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Perverse or Diverse?

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Since I was a kid my sexual desires have all been somewhat askew-after all the first girl I'd ever fucked was my cousin with my little sister and other cousin sleeping right next to us! (Sonya, do you think Lori and Davey heard us?) All of the social taboos, old wives tales, and first timer fears set in and I never did "it" again until I moved out of the house. I had a regular girlfriend but we both would only go as far third base-she was going off to college, determined NOT to be like so many other girls in our town ... knocked up! (Debbie you never made it out of Kenmore did you?) I thank god that I did leave that shit-hole Ohio ... off I went into the wild blue yonder.

All of my life my fantasies have always involved at least 3 naked bodies, but I have never been fortunate enough when I was brave enough to act on them. I mean, being in the military on a small island in a small unit, you just don't dare take the commander's wife up on her offer of a 3-way! (Vicki I wish now I had taken you up on the offer, heck Eric was just the section commander.)

Just how do you start a 3-way anyway? My first wife was probably the more willing whiles my current wife has become the religious zealot. (Carmella, you should have joined Brian and me in the hot tub and to hell with Danielle's sick ass!) Oh well, I concede to the good ol' American Dream: a house, 2.3 kids, and a dog ... or do I?

Over the years I have some memorable times with some great women; Shelly the first pussy I'd ever tasted, Tammy the freaky screamer, Charlene the virgin southern bell, Becky blatantly bold wife of a good friend, Chelle my African queen, Tracy with the hard ass, Susan a "good luck fuck" before you head off overseas, Judy with the powerful orgasms, Kim a nurse with a need, and Linda with beautiful eyes you are a goddess. Oh the memories; but there are still there is that nagging feeling that there is something more and what about that 3-way?

Part of the treatment plan for the surgery I had recently undergone was massage therapy (not a bad gig). I went for my first appointment and my therapist was a man slightly older than me named David. It was the first time I'd ever been massaged by another guy but what the heck ... he is a professional licensed masseur after all. So I stripped, wrapped my towel around me and hopped up on the table.

David could clearly see I was somewhat uneasy about having a guy work me over so he chit-chatted to put me at ease. We talked about all of the requisites sports, weather, hobbies etc and soon discovered we had many things in common. We talked about being married and somehow the topic of sex came up. David was working me over and had incredibly strong hands-ahhhhh just what the doctor ordered a deep tissue massage. By this time I was quite relaxed and somewhat aroused as I simply stopped focusing on the whole "guy touching me" thing and focused on how good it felt and the conversation at hand.

As he worked his way around my body, through slitted eyes I couldn't help but notice that he was sporting a chub through his scrubs. Those damned fantasies crept back in my head and brought with them all of the porn I'd ever seen--2 hard cocks and 1 wet well pounded pussy. Of course I had wondered what it would be like to see another hard cock or to feel one but I had never acted on it--"I ain't gay y' know!" But I was becoming even more aroused recalling fantasies and just plain wondering "what would it be like?"

He started working my hamstrings and butt under the towel, "is this typical, under the towel" I wondered. His fingers bushed against my balls and the head of my cock pointing towards my feet and this was when I realized I was rock hard and precum was oozing from my cock: Did he just coo?

He continued working around my body when he told me it was time to roll over; somewhat embarrassed I told him that "now" is not a good time for me to flip over. Knowingly he said that it was alright that it was a completely normal reaction to the touches and not to worry about it...even joking, "it's mutual" (pointing to his now obvious bulge).

I flipped over and positioned my cock and towel to lie somewhat flat on my lower stomach but still hard as ever. David continued working and talking while I tried to think of anything else that would make my hard on go away. Have you ever really tried to "think" a hard-on away?

David then asked if I would like for him to finish. Rather naively I answered "sure" thinking I could get out of there and that would solve the whole raging hard-on thing. But he pulled the towel off and began sucking my cock and playing with my balls--I was in no way expecting that! "Is this the proverbial happy ending" and "I don't think my healthcare covers this," I thought. I just laid there and watched as he sucked me and stroked me.

Have you ever had one of those out of body experiences; you know, you see or hear yourself doing or saying something that you can't believe you said or did?

Before I realized it, I recognized my voice saying "why don't you let me help you out?" Without even taking my cock out of his mouth, he had dropped his scrubs and his cock sprang out. It was awesome and mesmerizing, larger than mine but not huge perhaps 7 inches. Of course I have been jacking off since I was a teenager so I instinctively reached for it and wrapped my hand around it. Stroking it and massaging his precum out and down like it was lotion, spreading it the entire length of his cock like I enjoyed doing to myself. He continued his strokes and sucking on my balls while I stroked him.

I then found myself pulling his cock up towards my face so I could suck him but the table was not a comfortable spot for this and we moved to the sofa in his office. As he stood there I sucked him and ran my hands over his ass, legs, and balls. He warned me he was gonna cum if I didn't stop as he pulled away. David dropped to his knees and started sucking my cock with such intensity and eagerness that I quickly was reaching the point of no return. I warned him that I too was close to cumming so he released my cock and hugged me ... or was he humping me?

His cock was now rubbing mine and his precum combined with mine made it so much more arousing for me. He must have sensed that I wouldn't be able to hold out any longer and with the touch of an expert he stroked me until I was shooting spurts all the way up to my nipples! "That's awesome," he said while he continued to stroke.

He was on his knees between my legs and his cock was resting under my balls when it suddenly occurred to me that he could easily slide it into my ass in this position. The thought of which made me panic inside, so I grabbed his cock and began stroking it until he was shooting his cum onto my chest to mix with mine. What an incredible feeling and sight. Snapping out of the out of body experience, the reality of the time, and situation came to mind and I told him I had to run.

As I began to clean myself off, he tidied his office and the table all the while in the nude, and I couldn't help but to watch his cock and balls swaying. Occasionally he would stop and squeeze his cock and a bead of cum/precum would appear and with a single finger he would wipe it away and then suck it off his finger. I was completely hypnotized in the euphoria of what had just happened and the wonders of "what if" began running through my head. As I got dressed, he told me that I was welcome back anytime "free of charge." I am sure I replied something courteous but I remember for sure; however I do recall thinking "no way ... solved the curiosity; I'm good!"

As I drove home the whole scene just played over and over in my head but also the machismo of societal norms kept telling me "don't go back there" and "does this make you bi or even gay?"

A couple months had passed and the memories would come back and before long I found myself making another appointment. As the day approached I found myself wondering to other possibilities that might have been or could be; a totally exciting prospect. When I entered his office he welcomed me with a hug told me to get undressed and on the table. This time however there were no towels available for me to cover up with. I chuckled as I pointed this fact out to him and he replied "do you really need one?"

"Good point," I thought and climbed on the table.

Once again he worked my body over and we began discussing our last session. I told him about the moment of panic I experienced when I thought he might invade my ass with his big cock. He assured me he was not into "that" to which I sighed in relief but inside I was sort of disappointed.

Soon I couldn't help but notice that on every part of my body that he could bump into with his crotch--he did; first my foot, then the other foot, then my outer thigh, and finally my shoulder. Each time I could feel him getting harder and it seemed as though he lingered a bit longer.

He walked around to the other side of the table and doing the same crotch rubbing, I determined I was going to "catch" him in the process. He placed his package in my open palm and I began to stroke him through his scrubs while he massaged me.

As he began to move to the head of the table I "accidentally" untied his scrubs to which he never stopped to retie. When he got to the head of the table and was massaging my back, his hard-on pressed against my forehead through his scrubs barely hanging on. I decided that I was going to solve another of my curiosities and lifted my face to his crotch and with both hands I pushed his scrubs down, opened my mouth eagerly waiting for him to slide his cock into. I told him I wanted him to fuck my face to which he gladly obliged. Another incredibly erotic moment for me as he placed his hands on the back of my head while pumping my mouth.

After a bit of time he told me he was going to cum and tried to pull away again-but I quickly wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled him back into my mouth. I wanted to feel a cock explode in my mouth ... and I was not disappointed! Before long he was pumping a huge hot load into my mouth and my throat!

"Now what" I thought.

I'd eaten my own cum but never anyone else's!

"What the heck" I figured, and with one gulp it was down.

He returned the favor taking my load of cum and we played for another hour or so taking turns sucking and jacking before I told him I need to get cleaned up and go. He led me to his private shower where be both washed and stroked each other. With our hard cocks pointing to one another he pulled me close and hugged me. He started to suck on my earl lobe and I could tell he wanted to kiss me. But I skillfully avoided it; I mean that is just gross!

As I got dressed he remained in the nude, stoking his hard cock. I dropped to my knees and begun sucking him off again-then led him to his own table. Laying him down, I massaged his balls and stroked his long shaft until he shot his load onto his chest. I licked the underside of his cock and sucked his balls like my wife had done to me only days earlier while smearing his cum all over his chest. I straightened myself and graciously departed, leaving him laying there covered in his own cum.

As I drove home, it occurred to me "so you're bi; perhaps you'll know what to do in a 3-way!"

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