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Painting party

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It's hard to believe how it all happed but I'm glad it did. My wife had become increasingly less interested in sex. When things finally blew up she confessed sex with me hurt because I was so big. Of course this infuriated me. Then one day I had a buddy over to help me move some bookshelves so I could paint the wall behind it. Of course any project like this requires beer to complete and I needed Dave to stick around to help move them back once I was done painting. We were both feeling pretty good by the time I was done and the conversation turned to women. Dave is a fairly good looking guy in pretty good shape and he goes thru girlfriends almost on a weekly basis. I asked him about his current gf and he said he'd recently split up and was now on the prowl once again. I asked what happened and he confessed she dumped him saying his dick was too small. I asked how big he was and he said 6 inches and not very thick. I said ?You just can?t please women; my wife says I'm too big for sex.? Maybe it was the beer but it gave me an idea. ?Why dont you fuck my wife? Maybe that will loosen her up enough for me!? Dave was a little unsure of the idea but I insisted it was OK with me. The thought of my wife fucking someone else had never crossed my mind before but now it instantly excited me. Dave said ?Wow, you really want this; your cocks bulging so much it looks like it's going to rip your pants!? I replied ?Yeah, what about you, is it exciting you?? ?Hell yes!? Dave said. ?It's just not as obvious on me.? Just then another thought crossed my mind. ?Let me see your dick.? I said, I've never even given a thought about another man?s dick before. He started to pull down his fly and I told him ?No, pull your pants down.? Dave hesitated a moment then undid his belt, unsnapped his jeans, then hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his jeans and underwear and pushed them down to about mid thigh. As they reached the end of his dick it popped strait out obviously quite hard. I looked in interest at his dick. It was small but its length to thickness proportions made it very attractive for its size. I was surprised at my appreciation of the attractiveness of his cock. I was also noticed Dave shaved all his pubic hair. I immediately thought it would make it easier to suck that way and was amazed at how casual I was at the thought of sucking another guys cock. I took a step closer, reached out, and grasped his cock. I was surprised at how hard it was yet how soft smooth and hot it was to the touch. ?I've never touched another guy before.? I said. ?Me neither, but I think I'd like to.? He replied. So I let go and pulled my pants down for him. I watch as he reached out and wrapped his hand around my cock. At his touch it jumped with excitement and it felt good when he gave it a slight squeeze and stroked it.

I reached again for his cock and started rubbing it then I reached again for his cock and started rubbing it then I reached lower and hefted his smooth shaven balls. Just then my wife got home and opened the door catching us each with our hands on each other?s packages. ?What the hell!? She said. Both of us turned red and instantly dropped our hands and started to pull up our pants. That's when I saw the shit eating grin on her face. I knew instantly our first threesome was about to happen. So I reached over and stopped Dave from buttoning up his pants. I pushed my hand into his pants and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out for her to see, and said. ?Honey, I'd like to see this cock fucking you.? She walked over and reached out to take his cock as I slid my hand down to roll his balls around with my fingers. It looked so sexy seeing my wife?s small nail polished fingers caressing Dave?s cock. She reached with her other hand and grabbed my rock hard dick and asked.

?And what about you, what are we going to do with your dick?? ?We thought it wouldn't hurt you for me to fuck you if Dave loosened you up first.? I said. She said ?Hmmm, that might work. Let?s try it. But I have some other ideas I might like to try too.? We both nodded and said ?Yes!? not caring what she would ask of us. She led us by our dick into the bedroom and sat us down on the bed. She then slowly began to undress never taking her eyes off our hard cocks. She then sat on the bed between us and started kissing me then turned to Dave and started kissing him. Both Dave and I reached up and started playing with the breast closest. Cindy then laid back and Dave and I attacked her nipples with our mouths. After a short time Dave moved down to eat my wife?s pussy. She grabbed my dick and made it obvious she wanted to suck on it so I moved up and positioned myself by her face. It felt great as she licked and sucked the shaft and head of my cock. Soon though she pulled my cock out of her mouth so she could concentrate on the orgasm Dave was giving her with his mouth. I helped out by reaching down and pinched and pulled on her nipples as she shuttered in delight. Once she finished Cumming on his face she pulled him up and aggressively kissed him and licked the pussy juice off his face. She then grabbed my cock with her left hand and pulled Dave up by his cock with her right hand so that both of our dicks were positioned in front of her face. She took Dave's dick into her mouth and bobbed on it a few times then she did it to mine for a little. Back and forth she went between us. Then while she was sucking on just the head of my cock she pulled Dave's into her mouth too. I've never seen my wife look so sexy as she did then with both our members in her mouth. I grew even harder loving the feel of Dave's spongy cock head rubbing against mine inside my wife?s mouth. After a short while she pulled us both out and told me to kiss her. Still keeping Dave's cock in her hand she pulled it to her lips as I bent in to kiss her. She rubbed his cock head against our cheeks as we kissed. When I opened my mouth wider to french kiss her she slipped his dick between us and we ended up tounging each other around his cock head. It was so damn hot both of us kissing across the head of his cock. She then pushed his dick into my mouth and watched as I sucked my first cock. It was incredibly thrilling feeling the sponginess of his head on my tongue while my lips wrapped around the hardness of his shaft. My own dick seemed to become impossibly hard and my nose flared as I drank in the scent of him. I could imagine him shooting spasm after spasm of cum and my mouth watered like a cunt anticipating the pleasure of it. Soon though my wife pushed me back not wanting him to cum too soon. She pushed me down onto the bed and told Dave she wanted so watch him suck my cock while she sat on my face. I started lapping away at her pussy. It was so wet it was dripping down the side of my face. She was really getting into this. I felt the weight of Dave as he positioned himself between my legs. My cock was twitching in anticipation. Dave then got to it by licking and sucking my balls. I love the feel of my balls enclosed in a hot wet mouth. His tongue was rolling them around. He then took a hold of my cock and started kissing and licking it up one side and down the other. He then ran his tongue up the underside of my cock to the head then engulfed my cock into his mouth. The sight of Dave sucking my cock sent my wife over the top and she started spasming in orgasm. I suck hard on her clit till she collapsed on top of me breathing hard. Dave and I lay down on either side of her and played with her tits giving her a chance to catch her breath. After a short time Cindy said ?Alright, I'm ready to get fucked now!? Both Dave and I grinned. ?How would you like it?? I asked. She said ?I want to 69 you while Dave fucks me doggy style.

?OK? I replied ?But I want to guide his dick into your pussy.? In reply all she said was ?Mmmmmm!? So there I was with my wife above me, pussy in my face and my cock engulfed in her mouth. I reached up and grabbed Dave?s cock by the shaft. I rubbed the head along the dripping lips of my wife?s pussy. She moaned on my dick. I brought my mouth up and licked her clit and his cock head at the same time. This was driving my wife wild as I could feel the frantic way she was sucking my cock. I then put the head of Dave?s cock at her pussy hole and guided it into her. I took my hand away and watched as Dave drove it all the way into her. My wife moaned loudly and completely stopped sucking me in her distraction. Dave held his cock buried inside her enjoying the pleasure of her tightness. I began licking and sucking his balls till he was ready to fuck her. I slid my tongue between Dave?s balls and her pussy reaching for and finding her clit. This drove my wife over the edge into a spasming orgasm. It was so strong I could see her pussy muscles grip and loosen repeatedly around Dave?s shaft. Once she calmed down a little she started to suck my cock again. Although this didn't last long as Dave started to fuck her. At first her fucked her slowly giving me the chance to lick his shaft and her clit between strokes. But before long he started to speed up and was fucking her hard and fast. I just laid back and enjoyed the view of his cock pounding into her. After a short time of this I could tell my wife was getting close to orgasm again. I also figured Dave must be getting close so with the thumb of one hand I reached in and started rubbing her clit. With my other hand I wet my index finger and started rubbing it around Dave?s asshole. This immediately brought a moan from both of them. I saw Dave?s balls start to retract and knew he was about to spew so I drove my index finger into his ass. This drove him over the edge. He pushed into her as far as he could go with a groan. My wife at the same time started Cumming, her pussy milking the spunk out of him. He must have cum a lot as some was starting to leak out onto balls. I lifted my head up and tasted sperm for the first time. It was salty and just slightly sweet. Of course the sweetness maybe from my wife?s pussy juice. Guess I'll have to try sucking Dave off sometime to find out for sure. But for now I wanted more. I licked greedily along Dave?s shaft as he pulled out and caught the initial gob of cum from my wife?s pussy once his dick was clear. I then pushed my wife over onto her back so I could eat her some more. But before I went down on her I french kissed her with the cum still in my mouth. Although I liked the cum and wanted more I let it slide down my tongue into her mouth. I then proceeded to tongue wrestle her for the cum. I broke the kiss and we both swallowed what we had with grins on our faces. I told I was going down for more. I hungrily planted my mouth on her pussy licking and sucking what cum I could find being sure to probe as deep with my tongue as I could. My wife pulled Dave over to her and licked his balls and dick to get all the flavor off of him I had missed. Once the majority of cum was gone she stopped sucking Dave?s cock and told me she wanted to get on top of my cock. It was time to find out if our plan would work. I lay on my back and my wife climbed on top of me. Dave grabbed my cock and lined it up with her pussy. She started to push down and her hot wet pussy stretched tightly around my dick. It was way wetter than normal and all of a sudden she pushed down and engulfed my entire dick. The feeling was awesome and my wife almost collapsed as she came so quickly. ?My god! That was awesome.? Evidently our sex life was at the beginning of something great. After a few minutes of rest with her pussy spasming on my cock she began to slowly grind up and down on my cock. Dave not having anything to do came around to the head of the bed and kneeled by my head with his cock in my wife?s face. She started sucking his cock in rythem with her fucking. She soon got distracted by the fucking and stopped sucking him. Dave then changed position so I could suck him instead. There I was with an awesome pussy on my cock, two handfuls of great titties, and a mouthful of just fucked cock in my mouth. I was in heaven! Soon my wife came again and rested on my chest with my cock still in her. She took an occasional lick at Dave?s cock or balls with me. Dave by this point was hard again and I was wondering if I'd get to taste strait sperm when my wife grabbed Dave cock and pulled it away from our faces. Then she said ?I want Dave to fuck my ass.? I started to move but she said no, she wanted me in her pussy while he took her virgin ass. Although I was a little jealous of Dave getting to be the first to fuck her ass I was very excited at the prospects this opened for me too. He positioned himself behind her and rubbed his dick on her pussy and my cock and balls to get it wet. He also worked her asshole with a wetted finger. Finally she was ready and he slowly push the head of his cock in her ass. Obviously she was very tight because he stopped and my wife moaned. He waited a little and wetted more of his cock shaft. He then slowly pushed the rest of his cock into her. I could tell she was enjoying the feeling as she was pushing back on our two cocks. She then said she wanted us to hold still while she fucked herself on our dicks. Faster and faster she went pushing harder and harder. She was moaning louder than I'd ever heard before when suddenly she screamed in orgasm and her cunt gripped my cock like a vise while she spasmed with us inside her. Her ass must have done the same to Dave's cock because he groaned and let loose his cum into her ass. After that she collapsed onto the bed. ?Wow, that was awesome, but I need a break! Seeing as Dave is soft why don't you fuck his ass while I watch?? Dave started to get on his hands and knees but Cindy made him get on his back. ?I want to see him fucked like a girl!? she said. So I crawled between Dave?s legs and licked his asshole for a moment leaving behind a huge wad of spit. I pushed Dave up to his chest and to the side giving me wide open access to his waiting ass. Cindy then grabbed my cock and said ?I want to put it in him.? She rubbed my cockhead around his ass opening and leaned in and licked and spit on my cock for more lubrication. Dave must have enjoyed the feeling because he started moaning. Cindy then started to push my cock into Dave. I leaned in feeling the incredible tightness of his ass. Dave grunted when my cockhead slipped past his sphincter. I stopped at this point feeling Dave?s ass muscles spasming around my dick. Soon though the spasms subsided and I started to slowly push the rest of the way in. Cindy let go of my cock and started rubbing Dave?s cock and balls. I soon began to fuck Dave slowly. Dave?s cock was hard again as I started to pick up speed. Cindy began sucking Dave?s cock and I fucked harder into Dave?s ass. Dave said he was going to cum again and I was feeling the urge to cum too. I told Cindy and she said she wanted both our cums in her mouth. I pulled my dick out of Dave and laid it evenly along Dave?s. Cindy stretched her mouth over the heads of both our cocks and started bobbing. I felt Dave start to cum and that sent me over the top and I started shooting large gobs of cum into her mouth. Cindy swallowed most of it but saved some and french kissed me with cum first then did the same with Dave. After this we all collapsed on the bed spent. Cindy with one hand on each of our softened cocks said ?I'm going to buy two dildo's. One thick like your cock and one thinner one like Dave?s.? She smiled wickedly ?The small one will be to get my pussy ready for you and for getting your ass ready for the big one!? She said. I replied ?Then you better make it a double ender so we can ride off into the sunset together!?

The end

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