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Playing with the Guys Who Are Playing with the Guys

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Finally we meet. You a beautiful, busty lady with auburn hair and sparkling eyes. We are average guys, both 6? and over. You have told me you want to be in a threesome, but not your basic mfm. You want to be in a threesome with two bi guys. You said the thought of watching two guys have sex turned you on. You asked for us to put on a show for you, and then you wanted no holes barred sex!

Finally we meet. We have all talked and planned, and now it?s here. I have a hotel room and a bottle of wine. Jim has joined me and we are talking and waiting. You knock and we let you in. You are sexy and dressed to seduce. Your clothes are tight to your curves and it all looks good. Jim pours us all a drink and we toast to new adventures. You look at us and with a gleam in your eye, croon ?Well??

Jim and I stand and remove our shirts and shoes and socks. I quickly drop my pants and briefs and kneel in front of Jim to undo his pants. He is not wearing underwear, and his cock is already on its way to attention. I kiss the tip of his cock and squeeze his balls gently, and his cock hardens. We shift to free ourselves of the loose clothing.

Jim and I are naked, now. Jim is standing. I am kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock . . . slowly, in, out, licking his shaft, sucking on his balls, grazing his asshole with my fingers. I take him full in my mouth and I see you undress completely. It is the first time I have seen you naked, and you are gorgeous. One of your hands is stroking your nipple, the other is stroking your clit. You spread your legs slightly so you can slip a finger inside. Taking your cue, I slip a finger in Jim's ass and you both moan. You slide up behind Jim, pressing your breasts against his back. You reach around and take my head in your hands and guide my sucking. You move my head forward and back, forcing me deeper each time until I feel his balls against my cheeks and his cockhead in my throat. Jim protests, "Don't make me cum yet!" So, I slacken my pace.

You slide down and grab my cock in your hands, kissing Jim's ass and thighs. Jim slides out of my mouth, stepping back, as you bend down and take my cock in your mouth. You are on all fours. Jim slides behind you and slips his cock between your legs until it rubs against your pussy lip and clit. You moan and reach down to press his cock against your clit. You rub his cockhead against your clit as you suck me into your throat in long strokes.

You guide him to your wet pussy and he slides all the way in. You want to be completely filled so you pull my cock into your throat. We both move in a steady rhythm. Jim and I are both holding your shoulders and hips, to make it easier to go deep and hard in you.

In no time Jim moans, "I'm cumming", and pushes deep in you and his throbbing cock fills you with cum.

The sight of his body in orgasm is too much for me, and I am cumming. I arch back, thrusting my hips against your face. You are swallowing, but it is too much and cum is dripping from your chin, as the cum is also dripping down your legs.

You too begin to cum and buck and we squeeze you between us. You slink down and lay on your back. Jim kisses your lips and sucks the cum from your mouth and chin. I move between your legs and suck the cum from your pussy. You moan and cum again. When you lay back, limp, we stretch out on each side of you.

We talk and laugh and have another drink. You get an inscrutable smile on your face, and then you say, ?I interrupted the show. I want to see the rest.? Jim and I look at each other and grin.

Jim looks down and says, ?It?s a little early, but what the hell.? I concur , and we both stand and approach each other.

?You could use some clean up,? I said, and dropped to my knees and take Jim?s balls in my mouth one at a time. I lick and suck them gently and kiss his inner thighs. I drag my tongue between his balls and thigh.

Jim's cock is beginning to stiffen against my cheek as I suck and tongue his balls. I look over at you and see you smile. I see that you are sitting up for a better view and rolling your nipple between your fingers. Your other hand is disappearing between your legs.

I lick the shaft of Jim's growing cock, along the vein at the base. The head of his cock is swelling as his shaft stiffens and becomes firm. I am caressing his ass with one hand as I cradle his balls in my other hand. I lick around the crown, drawing my tongue slowly. I lift my head enough to allow me to wet my finger. I go back to his cock. As I take it fully into my mouth, I finger his asshole and press it slowly in. He squirms and moans.

I feel your hands on my ass and cock. I was concentrating on my mission so I did not see you move closer beside us. I feel you lubing my ass with an ample amount of KY. I feel your slick finger massaging my asshole and your other hand stroking my now hard cock. You press one finger in me and I moan, but I don't remove my mouth from Jim's cock or my finger from his ass.

You pull your finger out and I move back wanting more. You oblige me with more lube and now two fingers. "Ready?" you ask. I nod yes, slowly and reluctantly removing my mouth from Jim's hard cock.

The head of his cock has swollen to the size of a golf ball and his prick is sticking straight out from his body. His cock is straight, no curve like mine. He moves behind me and I lay my head down, my ass in the air. You remove your fingers from my ass but you are still stroking my cock. Jim generously lubes his cock. I feel it press against my asshole. You moan, "This is so hot"

Jim presses into me and I feel pleasure/pain as his cockhead pops into me. I gasp and exhale sharply. "Ok?" he asks and I nod yes. His hands are holding my hips gently. You have one hand on my cock and with the other around behind Jim gently holding his balls.

Jim is still, allowing me to adjust to the girth of his cock. I press back first and he feels me moving. He presses slowly into me, but I whisper, "I want it hard." He pushes it all the way in one thrust. I moan and my back stiffens, but I push back to feel his balls and your hand against my balls, his groin against my ass.

You take your hand from his balls and stroke your clit, thrusting your fingers inside. You and I are both moaning lowly. "Oh, God," you say, "This is great. Fuck him good for me."

Jim smiles and says, "I'm fucking him for me"

I say teasingly, "Shut up and fuck me!"

You both laugh, and Jim begins to pump me in long strong strokes. I look to you. I can only see you from the waist down, but I see your hand moving in and out of your dripping pussy in time with Jim's strokes in me. The sight of you makes me harder. Jim is pulling me against him, moving me in and out against his thrusts. After a bit he leans across my back, his movements in and out are faster and shorter and he reaches around and grabs my cock. His big hands are so different from yours.

"Turn over," he says, "I want to watch you and hold your cock while I fuck you.?

I reluctantly let him pull out and turn over. My cock is standing straight and twitching as he lifts my legs. He thrusts in my ass in one movement. I groan and arch my back.

You lean down and kiss me, sticking your tongue in my mouth. I put my hand between your legs, holding your fingers in your pussy. I don't want you to stop stroking. I want to join your stroking.

It is not long before Jim cums again. I feel his cum shooting in my ass, again and again until I feel it dripping from me. Jim falls across my chest, my still hard cock pressed between us. I move my hips to rub my cock against his sweaty stomach.

You and I continue to stroke your pussy, but faster, your juices flowing freely and your hip moving in jerky movements. You too are cumming and you push my hand deep in you and fuck it as you cum.

Jim slides down and I feel his tongue at my asshole, licking me clean. My eyes are closed but I feel your lips on my cock. You pull away and then you straddle me facing Jim so you can watch him tongue my ass, and kiss his chest and lips. You ride me hard and you are cumming again. The feel of you cumming is too much for me and I am cumming too. My cum shooting in you.

After a bit, you lay back against my chest and I reach around and caress your breasts. I feel Jim's tongue leave my ass and then I feel it on my ball and shaft and I can tell he is licking us both. I feel you tense and know you are going to cum again. I am soft but getting harder at the feel of both of you. You cum hard and convulse, screaming, "oh, yesssss"

You are limp against me. My cock slides out of your wet, dripping pussy, and Jim's mouth sucks me in and sucks me clean. Then I feel him move to you and know he is cleaning your pussy. You moan but don't move. Jim moves up to kiss us both, and we roll together, a mass of arms and legs.

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