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Paying It Forward

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Based on an actual experience. The names have been changed to protect the participants.

I had to spend a few days in a beach town about 3 hours north to meet some local real estate developers and hopefully close a big deal on a golf course project.. On Sunday morning I wrapped up some paperwork, packed my bags, grabbed my clubs, and hit the road. The drive was easy, and thankfully I didn’t run into any traffic on the way.

When I got into town, I noted how the local tourist vibe had really changed from what used to be a sleepy little beach town into more of a tourist destination. I had been selling and developing properties in the area for almost 25 years and could definitely see the change in the look and the crowd in the town.

Now the customers were more upscale, a bit wealthier, and tended to be older than in the early days, when the town was known as a hippie surf spot where the waves were good, there were a lot of cute women, and the weed was cheap.

As I drove into the main part of town I was thirsty, so I pulled into the drive in at the local Starbucks to get a cold drink. After that I figured I would stop off at the local store, grab a six pack and some dinner, and then check into the hotel room that I had booked for the week.

I sat in line for a few minutes, catching up on my email and text messages. I ordered up my standard large iced tea, and then checked my social media feeds, took a peek at my favorite lifestyle site for a bird, and quickly checked to see if there was anyone local on Tinder who might be into a reasonably fit single guy in his late 40s looking around for a fun no strings hook up during the week.

Unfortunately my search was limited to lots of young twenty something beach girls, and a few women who weren’t my type, so I gave up any hope and patiently waited until it was my turn to pull up to the drive through window.

As I pulled up to the window, I figured I could use some good karma, and pay for the order behind me. It was something I liked to do from time to time, and since I was in town to close some business, I figured it couldn’t hurt.

The barista handed me my drink through the window.

“Here you go, $3.75 please,” she said.

“Here’s forty dollars, cover the car behind me, and keep the rest for a tip for the crew,” I replied, handing her two $20 dollar bills.

“Um, it’s a lot less than forty bucks, sir. Are you sure about that?”, she asked.

“I am, no worries. I hope your staff enjoys the tip, and don’t say anything to whoever that is behind me. Thank you.” I replied.

I rolled up my window and headed out of the driveway. I drove down the main street a few blocks and found a larger sized supermarket and decided it would be a good place to stop and grab a few things for the night. I parked and went into the store, grabbing a shopping cart on the way in.

After grabbing a six pack of beer, a few food items and some snacks for my hotel room, I paid at the checkout stand, and headed back to my car.

As I approached my car, I noticed an attractive older woman, probably in her early to mid sixties, standing by my car. At first I was unsure if there was something wrong, or if maybe she just happened to be standing near my car for no apparent reason.

As I got closer I noticed she was holding a large drink, and began to realize that she might have been the person in the car behind me in the line at Starbucks.

“Can I help you?”, I asked as I approached my vehicle.

“Are you the person that paid for our drinks?”, she asked, holding up a large Iced coffee drink.

“I may have been,” I replied.

“Is there a problem?”, I asked.

“Oh not at all. Actually, my husband is inside, and we had to stop here at the store before heading home. I recognized your car once we pulled into the lot, and thought I’d try to say thank you for your kind gesture. Too bad we didn’t place a larger order” she answered with a smile..

“My name is Mary. My husband is inside grabbing some items for a lunch party we are hosting later this week. His name is Tom,” said Mary, with a slight southern drawl, not uncommon among locals in this beach community.

“Hi Mary, my name is Ted. You are very welcome. Nice to meet you. I hope you both enjoy your drinks,” I answered, as I placed a few bags into the trunk of my car.

“Are you in town for business, or pleasure?”, asked Mary. She obviously had noted my golf clubs and suitcase in the trunk while I loaded my groceries.

“Mostly work. If I’m lucky, I’ll get in a round with a client or two while I’m here,” I answered as I rolled the shopping cart over to the drop off area.

“May I ask what you do?, she replied.

“Mostly property development and management, some real estate sales,” I answered.

Just then, her husband Tom came out with a cart full of items, and a large collection of wine that he had just purchased.

“Ted, this is my husband Tom. Tom, this is Ted. he is the nice gentleman who paid for our drinks over there at Starbucks,” said Mary.

Tom and I shook hands, and exchanged pleasantries.

“Thank you Ted, that was very gracious of you, my wife was jokingly saying how upset she was that she didn’t order more,” said Tom.

The hot humid air was a bit overwhelming, and I could tell that we were all starting to perspire a bit, but it was nice to meet a local couple, and they were both reasonably attractive and seemed genuinely thankful for my gesture back at Starbucks.

Mary was about 5’ 7 inches, with medium length blonde hair that was turning white. She was very tan, and had obviously been a regular beach girl in her younger days based on her tan skin and freckles. Her blue eyes were wide and she had a very pretty face, and full thick lips which created a very beautiful smile.

At one point Mary had been a very sexy younger woman, and her large breasts, and full belly and shapely ass made for a very attractive combination, even for someone her age. She was wearing a white top with cut off sleeves, which cut low to release her curvy breasts, and a pair of pink shorts that were cut off right above the knees. Her calves were firm and athletic, and she wore a pair of black sandals. The more I looked at her, the more attractive she became.

Her husband Tom was a bit over 6 feet, had an average build, and was clean cut, with a thick mane of graying hair. He was wearing an upscale short sleeved dress shirt, a pair of khaki shorts and flip flop sandals. Tom was also nicely tanned, and appeared to be fairly well to do given his style of dress, and the luxury car he was loading his shopping cart into that was parked nearby.

“We’d love to thank you by offering you a glass of wine if you are interested,” said Mary.

“We live right down the road, on the beach. The sunset should be lovely later this evening,” she said.

Tom handed me his business card. He was a financial manager and his office was in a somewhat larger town about 20 minutes down the road.

“No pressure. If not tonight, maybe some other time. We really appreciate your random act of generosity, Ted.” he said, handing me his card.

“Why thank you,” I replied.

“Let me drop my stuff off and check into my room, then I’ll give you a call to confirm if you are still free after I check my schedule and catch up on some emails,” I replied.

“Sounds great,” replied Mary.

“If not, we’re having a small lunch gathering with some locals on Tuesday. Maybe you can join us then if you are available for a couple of hours,” she said.

“I appreciate your invite, thank you very much,” I replied.

With that, we all got into our cars, and I headed to the hotel I had booked a room in about a mile down the road The place was nice, and I unpacked my bags, turned up the AC and spent a few minutes catching up on emails, made a few calls to confirm my schedule for the week, and took a shower to clean off the sweat from the hot, humid conditions outside, and my drive earlier in the day..

As I showered, I started to think about how attractive Mary was, and how her and Tom seemed like a nice couple. The more I thought about how pretty she was, the more I figured it would be fun to go share a glass or two of wine with some local couple rather than sit around my room or some local tavern and drink a couple of beers.

I found Tom’s card, and sent a text to the number listed as mobile. Within a few minutes I received a reply confirming that the invitation stood, and providing a street address, which turned out to be just a few minutes away, down at the end of the road right at the beach.

The ride was short, and as the beach drew closer, the size of the homes grew larger. At the end of the road was a strand and a large beach, which was covered with sunbathers, umbrellas and there were surfers riding the swell out at sea.

I parked the car and walked down the strand until I arrived at a very modern looking two floor home, packed tightly among other similar looking and very upscale homes. There was a deck up above, and the main entrance was off a small patio just off the strand. I hit the Ring device, and a few moments later, Tom opened the door and welcomed me in.

“Come right in,” he said.

Downstairs on the left was a large entertainment room, and to the right a large room with fitness equipment, and a large bathroom.

“Thanks for coming over. Glad we can have you over to enjoy some wine and the sunset. It should be a good one,” he said.

Ted gave me a quick tour of the downstairs, and showed me the large entertainment area, along with a full bar to go along with the exercise studio, and indoor spa and sauna located adjacent to the downstairs bathroom. The house was meticulously designed with fine art, and tasteful detail.

Ted led me upstairs to a large living room with a dining area located near a large full size window, looking out over the palms and out towards the beach and the ocean. It was an amazing view, and the deck located outside the sliding doors was spacious and had a nice semi-circle shape with a see through wall along the outer edge.

There were four lounge chairs located outside, and I could see two legs extend from the back of the one just on the left. A glass of wine sat on the small round table to the right of the lounge chair.

“Hey Mary, our generous friend Ted is here,” Tom yelled out towards the patio.

“Send him out to say hi,” replied Mary.

“Why don’t you go say hi and enjoy the view. Can I get you a glass or wine? Red, or white?,” he asked.

“Whatever you are serving, Tom, and thanks,” I replied.

I walked out through the sliders to a stunning view of the beach and ocean.

“Quite a view, isn’t it?”, asked Mary.

I looked over to my left and saw Mary laying there with a beautiful body, barely covered in a tight pink bikini. Her tanned body was gorgeous, and I could barely take my eyes off her nice full breasts, barely held back by the fabric covering them. Mary must have been at least 15 years older than me, maybe in her early 60s, but her body and face looked like she was much younger.

While she wasn’t skinny, her legs were firm and thighs were a nice fullness, with a plump ass that was nicely shaped. Her belly was a nice shape, and her breasts were the perfect size, and nicely tanned. I could see her nipples standing up through the pink fabric covering her tits.

“Quite the view for sure,” I answered, and I wasn’t sure if I was referring to the ocean view from the deck, or the sight of her on the lounge chair.

“Have a seat, enjoy the view for a bit,” replied Mary with a big smile.

“I’d be delighted to,” as I took a seat in the lounge to her right.

Tom came out with a full glass of Red wine (my favorite), and topped off the white wine in Mary’s glass to finish off that bottle. Ted had another glass of the red wine, poured just as generously as mine was.

“It’s a fantastic Merlot, one of the favorites of a great client of mine. He gives us cases all of the time,” said Tom as he sat down on the lounge opposite Mary.

“Well cheers, and thank you for having me over,” I said, as I offered them both a toast.

After a couple glasses of wine, Tom brought out some food, and more wine, and we moved to the large table opposite the chairs. Mary got up and adorned her bikini clad body with a light white fabric bathrobe that perfectly matched her tan skin.

As she moved about her large breasts teased beautiful tans lines, that I could barely keep my eyes off of.

As we sat down, Tom offered a toast to the three of us.

“Well Ted, we’ve never had anyone pay it forward for us like that before,” said Tom.

“Small gestures go a long way in life, at least that’s how I was raised, so thank you,” I replied.

“You do that often?”, asked Mary.

“As often as I can, and when I go to a new town, I try to tip as well as I can, maybe just for good karma, if you know what I mean,” I answered.

“Well, you earned it with us, and thank you for joining us tonight,” said Tom.

We sat, drank wine, shared a marvelous food platter, and looked out over the beach and out to sea for the next couple of hours, as the sun set lower and ever closer to the ocean. As the crowds started to gather on the beach to catch the sunset, the conversation turned to our pasts, and over a few glasses of wine we shared a long introduction.

Mary was a local, grew up on the beach smoking weed, fucking local surfer guys, and earned a straight A GPA in High School, and went to an elite Ivy League college only to fall in love with a frat guy who turned out to be a complete asshole. They got married and moved to Boston, he became physically and mentally abusive, until she left him and came home to live with her parents back on the beach. She had been a successful consultant and had recently retired so she could travel less and work with private clients. .

Tom was from Long Island, New York, and had worked for many years on Wall Street. He was fit, and sharp with his wit. He was also previously married, and had recently become a grandparent, an honor he shared with Mary.

He recounted how his wife left him unfulfilled after many years, and following a generous financial settlement, he moved south to find a new life near the beach. He now worked as a financial manager for wealthy retirees locally, and played golf whenever he liked.

I shared how I had been married for almost 20 years. The first ten were great, we traveled, shared great intimacy, raised a family and were madly in love. The second half of our marriage slowly eroded, and we literally stopped interacting. I traveled as much as possible for work, and we stopped sleeping together, and did our best to at least be good parents.

After the last one left to go to college, my wife announced that she was leaving me for one of our best friends, whom she had known and worked with for a number of years. Fortunately my real estate company took off just after our divorce was finalized, and I spent a lot of time working on golf course developments, playing golf and traveling, all while running a successful company.

“Oh Goodness,” said Mary in a deep southern voice.

“Did you suspect anything at all?”, she asked.

“At times I did, but my priorities were paying multiple college tuitions, and being a good parent,” I replied.

“She is happy now, and it was meant to be, so there is really no sadness or bitterness on my part, and I’m lucky to have sex on occassion, which definitely wasn’t happening with her,” I said.

As the sun started to slowly slip behind the sea, and the colors in the sky meshed into a gorgeous combination of pink, orange, yellow and blue, the conversation began to loosen up, and with a second bottle of wine completed, we were all relaxed and enjoying the ocean air.

“Can I tell you how Tom and I met?”, asked Mary.

“If you like. Tell me, how did you meet Tom, Mary?”, I responded.

“Well, we were both at a local meet and greet, and somehow managed to then meet up at a private house party, and after he brought me and a friend home one night, I served him breakfast in bed that morning, and it has been pure love from there,” she replied.

I knew I was feeling a good buzz from wine, but the reply and the majestic view of the sunset combined to shock my senses with excitement.

After a few quiet and complentativise seconds, I replied.

“So you two essentially met at a swingers event, later hooked up at a house party, he invited you over to join him with a friend, and here you are, together forever?”, I asked.

“Yes we are, Ted,” she said. “We couldn’t be happier.”

“That is a beautiful story, I’m so happy for you two,” I answered. .

“Well, I met Tom at one of those things you find out about on the lifestyle websites, but he was there with some younger lady at the time. Tom was a bit of a sugar daddy in his day, if you know what I mean,” said Mary as she sipped her wine.

“He brought me home with his girlfriend after one night at the club. I was with my bull date for the night, a lovely guy named Gary, and we all had a great time together.

We did things none of us will ever forget. It was very hot. The next morning when we all woke up covered in each other’s juices, we all licked, sucked, and fucked each other one more time, and Tom and I have been together ever since,” said Mary.

“I’m one lucky guy,” said Tom.

“Funny thing is my date Gary and Tom’s date that night, her name is Sandra, they have been together since then, and still play with us from time to time,” laughed Mary.

“Well, if you are comfortable we have little get-togethers you might enjoy, Ted. That is if you are ever in town, again,” said Mary.

“Let me see. You are ok with single guys?” I asked.

“If we know you, it doesn’t matter if you are single, Ted. Anytime after 2, up until sunset will be good for us, maybe later,” said Mary.

“Hey Tom, go turn on one of the videos you have of our previous gatherings, I think Ted might like it,” said Mary. She got up and cleaned up the remaining food, empty bottles, and headed to the kitchen. I watched her beautiful ass sway in her robe as she walked away.

“You’ve hit the lottery there, Tom,” I said.

“Yes, I have, Ted. Thanks. She seems to like you a lot, and your generosity, however small in value, somehow went a long way with her.”

“I wish you luck in your work. If you like, you are welcome to stay and watch a sample from our parties, but if not, we understand and hope you can join us on Tuesday afternoon,” he said.

“Sure, why not,” I answered.

By then it was dark out, so we headed inside and Mary went into the back of the home. We headed down the stairs and Tom took me into the entertainment room.

“Have a seat on the couch,” he said.

He turned on the large screen TV on the wall, and made a few adjustments on the remote.

“Here’s a drink,” he said, offering me a final glass of wine. The room felt good as the air conditioning was a nice break from the hot evening air up on the deck.

After a few moments he had found a library of video clips, scrolled through a few options, and selected one.

“Here is one from a few weeks back. It was pretty fun, and most of the same people you see will be here on Tuesday, possibly a few more” he said as he grabbed a glass of wine from the bar, and sat down on the full length couch.

“Our parties are very exclusive, and by invite only. We allow straight and bi people and couples over, but everyone has a right to play the way they wish, so there are no expectations on what anyone can or will do. No always means no, even if you rarely hear anyone say it,” he said with a smile.

On the screen was a video of the living room upstairs, on a recent sunny afternoon. The quality was amazing, and I figured Tom must have an in home camera system. I looked around the room and noticed two cameras located in opposite corners, and realized that this room also might be used for their sexual escapades.

On the screen there were four naked men of various body types visible, Tom and Mary, and another woman, who had a fuller figure, and very dark skin. She was a brunette, had a really nice ass, large breasts, and like Mary, the tan lines were incredible. She was walking around in a skimpy black see through teddy, kissing and hugging everyone she could find, including Mary.

Mary for her part was wearing a tight pink tank top and her breasts were hanging outside for all to reach, lick and kiss, and the back of the shirt was pulled up to reveal her beautiful ass outlined by very distinct tan lines. She was walking around kissing, and grabbing each guys cock, obviously getting ready to fuck all of them.

“Looks like another day in paradise,” I said.

“Yes it was, among many thankfully,” said Tom.

“Do this often?”, I asked.

“As often as we can,” smiled Tom and offered me a toast from the other side of the couch.

“You started the video early?”, asked Mary as she walked into the room.

As Mary sat down next to Tom, I noticed that she still had her robe on, but had showered, and now was wearing nothing underneath. I could easily see her breasts which were partially visible under her robe and she smelled clean and fresh. Tom handed her his glass of wine, and she took a sip.

“That day was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?”, Mary asked.

“Well, you and Janice were the life of the party, as usual,’ said Tom while sipping his wine.

I watched the scene on the video unfold as two of the men took Mary to the couch, and one got down between her thighs and the other placed his cock at her mouth, and she eagerly took it in and started sucking it with passion.

Tom was with the other two men and the woman named Janice, and she got down on her knees and started sucking each of their cocks, taking turns going back and forth. She definitely knew what she was doing and you see her trying to deep throat each cock as best as she could. The sounds of Mary’s moaning and the sound of both women sucking and gagging on cocks filled the room. The audio and video quality was amazing, I could hardly take my eyes off what I was watching.

“Come on over here a little closer, Ted,” Mary said, patting the couch seat next to her. I slowly moved over towards her, until Mary was right in between the two of us on the couch. She smelled so good, and I couldn’t help but peek down at her body which was barely covered by her white robe.

“It's ok to look, honey, even touch,” said Mary, opening up her robe to reveal her large breasts and then opened up her legs to share a beautiful pussy, covered with a nice thin layer of pubic hair. Mary started to slide her finger up and down her slit, and used her other hand to tease one of her nipples that was quickly growing erect.

“Watching these videos sure turns me on, how about you, Ted?”, Mary asked.

“It sure looks like a lot of fun. You two are quite the hosts,” I answered, as my cock grew hard underneath my shorts.

By now the scene on the TV had evolved, and Mary was being fucked from behind on the couch, while sucking one of the guy’s cocks. The sound of her ass cheeks being slapped, and her moaning were intense. Two of the guys were sharing the other woman’s mouth with their cocks, while she was being fuckced in a missionary position on the mattress placed on the floor. Her legs were spread wide, and she could barely talk or moan due to the two cocks she was sucking on at the same time.

I felt Mary’s hand reach over and start to touch my hard cock, rubbing it through my shorts, and I knew I was about to enjoy more than the show on the TV.

“Why don’t you take those off, sweetie,’ she said. I unbuckled my belt, and slid my shorts off, and placed them on the ground, I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, and looked over and realized that Tom was doing the same. Mary leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. The warm sensation of her lips and tongue teasing my cock was incredible, and before long she was slowly bobbing her head up and down on my stiff cock. I gently placed my hand on the back of her head, and encouraged her movement.

On the screen, I watched one of the men slide under Mary, moving her into a 69 position while another one of guys lined himself up to fuck her from behind. I could hear Mary gasp with pleasure as they started fucking her, while teasing her clit from below. Tom moved over and stuck his cock into her mouth, and we sat there watching three men sharing her on the television, while she was there sucking my cock in person.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” I said, trying not to get too excited at the sight of Mary begging them to fuck her harder.

“Glad to share the experience with you sometime,” Tom replied.

The other woman had moved into a doggie position on the mattress, and I watched as she pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, and asked one of the men to fuck her in the ass. He lubed up his cock, and slowly slid it into her ass, eliciting a loud scream, followed by a steady stream of moans. Both women were being used by the 5 men and everyone was enjoying a great deal of pleasure.

“This cock tastes so good. I love how hard and thick it is,” said Mary, as she started to gag on my cock, occasionally looking up at the screen, but more focused on enjoying my cock in her mouth.

Tom was sitting there stroking his cock, glancing between the TV, and Mary sucking my cock. We both looked at each other and smiled, not saying a word.

On the TV the woman being fucked in the ass was now deep in ecstasy as her ass was being pounded by one of the men, and she was begging for him to cum in her. The other two men were taking turns sticking their cocks into her mouth, and alternately stroking their cocks.

Mary was being used in all three of her holes, and I noted that occasionally the guy alternating between fucking her ass and pussy would pull his cock out and shove it to the mouth of the guy lying underneath, busy eating Mary’s pussy.

Tom had reached over and was started playing with Mary’s pussy, and I could smell her and hear the sounds as he started to finger fuck her wet pussy with two fingers. Her body started to tense up, and I had a feeling she was about to start cumming at any moment.

“Oh god, this is good, that feels so good, don’t stop,” she said, in between sucking my cock.

On the screen things started to get really intense. The guy fucking Janice’s ass was clearly about to cum, and I watched him pick up his pace until he buried his cock as deep as possible, and filled the woman’s ass with cum. She moaned loudly, as the guy she was sucking pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over her face. As the guy pulled his cock out her gaping ass, one of the other guys took his place and started enjoying a cum filled ass.

As I watched the video, I could see Mary was stroking Tom’s cock and begging the guy fucking her to pull out of her ass and cum in her pussy. In a matter of moments, he started pounding her harder and let out a large groan and it was clear he was filling her pussy with cum.

As he backed away, you could see the guy underneath clearly enjoying the results of the cumshot, and he lapped up the cum that was oozing out of Mary’s gaping pussy.

Tom was clearly visible on screen stroking his cock with one hand, and I noticed he was stroking the cock of the guy lying under Mary. In no time, he lined his cock up and started shooting a large load of cum all over Mary’s face and into her mouth, letting out a deep sigh as the cum spurted out of his cock onto her face and down onto the cock below.

Mary eagerly took the last cock into her mouth, and started sucking on it, until the guy lying below her let out a moan and offered Mary a load of cum which she swallowed without missing a beat.

“Well, that sequence was incredible, it is better than porn,” I said.

The video came to an end and the screen went dark. I looked over and realized that Ted was lining himself up to start fucking Mary, and she was intent on sucking my cock and letting him have her pussy. Tom pulled her legs apart and slid his cock into her pussy with ease. Mary let out a groan, but kept sucking on my cock. I knew I couldn’t last much longer with the action I saw on the TV, and now watching Tom fuck this sexy woman right in front of me. I adjusted myself to allow Tom easier access to fuck Mary, and stuck my cock into her mouth from the side. As she sucked my cock, I reached down and grabbed her breast, slowly pinching her nipples, which resulted in her sucking my cock harder, and deep moans from withing her body.

“Get on your knees,” Tom ordered her.

Mary obliged and got on her knees. I adjusted my position on the couch so that Mary was between my legs sucking on my cock, and watched Ted slide his cock into her from behind. Mary took my cock back into her mouth and continued to suck on it while moaning and encouraging him to fuck her harder.

Within a short time, I could tell that Tom was going to cum, and he let out a large grunt and began to pound her pussy, and came deep inside her. Mary let out a deep moan as she felt his hot cum fill her up. I watched as Tom backed away from her, and Mary took my cock out of her mouth, and looked up at me.

“Would you like some sloppy seconds?”, she asked.

“Why yes, of course I would,” I replied.

Tom moved over and we switched positions. I stood behind Mary, admiring her nice round ass, the incredibly white skin, and the tan lines that gave her ass such a beautiful look. I could see cum dripping out of her pussy lips, and down onto her robe lying on top of the couch.

I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled her ass cheeks apart, and stuck my tongue into her pussy, tasting Tom’s cum and the taste of her pussy, and then up to lick her asshole, gently going back and forth between both for a few moments. My cock was rock hard and wanted into her well lubed pussy.

Tom then moved himself so he could get underneath Mary, and I watched as he positioned himself underneath her and he started to lick her clit, and taste the cum dripping from within. He was going in for the clean up.

Mary started to moan heavily, and on cue I slowly slid my cock into her until I was all the way in. She gasped as my cock slid all the way in, and her breathing picked up as I started to slide in and out.

I could feel Tom’s tongue occasionally lick the bottom of my cock as I started to slide my cock in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, and then with a faster pace. As I felt my cock start to convulse, I pulled it out and teased her pussy with my head, slapping it up and down on her clit, occasionally catching the tip of Tom’s tongue. He obviously didn’t seem to mind.

I found my pace and started to fuck Mary pretty steady and hard. I could tell she was enjoying it just in the amount of dirty talking, moaning and screaming she was sharing with us. I knew after a few minutes that she was ready for a finish, she had reached her limit.

“Come on baby, give us that load, I’m ready for it,” urged Mary, as she sucked Tom’s cock back to life.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and so I picked up my pace until I was pounding her from behind with my cock sliding in and out of her well lubed and loosened up pussy lips.

My cock was now covered with a combination of Tom’s load and her cum. The intimacy was very intense, and it had been a long time since I had enjoyed a threesome. I tried to keep focused, but I could feel a warm surge build up inside and knew I was about the blow a huge load, as it had been at least a couple of weeks since I last had sex.

Underneath I could hear Tom moaning as he got ready to shoot another load, and I looked down at Mary’s head and she had his entire cock in her mouth and was gagging on it in anticipation of receiving a mouth full of his cum and a load in her pussy..

“Where do you want it?”, I asked, breathing heavily and feeling my nut about to bust loose..

“Fill her up,” I heard Tom respond underneath her pussy.

“My pleasure,” I answered.

I grabbed her hips and pounded with all my might until I started to feel my cock spasm and start shooting cum deep up inside her pussy. The warm sensation of my cum and her pussy combined was incredible, and I kep fucking her as hard as I could even after draining all of the cum out.

Mary let out a deep groan as her pussy was flush full of hot cum, and Tom let loose another load that shot into her mouth and she eagerly sucked all of the cum out of him and swallowed it.

As I pulled my cock slowly out of her pussy, I stood back and admired her gaping pussy lips, her beautiful patch of pubic hair, and watched my cum start to drip out and down into Tom’s waiting mouth. His tongue was working her pussy lips and he was trying to get as much cum as possible out of her.

I sat back onto the couch, drenched in sweat and admired the two of them finishing up in an erotic sixty nine position, sharing each other’s cum and mine as well.

“Wow,” was all I could muster as I started to catch my breath and gain back my senses.

Mary got up, and went to the bathroom to grab a towel. I watched as she walked away, transfixed on her naked body, the beautiful curves and gorgeous ass on full display.

Tom layed on the couch and didn’t move, his face covered in cum, and his cock limp, and still dripping cum from the tip.

“Now that was fun,” he said.

“Yes it was,” I replied.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Well, thank yourself, Ted,” Mary said as she walked back into the room, handing me a towel and dropping one onto Tom’s cock.

I stared at her large, round breasts, beautiful hips, and all I could think was how much more of this woman I wanted to enjoy. Then I caught her beautiful blue eyes, and we shared a smile, and I had a feeling she was thinking the same thing about me.

“If it wasn’t for your generosity earlier today, none of this would have probably happened,” she laughed as she wrapped a towel around herself.

“Well, if that was fun, maybe you could join us at one of our get togethers sometime, or if you like you can just play with us,” she said.

“I’m sure you would be a welcome addition either way,” Tom answered.

Mary led me to the lower bathroom, and as I stepped into the shower I offered her my hand, and she dropped her towel and joined me. I lathered up her body, slowly enjoying touching her all over, making sure to spend extra time slowly feeling her lovely ass, and both of her beautiful breasts.

She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke it back to hardness, and I slid my two middle fingers into her pussy and started to rub up into her g-spot. We gave each other a long french kiss, and I could taste the remnants of Tom’s cum in her mouth.

It didn’t take long for her body to start convulsing and she let out a loud moan and I could feel a warm rush of fluid from her squirting all over my hand and I gently slid my fingers out of her throbbing pussy.

I had her sit down on the small step on the side of the shower, and started to stroke my cock right up against her face. Mary sat back and slowly rubbed her pussy, and teased her left nipple watching me jack off right in front of her face with a big smile.

“Go ahead honey, give me another load out of that beautiful cock,” she purred, briefly sucking on the tip as pre-cum became visible.

“Shoot it all over my face,” she said and closed her eyes.

I felt a rush as my next orgasm started to build up, and I placed the end of my cock just a few inches from her wide open mouth, and with a deep moan I started to squirt another load all over her forehead, and down onto her face, finally slipping my cock into her mouth where she sucked the remaining cum out of me.

She stood up and gave me a long french kiss, sharing the remnants of my cum with her as we embraced one last time, with my hands firmly holding her ass cheeks and rubbing my slowly softening cock against her belly.

I took one more opportunity to lather up her body and explore it with my hands. She did the same with me and then we turned off the shower and I helped her out.

After we were done, we toweled each other off. Mary wrapped herself in a towel, handed me one, and led me back to the entertainment room. Tom had put his shorts back on and was sitting on the couch with a slight daze and huge smile on his face finishing up his glass of wine..

I got dressed, and we all thanked each other for a great evening of wine, food, a beautiful sunset and an unexpected sexual treat. I gave Mary a nice long kiss and hug, thanked both of them for their hospitality, and drove back to the hotel.

Fortunately our sexual escapades helped me clear my head of the wine, and I felt great when I woke up the next morning. I went off to meet my clients and successfully closed one of the biggest deals yet for my company. Afterward, I called in to my office, shared the good news, processed the orders, and cleared my Tuesday afternoon schedule with the pretense that I was going to play some golf.

I decided to push my departure date back a few days so I could stay in town a bit longer than expected to celebrate, and hopefully spend some more time with my new friends.

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