it can go. I feel your muscles contracting around my tongue. While my muscles are contracting around his cock ? prolonging his own climax and making it that much more intense. I can feel you move into a second and much stronger orgasm as you enjoy seeing me stretched wide around him, and seeing him pulse as he unloads.


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