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Our man Scott

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A few months ago, a 28 year old young man from New York had sent an email to our SLS mailbox. He is a nuclear engineer, frequently traveling across the country to perform inspections of nuclear plants. He advised us that he would be in our area for 3-4 weeks. We looked at his pictures and wondered why a young man wanted to hook up with us. We are both in our late forties. Of course, my wife Veronica is beautiful. Her long wavy black hair, dark Spanish eyes, tanned C globes, her chocolate feminine parts, tall, curvy, 125 pound frame still demands attention!

As the time of his arrival to our area grew closer, his emails and IMs increased. I could tell that Veronica was getting excited about this handsome stranger. His name is Scott and he sent more and more photos. I told Veronica, he looks like Matt Damon. She agreed. He is a sandy haired, lean, muscular guy with a mischievous grin.

On the day of our meeting, we had well pump problems. I told Veronica to enjoy herself and I would get our water pump repaired. So, on the way home from work, I stopped in at the local hardware store and picked up the parts I needed and proceeded home. When I pulled into the driveway, there sat a sports car with New York plates. I grabbed my bag of parts and entered the house. From the foyer, I could hear them in the bedroom. I walked down the hall and poked my head in the doorway. Veronica was perched above Scott, enveloping his shaft with each rise and fall of her sexual squats. He looked over and smiled. I waved and raised my bag of parts. I?ll be in the pantry, have fun. I retreated to my Mr. Fixit duties.

I sat cross legged on the floor of the pantry disassembling the pressure switch assembly and became quite aware that the back wall of the pantry was also the wall of our bedroom. I heard every moan and scream of ecstasy. I heard the headboard of the bed bumping the wall. I swear I could even hear the sloppy wet slaps of their thrusts as Veronica sprayed her womanly juices from her passion hole. I was distracted, but I continued to repair our well water problem.

About two hours into my repairs, I was buttoning up the job. The moans and sounds of great sex had subsided. I heard footsteps in the kitchen coming toward me. Scott appeared in the doorway wearing nothing but a white towel, tied around his waist with the slit positioned in the front. He said he had exhausted Veronica and she was asleep in a cute little fetal position. I stood up and shook his hand. He gave me a firm grip and then a chest bump. I screwed down the cover on my repair and flipped on the electrical breaker. I primed the pump and went to the kitchen with Scott in tow. I turned on the faucet and amazingly water flowed forth! I turned to Scott. Let me get you a drink. He said red wine please, if you have it. I uncorked a bottle of Merlot and poured him a full glass. I poured one for myself as well.

As we stood in the kitchen drinking and talking, I could see his cock dangling behind the slit of his towel. I could see why Veronica was exhausted! He was easy to talk to and after uncorking our second bottle, I was beginning to feel warm and a little tipsy. He occasionally laid his hand on my shoulder and I noticed the distance between us grew smaller as time passed. Now I haven?t had much experience with males. There was a camping trip when I was thirteen. An older more experienced fourteen year old taught me and my best friend about masturbation and he persuaded me to let him butt fuck me for a stack of baseball cards. The there has been a few threesomes with Veronica that there was accidental male contact, but other than that I know nothing.

I felt nervous and trembled every time he reach up and touched me. At the end of one of my humorous stories, Scott laughed and reached out and hugged me. I let him. I reached around him and hugged him back. Scott laid his face into my neck. I could feel the bristles of his afternoon shadow on my neck. His lips opened and he kissed me on the neck. My cock responded and strained against my jeans. His cheek slid across mine and there we were face to face. He parted his lips and pressed them into mine. I opened my lips and kissed him. Our tongues met and danced together. The taste of wine and aroma of Veronica?s juice filled my mouth and nose.

As we kissed, I felt each button of my shirt open one at a time. Scott?s towel fell to the floor and for the first time I felt a man?s chest against mine. I kicked off my boots and let Scott remove my belt, unbutton and unzip my jeans. Before I knew what happened, we were two naked men in full embrace. My hips began to uncontrollably grind my cock into his neatly trimmed pubes. I didn?t think. My mind did not wander. I was affixed on this experience.

I led Scott into the spare bedroom. We fell upon the bed. He lay on top of me and we caressed and kissed and hugged. Our cocks rubbed against the other. Scott retreated from my mouth and left a trail of kisses to my nipples. His nibbling of my nipples set my body on fire. My cock had swollen to the limits of my erection and felt like it was going to rupture like and overinflated balloon. Then his lips kissed my cock. I was begging for it. His mouth opened and he lowered his mouth onto my throbbing member. Deeper and deeper my cock journeyed into his mouth until his lips rested upon my pelvis. His tongue played upon my sensitive areas. I didn?t want it to end. I was dreadfully afraid of losing my load so I rolled Scott off of me. I had never sucked cock, but I thought I could do it. I positioned myself between his legs and took a long lick down his shaft. It was smooth. It felt like a different flesh. The musky smell of it mesmerized me. I just wanted to please him. I mimicked what Scott had done to me and I must have been good at it. In just a few minutes, Scott arched his back and began to fuck my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his sensitive areas. Scotts breathing stopped as he held his breath and then he began to grunt. Warm salty goo erupted into my mouth. Squirt after squirt and I swallowed it down.

I thought I had finished our pleasure by bringing him to an orgasm, but I was wrong. Scott rolled over and stuck his butt in the air. He said fuck me. This I have done with Veronica, so I felt more confident. I pressed the head of my cock against his rectum. The opening parted and I squeezed the head of my cock inside him. I pressed slowly forward. After a few short stops, I was completely inside of him. I slowly thrust my cock in and out full length. After just a couple of thrusts his juices lubed his hole and I increased the tempo. I fucked him hard and he moaned like Veronica. I was careful to take brief stops. I didn?t want to let my cum fly. But after just a few minutes, I reached the point of no return. I took a deep breath and convulsed in orgasm. I filled his ass with my cum and collapsed on top of him. He rolled me to his side and I fell asleep in the arms of a man.

It was dark outside the window when I awoke from my nap. It wasn?t a dream. I was still in the arms of Scott. One of his fingers was tickling my ass. My cock began to slowly awaken as Scotts fingers got closer to my rectum. I began to nibble on Scotts nipples and felt the sting of his finger enter my ass. First one finger then two entered and my ass responded with wetness. Three fingers then four plunged deep. The pain of his anal invaders subsided and I felt liquid pouring out of the head of my cock from the stimulation of his fingers upon my prostate. I was ready. I climbed atop Scott. I took his cock in one hand and guided it to the mouth of my ass. I lowered my ass, enveloping his cock. I sank upon it until there was no more cock outside me. I rose and lowered slowly, and then as it became more pleasurable, I was pounding his cock with my ass. I am not a screamer, but I was yelling fuck me fuck me! Scott took my cock in his hand as I fucked him and began to stroke it. Before long, Scott surrendered his cum in my ass. I felt the warmness of the liquid flowing inside me. And then as he stroked me, I launched my orgasm across his chest. I fell on top of him and we slid around in our love juice.

As we talked in the afterglow of tremendous sex, I convinced Scott that he should go get his suitcases from his hotel room and stay with us for the month. He agreed. I daydream about the fun to come.

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