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Our Third Experience

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All the content in these stories is true, other than the names of those involved.

Our third experience was our most exciting and really, broke new ground. As I said before, I have had some bisexual experiences in my past, but it was a long time ago, and ended when I left for my current position. Life took a twisted road, I met Laura, and put that part of my life behind me, or so I thought.

In bringing Laura out of her shell, encouraging, and supporting her in her bisexual exploration, I began to have re-occuring thoughts about my past. I never mentioned this to her and i was having conflicting thoughts about whether I wanted to revisit that part of my life. I hadn't told her about it, and it would be a little bit of a shock to her. One night, while home alone, I decided to put it all on the line via an email to her as I couldn't quite find the words to get it out in the open. As she read the email, the shock on her face was apparent, but not in the way i expected. There was no revulsion, but more, a curiosity of them events year ago. I decided then to tell her about my experiences. Asking a lot of questions, she dragged me to bed while I laid out details for her. She was getting off on it and we had some crazy sexual sessions from it Now out in the open, it felt as if a load was lifted from my shoulders. I wasn't planning on actively pursuing a male to suck his cock, but it wouldn't be "off limits" per se. If it happened, it happened, although admittedly, I was a little apprehensive about her reaction should something happen.

We were accustomed to the dances and had met a few couples that peaked our interest. Tanya and Rick stood out foremost in our minds. Tanya was a voluptuous brunette of about 5'2", with nice tits, and a perfectly rounded ass. In speaking with her, I discovered that she was bi-curious, but had never been with a woman. She was admittedly nervous about it, but was excited to try anything. In our conversatons, she told us that Rick was fully bisexual, but was respectful of peoples rules. There was no plan to play with them, but we understood that the opportunity could present itself. I wasn't sure, but Laura was a little excited about potential play with Tanya. Can't say I blame her, as Tanya was pretty hot.

Laura's birthay is an annual bash and in organizing it, I made a point to invite them. As usual, the party was a resounding success with a big crowd and lots of laughs. People started dwindling out later in the evening, and by mid-morning, there was no doubt in Tanya and Rick's intentions to play with us. In looking at Laura, I could tell she was game. Or maybe it was the glstening moisture of her pussy when she flashed me from across the room. I was more than a little excited.Later, I got out of the hot tub to get more drinks. Upon returning, it was evident that everyone was naked except me. Didn't take my long to get out of my trunks and back into the tub. Sitting in opposite corners, Laura slowly made her way over to me, kissing me deeply, then quietly telling me she was going to fuck Tanya tonight. My heart skipped a beat, as she waded over to Tanya. Laura lightly kissed her, as she ran her hand up her stomach. Cupping her breast, Laura flicked her tongue over her nipple, dragging her wet tongue up Tanya's neck, and into a passionate kiss. Tanya was game and kissed her back, her hand sliding down Laura's stomach and finding her pussy.

As I sat watching them, my heart raced a little, anticipating sliding my cock into Tanya at some point. We decided that it was about time to dry off and head into the bedroom to get a little more comfortable. Once in the room, naked, I sat on the edge of the bed while the girls caressed and kissed each other. Laura looked intently into my eyes as she kissed her way down to Tanya's pussy. She was mostly shaved, except for a thin strip of hair running down the center. Her pussy was wet as Laura's tongue parted her lips. Looking down at her, Tanya's chest lifted as she took in breath, her brown nipples standing out. I took her nipple in my mouth, rolling it with my tongue, adding soft suction. Watching Laura, she began to lick Tanya, taking her hot, glistening pink lips disappear into her mouth one at a time. Tanya's legs opened even further, her hand reaching down to pull Laura's face closer. Laura's tongue found her clit, she sucked on it and licked it intensely, as Tanya's positive reaction and breathing intensified. Lifting her hips, she quickened her pace, and started fucking Laura's face in a determined effort to come. Her breathing was intermittent as she concentrated, her hand tightening on Laura's hair. Closer, and closer, a bead of persiration appeared on her upper lip. My cock was hard and standing straight up in the excitement. Kissing Tanya's neck, Rick quietly said her was going to try something. Before I could react, his warm mouth enveloped my cock. His tongue slid down my shaft to the hilt, as his lips follwed, sucking my cock to it's base. Laura looked at him, then me, smiled and continued licking Tanya's now sopping wet pussy. Inserting a couple fingers, Laura began fucking her slowly, maintaining pressure and tempo on her clit.

I was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob I was getting from Rick. He had a talented mouth, and knew how to give fantastic head. I found myself reaching down and pulling his head into my so he could take my cock all the way down. Pulling it out, he licked the head of my cock, working his way down the shaft. Finding my balls, he licked and sucked them into his mouth lightly, one at a time. I was getting a fantastic blowjob and Laura knew it. Tanya lifted her hips,groaning loudly was she came. It seemed like 5 minutes until she stopped bucking her hips and grinding her pussy into Laura's face. Laura came up to me, kissing me deeply as we shared her come. I pushed Laura onto her back, kissing my way up her body, until I got to her weakness, her neck. As I started kissing her neck, Tanya was being encouraged by Rick to try going down on Laura. Nervously, she laid down between Laura's legs, kissing her thighs lightly, working her way up to Laura's wet pussy. Arriving there, she paused watching us looking at her. Finally, Tanya kissed Laura's small labia. Her tongue grazing Laura's folds. Laura gyrated, trying to get her to apply more pressure. Tanya responded by licking her deeply, running her tongue up to her clit. Laura was primed, grasping her hair and lightly pulling her into her pussy. Licking her clit quickly, Laura told her to put a couple fingers in and fuck her. As requested, Tanya began fucking her as she sucked her clit. Once she had the right rhythum, Laura held her, telling her not to stop. Her breath escaping in a rush, she came intensely. This turned Tanya on immensely. Rick was behind her now fucking her hard, her ass jiggling as he thrusted into her. Increasing his pace, Tanya began to come. She looked sexy, getting fucked from behind as she took Laura's come in her mouth.

Laura got up from in front of her and headed to the bathroom as we laid there and caught our breath. Rick was on his back, as Tanya

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