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Our night at the lifestyle club

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We had a ball (pun intended) last night/this morning !! We got to the lifestyle club around 9pm, changed into our Halloween costumes, grabbed some drinks and headed off to the pool table. We hung out there for a while and then J asked to go upstairs and check out the action. Not too much was happening yet so we went back downstairs.

I got picked to be in the costume contest but the guy I was up against in the single male category was a regular so I didn't stand a chance.

After a while we wandered back up to the main orgy room as they call it and there was several couples having fun. Mostly by themselves but a few were playing with each other. We found a spot along the wall to watch the show and I slide my hand under J's skirt and started rubbing her ass. Another couple came in and parked themselves next to us. She was a hot Asian girl with a Geisha style costume.

After a bit I pulled J in front of me and slide her thong down a bit so I could start rubbing her clit. The couple next to us were also getting revved up. She was facing her guy and was giving him a handjob. I couldn't help but notice how big he was !! Very jealous. After a while he leans over and says to J, "My girlfriend wants to touch your ass." Did my ears deceive me ?!?! J said, "I don't mind at all." So this girl slides her hand up inside J's skirt and starts rubbing her ass. I'm ready to lose it at this point.

Then J said to the girl, "You have great breasts." She said, "You can touch them if you want." So J starts rubbing this girls breasts. The girl pulled her top down and out came her nipples. J leaned over and gently started sucking on them. I hear a low moan coming from the girl. The girl then slowly slid her hand around and starts rubbing J's clit. She actually pushed my hand out of the way !! J starts getting a little weak in the knees.

After a few minutes of this J reaches in and starts rubbing the girl's clit. Now I'm REALLY ready to lose it. J is sucking on this girls breasts, rubbing her clit, giving me a handjob, the other girl is rubbing J's clit and giving her husband a handjob. During this I am staring at this guy's cock and thinking how good it would feel to get on my knees and start sucking on it.

I'm guessing this went on for about 10 minutes and the other girl got down on her knees and starts blowing her guy. J followed suit and started blowing me. As soon as J got down on her knees the other girl resumes massaging J's clit. After a few minutes J leans over and starts rubbing the others girl's clit and sucking on her right breast and commenting on how perfect it is. So I saw my chance. I got down on my knees and started sucking on the girl's left breast. Now, this put me within an inch of this guys cock and I did this on purpose. I was testing the waters. At this point his girlfriend was leaning towards J and giving her man a handjob. Several times his cock touched the side of my face (on purpose I think) and no one flinched. After a bit J grabbed his cock and said to the other girl, "May I ?" "Of course" she replied. So J started blowing him and his girl moved over and started blowing me. I could have came right then and there ! She was awesome !

After a while I said we sould go find a bed and they quickly agreed. They went to find a place and I went downstairs to grab our bag which had our condoms, lube, etc. We found our spot in the upstairs balcony and started undressing. At this point J was on her knees sucking on the girl's breasts, I was on my knees behind J, he was next to me on his knees and his girl was blowing him. J was already dripping at this point so I had no trouble sliding right inside. After a few minutes the other girl (call her L) stops blowing her guy and starts giving him a handjob. Carpe diem ! I reached over and helped her. He reached over and grabbed my ass !! I then leaned down and buried his cock as deep as I could in my mouth. I've been practicing with my tooth brush to try and get control of the gag reflex. He starts thrusting his cock as deep into my mouth as I could take. I ran my tongue all around the head and up and down the shaft. I was hoping he would move behind me and bury himself inside me but I didnt' want to push the envelope too fast.

Next, J rolled onto her back and the other girl climbed on top in a 69. I lubed up a finger and slid it into J's ass. This caused her to start moaning and I mean a lot!! After a bit L spun around and started sucking on J's breasts and rubbing her clit. This put L's ass right in front of me. Seizing the moment I reached around and started rubbing her clit. She was wet and I mean wet!! While I was rubbing her clit I ran my other hand down the crack of her ass, buried a finger inside her for some lubrication and slowly started rubbing her anus. I asked if she was ok and she said oh yeah. I slowly slid my finger inside her anus and started fucking her ass with it. She starts moaning and grinding against my hand.

After a while I asked J if she would like to try having both of guys inside her at the same time. She said, "I'll try but I think you'll be stretching me too much." So we slide a condom on him (had trouble due to his size) and J climbed on top. It took a while for her to get all the way down on him. During this time his girl was next to him on her knees and I was behind J. Eventually she slid all the way down and started riding him. I couldn't get them to slow down for me to try and slide into her ass so I moved over and behind L. I whispered in her ear, "Do you want me inside you ?" "God yes" she said. So I grabbed a condom, and slowly buried myself inside her from behind. This girl was tight, wet and hot. Her ass was so firm I really had to focus on not cumming. The whole time she's whispering in her man's ear "Does her pussy feel good ? Do you like fucking her ? His cock feels great inside me. That's right, fuck that pussy while he's fucking me."

Eventually J climbed off and started blowing him. Seeing this while ramming my cock as deep as I could inside L was too much. I felt the cum starting to rise so I stopped but she wanted no part of this. She kept ramming herself back onto my cock. Too late, couldn't hold back anymore and I came like a teenager on prom night. Didn't want to end yet but I couldn't hold back anymore.

He was getting close to cumming so his wife leaned over and started blowing him. J grabbed some lube and buried a finger inside his ass. That's all it took and he came inside his wife's mouth. We sat there for a while talking. Eventually we got dressed and went back downstairs. We talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers. They live about an hour away but I'd be willing to make the drive. I can only hope he is willing to bury himself inside me.....

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