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Our first Time Swinging

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This is my first attempt at writing a story so please don’t be too harsh about my grammar and spelling.

My wife and I are a mid 20’s early 30’s couple very much in love and very adventurous by nature.

Prior to meeting my wife I have been involved in swinging on a few different levels with many singles and couples. She had never really been introduced to it until we began dating seriously. She is a damn sexy 5’10 roughly 175 blonde with ddd’s and legs long as a street. Some of you may have seen her pics as we post with some regularity. I married above my pay grade. Last year for my birthday we went to a large collage sporting event in the D/FW area as a present to me. After this we had been kicking around the idea of attending a local swing club just to check it out and see what it was like, we decided to go.

Once arriving at the club and having the tour given by the hostess we settled in to chatting with others and getting comfortable in our new setting. The crowd began to thicken as the evening rolled on. While out in the dance floor I made eye contact with a short blond and she eyed me in return. I pointed out the couple to my wife as we danced. A little while later this short blonde and her man “bumped” into us at the bar and struck up a conversation. A few simple introductions and the fun was about to start. We mingled a while until the new found friends man came over to me and said “my lady wants your cock”!

I should tell you I am a confident man but don’t feel I am the hottest thing around so I was shocked that a lady would peruse me in such a fashion. I am 6’ Short hair goatee and about 245 at the time of this story. I am also a bit shy about getting nude for the first time. Though as thick as any I have ever seen I am only about 6” on a good day and never having had any complaints I have always felt a bit small.

This couple I would say is an attractive one she is about 5’5” and maybe 140 a little chubby but no fatty with a nice rack and a great smile. He is about 5’7” maybe 175 and a stocky build you could tell we worked out some.

I told the wife about his remark and she said “Great lets go” So the four of us made our way to the rooms provided for playing. We started off with our own ladies lying next to each other on the bed and we went down on them. While we licked our ladies I took his hand and put it on my wife’s leg her warm response told me things were good for her. We backed off our ladies and switched while moving around I noticed he was nicely equipped though not as thick as me he was about 7’ I’d say with a well defined head, and shaven just like me. His lady also clean shaven had some beautiful nipples that she loved to have played with. We both continued to lick and tease the ladies. While laying between the legs of another woman and licking her sweet tasting lips I locked eyes with my wife as she enjoyed the feeling of a good licking this is one of the hottest moments of my life to this point. Watching her playing with her nipples while another man licks her until she cums. The ladies seemed to be in tune with one another as they both began to moan with pleasure. My lady grips the back of my head until she cries out loudly I love screamers! She slides out from under me and lays me on my back so she can return the favor. She was giving me a great BJ while I played with my wife’s tits and watching her get licked. My wife pushed her man off and put him next to me on the bed and began to suck on him. I must tell you my wife though rarely give one of the best BJ’S in the world and knows how to use her tongue ring!

Now I must say I feel a bit guilty as my focus at this point was more on watching my wife than what was being done to my cock. Watching her lips glide up and down her new partners cock was almost more than I could handle. Firmly gripping the base of his cock she used her piercing to trace the head of his cock and shaft, while seductively staring at me. A look I will never forget! My lady sucked his cock like a porn star I was loving it. My cock was also being treated to a great sucking she was alternating between the head of my cock and licking my balls. I pulled her on top of me and slid my cock in her dripping wet pussy, as she ground her hips on me taking I pinched and pulled her nipples and she began to moan. She is very tight and very wet I could feel her juices running down my balls. I could hear two bodies slapping together and looked to see my wife on her back legs in the air getting pounded by her lover. He pulled out all the way to the head and slammed his cock into her with enough force to move her body on the bed. I could tell he was enjoying the feeling of her pussy I know how tight she can squeeze it. I moved out from under my lover and put her on her knees close to my wife while taking her from behind I had a perfect view of my wife’s pussy as it was being fucked I could see her lips gripping his cock as he slid in and out of her. With her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of the hard cock in her she was now becoming the center of attention for all the of us as my new lover began to play with her tits and kiss her softly.

Here I am sliding my cock in and out of a very tight wet pussy watching my wife getting fucked hard while making out with another woman. I would like to say that I fucked her all night long but at this point I came hard filling up her pussy while gripping tightly to her hips and pumping hard. My lover pushed back into me hard and screamed out “I AM CUMMING” “FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUMM” she reached back and grabbed my balls and massaged them while I pumped her pussy full . My wife locked eyes with me and said I love you, then slid her tongue into my lover’s mouth. As I slid out of her we got up and went to clean up a bit leaving my wife in the capable hands of her partner. When we returned I stood next to the bed and watched as she was taking her cock from behind now. Her up on all four’s him standing next to the bed slamming his cock into her pussy. The view of her 40 ddd tits swinging and bouncing in rhythm with each stroke of his cock. I got on the bed on my knees in front of my wife and slid my cock in her mouth She was being driven onto my now stiffening cock by the force of her lover. I watched in awe as my beautiful wife acted out one of my fantasies looking like a slut while she was taking two cocks at once. My lover got on her knees next to my wife and helped her suck my cock I was in haven! My wife’s lover said he needed a break. Leaving the three of us alone I sat back on the bed and watched as the girls softly played with each other neither one to sure of where to go or what to do with each other. Reminding me of the first time I licked a girl they softly and tentatively explored each other’s bodies. I helped my lover as we licked my wife’s swollen lips as she softly moaned. As her lover returned the tables were turned and the two ladies began sucking his cock while I alternated between the two of them sliding my cock in one and fingering the other. The feeling of being inside my wife after her lover had been using her pussy was amazing, She was so wet and hot. She had not been stretched out as my cock was thicker than his but somehow her pussy felt different. My new lover asked me to put my cock back in her pussy. I moved over behind her a slid my cock in her very wet cum filled pussy and began to slam my cock into her. My wife stopped what she was doing and turned her attention to me as she watched me slide my cock in and out. She leaned over and whispered in my ear how much fun she was having watching me fuck another woman and pinched my nipple very hard knowing this would make me cum and pushed me deeper into my lovers pussy with her other hand on my ass. Feeling my cock explode in her pussy sent my lover into an intense organism she began to shake and her pussy clenched down very hard on my cock. I was spent. My wife returned to her lover and began to suck on his cock I stood back and watched as my lover joined her in pleasing her man he lay on his back legs spread as two very sexy ladies sucked his cock and licked his balls. I moved in behind the two of them and had fingers in both of them. As my lover started to moan out loud she backed away and let my wife have control of her man. She took one of his balls in her mouth and starting to hum while stroking his cock. He began to moan and stated he was going to cum. She stroked him harder as his legs started to shake and shot his cum in the air and it landed on his stomach. His lady leaned over and licked him clean while mine watched still laying between his legs. We all lay on the bed and relaxed for a moment before deciding to get dressed and go back out to the bar for another drink and rest up for round two.

This story goes on but for now I will stop I will be happy to continue if anybody want to hear the rest.

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